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Dalepak Cheese & Onion Crispbakes

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Brand: Dalepak / Type: Other Ready Meals

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    4 Reviews
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      30.01.2012 22:18
      Very helpful



      Cheese and onion is a winning combination

      At the beginning of the year, I vowed that this would be the year for me to cook everything from scratch, buying fresh ingredients and cook things in batches to save money and make the most of our fresh produce. One month in, and I've decided that this is far too expensive, time consuming and generally a bit too much effort!

      On a recent trip to Asda, we attempted to basically fill the freezer with products which were convenient, but not too bad for us, to try and strike a balance. Every now and then I like an alternative to the usual meat products, so when I saw these crispbakes I fancied giving them a try. They cost £1 for a pack of 4, and they contain cheese so we thought we couldn't go wrong.

      The crispbakes contain red Leicester cheese, medium fat soft cheese, onion and potato, and are covered in golden breadcrumbs. They are the same shape as a fish cake, and looking online I see that they offer different flavours of crispbakes including mushroom, cheese and bacon and corned beef. I have only ever seen the cheese and onion ones in the supermarkets however. It's also interesting how they state on their website that they are only available from Asda, Cooltrader and Nisa as this isn't a very wide market.

      Anyway, I digress. The crispbakes take a good 20-25 minutes to bake in the oven, which is ironic really because sometimes we have these with meat and they take longer to cook than the meat products! They are easy to cook as they just get thrown in the oven on a baking tray, and you don't have to worry too much about poisoning anyone by undercooking as they contain no meat, and you can tell when they're cooked as the breadcrumbs go golden and the crispbakes are soft.

      These smell divine when they're cooked, you can just smell cheese and onion, mmmmm. They are a pleasant consistency with a mixture of melted cheese and larger chunks of potato and onion. The bake is nice and soft to cut into, but does require a bit of chewing rather than being smooth enough to swallow.

      Looking inside the crispbake, you can see each component it is made up of, which is reassuring as you know it contains what it claims to contain. They taste scrummy and the overriding taste for me is cheese and onion, I don't notice the potato so much. I wouldn't have known there was soft cheese in them either, if I hadn't looked up the ingredients online. You can definitely taste (and see) the red Leicester though. If you like anything cheese and onion based, these are a brilliant accompaniment to freezer meals.

      Nutritionally, these aren't too bad either. Although they contain cheese, they could be worse. Each crispbake contains 192 calories, 8.8g fat, 2.7g saturated fat, 3g sugar and 0.8g salt. As far as freezer food goes, these are ok as part of a balanced diet.


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        20.10.2009 08:25
        Very helpful



        Tasty and Filling Crispbakes

        A couple of weeks ago Grandma and I both bought a box of these crispbakes along with Dalepak's Corned Beef crispbakes as well. I've already tried the Corned Beef crispbakes so I thought I'd try the Cheese and Onions one and see whether they're as good or not.


        The Crispbakes come in a square box which is predominantly white in colour. On the front is the Dalepak logo, a picture of a couple of crispbakes, and a bubble telling us that these are £1. They are described as "A combination of potato, onion, Red Leicester Cheese and medium fat soft cheese, lightly seasoned and coated in a golden breadcrumb" and each box contains 4 of them, weighing 360g in total.
        Turning over the box you can see that it contains the usual lists of ingredients, nutritional information and cooking instructions. For best results these crispbakes should be cooked from frozen.

        You can visit Dalepak at:- www.dalepak.co.uk

        Nutritional Information per crispbake after cooking {uncooked per 100g in brackets}

        Energy kJ: 712kJ {825kJ}
        kcal: 170kcal {197kcal}
        Protein: 3.7g {4.2g}
        Carbohydrate: 20.1g {23.0g}
        of which sugars: 1.3g {1.3g}
        Fat: 8.3g {9.8g}
        (of which saturates): 2.5g {2.9g}
        Fibre: 0.9g {1.0g}
        Sodium: 0.4g {0.4g}
        Salt equivalent: 1.0g

        Allergy advice. Wheat, Gluten and Milk
        This product is suitable for vegetarians

        Ingredients: Potato (34%), Onion (16%), Water, Breadcrumb {Wheat Flour, Salt, Yeast, Dextrose, Paprika, Turmeric}, Vegetable Oil, Red Leicester Cheese* (contains colour: annatto) (6%), Medium Fat Soft Cheese* (6%), Partially Rehydrated Dried Potato, Batter {Water, Wheat Flour}, Seasoning {Cheese Powder*, Cream Powder*, Sugar, Yeast Extract, Natural Flavouring*, Black Pepper}
        * from milk


        At the time of writing a box of 4 of these crispbakes costs £1 at Morrisons.

        Taste & Opinion:

        Opening the box you can see that the crispbakes are circular in shape. They measure 3 inches across and just over an inch in thickness and are completely covered with breadcrumbs.

        I should confess, here and now, that I'm not the biggest cheese fan in the world. I don't mind cheese on pizza, in a quiche or even a little bit of cheese on toast (with HP sauce, yum!), but I can't eat spread cheese on crackers or big wedges of the stuff on a "cheeseboard" at a dinner party. Mommie Dearest was addicted to the stuff when she was carrying me and I suspect I got more than enough before I even popped out!.Why then, you may be asking, did I choose to buy this product? Well, as I said, I don't mind cheese on pizza or even in a quiche so I was intrigued to find out what it would be like in these crispbakes especially as they're cooked in the oven so the cheese inside will have melted by the time that they come out of the oven.

        Taking the crispbakes out of the oven I could see that the breadcrumb coating was a nice shade of golden brown. Aside from the fact that the coating looked "cooked" they appeared to be exactly the same as when they went into the oven. None of the filling had "exploded" out of the coating which is something you can sometimes find with some brands of fishcakes or crispy pancakes.

