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Branston Bloomin Big Baked Beans

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Type: Other Ready Meals

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    4 Reviews
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      15.02.2010 01:06
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      Delish Sauce But The Oversized Beans Are Weird

      I brought a few tins of these Branston Baked Beans when Home Bargains was selling them for 19p for a 420g tin, I thought it was such a mega bargain that I didn't even realise they were the Bloomin' Big ones until I got them home.

      I've eaten them a few times now and they're quite nice, the beans are deffo bigger than in other tins and you can tell that just by looking at them without comparing them. Branston say they're double the size and I don't know about that but I know they ARE loads bigger than their standard ones and Heinz.

      This makes eating them a bit of a problem because it changes the way you eat the beans. I'm not one for chewing my beans and prefer to get a few on my fork and swallow them whole with some of the sauce, you can't do that with these because you've got to chew them a bit unless you're planning to eat them one at a time! lol

      The beans feel loads firmer than normal sized baked beans, they've got quite a chewy texture as well and I know I deffo don't enjoy the feel of them as much as other baked beans.

      The tomato sauce they're in is yummy, it's got a rich sweet flavour that is nice and thick and goes wicked with the beans. It coats the beans good and tastes proper nice, I love the Branston bean sauce and think it's got a nicer taste than Heinz.

      I'm not sure what I think of these beans because they taste delish but I'm not mad keen on the texture of them because of the beans being that much bigger. I don't really like that you can FEEL the inside of the bean as you eat it and you don't get that with the smaller beans and I also think these have got a tougher texture and aren't all that tender.

      Recommended... these beans are yummy and a bit more filling than usual because of them being so big!!! Especially if you can find them for 19p because a bargain always tastes better! lol


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        12.10.2009 13:04
        Very helpful



        A Delicious Can Of Bigger Beans!

        I purchased 1 420g can of Branston Bloomin Big Baked Beans from my local Sainsburys recently for 64p and I have purchased a dented can in the past for just 38p which is what introduced me to this can of beans.

        This can does not have a ring pull so I use a standard tin opener to get this open, this gives a sharp edge to the lid which isn't very good when I want to wash this product so I can recycle it.

        The design of the can is very straight forward and simple, an aluminium can with a silver label and the branston logo, nutritional information, ingredients etc, the standard stuff you would expect really.

        I pour the beans out in to a saucepan and cook them on a gentle heat on the hob whilst stirring continuously, they take just a few minutes to begin bubbling up and be cooked all througout the pan. You can also put these in a microwaveable dish and microwave for between 2-3 minutes (depending on your microwave), I personally prefer to use the hob so that you don't get splatter marks all around your microwave (although this could be prevented by putting a plate over the top of the bowl of beans.

        Once I taste the beans they are fantastic, as good as Heinz beans the only difference seems to be the sauce, it is a little less watery with these beans and a lot more tomato flavoured, I prefer these to Heinz baked beans. (I never thought I'd say that!).

        I did find that the beans were bigger than they usually are and the taste was even better. There was just the right amount of sauce to cover the beans and I was very pleased with the size and texture of them. The can advises that the beans should be 50% bigger and I believe they are.

        There are 87 calories per 100g and 0.4g fat, 0.1 of which saturates. 52% of this product is made up by beans, 40% by tomatoes, the rest is water, sugar, spices etc.

        I would definitely recommend giving these beans a try, I prefer them to Heinz but my other half still prefers Heinz beans, these tend to be on special offer a lot more than Heinz and I believe that Branston are slowly increasing their share of the market as more and more people look for cheaper alternatives.

        The beans go down a treat with baked potatoes, as a side to dinner or even just thrown on to hot buttered toast as a quick snack, the can can be recycled too so no mess no fuss really!

        Go on, get out today and try them, it'll save you a few pennies on Heinz's prices and you might just be surprised by how much you like them!

        These beans were delicious and these have now become my firm new favourite. I hope I can find a multipack of them soon in order to save a little money. Until then I shall be keeping my eyes peeled for some dented cans to try and save a few pennies and still enjoy this yummy treat. I am rating these beans 5/5 as they are yummy!


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        19.08.2009 09:22
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        Well worth a try as a cheaper version of baked beans they are great!

        As everyone knows Heinz are the Daddy of baked beans and you really can't taste a better bean. So on a mission to try and find one that was almost as good I searched the shelves of my local Tesco's. I knew that the stripey version were definitely not even in the running as I did try them once, but never again as they hardly had any beans in them. I had also tried HP beans and they weren't much better, but I have now spotted two different types of Branston baked beans. There was the Branston Brothers sitting there in the shiney silver coats looking all smug ( they remindered me of Phil and Grant Mitchell I won't say which one remindered me of Phil!!).

        Now what one was it to be normal Baked Beans in a rich and tasty tomato sauce or Bloomin BIG Baked Beans also in a rich and tasty tomato sauce ?

        I went straight for the Bloomin Big tin as if you are going to have a bean it might as well be a big one! The tin has a silver label with the Branston logo on the front with a few beans scattered about and the words Bloomin BIG Baked Beans written in dark blue ( the normal ones have red writing on the front).

        I got back home quick and put some toast in the toaster.Now to open the tin, these do not have a pull ring and you will need a tin opener. So now the tin is open I can clearly see the beans. They are a lot bigger that the usual ones I put some into a glass bowl and put into the microwave for about 90 seconds. Straight onto my toast and the taste test begins. These are very tasty and straight away I like the bigger beans. It says that the beans are 50% bigger than other beans, but I thought these looked bigger ( maybe I will have to open two tins one of each and compare next time!).The sauce had a nice tomato flavour to it and wasn't thin like some I've tried in the past.

