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Birds Eye Roast Lamb Dinner

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Type: Other Ready Meals

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    4 Reviews
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      10.05.2011 15:52
      Very helpful



      A very disappointing meal from Birds Eye

      After looking at my diary today, I realised that I had an exceptionally busy day ahead of me. As I have just purchased a new fridge freezer, I suddenly realised that I had a Birds Eye Lamb Dinner lurking in there and it would be just the ticket to set me up for the rest of the day. I must admit to it being disappointing, but I suppose you can't expect too much for £2.00.


      Potatoes (29%) , Gravy (28%) , Cooked Lamb (14%) , Peas (13%) , Baby Carrots (10%) , Yorkshire Pudding (4%) , Potatoes: Potatoes, Vegetable Oil , Gravy: Water, Cornflour, Lamb Stock (Yeast Extract, White Wine Vinegar, Water, Sugar, Lamb Extract, Lemon Juice, Onion Extract , Tomato Extract, Rosemary Extract), Salt, Mint, Caramelised Sugar , Cooked Lamb: Lamb (99%), Salt, Sugar, Milk Protein , Yorkshire Pudding: Wheat Flour, Water, Egg White, Vegetable Oil, Whole Egg, Skimmed Milk Powder, Salt .


      Typical values Per meal cooked provides: As sold 100g provides:
      Energy - kJ 1330kJ 391kJ
      - kcal 315kcal 93kcal
      Protein 18.0g 5.4g
      Carbohydrate 34.0g 10.0g
      - of which sugars 6.1g 1.8g
      Fat 12.0g 3.5g
      - of which saturates 4.4g 1.3g
      Fibre 6.1g 1.8g
      Sodium 0.60g 0.17g
      - equivalent as salt 1.5g 0.4g


      Microwave - between 7 to 12 minutes dependant upon your microwave wattage.
      Oven Bake - 35 to 45 minutes dependant upon your oven and settings.


      I followed the cooking instructions exactly for my microwave (8 and a half minutes) and this was the result:-

      Forget the picture on the box - my meal looked nothing like it at all.

      It seems that the different elements of the meal need different cooking times -

      The carrots were not cooked enough

      The yorkshire pudding was so overcooked it was completely hard.

      The rest of the meal - peas, roast potatoes and very thin slices of what I assume to be lamb and the gravy - really had no taste to them at all. It was all very bland indeed and I would defy anyone with a blindfold on to tell the difference between any of them, let alone be able to taste what they were supposed to be.

      I am a size 12 female and weight 10 and a half stone. I have normal sized portions and this meal certainly did not fill me up - it would probably be good for a snack but there is no way you would say that this is a full sized roast dinner by anyone's standards.

      After around 15 minutes I also needed to drink around a pint of water. The salt content of this meal made me so incredibly thirsty and around an hour later I was also hungry again!

      It also got me thinking that I went out for a meal a few evening ago to a local pub and I am sure that the full roast dinner - which included a pudding! - only came to £3.99. For the portions that you receive, I do not think that this product is value for money in the slightest.

      I would not recommend this product to anyone mainly due to the lack of taste, the incredibly high salt content and also the portion size.

      Also on Ciao


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      30.10.2009 16:17
      Very helpful



      Imagine Being Served This In A Restaurant! PMSL!

      I knew I wouldn't be very impressed with this frozen lamb dinner because nothing beats my mum's roast lamb, I had this for a snack because I know from experience that these meals are proper small once they're cooked and just wanted something quick to fill me up enough to stop me grabbing biscuits before my proper meal.

      Impressed??? This is such a crap meal that Birds Eye should be embarressed that they have put their name to it, it's even worse than their very bad roast chicken dinner because at least the chicken tastes like proper meat and not thin strips of rubber like this lamb.

      The meal is a typical tv dinner and comes in a tray with the meat and gravy in one section, the roast potatoes and yorkshire pudding in another and peas and carrots in the last one.

      You get 3 slices of lamb that look like cooked meat off the deli, they're cut that thin that the slices have gone stringy and chewy as they were cooking and Birds Eye haven't even bothered trimming the fat off the meat in this meal! It doesn't taste much like lamb and isn't nice at all compared to ANY lamb let alone the perfect meat my mum cooks!

      There was only 4 very small roast potatoes inn the meal and they didn't look or taste anything like roast potatoes, they didn't taste much like potato full stop actually! They are proper dry and I was pleased that the outside of them was so crispy until I bit through one properly and saw there was hardly any potato inside it!

      The peas and carrots taste tinned and the carrots were loads too hard for me, even the Yorkshire Pudding was crispy but not fluffy! There was nothing nice about this dinner at all and I don't know how they can even call it a dinner being as it's so small and doesn't taste of anything.

      The gravy is just as bad, you hardly get any for your meal and what's there is mega salty and bland.

      I ate most of it but only because I'd cooked it and it wasn't so disgusting that I had to throw it away. I wouldn't say I enjoyed it though and I actually felt a bit sick eating the roast potatoes because of the weird crispy/hollow texture of them.

