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Dalepak Corned Beef Crispbakes

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Brand: Dalepak / Type: Beef

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    6 Reviews
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      03.02.2011 17:36
      Very helpful



      Good quality and tasty crispbakes!

      I get very bored of eating the same things day in and day out and the other night whilst in Asda I was deliberetly looking for food I hadn't tried before and these at 4 for a pound seemed a good thing to try to me. I like corned beef and thought they'd be ok with chips or salad for a quick dinner for a couple of nights!

      The Packaging:

      The crispbakes come in a mainly white coloured squarish cardboard box with a photograph of the crispbakes on the front of it and we are told that they are Dalepak '4' Corned Beet Crispbakes 'Corned beef, onion and potato, lightly seasoned and coated in a crisp golden breadcrumb' and that the weight of 4 crispbakes is 360g amd there is an at a glance nutritional chart shown. Other information on the back of the box includes ingredients and a full nutritional chart being shown, storage instructions are given (these are suitable for freezing by the way), the ingredients are listed as are the cooking instructions (22-24 minutes in the oven is all they take) and contact details for Dalepak Foods are listed. Informative enough packaging this is, easy to open etc.

      The Crispbakes:

      These are round in shape and rather thick and visibly covered in orangy coloured breadcrumbs. We are advised to always cook them from frozen which is what I did and still do cos I love these and since munching through the first box I have had a few boxes of them! I'll be looking like a crispbake soon in fact lol.

      Easy to cook, when warmed through the breadcrumbs stick to the bake well and go a little hard and chewy and are not one bit greasy to look at, to touch or to eat. Inside the crispbake you get a mushy mix of corned beef, onion and grated potato blended with paprika, onion and garlic powder, parsly and tomato puree.

      The filling is very moist though not watery and very highly flavoursome indeed. You can taste all of those ingredients I have mentioned in equal measures and nothing overpowers anything else and of course there are a few ingredients within them that I haven't mentioned too but are stated on the back of the box.

      They are well seasoned, chunky and very satisfying indeed. Corned beef and products with corned beef in them can be prone to being rather greasy but these are really not and are a good texture of hard against soft and not too spicy! Very nice, easy to cook, look good but most of all taste yummy!

      Nutritional Information Per Crisp Bake:

      Calories; 192
      Sugar: 2.2g
      Fat: 8.9g
      Saturates: 1.9g
      Salt: 1.0g

      Available in all good supermarkets etc.


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        08.11.2009 12:01
        Very helpful



        Delicious corned beef crispbakes.

        Once in a while I quite fancy a bit of corned beef, and we used to have it every now and when I was a kid... We'd have it with salads or in batter. So when I saw these Dalepak Corned Beef Crispbakes in the frozen section of my local supermarket, I thought I'd give them a go.

        These Corned Beef Crispbakes come in a pack of 4 and cost me just £1. The packaging (basically, a cardboard box) describes them as "Corned Beef, onion and potato, lightly seasoned and coated in a crisp golden breadcrumb" and we are shown a picture of a couple of crispbakes, one of which is cut open for us to see.

        Often, I've found food products don't always really resemble just how good they look on the packaging. However, these corned beef crispbakes, when cooked, do look as delicious as they do on the box. They also smell lovely while they are cooking in the oven!

        So how do they taste?

        Delicious! Dalepak seem to have just the right amount of each of the ingredients... Just enough corned beef and potato, but not too much onion or seasoning. The golden breadcrub coating is just right too, not too thick, but just enough to hold the contents in. The crispbakes are not fatty or greasy either.

        I like to have one or two of these Corned Beef Crispbakes with chips and beans for an easy lunch or tea.

        I've considered trying to make my own homemade corned beef crispbakes, but I think it would be hard to beat the price as these only cost £1 for 4!

        I'm not really supposed to eat these (due to the breadcrumbs), but they won't do me much harm... And anyway, they're delicious!

        So, not only are these Corned Beef Crispbakes cheap, but they are also tasty! I would certainly recommend them to anyone.

