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Dr Oetker's Ristorante Mozzarella Pizza

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17 Reviews
  • Tastes fresh
  • Cooks quickly
  • More tomato would be nice
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    17 Reviews
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      15.08.2015 20:07
      Very helpful



      Tasty and Authentic Pizza!

      I recently purchased one of these Dr Oetker Mozzarella pizzas as I thought they looked authentic and tasty. I am quite fond of pizza but do not usually eat this brand.

      The pizza should be kept frozen or can be defrosted prior to cooking. The cooking time from a defrosted pizza seems to be exactly the same as the recommended cooking time from frozen for me. The pizza has a thin base which turns crispy when cooked. You should place the pizza on the bare oven grill shelf to achieve this crispiness.

      The pizza has a very fresh and authentic blend of ingredients. Firstly the pizza is coated with circles of mozzarella cheese. These are large and cover the whole base. You also have grated cheese underneath this. There are a few chunks of fresh tomato pieces scattered over the pizza. I acually think there could be slightly more pieces on the top though. You also have some fresh herbs such as basil leaves and sections of oily, herb infused butter which melts across the base as it cooks.

      The ingredients taste great and it feels more like a pizza you'd get in a top Italian restaurant than at a local takeaway. The pizza is suitable for vegetarians too. One pizza is enough to share with a few people.

      The pizza packaging has plenty of information on the box. This includes detailed cooking instructions. These are given in picture form although it's not really needed. The pizza only require 10-13 minutes to cook and it should be rotated half way through this to ensure it cooks evenly.

      Nutritional information is also provided by grams or by 1/2 pizza. Per half pizza there are 472 calories.

      I would definitely buy this pizza again although I would say this a pizza that will please adults more than children.


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        25.01.2015 19:33
        Very helpful
        1 Comment


        • "Tastes fresh"
        • "Cooks quickly"
        • "Thin and crispy base"


        • "More tomato would be nice"

        This crispy frozen pizza doesn't disappoint

        I love pizza, and despite being initially put off the idea of frozen versions, I am converted to them now. They are not all created equal of course, but Dr Oetkers Ristorante pizzas are definitely amongst the best. My favourite is the classic and vegetarian mozzarella variety. It's versatile because while there is plenty of topping, the flavours also make a great base for any fresh ingredients you want to add yourself.

        The Ristorante pizza has a thin and crispy base that is a perfect texture for me. It colours up nicely - no pale and doughy bases here. I love the fact it tastes perfectly fresh, despite having been frozen, which means I can have the convenience of buying a long time ahead and the taste of a chilled pizza at the same time.

        I am happy with the amount of topping which includes edam as well as mozzarella cheese plus tomato pieces and dots of basil pesto. I would like a little more tomato morsels myself but the tomato sauce is plentiful and tasty. So does this taste restaurant quality? Well restaurant pizzas tend to have a bit more seasoning but I actually prefer the simpler taste of Dr Oetkers. I add a touch more basil to my portion, but I wouldn't call it bland. It's certainly well presented with circles of mozzarella evenly distributed and the basil adding an attractive touch of colour. And it smells gorgeous as it cooks, with a particularly appetising cheese aroma. Frozen pizza doesn't feel a compromise for conveniences sake when you catch a waft of that.

        This isn't the cheapest option but one 335g pizza serves two comfortably and feels genuinely satisfying. You can expect to pay around 2.99 at full price but it is so often on offer in one supermarket or another, that I have almost never paid that much. Being frozen means you can safely stock up on it and it won't run out of date quickly.

        If you like pizza with a proper crispy base and plenty of cheese, this is well worth a try. It's ready in just 10-13 minutes from frozen, which makes it a great standby meal or hearty snack. If you add extra topping it may take longer if you put a lot on. It's not low fat at 23.4g per half pizza but no one expects this sort of thing to be good for you. So not for dieters but a tasty treat in moderation for everyone else.


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          12.05.2013 17:55
          Very helpful



          Great pizza!

          When looking for a good frozen pizza I tend to stay clear of the supermarket own brands and value ranges (even though I am a student I can be a bit of a food snob sometimes). The base often can taste of cardboard and the cheese can be like rubber. This pizza with a thin crust and mozzarella rather than cheddar appealed to me as it was on offer at the time. I end to have no loyalty to brands as a student and just tend to go for the cheapest option but I have to say that I will keep coming back to this brand again and again.

          It isn't the cheapest option, at £2.78 currently at tesco but I do prefer it over other brands. The base has flavour and it is crispy (but not too crispy which a lot of thin crust pizzas are). I also hate the cheap artificial tomato flavour a lot of pizzas have and this one is free from that. There is a small amount of tomato on there which is great for me as I am not much of a tomato fan. This pizza is definitely all about the cheese. It doesn't skimp on the mozzarella which is brilliant for a cheese fan like me. However when you bit into the pizza you often find yourself pulling off half the cheese topping as it easily separates from the pizza. That can be quite annoying and it does look awkward to whoever you are eating in front of.

          Overall I would recommend this pizza based on its flavour and convenience and it is worth paying a bit more for a better tasting pizza in my opinion. The other varieties in the rage also have the same problem that the topping doesn't stay on the pizza when you bite into it but I love it all the same. Everyone in my house loves it and there are no complaints.

          Thanks Dr. Oetker!


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          13.08.2012 23:13
          Very helpful




          One of my all-time favourite things to eat is pizza. I absolutely love it and constantly think whichever Italian man invented what I think is the most delicious food there is!

          When it comes to pizza I'll eat almost anything that remotely resembles it (as long as it's vegetarian), but I prefer thin and crispy pizzas rather than those deep pan pizzas that seem more American than Italian. So when it comes to buying a frozen pizza in the supermarket I go for Doctor Oetker's Ristorante Pizzas over something like Chicago Town.

          The full price is usually around £2.60, but they always seem to be on special offer - either buy one get one free, two for a special price or just half price. These special offers make me VERY happy and I find it impossible to walk past the offers without picking one or two up!

          The pizza comes in quite a few flavours apart from Mozzarella, but it's my favourite. As a vegetarian I can't eat any of the meat flavours, but I also like the Fungi (Mushroom) flavour.

          The pizza is cooked in the oven from frozen. I don't cook the pizza for quite as long as it says on the box (10-12 minutes) because I hate even the slightest hint of burnt crust or cheese! There seems to be a very fine line with undercooked and burnt to a crisp so make sure you keep checking on your pizza to prevent this happening!

          The taste is amazing. There are big round slices of mozzarella on the pizza which melt until soft, but they stay intact so that they are still round rather than melting into a pool of cheese. The pesto really goes well and gives it a great Italian flavour and there's lots of rich basil flavour. There's also small cubes of tomato which are absolutely packed full of flavour and taste really fresh - really surprising for frozen. There's Edam cheese too which I'm not a huge fan of, but on this pizza it doesn't taste too strong - I didn't even know it was there until I read the box! There's very little crust on these pizzas; the fillings go right to the edge. The base isn't doughy like a takeaway pizza; it's very crumbly and almost biscuity.

