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Branston Baked Beans (50% reduced salt and sugar)

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Brand: Branston / Type: Other Ready Meals

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    5 Reviews
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      18.12.2008 18:41
      Very helpful



      worth a try but I'll stick to Heinz

      I like baked beans - there's something comforting about eating them on toast or in a baked potato & they are so quick to prepare.

      I usually buy Heinz but their price seems to have risen everytime I go & re-stock so when I spied Branston ones I thought I'd give them a try.

      They were on offer in Iceland - 4 x 420g tins (twice the size of those shown in photo) for just £1.

      The tins were packed in a thick heat-sealed plastic wrap which is convenient for carrying but awkward for retrieving the cans.

      The tins were pretty much as you'd expect portraying bright orange beans & with a handy ring-pull opener on each one.

      On opening them I was a bit disappointed as there was quite a lot of liquid on the top, but having poured most of that away the beans looked nice - a good size & lovely colour.

      I prefer beans cooked in a pan on the hob rather than microwaved so proceeded to heat them up & the smell was good.

      They didn't go sloppy like some baked beans do & they looked very appetising piled up on my fresh toast with real butter.

      The taste was initially good but slightly different from Heinz, but then later I found there was an after taste which I didn't like - I can't put my finger on it but it wasn't very pleasant.

      - good price
      - nice colour & texture
      - nice taste at first but didn't like the after-taste it left.
      - worth a try but I'll be only be buying their pickles in future & will stick with Heinz' beans.


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        25.10.2008 00:14
        Very helpful



        Much better than heinz

        I am a really big fan of Branston baked beans. When I first saw them in the supermarket I was quite surprised that Branston were actually producing these. I had to buy some. The tin looked very attractive with a silver type of label on it. I think this is what drew me to them. I have always bought Heinz beans but these are far better. They are much thicker and tasty than any others.

        Branston baked beans are around 60p per tin. I find that these are usually on offer, for example at the moment they are two tins for 50p in Morrisons. I usually buy the multi pack with 4 tins in as I find these are much better value for money.

        What I like about baked beans is that you can have them in almost anything. I love beaked beans in chilli and casseroles and even simple meals like beans on toast are simply divine, a bit of cheese grated on the top is a meal on its own, simple but lovely. My children love baked beans and will often have them instead of vegetables. I know vegetables are far better for them but I don't mind as they really do like then and at least they are eating something ( my daughters are really fussy eaters at times)

        I have also noticed that Branston has many different types of baked beans. I have tried most of them. For example reduced salt ones and blooming big baked beans. All are really tasty. I don't think I will ever buy another brand as Branston baked beans are a big hit in our household.


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          15.10.2008 09:01
          Very helpful



          Really tasty sauce, i am very impressed.

          Baked beans from branston?!

          Yes we all know branston is famous for making pickle and Heinz are famous for beans, but hats off to branston I think they have given Heinz a run for there money.

          I recently purchased 4 tins for 99p of branston baked beans 4 x 420g in Morrison's; the baked beans have a lovely colourful and thick sauce and taste really great, the beans themselves are quite a descent size and are a nice texture.

          Baked beans are a healthy fat free and contain no saturated fat or cholesterol and provide your body with important nutrients such as fibre, protein, calcium, iron, folic acid and potassium.

          Branston is made by Premier Foods which is a great British food company with a passion for creating great food and brands that people love. Branston is famous for pickle since 1922 and launched the branston baked bean variety in October 2005.

          Baked beans are a perfect accompaniment to any meal or quite simply on there own, they are cheap easy and versatile, I personally like mine with a jacket potato and a slice of quiche, but they are great on toast and even a few on a good old English breakfast.

          Cooking guidance is to cook them either in the microwave or in a pan, the microwave version is simple and takes 3 minutes stirring half way through cooking, ensure they are covered as they tend to explode and make a mess of the microwave. To cook on the hob heat the beans gently and stir, do not boil them as they can stick at the bottom of pan.


          Beans, Tomatoes, Water, Sugar, Modified Maize Starch, Salt, Paprika, Ground White Pepper, Flavouring, Spices

          *Suitable for Vegetarians.

          *Nutrition per Serving per 210g,

          Energy KJ 777 Protein 10.1 Carbohydrate 33.8 Of Which Sugars 12.4 Fat 0.8 Of which Saturates 0.2 Fibre 11.6 Sodium 0.70


          The branston beans tin I purchased has a new design label to the one pictured above, it is a very eye catching silver. The branston logo is on the top which is navy blue wording set in a yellow background, in the centre of the tin is red wording baked beans and a picture of a few baked beans.

          The branston beans also come in Baked beans 220GR, Healthy baked beans 420GR, Blooming big beans 420G. Branston has also launched new canned Spaghetti and Spaghetti Hoops

          Heinz did a head to head blind test for the beans among 746,000 consumers and branston beans was preferred by 76 per cent of the consumers, a thicker richer and tastier recipe from branston has been a great hit, since branston launched the beans Heinz have changed there recipe. Heinz claims it is simply responding to changing consumer tastes.

          Overall branston beans are really tasty and I would say definitely as good as Heinz and to upset some probably better.


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            11.10.2008 21:08
            Very helpful



            Buy Branston (but not the spaghetti)!!

            Baked beans are one thing that I will not scrimp and save on. I was always of the opinion that Heinz were the best and that I would not buy anything else.

            Until now that is!! Branston Baked Beans are so much better than Heinz. The sauce that comes with them is much thicker and more tasty than Heinz. I can definitely tell the difference when I eat Heinz now - they are much more watery and are just lacking in taste compared to Branston.

            I also find Branston Beans cheaper than Heinz as I have found them in shops for as little as 4 tins for 99p.

            Baked beans are healthy for you even if you are counting the calories. I believe that they are 'free' on diets like Weightwatchers and can be added to many meals to make them tastier.

            They can either be cooked in the microwave or they can be heated up on the stove. Either way, they taste great!

            My tip is to also try the Branston Baked Beans and sausages as they are also delicious and the sausages are more tasty than those that are in the Heinz product. The Branston ketchup is also far more superior than Heinz too.

            However, stay clear of the Branston spaghetti as this is foul. I don't know what they have done in comparison to the beans but I know a lot of people that have said they don't like the spaghetti.


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              11.09.2008 07:49
              Very helpful



              Don't Bother

              Branston Baked Beans.

              Working night shifts and being sick to death of taking in sandwiches, you have to become inventive.
              So when I spotted these in Asda I thought I'd give them ago.

              Branston is made by Premier foods who also own Cadburys and make many other brands such as sharwoods, Hovis etc....
              The tin claims to have 50% less salt and sugar and at 60p a tin, and me being a cheap skate I thought I cant loose. (I remember when a tin of beans cost 17p!!).
              Normally I will only taste Branston 'Pickle' as an extra on sandwiches and it's quite tasty.
              The beans come in a 420g tin and are very flashy on the shelf, you can't miss them.
              Tin comes with the now obligatory ring pull which of course is easy to open. The beans are bigger than normal baked beans and the sauce is thicker giving a rich looking sauce.

              Serving per typical 100g:-
              50% Beans,
              30% Tomatoes,
              72 Calories,
              Sugar 1.9%
              Salt 0.5%

              Tried them next night in work and they where horrible, ughh.
              Had faintly chemical taste!
              Put them on toast and found the taste terrible. Have since tried them with a jacket but have come to the conclusion that I just don't like them.
              It hasn't put me off Branston Pickle but will never try the beans again.

              Maybe it's that Marmite thing? You will either love them or hate them.

              Summary: Worth trying once, not sure you'll try them again though.



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