        Dalepak also do a number of other Crispbakes, including Minted Lamb Crispbakes, Cottage Pie Crispbakes and Cheese & Onion Crispbakes.


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          30.10.2009 19:39
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          Yum, Yum, Yum!

          I got these in Cooltrader and didn't really expect to like them because even though I eat corned beef I'm not mad keen on it and don't have it very often.

          It's basically corned beef hash covered in breadcrumbs but it tastes wicked and loads better than I thought it would.

          They are a bit greasy tasting but the corned beef inside the Crisp Bake is soft and lovely to chew. There's little slices of potato mixed in with the corned beef and they were cooked proper nice and hadn't stayed hard like the potato in a lot of these sorts of frozen foods.

          It does taste like corned beef hash and I can't think of anything else to describe it. The breadcrumbs are golden brown and finer than other breadcrumbs and that has helped them go crispy when you bite through them. I love the crispy crunchy breadcrumbs compared to the soft inside and think the corned beef they've used is good quality because it's not dripping with fat everytime I put the knife into it.

          They're easy to cook, you just put them in the oven for about 20 minutes and then they're done. The breadcrumbs go golden brown and they look very appetising, there's not much smell off them except for a bit of a meaty and onion smell but that's good because if they smelt too strong of corned beef it would have put me right off.

          I had 2 on their own with ketchup and they were yummy and more filling than I thought they'd be because they are only small. 4 in a box costs 99p in Cooltrader and I think that's a wicked price for such a tasty meaty meal that fills you up but doesn't make you feel bloated.


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            27.10.2009 14:43
            Very helpful



            Tasty freezer food

            I bought a pack of Dalepak corned beef crisp bakes. A couple of weeks ago as they were on offer in Morrison's for £1 in the freezer section and my son does loves corned beef hash so thought it would be a useful item to keep in the freezer so I can just pop them in the oven for an easy meal.

            Each pack contains four cakes which totals in 360g.

            The box has a picture of these cooked.

            Upon opening I found the crisp cakes to look like good thick fish cakes and just popped them in the oven

            The box recommends that they be put in the oven for 20-22minutes at 200◦ but as I was cooking some fairy cakes at the same time I started them off at 180◦ then gave them an extra 5 minutes and they came out the oven a golden coloured. They slid off the tray with no waste on the tray.

            Nutritional information

            Per crisp bake
            Kcal: 237kcal
            Carbohydrate: 22.0g
            Fat: 12.9g
            saturates: 4.1
            Sodium: 0.5g
            Salt equivalent: 1.2g

            Allergy advice.
            This product contains Wheat and Gluten

            This does only contain 18% corned beef, 17% onion and 9% potato

            I cut into them and they were steaming hot and did have the appearance of corned beef has covered in a thin coating of breadcrumbs.

            I served one for myself and my son with half a tin of beans each. I cut my sons up into small peaces.

            Upon tasting I was pleased that I could taste the crunch of the breadcrumbs followed by a soft filling. It had actual small pieces of onion that could be tasted. It did not taste over strongly of corned beef which suggests to me it was more mash than corned beef but I did like the fact that it didn't taste as salty as normal corned beef hash.

            I didn't smell a particularly strong but then I did have the smell of freshly baked fairy cakes in the house.

            I did find that it was only just about enough for lunch but would probably next time have it with bread or for a main meal with chips. I would recommend that someone with a big appetite or male would probably want two for a meal.

            Although quite high in fat I did enjoy these. They certainly did not taste fatty or greasy and would recommend them as a freezer filler food. However I do find corned beef hash an easy meal to make so would only use them occasionally.

            For more information contact: www.dalepak.co.uk


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              09.10.2009 14:45
              Very helpful



              Tasty and Filling Crispbakes

              Grandma (she's 97) has very poor eyesight and can't really prepare meals from scratch anymore. All of the food she buys tends to be stuff that she can either eat cold, pop in a pan or heat up in the oven so I'm constantly on the lookout for new things for her to try when I take her shopping in Morrisons on a Saturday. A few weeks back I spotted these Corned Beef Crispbakes and as I'm rather a fan of corned beef myself I decided to get some as well.