          Sadly all that goodness does come with a hefty fat content. Each pizza contains 45.6g of fat and 890 calories. I can easily eat a whole pizza in one sitting so that's quite a high portion of my daily intake. This means that unfortunately these pizzas are a real treat and not for regular consumption even though I'd happily have one every day.

          One thing I really enjoy is dipping this pizza into Heinz cream of Tomato soup; I don't know why but they go so well together. Try it for yourself! Overall these pizzas are great and taste like authentic Italian pizzeria pizzas.


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          25.02.2011 19:27
          Very helpful
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          A great tasting pizza and good value

          I had seen these a few times on my trips to the supermarket and wondered what they were like, they are usually priced around £1.97 to £2.50. However on a recent trip they were reduced to £1.25 bargain. So I bought a few.

          This mozzarella one is my absolute favourite of all the pizza's and all the brands. The thin crust is just like an original italian pizza, it's slightly cripsy but not rock hard and soft without being soggy, I cannot put into words how good it tastes it's perfect. It cooks in about 12 to 14 minutes and cuts nicely into 8 slices.

          It is topped with mozzarella cheese of course and plenty of it, it's lovely thick slices covering the top, plus pesto sauce in blobs with little chopped tomatoes. It cuts nicely as well especially with a pizza slice and because of its thin base is not too stodgy - can't stand a stodgy pizza! especially if you have to tug with your teeth to take a bite!

          These pizza's really are in my opinion top of the range of frozen bought supermarket pizza's and I've tried a few!

          Dr Oekters have been producing pizza's for 100's years and they certainly know there stuff. There is no point in waffling on about a load of nonsense basially this is a fantastic pizza and worth a try in my opinion.


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            09.01.2011 12:19
            Very helpful



            An affordable tasty pizza for everyone.

            A blast from the past - how did it all begin?

            In 1981, Dr. August Oetker founded his company in Bielefield, Germany. He was a pharmacist and developed the baking powder from raw ingredients in his pharmacy. He calculated the exact ratio of ingredients required and claimed to guarantee that housewives would have the perfect baking results every time. To get his business more popular he began to release recipe books, advertising and even recommended recipes on his flour products. At the turn of the century the company managed to open a food factory and soon after they began to expand to other European countries. They began to expand the types of food they made and soon frozen food was on the menu! The company is still owned by the same family but four generations later. Furthermore it takes great responsibility for its products as well as its employees. The company is environmentally friendly producing many products from recycled goods (not the food though!) but it also takes great pride in securing jobs for people. Now, the company produces a huge variety of goods such as baking powders, baking mixes, dessert mixes, cereals, conserves, frozen pizza, frozen pizza snacks, yogurts and chilled desserts. Clearly this review will focus on his Mozzarella Pizza which wasn't launched till 2003, quite surprising since I believe it to be quite popular.

            Types of pizza available - which one to choose?!

            There are six different types of frozen pizza available from Dr Oetker. So off we went to the frozen section to have a look for a pizza. The first one is Pizza Spinaci which is quite like how it sounds, it has a topping of mainly spinach, tomatoes and mozzarella. Well personally I don't like spinach and I couldn't think of anything worse of putting it on top of a pizza, way to ruin it! So this one was struck off the list of choices. Next was Pizza Funghi which is pretty much the mozzarella pizza put with mushrooms on, this one looked very tasty to me but my sister doesn't like mushrooms so we decided against this one. However this would definitely be my second choice pizza. So we moved on to Pizza Vegetale, yes a pizza with vegetables on. It has peppers, onions and chillies. My sister hates peppers and to be honest I'm not the biggest fan of vegetables on my pizza so this was a definite no. Pizza Generosa was next, a yummy looking pizza with pepperoni, peppers and red onions. Well my sister loves pepperoni and I don't mind but the combination with peppers we just couldn't not take! So we were down to two different pizzas, Pizza Quattro Fromaggi which had mozzarella, Edam, Emmental and blue cheese and Pizza Mozzarella. Well we both knew we liked Mozzarella cheese and so being the boring people we are we decided to go for that one!

            The packaging - we just pretend looks aren't important

            The pizza comes in a box, made of recycled cardboard in accordance to their pledge to help the environment. The box is about 15 inches by 15 inches and a few centimetres deep. The box has a huge picture of a cooked version of the pizza on the front (which is an accurate representation of how it looks when cooked). It has the brand name and "Ristorante Pizza Mozzarella" written across the front in big letters. It clearly says on the front to keep frozen before serving. The sides of the box are quite small and as a result don't have much on. On the back it has the cooking instructions as well as the ingredients and storage instructions. All very simple to understand and very standard. Since it is an international company the information comes in a variety of languages which takes up the back of the box. Inside the box is the pizza itself. The pizza is wrapped in cellophane to protect it from damage in case the box gets the damage. The cellophane is quite thick to provide good protection but it can be torn with either your bare hands or scissors. The cellophane is also really useful if you don't have much room in your freezer as it allows you to throw the box away and have a slightly smaller product which to store.

            What's cooking good looking - dad's bad joke

            When I took the pizza out the cellophane it didn't look like the best pizza but it didn't look bad. The base and the crust look crisp and are a thin dough which looks very tasty. There is a tomato paste with both Mozzarella cheese and Edam cheese on top as well as patches of mixed herbs. There are about seven circular patches of Mozzarella cheese which are about four centimetres in diameter. As well as this there are also hunks of tomato which aren't big in size but are topped on the pizza. It says cook the pizza for 10-12 minutes at about 200 degrees in a fan oven. However we felt as though ours needed cooking for 15minutes for it to be crisp and the cheese to be totally melted. When the cheese has totally melted it spreads more around the pizza causing the majority of the pizza to be covered with the cheese. There are also clear small patches of herbs and lumps of tomato. The smell of the pizza was gorgeous, my mouth was almost watering from the smell and it looked very tasty. We split the pizza between two of us. It was easy enough to cut with a pizza cutter into slices and it did not stick to the pizza tray at all.

            Take a bite - the verdict

            The pizza was very tasty the crust and the base was of perfect crispiness for it to be crunchy but not overly so. The tomato paste was of a good consistency, not liquid but not so solid that it's unpleasant, it's the perfect constancy. The cheese is well melted and soft. It is very hot when it comes out the oven and I often burn myself on the cheese. I can't really taste the herbs to be honest but I'm not the biggest fan of herbs so I don't mind. The tomatoes are soft and juice and fit well with the pizza. Overall I thought the pizza was really tasty and my sister agreed although she does prefer a pepperoni one. This is definitely my favourite pizza and I find it very tasty. We ate half a pizza each and didn't have anything else after it. We were both full after half a pizza and we are both normal sized girls. Men may need more or something with it. This pizza is also very tasty when it is cold, quite often I leave it for a couple of hours and am more than happy to go back to it when I'm ready and it's cold. The difference (except is being cold) is that the cheese is much harder and the crust doesn't taste so crispy. I find overall that this pizza isn't too cheesy which can often happen and the balance is just right. One thing to bear in mind is the pizza is only a Mozzarella pizza so if you are looking for a pizza full of flavour and excitement then this pizza isn't for you but I believe that's the type of pizza rather than this brand. However if you like Mozzarella then I do recommend this pizza.

            Is there any more?

