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Dalepak Vegetable Grills

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5 Reviews

Brand: Dalepak / Type: Other Ready Meals

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    5 Reviews
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      02.01.2010 10:38
      Very helpful



      not ideal but nice for a change

      I'm not a vegetarian but I do like my veg so before Christmas I bought a box of Dalepak Vegetable Grills from Iceland for just £1 knowing they'd be a change after all the festive food.

      The picture on the box made them look attractive & colourful & the price seemed good as there are 4 pretty good sized pieces so I reckoned I'd made a good choice. However, I must say I was rather disappointed - partly by the colour (rather on the grey side) & partly by the taste (not as tasty as I'd expected).

      I try not to add fat/oil to foods where it's not needed so I popped 2 grills into the oven hoping the greyness would disappear & the colour of the vegetables become more evident. On reflection I think I would fry, grill or BBQ in the future adding a little oil as I found they were rather dry & they didn't really look as appetising as I'd hoped.

      I was expecting more of a taste as, according to the box, they contain broccoli, onion,carrot, red & green peppers (54%) but then I read that there are plenty of dried ingredients & powders (including onion) which may be reason they tasted dry.

      All the nutritional information is also clearly printed on the box - I won't list them all but, if like me you're watching your weight, then just to let you know each one (76.5g) contains 485 calories & 4.1g of fat. As one is quite filling when served with extra veg or salad I'd say that it's quite a nice treat but certainly not my favourite.

      These may not be suitable for some people as they contain celery, wheat & gluten plus they aren't suitable for nut allergy sufferers.

      - convenient to have in store & can be grilled, baked or popped on BBQ so ideal food for all year round.
      - personally I think they'd be better if a little oil is added or they're served with a vegetarian gravy as they're rather dry.
      - not quite as healthy or as tasty as I'd expected.
      - however, bearing the above in mind, I would buy them again - so recommend giving them a try if you see them on offer?


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        16.11.2009 22:34
        Very helpful



        Good value Vegetable Grills

        A new branch of Iceland has opened in my local town, on the site of the former Woolworths store, so I have been in a few times to see if I can pick up any bargains. A lot of the food to be found in Iceland is of the ready meals and processed junk food type, which I don't tend to buy. I do, however, like to buy Vegetarian foods to keep in the freezer, as they are usually healthier than a lot of meat products. I have tried Dalepak Vegetable Grills a few times in the past, and enjoyed them, so, when I spotted a pack of four for £1.00, I put a box of them in my basket.

        The Vegetable Grills are made from a lightly seasoned blend of crunchy vegetables - onion, red pepper, broccoli, carrots and potato, as well as white rice. They can be grilled under a medium grill for 14 minutes, oven cooked for 20 minutes, or barbequed from frozen. I haven't tried barbequeing them, but I have grilled and oven cooked them, and they have turned out very well. When oven cooking, the grills tend to become quite soft when you turn them over halfway through the cooking process, so take care that they don't fall apart.

        The Vegetable Grills are egg shaped, and the individual pieces of vegetables are visible, which is good, as they are not all mushed up and pureed. When cooked, they become quite crisp on the outside, and are soft on the inside. The taste is very nice, and is quite savoury, and the vegetables can be tasted individually, too.

        One grill (76.5g) contains -
        4.1g fat
        2.8g protein
        16.8g carbohydrate
        1.4g fibre
        0.8g salt

        These nutritional values sound good, and the grills are great as part of a balanced diet, served with more vegetables/salad, and potatoes or rice.

        Not suitable for nut allergy sufferers. Contains celery, wheat and gluten. Can be kept in the freezer until the best before date - mine said best before March 2011.

        I shall be buying these again, if I see them in Iceland, as they are tasty, healthy and very good value.


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          29.10.2009 08:17
          Very helpful



          Tasty and Filling Veggie Grills

          After trying Dalepak's Corned Beef Crispbakes and their Cheese and Onion Crispbakes I decide to give these veggie grills a try as well.


          The grills come in a rectangular box which, along with the rest of the Dalepak range, is predominantly white in colour. On the front is the Dalepak logo and a picture of a couple of the grills. They are described as "A lightly seasoned blend of crunchy vegetables including onion, broccoli, red peppers, carrots and white rice lightly par fried". Each box contains 4 of grills, weighing 340g in total.
          Turning over the box you can see that it contains the usual lists of ingredients, nutritional information and cooking instructions. For best results these crispbakes should be cooked from frozen. They can be grilled, oven cooked or barbecued.