              The Crispbakes come in a square box which is predominantly white in colour. On the front is the Dalepak logo, a picture of a couple of crispbakes, and a bubble telling us that these are £1. They are described as "Corned beef, onion and potato, lightly seasoned and coated in a crisp golden breadcrumb" and each box contains 4 of them, weighing 360g in total.
              Turning over the box you can see that it contains the usual lists of ingredients, nutritional information and cooking instructions. For best results these crispbakes should be cooked from frozen.

              You can visit Dalepak at:- www.dalepak.co.uk

              Nutritional Information per crispbake after cooking {uncooked per 100g in brackets}

              Energy kJ: 860kJ {991kJ}
              kcal: 206kcal {237kcal}
              Protein: 7.7g {8.2g}
              Carbohydrate: 18.7g {22.0g}
              of which sugars: 3.8g {4.4g}
              Fat: 11.1g {12.9g}
              (of which saturates): 3.6g {4.1g}
              Fibre: 1.3g {1.3g}
              Sodium: 0.4g {0.5g}
              Salt equivalent: 1.2g

              Allergy advice. Wheat and Gluten

              Ingredients: Corned beef (18%) {Cooked Beef, Salt, Sugar, Preservative: Sodium Nitrate}, Onion (17%), Water, Breadcrumb {Wheat Flour, Yeast, Dextrose, Salt, Paprika, Turmeric}, Potato (9%), Dried Potato, Sunflower Oil, Batter {Water, Wheat Flour}, Tomato Puree, Seasoning {Onion Powder, Garlic Powder, Sugar, Yeast Powder, Tomato Powder, Yeast Extract, White Pepper, Parsley, Acidity Regulator: Citric Acid, Natural Flavouring}, Stabiliser: Hydroxyproylmethylcellulose


              At the time of writing a box of 4 of these crispbakes costs £1 at Morrisons.

              Taste & Opinion:

              Opening the box you can see that the crispbakes are circular in shape. They measure 3 inches across and just over an inch in thickness and are completely covered with breadcrumbs.

              As I said, I'm a corned beef fan so once I'd popped these into the oven I was quite eager to try them to see what they tasted like. Taking them out I could see that the breadcrumb coating was a nice shade of golden brown. Aside from the fact that the coating looked "cooked" they appeared to be exactly the same as when they went into the oven. None of the filling had "exploded" out of the coating which is something you can sometimes find with some brands of fishcakes or crispy pancakes.

              Popping them onto the plate I was pleased to see that the coating appeared to be of a reasonable level of firmness. The cooking hadn't made the breadcrumbs go all soft but neither had it made them hard and brittle. Cutting off a piece I popped it into my mouth and confirmed my initial thought. The coating was indeed firm and pleasantly crunchy, in fact it was probably one of the nicest coatings of this sort I've had in quite a long time.

              The corned beef filling tasted pretty much as you'd expect corned beef to taste and you could see the pieces of potato and onion which made a nice change. Often the picture you get on the front of a box doesn't exactly match up with what's inside the product and I had wondered whether the corned beef, potato and onion had just all been blended together in some sort of gel like mass but thankfully I found that not to be the case.

              Dalekpak have, I think, got the mix of ingredients just about right. The onion, which is obviously the strongest flavoured of the three ingredients isn't overpowering by any stretch of the imagination, nor is there so little of it that it's lost within the potato / corned beef mix. If I'm being completely honest I'd say that I would prefer it if Dalekpak used a bit more corned beef in these, but what was there was adequate for anyone. I wasn't left hunting for it with my fork because there was so little off it!

              The seasoning used adds to the overall taste of the product but, one again, it's not used to the extent that you'll find it overpowering.