            We get this pizza from Tesco as it is usually on offer of two of £4 which I believe is a fairly good offer seeing as I think the pizza is filling and very tasty. The price does seem to vary quite a lot it seems from every shop so it may be worth shopping around to find the best bargain. They are available from nearly every main shop but I haven't seen them in small local shops.

            Watch what you eat - Ingredients and all that jazz (feel free to skip this part!)

            The pizza contains, just for those with allergic reacions: Wheat flour, mozzarella cheese (milk, salt, bacterial culture, microbial enzyme or rennet), water, tomato puree, edam cheese (milk, salt, calcium chloride, beta-carotene colour, microbial enzyme or rennet), canola or soya or sunflower oil, frozen tomatoes, vegetable and palm oil margarine (contains one or more of the following: sunflower oil, canola oil, palm oil or soya oil), yeast, salt, spices, sugar, modified cornstarch, spinach, parsley, garlic, lactose, maltodextrin, lemon juice concentrate, hydrogenated palm oil, dried carrots, dried onions, potato starch, glucose-fructose, hydrolyzed soya protein, autolyzed yeast extract, artificial flavour, caramel colour, mono and diglycerides, monoglyceride citrate, lactic acid.

            But what I believe is more important is the nutritional value. A whole pizza contains 870 calories, something to be aware of if you are watching your weight! It is also very high in saturated fats at 75% of your recommended daily allowance if you eat the entire pizza. Furthermore it contains 27% of your recommended carbohydrates, 24% of your recommended cholesterol and surprisingly 72% of your sodium. Although most people wont eat the whole pizza I think this is very important for people who like to watch what they eat.


            Definitely recommended for those who like a good Mozzarella pizza. Although it isn't the cheapest pizza out there I think it's well worth it.

            Thank you for reading.


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              14.10.2010 01:19
              Very helpful




              I always remember seeing the TV advert for this pizza, where a couple are dining at a table, where the camera then pans out to reveal they are dining on a bridge. What this means I don't know, but there you have it!

              I fancied buying something easier to cook when I was in Tesco and fancied a frozen pizza, I browsed the dedicated frozen pizza section and it seems as if it gets bigger every time I pass. Ristorante was the only one that stood out amongst the depressing range of 'Value Cheese and Tomato' or mountains of cheese forming a 'Cheese Overload'. I paid just under £2.50 so it's not the cheapest option available but it's definitely worth it. The box alone looks good enough to eat, with a picture of the pizza with a large slice cut out. So, in my trolley in went, and had me looking forward to dinner since I was finally trying 'Ristorante by Dr "Ertka" Oetker.

              When taking out of the box, the huge white mozzarella circles jump out at you. Filling in the gaps is Edam which gives it a more classic pizza colour and appearance. Don't expect the mozzarella slices to be as fat as the ones pictured on the picture above - they aren't. Tomato and different herbs bring it all together. The herbs weren't sprinkled evenly, they were thrown on in clumps which seemed a little lazy. The base is very thin, so it definitely won't be for you if stuffed crusts are more your taste. It looked like the sort of food that would probably take an hour to cook but was quite surprised to see that it only takes 9-10 minutes in a fan oven. I gave it 10 minutes at 190 and that was more than enough. The smell of the mozzarella filled my kitchen which is a bit yucky.

              When the timer dinged, I was expecting to see a classly looking pizza that you wouldn't be out of place at the Ritz, but I was a bit disappointed really because it looked like an average cheap frozen pizza overloaded with too many toppings. Anyway when it comes to the eating, this definitely isn't the sort of pizza you will eat on the sofa with some cans, you need to eat on a tray or at a table and use a knife and fork ideally . I used my Homer Simpson pizza cutter to cut up into 6 good size slices and took it to the table to eat. The base was crispy throughout and not just around the edges like you tend to find. Unfortunately above the base Ristorante still suffered from soggy centre syndrome, and as there was a bit dollop of cheese in the middle it was quite soggy and only tepid so the tips of the slices weren't the most pleasant thing I'd ever eaten. Aside from that, the creaminess of the two cheeses and the stringiness of the mozzarella was created a very nice experience, contrasting the crunchy base well. If I'm honest, I would have liked classic tomato puree as it is a pizza after all, rather than mashed up tomato pieces. A good way to sum it up, is that is tastes as good as it looks on the box.

              To like this pizza, you have to really like cheese, and be prepared to deviate away from what you would normally expect in a pizza. I am sure I will buy it again, though not regularly as I think you could easily tire of it if you have it all the time. My advice is to think of it as a well earned treat. It's definitely worth a try!


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                19.08.2010 17:35
                Very helpful



                Thin crust pizza

                *also on ciao under kayleaf*

                I'm usually not a fan of thin crust pizza's but on a recent shop to Sainsbury's found the Dr. Oetker were on a half price offer and as pizza is one of those 'quick to do' foods I picked up a couple as I seem to be getting too tired to cook real food. I chose the thin crust because of the offer and because I usually associate them with a lower in fat/healthier option (although, it's not always the case!)
                Dr. Oetker

                Dr Oetker has been producing a range of foods from their headquarters in Bielefield, North Germany since 1893. They are regarded as one of the leading companies in German food manufactuing. They supply supermarkets with food in the following ranges:

                *Chilled and Frozen Desserts - Fruit Deli, Fruit Mousse and Paula which is described as being a new and unique dessert for children.

                *A range of Home Baking ingriedients - I've bought quite a few from this range as they seem to be everywhere.

                *Onken Yoghurts

                *Pizza and Pizza Snacks - Obviously these I have tried!

                Ristorante Mozzarella Pizza

                As this was on offer for 50% off I didn't think it was a bad buy however in Sainsbury's this usually retails at £2.58. Cheese pizza's are usually my choice because I'm quite fussy and you can't really go wrong with mozzarella if you enjoy it! For a thin crust pizza this was actually quite tasty and had a nice, rich cheesy topping. Sometimes I find with the thin and crispy pizza range that their isn't much topping and it burns quickly but I didn't have a problem with this one.
                I found the taste a lot richer than I have done with most other cheese pizza's, the mozzarella still had that creamy, stringy texture and the tomato base was much nicer than the purree stuff. It actually tasted of tomatoes! I think the pizza itself looks quite nice with the cheese melting into the tomato sauce and as it was a thin base pizza it was easy to cut and serve.

                I could smell that yummy pizza sauce smell as the pizza was cooking and that remained as it was being served. The basil didn't come across too strong either which I liked because I'm not a great fan of too much basil. Overall I would say this pizza is alot better quality than most other pizza's, especially the supermarkets own brands because it has a more natural and 'real' food taste. However I am not fully convinced that I would buy this unless it was on offer as I think £2.60 is a bit much for a medium sized pizza. I also found that, as I was sharing this, it wasn't enough to fill me up for very long but I think this is more to do with the pizza being thin crust than anything else.
                Nutrionional Information

                1/2 Pizza* contains calories 441 22%, sugars 3.0g 3%, fat 22.8g 33%, saturates 7.9g 40%, sodium 0.8g 33%. Based on the RDA of an adult.