      The mad thing is that this very bad frozen meal would usually cost about £3.00 in the supermarket and you can get a proper carvery for 99p more round here! lol


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        15.06.2009 09:20
        Very helpful



        an ok ready meal

        I really try to make my own food to take to work, saving money as well as eating healthier than having to buy ready meals all the time. Last week I was in a hurry and didn't have time to make anything so I found myself staring at the freezer section in my local supermarket trying to find something for dinner.
        Eventually I settled on a roast lamb dinner because I didn't fancy chicken or beef and I wasn't in the mood for a curry or pasta.
        The packaging for this meal has changed in colour from the one pictured in this category. It now sports a green box which fits better with a lamb meat in the meal, as it also contains mint gravy. Looking on the box you see a perfect looking roast on a plate. I am too wise to know I will end up with exactly what is pictured which is a shame as I wish the manufacturers would get it right now and again.
        The plate also looks to provide a decent portion of food, which again I usually know I'm not going to get. Ready meals are generally just enough for my appetite but I find they are never enough for my partner, so this is one of the reasons we never buy them. Along with the additives etc of course.

        To cook this meal, you can cook in the oven or microwave. For convenience I always find I cook ready meals in the microwave, as this is generally the reason I have bought one of these meals, for the speed and ease of eating a meal.
        The meal will take around 9 minutes in a microwave or 35 in an oven depending on setting s and temperatures.

        Once inside the cardboard packaging the meal is sitting in two portions in a black plastic tray, covered in a sealed plastic that needs piercing before placing in the microwave.
        On first glance there looks to be a decent portion of potatoes which are sectioned off on their own, and in the meat tray, the gravy, peas and carrots sit on the surface hiding the meat so you can't tell how much you will be getting.

        Once cooked the plastic cover is supposed to be easily removed by slitting across the packaging. I found this quite difficult to master without catching the steam that was sitting inside the tray. This really is where you have to be careful not to burn yourself even after the required two minutes of leaving to settle after cooking.
        It's hit or miss as to whether I will plate up a ready meal or whether I'll eat it from the packaging. On this occasion I decided to plate my meal up to make it looks as though as I was eating a proper meal rather than a convenience meal.
        Once on the plate I saw there were three slices of very thin lamb meat, which I found out was shoulder meat. There were also a generous portion of peas, slightly less carrots and an overload of potatoes. The gravy looked fairly decent consistency. It was by no means looking like water, but wasn't thick either. Once decent sized Yorkshire pudding was sitting on the side looking quite nice.

        The proof is always in the taste. I found the mint gravy to really compliment the meat and gave the potatoes a nice flavour. It was a subtle taste of mint, but there all the same. The lamb itself was quite chewy despite being thin, but it didn't require too much effort.
        I found the peas to be a bit overdone compared to the rest of the meal, whilst the carrots were still on the crunchy side, and the potatoes should have been slightly smaller to cook a bit more evenly against the rest of the meal. The Yorkshire pudding was half overcooked and half decent. I think the place I slit the plastic prior to cooking made the Yorkshire pudding get too much air during cooking. A point to remember if I ever have this meal again.
        Overall the taste was pleasant and I enjoyed the meal. I thought there was enough on my plate to make it look like a small sized roast dinner. Nothing compared with the amount I would cook at home though for one portion.

        I was averagely full after eating this meal, but I would have liked something to follow it up with to satisfy my stomach even more.
        The meal cost me £2.49 which is a lot for a microwave meal but substantially less than buying a fresh microwave meal so it worked out well in a way.
        Each meal will provide you with 325 calories and 11 grams of fat. It's quite a good all round balanced meal which won't do you any harm if you choose to buy this.
        The negative to this is that when looking at the ingredients list there are too many "extras" included that you just wouldn't include if you were to cook a roast dinner at home which is a shame.

        If you're looking for a quick meal on the go, you could do worse than this one.


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          24.02.2009 01:44
          Very helpful



          One I won't be buying again

          I am a frequent buyer of Birds Eye products and they are a brand that I trust. I often purchase fish fingers, pies, chicken, vegetables and other items from the range and am usually satisfied with them. So when I was looking for a quick, tasty and healthy ready meal that I could store in the freezer, I turned to Birds Eye. However on this occasion, it was a mistake.

          I bought the Birds Eye Roast Lamb Dinner from Tesco for £2.49, though you can purchase it from most supermarkets for a similar price. £2.49 is pretty expensive for a ready meal, so I was hoping it would be high quality.

          The meal comes in a plastic tray with cellophane over it. It has two compartments. The tray comes inside a cardboard box which shows a picture of a delicious looking roast dinner complete with lamb, Yorkshire pudding, roast potatoes, gravy, peas and baby carrots.

          The box also has cooking instructions on it, which tell me I can oven cook it for 40 minutes straight from the freezer, or microwave it for 7. This is great as it means I don't have to plan ahead and defrost the meal first.

          However once cooked, the meal was less than appetising. I was not expecting miracles from it as I am aware that a ready prepared roast dinner is unlikely to taste like a freshly cooked one. However I was hoping the meal would be edible. Unfortunately it was not.

          The standard of the food was appalling. The potatoes, carrots and Yorkshire puddings were hard and rubbery, and when I cut into one of the peas a disturbing yellow cream seeped out from inside! The meat was even worse, it was incredibly low quality and primarily consisted of fat. There was hardly any gravy either. I couldn't finish the meal and was hugely disappointed.

          I have eaten a lot of ready meals and this was both one of the worst and one of the most expensive. I had previously had a lot of confidence in the Birds Eye brand but I am not impressed with this. In fact, I was so annoyed that I have actually written to Birds Eye asking for a refund! A pointless exercise, probably, but I felt it had to be done!

          This meal contains 370 calories, 14 grams of fat and one of your recommended five a day of vegetables. I would recommend that you avoid it, though.


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          Manufacturrer: Birds Eye / Type: Ready Meal

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