        Popping them onto the plate I was pleased to see that the coating appeared to be of a reasonable level of firmness. The cooking hadn't made the breadcrumbs go all soft but neither had it made them hard and brittle. In fact they looked just the same as the Corned Beef Crispbakes did when they came out of the oven.

        Cutting off a piece I popped it into my mouth and confirmed my initial thought. The coating was indeed firm and pleasantly crunchy. I don't think it was quite as firm as the Corned Beef Crispbakes where but, thinking about it, I think I may have left those in the oven a little longer.

        The filling has a fairly interesting taste. The onion is subtle rather than overpowering, the potato tastes just as you'd expect it to and (thankfully) the cheese flavour isn't at all dominant. You can tell where the cheese is as it's yellow colour contrast with the whiteness of the potato and the onion but it's not strongly flavoured which is nice for someone like me. Texturewise it's fairly similar to cheese on toast but it doesn't have that rubbery feel to it that you sometimes get if you let the cheese on toast cool for too long.

        Dalekpak have, I think, created a nice mix of ingredients. I'd say that this was a good product rather than a great one but that's probably down to my personal tastes concerning cheese. If I had to choose between this and the Corned Beef Crispbakes then I'd go for the Corned Beef ones every time, but again, that's down to the fact that I'm a bit of a corned beef fan.

        Overall though, I'd recommend this product, even if, like me you're not particularly a cheese fan. It's tasty and you actually feel like you've eaten something after you've finished a crispbake. With each crispbake containing 8.3g of fat they're better for you on the fat front than the Corned Beef Crispbakes are. Having two of these with salad, beans, spaghetti, peas or some other potato product should provide you will an adequately filling meal.


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          02.08.2009 23:01
          Very helpful
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          I purchased these while in Iceland - I'm drawn to anything cheesy really and they looked a decent size on the box too so I decided to give them a try. I found them in the Vegetarian freezers but anybody can eat these. Sometimes I find that products with pictures on them are usually exaggerated in size slightly and misleading so tend to come out of the box half the size I was quite surprised by these though, the width wasn't quite the same as on the box when I took them out but they were proper chunky solid circles. All for just £1, so I've been buying them since.

          The box is white with green laid out on top, there is a mouthwatering picture of a cut open crispbake so you can see exactly what is inside one of these, accompanied by some crisp looking salad. On the front it says 'A combination of potato onion, red leicester cheese and medium fat soft cheese, lightly seasoned and coated in a crisp golden breadcrumb. It also tells us these are suitable for vegetarians.

          When frozen and taken out of the box they resemble a fish cake - but alot thicker and chunkier as well as being lighter and golden in colour.

          They are simple to cook just by placing them on a baking tray in your oven and baking them for approximately 22-24 minutes. I just cook mine until the breadcrumbs have darkened and goldened a bit more.

          These are a lovely treat to eat, I find them really filling too. The overall look to them is very appetising even when cutting them open and seeing whats inside. Everything can be seen by the eye let alone tasted by the tongue, you can see the chunks of potato, small squares of onion the orange cheese and a paler melted cheese. All the flavours combined together taste lovely and as you can imagine really cheesy, not overly cheesy though which is good as the potato and onion adds extra flavour on top. The breadcrumbs don't actually offer flavour as such they just add extra crunchy and texture. The onion doesn't seem all that strong and bitter whilst eating them but they do leave an onion aftertaste for a while afterwards, but that doesn't put me off as just one of these with some veg makes a real tasty, satisfying meal.

          Each crispbake contains;
          211 calories
          9.8g fat
          4.7 protein

          These make a quick and convenient, tasty and filling meal and I'd reccomend them to anyone. Even my 20month old boys eat them as they are soft to eat and can be easily chewed and swallowed.


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            16.07.2008 20:38
            Very helpful



            Cheese and Onion Crispbakes

            Even though I'm not vegetarian, I still buy a lot of frozen vegetable products, such as veggie burgers. I first came across the Dalepak Cheese and Onion Crisp Bakes in the vegetarian part of the freezer section, and buy them occasionally for a change from the Dalepak veggie burgers I tend to buy.

            ~What are they?~

            Basically these are a mixture of potato, cheese and onion, coated in breadcrumbs. They contain red Leicester as well as medium fat soft cheese. They are shaped into rounds and look a lot like a fish cake before they are cooked.

            ~How do I cook them?~

            These are really easy to cook, you simply place them on a baking tray and cook in the oven for 22-24 minutes.

            ~My thoughts on these~

            Once you take them out of the oven, the breadcrumbs on the outside of these have turned a lovely golden colour, and they look really appetising. When you break one open, you can see the orange colour of the red Leicester cheese, as well as little chunks of potato, and onion.

            The combination between the crisp outside coating of breadcrumbs, and the creamy filling works very well together. Also, one thing I like about these, is that the potato is diced rather than mashed. It gives them a more interesting texture.

            The cheese flavour is pretty strong, but strangely the onion - although you can definitely taste it - does not dominate the flavour. I would say the main taste is actually the potato. It's mainly like cheesy mash in a breadcrumb coating.

            ~Nutritional Info~

            Per Crispbake there are...

            189 calories
            4.2g protein
            23.2g carbs
            8.8g fat


            These come in a cardboard box which has a picture of the product on the front, and cooking instructions and nutritional info on the back.


            These cost £1 for a box of four from Iceland. It says on the website that they're also available from Somerfield, however I haven't seen them there.


            They are quite high in calories for their size of them, so I don't buy them very often, but they're nice to have in the freezer for when I can't be bothered to cook.


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