                Wheat Flour, 26% Chopped Tomatoes, 21% Firmed Mozzarella Cheese, Water, Vegetable Oil, Edam Cheese, Vegetable Fat, Yeast, Iodised Salt, Basil, Sugar, Spinach, Parsley, Modified Starch, Garlic, Lemon Juice, Hydrolysed Soya Protein, Yeast Extract, Cayenne Pepper, Caramelised Sugar, Dextrose, Onion Powder, Carrot Powder, Pepper, Acid (Lactic Acid), Maltodextrin, Lactose.

                I wouldn't say this is a particularly healthy pizza, like I previously thought most thin pizza's were, as it has quite a high percentage of saturated fat and salt and for half a pizza I think that is quite a high calorie count for something that doesn't really fill you up for very long.
                The taste is quite nice but the nutrional information is something that would make me think twice considering the price.


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                25.07.2010 20:49
                Very helpful



                A decent pizza at a reasonable price

                "Pizza Ristorante tastes just like it would in an Italian restaurant. With a unique thin and crispy base and plenty of rich delicious toppings, Pizza Ristorante offers a choice of topping just like you would expect from the menu of an Italian restaurant"

                The most flavoursome pizza that I ever ate was purchased from an outdoor café in the middle of Rome - perhaps it was the setting which made the taste seem better than it actually was, but I still remember the flavour of that magnificent feast which has set the benchmark for all the the pizzas which I have eaten since.

                Although you can't beat the taste of restaurant-made traditional pizza (it's a fact!), nowadays there are a number of supermarket alternatives that are surprisingly good. That said, some are better than others, and I actually avoid certain brands like the plague. Tesco's Pizzas are my least favourite due to the fact that the majority use a tomato puree which is far too sweet - almost sugary in fact and rather off-putting. My personal favourite oven-cook Pizza is the 'Pizza Express Margherita variety' - it really is delicious - although I know that a number of you disagree, due to the fact that it always receives mixed ratings when it is reviewed. Today it's the turn of Dr Oetker's Restarante Mozarella variety - but is it any good? In the following review i'll be putting it through its paces before forming an overall conclusion in my 'final word' section at the end.

                A BRAND WITH A MIXED HISTORY - It's a family affair...

                When I think of the Dr. Oetker brand, the first thing I imagine is their pizzas - yet the company produce many other food-based items including chocolate, desserts, and a range of baking ingredients. The company was founded by Dr. August Oetker way back in 1891, and since that time it has slowely-but-surely become successful throughout the world. One of the company's trustees (chosen by Oetker himself) Richard Kaselowsky, was a prominent Nazi, and in 1937 the business became a national-socialist model company. In more recent times, Dr August Oetker's grandson (similarly named 'August') led the company from 1944 to 1981, wheras today it's Great-Grandson Rudolph who is at the Oetker reigns (pardon the pun... Rudolph... Reigns...). The Dr. Oetker brand is famed for its "quality is the best recipe" philosophy, and this is apparently the reason why Dr. Oetker believe the company has been so successful as a company over the years.

                PRICE & AVAILABILITY - tell me where to purchase my pizza from!

                Dr. Oetker's Ristorante Mozzarella Pizza is generally easy to get hold of - it seems to be stocked in both larger supermarkets and smaller grocery stores throughout the country. The regular retail price is £2.58 - although ASDA are currently selling the pizza 21p cheaper at £2.37. If it's a real bargain that you're after, then head over to Sainbury's, where (until the tenth of August) you'll be able to pick up the pizza for only £1.29. As a 'premium' brand, Dr. Oetker isn't actually as pricey as you would expect - even from the most expensive retailer, the price works out at 77p per 100g, whereas Tesco's own 'Italian' range of Pizzas are actually around £1 for 100g.

                PACKAGING DESIGN - a box of delights?

                The pizza arrives in a large flat box featuring predominantly red, white, and blue text. The picture on the front shows the pizza in its freshly cooked glory - and it looks very appetizing indeed. The rear of the box shows the ingredients list (printed in almost every language imaginable!), plus there are the cooking instruction details. The box is very easy to open, and inside, the pizza can be found lounging in a transparent plastic wrapper which is similarly easy to get in to. As a whole, I would say that the packaging design isn't too excessive, and does the job in an efficient manner.

                INGREDIENTS - what's inside the pizza?

                In terms of its ingredients, the pizza contains;
                Wheat Flour, Tomato Puree (22%), Firmed Mozzarella Cheese (22%), Water, Vegetable Oil, Edam Cheese, Tomato Cubes (4.3%), Yeast, Iodised Salt, Basil, Sugar, Modified Starch, Spinach, Parsley, Seasoning (Cooking Salt, Hydrolysed Soya Protein, Partly Hydrogenated Vegetable Oils and Fats, Yeast Extract, Glucose Syrup, Vegetable Seasoning (Carrots, Onions, Celery Seeds), Caramel, Pepper), Garlic, Lemon Juice, Pepper, Acidifying Agent (Lactic Acid), Cayenne Pepper,

                From analysing the above list, the ingredients would appear to be pretty standard for a product of this type. The total Mozzarella content is 22% which I would personally class as a fairly generous amount - although I don't know whether 'firmed mozzarella' will impress the purists. The only real concern is the partly hydrogenated oils and fats - as anything hydrogenated (whether partly or not) isn't especially good for you.

                COOKING INSTRUCTIONS - preparing the perfect pizza

                The pizza's preparation instructions are printed on the rear of the box in picture form. Having a pictorial guide to preparing the perfect pizza is actually a nice touch - the three diagrams are easy to understand and you won't have to read any small text. All you have to do is preheat the oven to 220C (200C for a fan-based model), and put the pizza directly on the oven shelf for ten to twelve minutes - oh, and remember to first remove the plastic wrap from around the pizza (that bit is vitally important!). You can tell when the pizza is ready to come out of the oven when the areas of mozzarella start to turn slightly golden in places.

                AROMA, APPEARANCE & FLAVOUR - the all-important taste test

                Whilst cooking, the Ristorante Mozzarella pizza smells delicious - it's an aroma that is mouth-wateringly pleasant and very inviting. The pizza looks particularly appetizing when taken from the oven, with large pools of melted mozzarella (providing you've cooked it correctly) covering the surface. Dark green areas of spinach, basil, and parsley also are also visible, punctuating the surface of the pizza like green patches of vegetation on a golden landscape. In terms of its flavour, the predominant taste is actually of tomato - it's a very pleasant and fresh tomato taste - tangy and rich without being too sweet. It is also very easy to detect a range of other flavours in the overall taste - and basil is an addition which works very well. The large areas of mozzarella are creamy and generous, complementing the tomato flavour beautifully. Most impressive is the pizza's base - a thin and golden article which is quite frankly perfect. It is especially crispy and has a mellow flavour. I would actually go as far as saying that it's one of the best pizza bases that I have ever tasted - a high accolade indeed! Overall, the pizza is very flavoursome - perhaps not quite as good as the Pizza Express Margherita variety, but it's a close run thing.

                NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION PER PIZZA - avert your eyes now!

