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Birds Eye Jungle Shapes, Chicken and Sweetcorn

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Brand: Birds Eye / Type: Frozen Food

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    3 Reviews
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      04.02.2010 20:32
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      Yummy Kids Food..... I Wish I Was In Nursery Again Sometimes!!!

      I got these Jungle Shapes in Cool Trader last week for something different to give my 2 year old sister for her dinner, she loves food that's got sweetcorn in it but won't just eat it when there's a pile of it on her dinner. I thought this might be a good way to get her eating a bit more veg even though she has quite a lot of fruit during the day.

      You get 8 chicken shapes in each box and I know that doesn't sound a lot but the shapes are pretty big and I reckon each one is about the size of 1 1/2 or 2 fish fingers. They are sort of animal shaped but only roughly, if you look at the photograph on the box you'll see elephant, giraffe and crocodile shapes and even though you can tell what they are they're not in massive detail.

      They are made of 100% chicken breast so that's loads better than the reformed chicken burgers I wrote about this afternoon. You cook them in the oven and they take about 20 mins.

      When they're cooked you can smell the sweetcorn so it surprised me that there isn't that much sweetcorn in each shape. I have just eaten an elephant (LOL!!!) and there was only about 7 bits of sweetcorn in it, the shapes have still got a wicked corn flavour though and it goes proper nice with the taste of the chicken.

      The chicken tastes mega fresh and is very tasty, there is a bit of a herby flavour to the chicken but I can't see on the ingredients what that would be. The chicken has gone nice and tender and hasn't dried up at all while it was cooking, the sweetcorn is a bit dry but it's still quite juicy and has got a lovely sweet flavour. They must have used good quality sweetcorn to give the shapes such a nice taste when there isn't that much in there. No way are these going to increase a kids over all vegetable daily consumption and I reckon you'd have to eat 5 whole boxes to include them as one of your 5 a day! lol

      The breadcrumbs are nice, they taste the same as on Birds Eye fish fingers. They've got a good flavour that tastes a bit burned and that's how breadcrumbs should be, they bring out the flavour of the chicken good and also some of the sweetcorn has rubbed off on the breadcrumbs and given them a nice sweet taste.

      My little sister loves these and loves that she can eat them on her own with a fork without making a mess of herself.

      Recommended..... but not as one of your daily vegetables!!!


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      22.07.2009 10:18
      Very helpful
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      really useful to have in the freezer

      I usually try not to rely too much on convenience foods but having an 18 year old daughter who's always out & about I like to have my freezer fairly well stocked with 'quickie' meals. Fortunately she likes these Jungle Shapes although she's a very fussy eater & I can often pick them up for £1 from Iceland.

      The box has Cap'n Birds Eye on the front of the colourful box & there are clear pictures plus a good written descrition of what to expect - ' 100% chicken breast with the added goodness of sweetcorn, coated in delicious breadcrumbs' - says it all really.

      The 320g box contains 8 Jungle Shapes & my daughter's quite happy to have 2 along with some form of potato & peas which looks very appetising on the plate. They contain a generous 24% sweetcorn which is more than I've seen in similar products.

      The GDA for children aged 5-10 years is shown on the reverse of the box along with a list of ingredients plus nutritional information. As I usually check the calories salt & fat content of food I was pleased to see although the fat content is 8% the calories (for 2 pieces) is 185 which is less than others.

      They're easy to cook - just grill or oven bake & they turn a lovely golden brown when cooked. Although I'm not usually keen on shaped chicken products such as nuggets or chicken burgers I found these were quite nice although not really tasty enough for me as I prefer quite spicy/herby flavours. I can't criticise them though to be fair as they are marketed for children not people of mature years!

      Just a word of warning - in the small print I found that they contain wheat & it states 'although great care has been taken to remove all bones, some may remain'.

      I'd say these are an excellent food to have in stock as they are nice & tasty,relaltively healthy, look attractive & are quick to cook as well as being filling. In my opinion though I'd say, as Birds Eye market these for children, that they're probably not for most adults?