          You can visit Dalepak at:- www.dalepak.co.uk

          Nutritional Information per grill (76.5g) {as sold per 100g in brackets}

          Energy kJ: 485kJ {636kJ}
          kcal: 115kcal {151kcal}
          Protein: 2.8g {4.0g}
          Carbohydrate: 16.8g {22.5g}
          of which sugars: 2.8g {3.2g}
          Fat: 4.1g {5.0g}
          (of which saturates): 1.0g {1.3g}
          Fibre: 1.6g {1.4g}
          Sodium: 0.4g {0.3g}
          Salt equivalent: 1.0g {0.8g}

          Allergy advice. Celery, Wheat and Gluten
          This product is suitable for vegetarians and has been approved by the Vegetarian Society.
          It is not suitable for those who suffer from nut allergies.

          Ingredients: Vegetables (54%) [Broccoli, Onion, Carrot, Red Pepper, Potato], Partially Rehydrated Dried Potato, Sunflower Oil, Cooked Rice (5%), Wheat Flour, Seasoning [Maltodextrin, Salt, Wheat Flour, Sugar, Autolysed Yeast Powder, Onion Powder, Yeast Extract, Natural Flavouring, Carrot Powder, Tomato Powder, White Pepper, Celery, Sage, Parsley] Wheat Gluten, Stabiliser: Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose, Pea Fibre, Wheat Protein.


          At the time of writing a box of 4 of these crispbakes costs 99p at my local shop. Supermarkets may charge slightly more.

          Taste & Opinion:

          Opening the box you can see that the grills look like very large teardrops. They're a sort of orangey colour and you can spot patches of red (the pepper), green (broccoli) and orange (carrot). They have a fairly faint smell which is quite hard to describe. I suppose the closest I can get to it is to say it smell a little like cold pizza after you've left it in the box all night!

          Popping these into the oven, I settle down on Dooyoo to read some reviews whilst they're cooking. I'm hoping that they're going to taste nice, the only concern I have about them being the broccoli which I'm not particularly a fan of.

          Taking the grills out of the oven I can see that they're quite floppy indeed. I've actually cooked them for slightly longer than the recommended cooking time (25 minutes as opposed to 20) and they're still not particularly firm. No matter, I ease them off the baking tray with a knife and pop them onto a plate with some salad stuff.

          Cutting into them I can see small bits of carrot, pieces of broccoli and bits of red pepper. The onion, the potato and the rice is harder to spot. I pop a large piece into my mouth. The texture is very soft indeed so anyone out there with any sort of eating issues related to false teeth, sensitive teeth, gums etc so have no problem at all with eating these. They're a world away from having to chew through a piece of tough meat.

          Dalepak appear to have blended the vegetables together to such an extent that none of the ingredients used is dominant in terms of taste. I was aware, at several points, that there were pieces of broccoli in the piece of grill that I was eating but these were so well blended together with the other vegetables in the same piece that I neither noticed the texture or the taste of the broccoli. I think it's only when you get a concentration of something on it's own that you really register whether you like it or not. When ingredients are chopped down to smaller sizes and mixed up with other things it's easier for your taste buds to miss the fact that there's something there you don't like.

          I can't comment on what these taste like when they've been fried or barbecued as I haven't cooked them that way, but, in terms of the oven cooked method I'd recommend them solely on the grounds on taste. These also score well in nutritional terms containing just 5% fat and 3.2% sugar. As vegetarian options go these are tasty and rather filling. Give them a try!


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            04.10.2009 13:10
            Very helpful



            A delicious meat replacement that doesn't leave you feeling deprived

            I quite often have these Dalepak Vegetable Grills for my tea with a salad as I am currently trying to cut my consumption of meat down, these are perfect because they are tasty and filling but without containing any meat whatsoever.

            They are basically teardrop shaped patties of chopped vegetables that have been mixed with some kind of cereal to give a soft and very flavoursome meal component.