                Calories: 879 (44% of an adult's guideline daily amount)
                Sugar: 6.8g (8% of an adult's guideline daily amount)
                Fat: 45.6g (65% of an adult's guideline daily amount)
                Saturates: 15.7g (79% an adult's guideline daily amount)
                Sodium: 1.61g (67% an adult's guideline daily amount)

                Of course, pizza is never going to be the healthiest of foods, and the statistics shown above illustrate that fact perfectly. That said, most people probably wouldn't consume the entire 335 grams of pizza on their own (I would of course), and the nutritional values do represent the amount for scoffing the lot. Yes, are a fair number of calories - but if you're only having a slice or two, then the total count won't be too excessive. The sodium content is relatively high, but actually, the pizza doesn't taste especially salty whilst you're eating it.

                FINAL WORD - pizza love at first sight?

                Overall, I especially enjoyed my experience with Dr. Oetker's Ristorante Pizza Mozzarella - it tasted almost as good as homemade, and left me wanting more (which is always a good sign). I now regard the pizza as my second favourite 'ready made' variety closely behind the Pizza Express supermarket brand. The base is really impressive, and is one of the main reasons why I enjoyed the pizza so much. Of course, the quality of any pizza is dependent on the preparation - so it's vitally important to follow the cooking instructions to a tee. In terms of the price, the pizza doesn't cost the earth, and is actually far more reasonable than you would expect from the Dr. Oetker brand. I think that this particular pizza would be good to use as a base for adding other ingredients onto - a nice bit of ham and pineapple would produce an interesting mozzarella based take on the 'Hawaiian'.

                In terms of the downsides - well, there aren't too many (apart from the company's past link to the Nazi party of course!), although, however tasty the overall flavour may be, it doesn't quite have the 'je ne sais quoi' which separates the best pizzas from the rest. Recommended nevertheless, and certainly a pizza which I will purchase again.

                ALLERGY INFORMATION - anything to watch out for?

                For those of you with allergies, and intollerances, the pizza contains celery seeds, wheat flour, lactic acid, and soya protein - it is however suitable for vegetarians.

                For more information visit www.oetker.com, where you can find a range of facts relating to the company history (although it's a rather sanitized version of the history, glossing over any Nazi links!), and information about a range of other Dr. Oetker products.


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                  24.07.2010 15:51
                  Very helpful



                  Cheesey pizza!

                  ***ABOUT DR. OETKER***
                  Dr. Oetker have been making products for over 100 years and they believe that quality is the best recipe when making their range if desserts and baking products. They are a family owned business and they manufacture and distribute food to over 40 countries around the world. The company began when Dr. Oetker who was currently a pharmacist created Germany's first quality baking powder which was packaged in sachets. For those who loved to bake this was an innovation as it delivered perfect results every-time.

                  When thinking of this brand name I immediately think of cooking ingredients such as Cake sprinkles, Corn Flour, Flavourings and Colourings. This probably comes into my mind first as I do a lot of baking at home. Dr. Oetker also makes other items such as Chilled Desserts and of course a range of pizzas. I think they are better known for their cooking ingredients as they have a huge selection of Ready Rolled icing, Marzipan, Edible Decorations and other baking ingredients, also including Candles and Paper cake cases.

                  ***DR. OETKER PIZZA'S (PIZZA RISTORANTE)***
                  Dr Oetker pizzas are just how you would expect them to be in an Italian restaurant with a thin, crispy base with plenty of toppings to choose from. Their pizzas include the following:

                  * Speciale - This pizza has Ham, Salami, Mushrooms, Mozzarella Cheese and Spicy herbs to give it a full flavour and yummy taste.
                  * Pollo - This pizza includes Chicken breast, Spinach, Sun ripened tomatoes and Cheese.
                  * Funghi - This is a great vegetarian pizza which is topped with Mushrooms, Tomatoes and Mozzarella cheese.
                  * Hawaii - Like any other Hawaiian pizza this has a topping of Juicy Pineapple, Tomatoes, Cheese and Ham for an exotic taste.
                  * Quattro Formaggi - This pizza contains nothing but a mixture of different Cheese's including Mild Edam, Emmental, Gorgonzola and Mozzarella which is seasoned slightly with Basil.
                  * Vegetale Piccante - This pizza has a great range of vegetables including Jalapeno Peppers, Sweet, Grilled Peppers and Red Onions which is then grilled with Cheese.

                  ***MOZARELLA PIZZA***
                  The main topping in this pizza is of course Mozzarella which provides the pizza with a great taste. Also on the pizza are Tomatoes and Edam Cheese and also the sprinkling of mixed herbs. The following nutritional information is based on one portion of pizza which is half the pizza:

                  * Calories - 441 (22% RDA)
                  * Sugar - 3g (3% RDA)
                  * Fat - 22.8g (33% RDA)
                  * Saturates - 7.9g (40% RDA)
                  * Sodium - 0.8g (33% RDA)

                  Dr. Oetker Pizza's can be found in the freezer aisle in your local supermarket and possibly a local shop. The following prices have been taken from www.mysupermarket.com

                  * Tesco - £2.89
                  * Asda - £2.37
                  * Sainsburys - £1.29 (Valid until 10/08/2010)

                  Please note that the following prices are the same for all the Dr. Oetker Pizza's.

                  The pizza comes in a cardboard box which is made from recycled card. On the front of the box it just has a picture of the pizza on the front and it also has nutritional information as well. On the back are the cooking instructions and a list of ingredients in lots of different languages. It also tells you that it is a product of Germany and it also gives you Dr. Oetker websites which is www.oetker.com. The pizza itself just comes in a sealed plastic covering which you can simply snip open with a pair of scissors.

                  ***COOKING THE PIZZA***
                  Simply take the pizza out of the sealed bag and place on a tray and pop it in the oven. Cooking times may vary depending on what type of oven you use. How-ever I used a fan oven on 200c and the pizza cooked within 10-12 minutes. If you like your pizza slightly more brown you may need to cook it for a further few minutes.

                  Before Cooking - The pizza has a nice thin base which looks like it could go quite crispy when cooked. I personally think the pizza looks slightly boring, but it does look different when comparing it to other cheese pizza's as there are big circles of mozzarella on the pizza which makes it look like more time and effort has gone into making the pizza. You can see pieces of red tomato and the basil on top of the pizza which does make the pizza look quit green and I was worried that it might taste too much of basil one it had been cooked. The pizza doesn't really smell of too much at the moment, I can definitely smell the basil and the slight smell of tomato's.

                  After Cooking - After the pizza has been cooked it does look yummy. The cheese has melted and merged in with the tomato and you get the aroma of cheese and the basil smell as well. The pizza is a nice golden colour but does still look quite green and my friend even said to me 'What's the green stuff on it'. I was still quite worried that the pizza might taste quite strongly of the basil.

                  ***TASTE TEST***
                  The pizza base was nice and thin and was slightly crispy as well, but wasn't over-cooked. I thought the cheese taste would have been quite strong but it was just right and the tomato didn't make the cheese as strong as I thought. You could taste the basil on the pizza but this wasn't too strong either. The combination of the tomato, cheese and basil tasted nice together and the pizza was actually quite tasty and I enjoyed it. I wasn't too keen on the actual base as the outer edges did seem as though they were a bit dry and maybe a bit too crispy for me. I actually left the outer edges of the pizza and normally I eat them. I think I prefer a pizza with a thicker base rather than a thin one.