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        24.01.2009 08:29
        Very helpful



        See review.

        On my ongoing quest to encourage my children to eat more healthy and varied foods I have had to resort to a little trickery!

        My daughter is much better than she once was with her eating habits, but my son on the other hand is getting worse by the week! The only way I can get him to eat anything other than fish fingers, mashed potatoes or cheese on toast is by disguising the food as one of these dishes..... Not an easy task at all!

        When I can across the product, having tried and reviewed three of the other varieties available in range with varying amounts of success, I decided to get it and give it a go!

        The product I will now review is - "Birdseye jungle shapes - chicken and sweetcorn"

        On the cardboard box they are presented in it states that there are 8 jungle shapes within. Along with this there is all the usual information present, brand name, product name, contents with description, nutritional information and small statements dotted about the place, things like "100% chicken breast" and "with vegetables"

        Once opened I was a little disappointed with the size of the contents versus the size of the actual packaging, the box could probably have got away with being a good third of the size, but hey ho not my job!

        Another thing that I didn't really like is the inner packet. These particular "shapes" are all breaded, so with this fact you will be aware that there will always be a small amount the shreds of and goes everywhere. Even with this fact, the company have just put them straight into a box, as I am not the most delicate of creatures I tipped the open ended box up and ended up with a counter top full of mess, thanks mates!

        The shapes themselves come in three different shapes, these being an elephant, a giraffe and a blobby looking thing with a tail, which up until this day I have no clue to it's identity!

        Each shape is around 3" in size and are all golden brown in colour, this is obviously down to the afore mentioned breadcrumb coating.

        It states that the best way of cooking these shapes is straight from the freezer. They can be either oven cooked or grilled, my way is to stick in the oven, less hassle and less checking involved!

        To oven cook - Place the shapes onto a baking tray and place on the middle shelf of a pre-heated oven. Cook at 220C, Fan 220c, Gas mark 7, for 15 minutes, turning halfway through to ensure both sides are crispy.

        I tend to cook them a little longer than the stated time, I don't think personally that 15 minutes is enough time to cook these through sufficiently, I am a little anal though when it comes to my children's food!

        The alternative cooking method is grilling, this can, as the box states, shave a good 3 minutes off your cooking time.
        You place them under a medium to hot grill, turning occasionally until golden brown and crispy.

        The taste of these is as you would expect, the chicken is nice and soft with there being a slight sweet edge derived from the sweetcorn. The breaded outer layer is crispy, tasty and not in the slightest greasy. I find with some of these products that as they are lying in there own fat the outer layer sometimes sucks up the grease, making it far to greasy for consumption.

        The only downside is the visibility of the sweetcorn. This fact is more my fault than anyone else's, I assumed that as with the other shapes available within the range, the vegetables would be hidden, if only slightly, I'm afraid there was no chance of my son ever even trying these, let alone actually enjoying them. My daughter on the other hand is a bid fan of sweetcorn, so she ate these with much gusto, stating how much she enjoyed them.

        The nutritional information is a s follows -
        Per two shapes (80g),
        185 kcal
        8.1g protein
        19.0g carbohydrate
        1.0g of which sugars
        8.6g fat
        1.2g of which saturates

        This provides around 10% of a child's recommended calorie and fat for the day.

        There are no allergy warnings on the pack, which is hardly surprising considering the list of ingredients, these are literally chicken breast, sweetcorn and breadcrumbs with a marinade.

        There is a warning though that whilst every effort has been made, there may still be some small bones left, not really what you want within a child's food product!

        This product was bought from my local Asda, for the price of £1.00 a box, these, as far as I can remember, are normally available the £1.40 mark.

        For more information visit - www.birdseye.co.uk

        These are a nice addition to a child's dinner, this gets some much needed goodness into them whilst being fun at the same time, just a shame my son was having none of it!

        Thanks for reading x


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