        I will be buying these from now on as the bigger beans are nice and tasty.
        I got mine on offer for 3 for £1, but they are usually 48p a tin. The tin weighs
        420g compared to Heinz that cost 64p and weigh 415g.

        The ingredients are:

        Beans (52%)
        Tomatoes (40%)
        Modified Maize Starch
        Ground White Pepper

        Per half a tin contains:

        Energy 777kj/183kcal
        Protein 10.1
        Carbohydrate 33.8
        of which sugars 12.4
        Fat 0.8
        of which sats 0.2
        Fibre 11.6
        Sodium 0.70
        Salt 1.70

        These can be heated in a saucepan on a hob or done in the microwave, which is what I do as it is quicker and cleaner to do. If only using half a tin
        then pour the rest into a container and keep covered in the fridge for a day or two. I sometimes when feeling a bit naughty stir in grated mature cheese
        into the beans before I heat them up!

        I think it's time for some beans on toast for breakfast now so I'll shoot off and hope you enjoy these beans too!


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          15.10.2008 18:30
          Very helpful



          The hardness of the beans totally spoiled the beautiful, yet sparse sauce


          COST: (in Sainsbury's @ 11.10.08): 52p for a 420g tin, and currently the 220g tins are on special introductory offer of 31p each

          NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION (per 100g):

          Calories: 87
          Kj: 370
          Protein: 4.8g
          Carbohydrate: 16.1g
          - of which sugars: 5.9g
          Fat: 0.4g
          - of which saturates: 0.1g
          Fibre: 5.5g
          Sodium: 0.3g
          Salt equivalent: 0.8g


          Beans (50%), tomatoes (40%), sugar, modified maize starch, salt, paprika, ground white pepper, flavouring, spices


          Suitable for vegetarians
          50% bigger than ordinary beans


          The 420g size tin of Branston Bloomin' Big Baked Beans is silver, and on the front is a red area with the blue-lettered Branston logo on a yellow strip, an orange coloured strip underneath saying "limited edition" in cream-coloured letters, and below that in larger white letters, the words "Bloomin Big Baked Beans". An image of a couple of beans appears in the middle of those white letters, just starting to "spill" over the letters K and E of the word "Baked". The 220g sized tin is silver all over, with the same Branston logo, and the words "Bloomin Big Baked Beans" written in dark blue letters which are outlined in white. On the rear of both sized cans is all the nutritional information, cooking instructions and manufacturer's contact details. There is also a ring-pull opening device on the top of both sized cans.

          I saw these beans in Sainsburys for the first time the other day, and I bought two small tins firstly because they are so much cheaper than the other brands, and secondly because I thought I'd give them a try - I always like to test out new food products. I usually buy small cans of beans, as I live alone and find if I buy large cans, it's ultimately not economical, because I end up only using half of the large size, and throwing the other half away.

          On opening one of these small cans of Branston Beans, I was greeted with a nicely packed full tin of large sized beans, resting in a dark orange-coloured and rather nice smelling sauce. Branston claim that these beans are bigger than other brands of baked bean, and they aren't lying - in fact, they are so big, that though I was impressed by the colour and smell of the sauce, the huge bean size did put me off slightly.

          I decided to heat the beans through and have them for lunch on a couple of slices of toast. Saucepan at the ready, I started to shake the contents of the can into the pan, and found that 90% of the beans were stuck fast to the sides and bottom, so I had to gouge them out with a spoon. As they plopped into the saucepan, I noticed what little sauce there was, to be very, very thick.

          I gently heated the beans and found they needed stirring much more than other brands of baked beans, due to the rather sparse and thick sauce. They didn't seem to bubble up so well as the beans I'm used to, and I found myself stirring more frequently and vigorously than I otherwise would do.

          Once heated through and slapped on two slices of buttered toast, my spirits lifted a little as they truly did look delicious, despite my earlier dubiousness about the size. They seemed to coat the bread very well.....large beans, appetisingly resting in a rich, thick and dark-orange coloured sauce.

          Acid test time! I cut off a corner of the toast and noticed that the beans didn't slip back onto the plate whilst transferring to my mouth, which for me was a good sign as I'm rather lazy, and hate to do things twice. I crunched into the beans and toast combination in my mouth, and had mixed feelings about what I was experiencing.

          The sauce tasted absolutely delicious - not as sweet as some other brands (I prefer them less sweet), and it had a lovely, slightly peppery flavour. There was no under-taste, and no husks had escaped from the beans....they were intact. I then proceeded to chomp on a forkful of just beans by themselves, and that was where for me the problem hit. I found the beans didn't, due to their large size, feel at all pleasant in my mouth and they were considerably harder in texture - bordering on tough - than the beans I am used to. This was so unpleasant, that it seriously detracted from the very good flavour of the rich, thick sauce.

          I was tempted to scrape the beans off the toast and bin them, then decided to persevere. I did somehow manage to eat them all, but it was a struggle, and the experience was enough to make me decide that I very much doubt if I'll eat the other can I bought, and definitely will never buy them again.

          All things taken into consideration, I would imagine that some people out there will love Branston Bloomin' Big Baked Beans, but for me they get the thumbs down sign, simply because of the chewiness of the beans which I didn't find at all appealing. Consistency-wise, they reminded me of the baked beans from way back in the days of my dreaded primary school dinners - rather like chomping on a mouthful of rifle bullets!

          Sorry Branston.....soften the beans up and this would be a great product, because the sauce is delicious, but any pleasure derived from the delicious flavour of the sauce is 100% counteracted by the awful hard beans. I will award 3 out of 10 (2 DooYoo stars) for the sauce alone, but otherwise, this product for me is a complete and utter, total no-no.

          Thanks for reading!


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