                  ***HOW DOES THIS COMPARE TO OTHER PIZZA'S? ***
                  When comparing this to other pizza's such as Tesco Own Brand the Dr.Oetker pizza seems to have a lot more fat content, how-ever a Tesco pizza has more Sugar and Salt than the Dr. Oetker pizza. I also compared this pizza to a Chicago town 4 cheese pizza with a tomato stuffed crust. (I couldn't find nutritional information for just the cheese pizza on the internet). The Chicago town has a lot more fat content in and also more sugar and salt. Compared to other pizza's it seems as though the Dr. Oetker pizza's is lower in fat which may have something to do with the thin & crispy base they use to make the pizza. The taste of the pizza was quite nice, how-ever I don't think there is a huge difference between this pizza and other cheese pizza's available to buy. I think this pizza is quite expensive compared to other brands and I would prefer the other brands as they have a thicker base.

                  ***OVERALL OPINION***
                  I purchased the pizza when it was on offer, so in terms of value it wasn't too bad, how-ever I think there are definitely better pizza's available to buy. I was hoping that this was going to taste delicious and would live up to its standard when reading the comment about the pizza's being how you would expect in a restaurant. I definitely would not expect a pizza like this in a restaurant as I think it was only average quality. Although it did taste nice it just tasted like a cheap pizza to me. I doubt I would buy this again as I prefer brands such as GoodFella's or other brands. It was how-ever nice to try a different pizza and write a review about it. I would suggest you just buy a different brand of pizza rather than buying this brand!

                  (review also on ciao)


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                    23.07.2010 16:46
                    Very helpful



                    In it for the dough!

                    Starring: Dr. Oetker and the Ristorante Mozzarella Pizza. (Yes, Edam is in it!)

                    I'm writing to warn members of the dark world and dangers of Dr. Oetker Ristorante Mozzarella Pizza. You may have seen the Dr in shops, perhaps on offers staring at you saying: 'buy me, and my sister.' There is a photo of the culprit just above this warning message, look at it and remember it, you will usually find them dressed up in Italian style cardboard outfits, pretending to be Italian. They're not Italian, they're German! I can state Dr. Oetker is not a real doctor either! It is a brand name, nothing more. Giving the impression that this product is good for you by using the letters 'DR' is shameful, wrong and rather distasteful; you cannot be further from the truth. The British public need to be told that vast numbers of this product have invaded you're chock-a-block freezers already, taking up to 43% of the frozen pizza market in the UK and clogging up you're arteries faster than Jonathan Ross picking up his final BBC pay packet.

                    Plot: conspiracies, lies, and loads of food dyes.

                    Dr. August Oetker (1862 - 1918) Pharmacist: 'Baking Powder' inventor (cough)

                    In 1891, a Pharmacist named Dr. August Oetker set-up a baking company and called it 'Dr. Oetker.' The Germans claimed he had invented 'Baking Powder,' but alas seemed far fetched because a mild manner Alfred Bird of England had also invented 'Baking Powder, in 1843.' the plot thickens. I'm not sure if you've just seen some conflicting evidence, however, Oetker wasn't born till 1862, 'so it looks like we've got a right one ere.' Well, the plot thickens still, because after the mild mannered Alfred Bird went to the pearly gates in 1871, Dr. Oetker patented the Baking Powder invention to 'himself,' around the time 'Dr. Oetker' started up the business.' Yes, you could argue that a Pharmacist may have added variations to 'Baking Powder' though it doesn't denote a legacy, that you can fraudulently put your name to; especially in today's data protection climate.

                    The remarkable growth and family legacy of Dr. Oetker products derived on fraudulent patented activity, on which has spanned for nearly 120 years of trading: with an estimated fortune at 7.6 Billion worldwide, and employs 23,000 staff. It proves crime pays, if you can get away with it. For the Oetker family enterprise with siblings now chiefs and advisers across the Dr. Oetker spectrum - the foundations in which this unique German business model is built on, remains a secret to the masses. Rudolph, August's 'grand son' died in 2007, it appears the ultimate truth (first-hand) behind the 'Baking Powder' patent; won't ever see the light of day.

                    Dr. Oetker and the Ristorante Mozzarella Pizza.

                    I have eaten a Dr. Oetker Ristorante Mozzarella Pizza several months ago. I found it crispy, purposefully Italian styled, thin based, again Italian styled and the topping somewhat congealed together, after the recommended stint in the oven. Though Dr. Oetker says the best results are on a stone based oven done till the edges of the base are ultra crisp. Having had proper Italian pizzas in Rome I had big expectations that package wise, this brand may look as if it has gone via the 'natural' route, to produce the pizza I know exists in its naturalistic state in Rome, opposite the 'Pantheon Theatre.' No un-natural processes take place here, it is the best pizza I've ever tasted; sadly Dr. Oetker's ingredients frightens the hell out of me.

                    You are what you eat - does that make you an inner mucosa of the fourth stomach chamber of a young calf.

                    All the evidence is provided below.

                    Ingredient: 'Bacteria Culture'- Microbiological, apparently - I'm aware that 'yeast' is a prime component in pizzas, the idea that this product and I assume that it is in the ingredients as a physical component is high up the ingredient listing in regards to quantity is baffling. Bacteria Culture; is a Petri dish method which watches growth in bacteria overnight, or over a period of time. Dr. Oetker doesn't relate this form of bacteria growth as part of yeast, it is separate, why is that? This is far too ambiguous from Dr. Oetker.

                    Ingredient: 'Rennet' - if you are a vegetarian you will not want to read this part. Rennet is extracted from the inner mucosa of the fourth stomach chamber of young, calves. The component is only used in special milk or cheese products. This isn't that commonly used in natural products we use everyday, hence, the word 'special.' Dr. Oetker's, Pharmacist business model extensively use 'rennet' methodologies; again high up in the quantity ingredient list, available in dairy orientated Dr. Oetker pizzas.

                    Ingredient: 'Maltodextrin' - 'Flavourless' - This is a food additive that is very easily absorbed into the blood stream, in the same manner glucose or a candy bar would be. Usually leaving you after eating this pizza feeling you want more after consuming most of your daily intake of calories recommended by a doctor (couldn't resist that pun) It is produced from starch and works very quickly. This ingredient is the main reason why people over-eat and still feel hungry after having a substantial meal. Altogether, this ingredient is the core problem that makes you buy this product more often than you intend to.

                    Ingredient: 'Hydrogenated Palm Oil' - Produces fatty acids and worse still 'trans - fatty acids.' Excessive Trans, consumption is the reason why people have stokes and early coronary arrests. Harvard University claims that 30,000 deaths a year in every country are linked to this ingredient, whether the ingredient is partially hydrogenated' or not. Put it this way you wouldn't eat a slice of margarine the size of a pizza would you. Doing this regularly, or eating a Dr. Oetker pizza will shorten your life-span.