            They don't look terribly appetising as they are rather pale and floppy in appearance, you can see the various vegetables in the Grill but on the surface of it there doesn't appear to be many in there.

            According to the box the vegetables used to make the Grills are onion, carrots, sweetcorn, broccoli, green beans and red peppers. The most pungent flavour to me is the red pepper, although everything has been so very well blended that it's all combined to give a beautiful mixed vegetable flavour rather than concentrating on just one ingredient.

            The vegetables are all chopped up very small and once cooked they are very soft and blend beautifully with the seasoned cereal that makes up the bulk of the meal.

            It's hard to describe the flavour of these because it's such a mix of tastes, all I can really say is that the Vegetable Grill taste of vegetables and some very, very subtle herbs and spices to add to the flavour.

            You can grill, fry or cook these in the oven but I find the oven method is best - I had one fried once and the soft Grill soaks up far too much fat so I definitely don't recommend cooking them like this if you're dieting! The cooking instructions tell you to bake them for 20 minutes but I find this gives me an incredibly soft Grill and as I prefer them to be a little more substantial in texture I usually leave mine in for around 30 minutes until the very edges of them have begun to blacken. This enhances the flavour significantly and personally I find it to be a much more pleasant consistency when cooked for this longer period of time.

            As a meat replacement these are fantastic. Two Grills make for a very filling meal and as I always serve them with either a large mixed salad or some pasta they do add some much needed flavour to my plate.

            A box of four Vegetable Grills costs £1.69 in my local grocer shop, although I believe you can buy them cheaper in specialist frozen food shops such as Iceland or Farm Foods.


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              20.08.2009 20:00
              Very helpful




              I love a burger in a bun - in fact, I love meat products in general, but I often find that I'm not eating enough vegetables . I think the big reason for this is that, in general, if I cook properly, from scratch, i'll include a lot of veg, but if I'm eating something from the freezer, I tend to go for speed and convenience, and end up microwaving some beans instead .

              So, I've started switching to veggie burgers - just as quick and easy to cook, but packed with a variety of vegetables instead of meat, for an easy way to get an extra little bit of veg inside me . Dalepak was one of the first brands I tried, picking up a pack of four vegetable grills from Iceland .

              They're pretty attractive to look at - cutlet shaped veggie grills, made of mashed potato with a variety of veg added in - onion, carrots, sweetcorn, broccoli, green beans and red peppers. You can see the veggie chunks in them without cutting them up, and the variety of colours of vegetable makes them look pretty appealing.

              As with many burger type products, these can either be fried, oven baked, or grilled . I went for grilling - by far the healthiest option, especially as I have a little worktop George Foreman grill that is slanted to drain off any excess fats . Here is where my first minor criticism comes in -as the burgers heated and defrosted, they obviously got a lot squishier . Unlike meat, these burgers when starting to defrost couldn't take the weight of the grill lid,and got a bit squashed out of shape, resembling a pancake once they were cooked .

              With that said, they cooked quickly, and turned an attractive golden brown colour . They also smelt lightly of potato , with another smell, something slightly oniony . I couldn't pick up any of the other vegetables in the smell

              However, when tasting the grill (sandwiched between two slices of bread as a quick sandwich) I could taste the other vegetables, and found the chunks of veg added texture to a grill that might otherwise have been a little flat . Crunchy veg chunks of a good size were scattered pretty evenly throughout, and overall, I really enjoyed the burger, although I would have liked slightly more depth of flavour in the potato itself - perhaps a touch of ground pepper, or a little bit of a cayenne kick .

              Per grill, these weigh in at 85 grams each, with 170 calories and 10.2 grams of fat - which seems an awful lot of fat really for something so small .

              I purchased mine on offer at a pound for the pack of four - and while I probably would by them again, I don't think they make a particularly good way of getting veg inside you - the fat content is just too high to make this a particularly healthy option . With that said, I enjoyed the taste, and would happily eat them as an alternative to a beef burger .

              Plus Points :
              Contain a fair amount of vegetables .
              Taste pleasant and look attractive .

              Minus Points :
              Do not hold their shape when cooked in a George Foreman type grill .
              Rather a high fat content .
              A little bland - could be more flavoursome .

              I don't love these, but I don't hate them . I would buy them again, but wouldn't rush out to do so . 3 stars from me .


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