              Overall, I'd recommend this product. It's tasty and you actually feel like you've eaten something after you've finished a crispbake. With each crispbake containing 11.1g of fat they're not great on the fat front and eating two would provide you with 22.2g of fat out of the Recommended Daily Amount of 70g for an average adult. Having two of these with salad, beans, spaghetti, peas or some other potato product should provide you will an adequately filling meal.


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                15.05.2009 00:09
                Very helpful



                I could eat these for the rest of my life, continuously!

                COST: £1 for 4 crispbakes

                NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION (oven baked, per crispbake):

                Calories: 206
                Kj: 860
                Protein: 7.7g
                Carbohydrate: 18.7g
                - of which sugars: 3.8g
                Fat: 11.1g
                - of which saturates: 3.6g
                Fibre: 1.3g
                Sodium: 0.4g
                Salt equivalent: 1.0g


                Corned beef (18%), onion (17%), water, breadcrumb, wheat flour, yeast, dextrose, salt, paprika, turmeric, potato (9%), dried potato, sunflower oil, tomato puree, onion powder, garlic powder, sugar, yeast powder, tomato powder, yeast extract, white pepper, parsley, citric acid, natural flavouring, hydroxyproylmethylcellulose


                Contains wheat and gluten


                Dalepak Corned Beef Crispbakes are to be found in frozen food section of some supermarkets. I have to say that so far (as I believe this is a fairly new product), the only places I've seen them are in Iceland and Somerfield (bear in mind though that I rarely, if ever, go to Tescos or Asda, as I don't have either of those supermarkets within easy reach of where I live).

                The packet is white with an image of serving of 2 crispbakes served with minted potatoes on the front. The rear of the pack contains nutritional information, ingredients list, cooking & storage instructions and Dalepak's quality claim with their contact details.

                As I love corned beef, I'm always eager to try new products and recipes that involve it, so you can imagine my delight when I saw these corned beef crispbakes on sale the other day. I felt 99p to be an extremely reasonable price, so I bought 4 packets.

                Each packet contains 4 crispbakes, and I'd imagine it is intended that 2 should be a reasonable serving for most adults, so I removed 2 from the pack and baked them in the oven, following the manufacturer's instructions. Each crispbake is about 2" thick, and about the same circumference as a chocolate digestive biscuit - quite a nice size - and covered with a fairly thick layer of coarse breadcrumbs.

                During the cooking process, a deliciously meaty smell emanated from the oven, which made my mouth water. On removing the baking tray and serving the crispbakes, they slid off nicely - not sticking at all - straight onto my plate. The breadcrumbs had turned a lovely golden brown, and there was no shrinkage at all.

                Taste time! I cut off a small corner and placed in my mouth. The corned beef was deliciously tender, the breadcrumbs crisp without being hard, and there were little soft pieces of potato and onion inside. The onion flavour was rather prominent, but I didn't mind that at all, and I was so impressed, I just scoffed and scoffed until my plate was clean.

                The blend of spices, meat, potato, breadcrumbs and onion that goes to make up Dalepak Corned Beef Crispbakes is just right, and they are very tasty indeed.....substantial, too. Even I only needed two of them for complete satisfaction from the point of view of filling my stomach up, but I had caught the taste of them, and they are very moreish! I wanted to open another pack to gorge myself silly on, and had to use a lot of restraint to stop myself pigging out.

                I'd imagine these would appeal to children, and it could be a good way of getting a fussy eater to have their protein intake. The crispbakes would be suited to all sorts of accompaniments, but I'd imagine they go best with jacket potato or chips, with either a green salad or baked beans.

                I've decided that I love Dalepak Corned Beef Crispbakes more than I love most food, and though I'm definitely going to make sure my freezer is well-stocked with as many packets of them as I can cram inside, I will have to be careful that I don't become too obsessed with them to the point where they turn out to be all I'll ever eat. OK they are rather high in fat and calories, but then so are a lot of other things; at least these are high in protein too, and at 99p for 4, what more could you want down the road of thrift?

                Thanks for reading and thanks to Dalepak for truly inspiring my taste buds.


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