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Chicago Town TakeAway Chicken Deluxe Pizza

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Brand: Chicago Town / Type: Pizza

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    1 Review
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      27.04.2009 19:08
      Very helpful




      Well I wanted something different yet tasty for my tea the other night. I fancied a takeaway but didn't have enough money so I took a trip to Iceland. I came across the Chicago town takeaway range and it was the Chicken Deluxe Cheese Stuffed Crust pizza that tickled my tastebuds.

      The box has been designed to look like a takeaway pizza box and on the top in bold square writing is the word 'takeaway' which added to my excitement of trying it. There is a picture of a slice of this pizza on the top too which looks simply mouth watering. It looks thick, with plenty of toppings. The pizza inside better look like this was my initial thought.

      This pizza consists of tender chicken breast, red and green peppers and red onions with a delicious cheese crust .. tasty! We are told this on the top of the box also.

      Tea time came and I eagerly ripped open the box and cut open it's clear packaging and popped it in the oven. It takes approximately 20-25 minutes to cook. As soon as I seen the crust had turned golden and the cheese had melted and darkened slightly I knew it was ready. Not only that but my nose and tastebuds had been working in overdrive smelling it cook .. I could almost taste it.

      I was impressed with the look of it anyway. The toppings were plentiful, the chicken breast pieces were a generous size and actually had some flavour too. The red and green peppers added colour and excitement to the look and a tangy extra to the taste. The red onions didn't offer much flavour as such but gave a fantastic texture.

      When first cooked the cheese within the crust is HOT - So tongues beware! It was so cheesy and flavoursome! It was thin and runny at first and oozed out of the crust when squeezed but as the pizza gradually cooled the cheese become thicker - not once did it lose it's cheesy flavour though.

      This pizza is better than ANY takeaway pizza I've emptied my purse for. That's no exaggeration! It offered more flavour, it was thick and tasty. The toppings were spread evenly across the whole pizza and each could be tasted individually as well as adding their own crunch, colour, texture and taste.

      This was definitely worth the £2.50 I forked out for it and has made me want to try the others in the range.

      This one is one of the smaller pizzas in the Chicago town range probably providing you with 6 pieces if cut evenly. It is very filling though, I can usually eat a pizza of this size comfortably but after eating just over half I was completely satisfied.

      Not only can you indulge in this chicken deluxe but you can also try Four Cheese and Spicy Pepperoni. However these two you can buy in larger sizes and they have a spicey tomato sauce within the crust instead.

      If you prefer cheese stuffed crust then there is the Chicken Deluxe or the Steak Special - which are both the smaller sized pizzas.

      You can even purchase sides such as Cheesylicious garlic bread if you really want to make a 'takeaway meal of it'.

      This pizza does say on the box that it's exclusive to Iceland.

      Something that provides so much flavour and is so generous with it's toppings is not the healhiest option of course.

      Just one quater of this pizza would give you ..

      10.3g fat
      306 calories
      2.3g salt
      5.4g saturated fat

      It does contain barley, milk, wheat and gluten. The box also warns that the chicken may contain small bones.

      If you would like to find out more about the Chicago Town Takeaway products it does offer you the website to look at on the back of the box which is;


      I definitely reccomend this pizza - especially if you are thinking of having a takeaway on. Save a few bob as you really can't go wrong for the price of this one.


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