                    Ingredient: 'Autolyzed yeast extract' - This ingredient enhances flavour, not how salt will do, but by chemically changing how your taste-buds interact with a Dr. Oetker pizza, this gives a pizza that extra 'hmmmm' factor. Commonly used in all snack foods 'potato' based is where it is most effective. Along with 'Maltrodextrin' this ingredient is a perfect food additive partner; that creates enzymes to enable you to enhance the savory taste - a real hook, in making that buying decision - Resulting in making Dr. Oetker 3 billion profit in the last couple of years. Please note: Autolysis this is an abundant source in making the banned substance MSG. Still feeling like a slice?

                    Ingredient: 'Mono - diglycerides,' 'monoglycerides' - In another word 'trans fat' except it looks not so scary. Fat, kind of gives the name away a little. 'Mono - diglycerides' sounds harmless. A bit like Nick Clegg really, he claims to be different but when gets a bit of power he is just a parasite like the rest of them. Well, I digressed. The ingredient helps greatly with shelf life if you're not freezing and makes the taste of the pizza more synthetic yet smoother. It works, but another nasty 'trans fat' in disguise. Diglyceride additives are an evolutionary progression of 'trans fats' therefore again dangerous if consumed regularly. Due to the irregular material available, no steadfast information surrounding diglycerides can prove it is not a 'trans fat.' Dr. Oetker, refrained from commenting, the company is only interested in the dough.

                    Ingredient: 'Artificial flavourings,' - Yes, this is an additive, but not necessarily a harmful additive, unless you have an overactive child who drinks artificial flavouring every hour of the day. In its self, artificial flavourings are in fact are less expensive, than natural flavourings. Research has shown that natural flavours contain higher levels of acidity, and carry a toxic component. These are very bad for the teeth and breaks down the outer enamel.

                    Dr. Oetker's 'caramel flavouring' is more harmful for you're clothes than what the dye may do to your insides. In this pizza, you will taste a strong caramel flavour usually after consumption. It is normal with most Dr. Oetker pizzas. This additive won't be evident in home-made pizza, because the palate will just have an after-taste of dough and flour, plus what the topping choice you scoffed.

                    Rotten tomato score of 'zero'

                    Primarily, the safest way of consuming a Dr. Oetker pizza is by smelling its cooking aromas. The cooking scent from frozen is devine, that is the only fact that is good about a Dr. Oetker product, apart from the packaging excels with refined aestheticism, aimed to visually lure you in, with the help of high definition images and 'Italian' styled fonts. Dr. Oetker's business model of Pharmacy laboratory works requires a stringent investigation, for the good of our arteries and mankind.

                    Thank you for reading

                    copyright 07-2010-1st2thebar


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                      19.07.2010 17:38
                      Very helpful



                      A £2.58 pizza - cheap but bland

                      ***My story***

                      First and foremost Dr. Oetker's Ristorante pizzas are all thin based frozen pizzas and this already puts a downer on the pizzas for me. I love to buy fresh... I do love to make my own pizzas from scratch but being at university I just don't have the facilities and equipment to do this. My fridge space consists of one very tiny shelf and my kitchen utensils and pans literally consist of about 4 items. Therefore I usually buy readymade pizzas to put in the fridge.

                      However I came across this pizza in the small Amigos university shop. This shop literally has the basics of everything... well not everything just what only students are supposed to require. However one time I tried to buy rice for risotto they didn't stock it so I had to take a long trip to Tesco which was rather annoying.

                      But I wondered into Amigos on a Monday afternoon four weeks ago and I was in the middle of my exams so I was just buying something very quick and easy to shove in the oven and eat in my room. So they do not do fresh/fridge pizzas in Amigos so I had a look in the frozen section and this was the only pizza they stocked. I was debating on whether to get it or just get a really basic cottage pie from the fridge section. But whilst I was looking on the packaging of Dr. Oetker's pizza a lady said do me "I can see you're debating on whether to buy this pizza, if I can give you my opinion they are really yummy!" So I thought aww that was nice of her to give me an opinion and it tempted me to try it.

                      The packaging is really quite nice, it looks very Italian with the large 'Ristorante' title and the pizza on the front of the packaging looked like it had a nice amount of ingredients on. But once I got it back to my university kitchen and got it out of the packaging I was a little disappointed. The cheese looked particularly cheap and it had very few chopped up tomatoes on it. Since I prefer tomatoes to cheese this was rather off putting for me (but I know that most people prefer cheese to tomato).There was also some small pieces of basil and spinach on it which in my opinion was just to make the pizza look a little bit more upmarket or Italian.

                      ***Instructions for cooking***

                      Very straightforward just like your regular pizzas, this goes in a pre heated oven. It takes approximately 10-12 minutes in a fan assisted oven and 8-10 minutes in an electric/gas oven.

                      ***Once out of the oven***

                      It was just slightly crispy just how I like it. I got it to my room and started to cut into it, the cheese still looked a bit funny but I tried to keep an open mind. Once I had taken my first bite I thought it tasted a bit bland but as I got further into the middle of the pizza lots of flavours came out, I did end up picking off lots of the cheese though because I wasn't sure about it.
                      I ate pretty much three-quarters of the pizza because I was full so on marks out of 10 for fullness I would definitely give the pizza 10. However on marks of 10 for taste I would only give it a 6, I think I am perhaps too used to treating myself to the Pizza Express pizzas from the fridge section and these are just so full of flavour. However the price difference between these two pizzas is vast.

                      Dr. Oetker's Ristorante pizzas cost £2.58 which is a very reasonable price. But I would much rather pay a little bit more for a much more flavoursome and enjoyable pizza. I suppose I shouldn't really be too fussy since I am a student and students are known for buying cheapish meals or they are not supposed to care about what they eat because they are drunk most of the time (but that is not the case for me...I love food and meal times are really important to me and I really look forward to eating).

                      ***A little bit of information about Dr.Oetker's pizzas***

                      They originate from Germany and are stocked in most supermarkets including Tescos, Sainsburys, Somerfield and Asda as well as your small shops like my university shop.

                      * Calories of this pizza = 441 (22% of your daily allowance) high
                      * Salt = 2.0g (33% of your daily allowance) high
                      * Sugar 3g (only 3% of your daily allowance) low
                      * Fats 23g (33% of your daily allowance) high
                      * Saturated fats 8g (40% of your daily allowance) very high

                      So overall it is not the healthiest pizza despite it trying to look it with its added spinach bits.

                      ***Other pizzas from Dr. Oetker***

                      * Pollo = cheese, tomato, sweetcorn & chicken breast fillet
                      * Vegetale piccante = cheese, tomato, grilled peppers, jalapeno chillies & onions (spicy hot pizza)
                      * Funghi = cheese, tomato & mushrooms
                      * Hawaii = cheese, tomato, ham & pineapple
                      * Speciale = cheese, tomato, salami, mushrooms & ham

                      So I will grant Dr. Oekter that he has come up with a nice selection of pizza toppings here... if only I liked the margarita version then I'd try some of these... but sadly not.

                      ***My verdict***

                      This pizza is perfectly fine for somebody who doesn't want to spend too much on a pizza or who is trying to stock the freezer up for emergency type food. But if you are looking for a really great quality pizza then I wouldn't recommend this one. Perhaps Dr.Oetker's other pizzas may not be so bland but I will not be going back to try them. It is funny because most other reviews of Dr.Oekter's pizzas absolutely rave about them, so I am not quite sure how I have such an opposing view but there we go. I think I will stick to the regular fridge pizzas and leave the frozen ones alone.


                      Out of 5 stars I give it 3.

                      1 star = for its price

                      1 star = for its packaging

                      1 star = for its eatability factor (if there was such a word) the fact that it is edible

                      But by all means I urge you to make your own opinion on this pizza since others seem to love it so much. But if you are as particular as me or you love the pizza express pizzas too then you might find the same disappointments.

                      Sorry Dr. Oetker your Ristorante pizzas just didn't do it for me but I wish they did!


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                        09.07.2010 13:22
                        Very helpful



                        My favourite Friday Night pizza!

                        Ooooh, pizza is one of my favourite dishes ever! You might call it really boring, but every Friday we have a frozen pizza for dinner (that's the one day I refuse to cook!) as it works out much cheaper than buying takeaway. More often than not, we have the Dr Oetker Mozzarella pizza (a margarita style cheese and tomato pizza).

                        The way I discovered these is that my old flatmate used to eat them, and normally I would turn my nose up at these random unknown frozen pizza brands (Dr Oetker wasn't all that well known in those days!), but when she made me try it, I was pleasantly surprised. Of course, this is no substitute for a fresh made pizza, but it sure is tasty and convenient!

                        A single pizza will cost you approx £2.50, but quite often, Tesco will have it on offer as 2 for £4. I'm sure in Iceland they used to sell them even cheaper than this, but I don't live close to one anymore so haven't been able to check.

                        The pizza is a thin crispy base made of wheat flour, and is covered with a tomato topping, mozzarella cheese, edam cheese, tomato chunks, and herbs. It only takes about 12 minutes to cook in the oven, which is pretty quick, and the result is a crispy, tasty and tantalising pizza. It is pretty easy to cut into, and the flavours are great. My husband and I will share this pizza (I grudgingly give him a bit more than half, as lets face it, he's much bigger than me!) and we normally have it with some garlic bread (from frozen) and some coleslaw - and this is a satisfying meal. Therefore, I think if you were only eating half a pizza, I don't think it would completely fill you up (unless you have a small appetite!).

                        Half a pizza is about 440 calories so you might want to be aware of this before wolfing the whole thing down! Fat, saturates etc are high too, so those on a health spin should steer clear. I think it's pretty standard for a pizza as you can't expect anything healthy can you!

                        If you like thin bases compared to deep pan / stuffed crust etc, then you may well like this pizza! I'm a big fan! And although I have tried some of the other flavours, I think this mozzarella one is the best! I like to keep my pizzas simple! (although this is great with a little swig of chilli oil!).

                        I award this 5 stars, as although this is of course no substitute for a fresh made pizza, its excellent when you base it on what it is, a frozen pizza!


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                          04.07.2010 22:01
                          Very helpful



                          tasty pizza

                          Even though I often adapt this pizza and use it as base I still class it as the best tasting pizza around (it even beats the ones from the take aways)

                          ********************** A bit of history ************************

                          In 1891, Dr August Oetker, a pharmasist founded his company Dr. Oetke in Bielefeld, Germany. Two years later, in 1893, he introduced his first product Dr. Oetker "Backin". His idea was to fill small paper bags with the exact quantity of baking powder for one pound of flour. With the high quality of the raw materials and the right ratio of active ingredients, he was able to guarantee perfect baking results every time.
                          It wasn't until 2003 that Pizza Ristorante was launched.

                          ********************** The Pizza ***************************

                          The pizza can be bought from the frozen department from most supermarkets, it comes in a cardboard box so that you can fill up your recycling a bit and then it is wrapped in cellophane inside the box (so incase you are wondering the box is needed to keep the cellophane in tact).
                          Once you open the box and tear off the cellophane the pizza looks thin based (just how I like them) and has a blobs of green pesto and tomato bits on, if has a little grated cheese and about 7 circles of mozzarella.

                          Now as I said earlier I often use as a base as cheese and tomato can be a bit boring and we don't eat meat. My husbands favourite is taking the mozzarella pieces off adding some tuna and jalapenos and then I add a little grated cheese to cover where the mozzarella doesn't go (when added back) so that it doesn't dry up.
                          As we tend to need just under 3 pizzas for us all I always cook 3 so the other two are for me and the girls so we have one plain (well with a little more cheese) and I add some quorn ham on the other one with a bit of grated cheese as we are cheese addicts. I cook two then put the third in as we are eating the others. The box states 10-12 minutes to cook but I like my pizza to be cooked longer than that so I cook for about 20 minutes.

                          ************************ once cooked ***********************

                          When the pizza is taken out of the oven it slides off the shelf onto a plate and doesn't sound soft, I then set about cutting it and it sounds crispy which is perfect.

                          ********************* taste *******************************

                          As the pizza is bitten in to the base is nice and crispy but you have to bite really carefully so that you don't pull all the mozzarella off and have a base and nothing else (I have this down to an art now). The green pesto that is generously dotted about the pizza tastes nice and herby which means the pizza isn't bland. (obviously if anything else is added this will add to the taste).
                          As the pizza cools the base becomes softer and less crisp and the cheese less stringy and more rubbery which means it stays on the pizza more as you bite into it. (the crust going softer may be due to being on a plate and the condensation). The sauce is a nice taste which could be the basil that is included in the pizza, or the garlic (it is not too garlicy)

                          I was going to list the ingredients but decided few people want to read the list so if you are interested pick up a pizza and read them or go online and put ristorante pizza into google and you will get their site and be able to check out all the pizzas they have.

                          The cost varies from £2.07 in Asda (I found that out today) to £2.59 in Tesco although sometimes in tesco the offer is 2 for £4 and my local spar sometimes have them on offer at £1.59 each or even better the local bargain booze £1.50. So as we add stuff to at least one pizza I try to only buy them on offer to keep the price down.

                          So if you see these on offer try them.

                          ********************* update April 2012 **********************

                          I have been going off these pizza's for a while there is less cheese on and the taste just isn't there anymore. I have decided it must be because everyone is cutting back including food makers.

                          The base goes soft very quickly and it just doesn't suit me anymore my husband agrees it it the base but neither of us can put our finger on what's gone down hill.

                          So to me these are no longer the best pizza


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                            28.05.2010 22:00
                            Very helpful



                            I'd like to try some of the others in the range

                            In a fit of unprecedented generosity, I gave one of my frozen pizzas to my friend who had nothing in the house for tea. My kindness was repaid a few days later when she walked in carrying a Dr Oetker Mozzarella Pizza, which I had never tried before. I decided to have it for tea as I was feeling lazy!

                            The pizza comes in a box which has an attractive (and accurate) picture of the pizza on the box, which does look very appetising. The box contains information about the pizza in about 20 different languages, and cooking instructions which basically state that the pizza should be cooked from frozen for 12 minutes.

                            When I took the pizza out of the oven I was impressed that it had all cooked completely evenly - normally when I cook pizzas the edges are slightly burnt or the middle is ever so slightly undercooked, but this was absolutely perfect and I don't feel I can put this down to my good timing! It looked very colourful with plentiful mozzarella circles, lumps of green pesto and chopped tomatoes dotted about. In fact it really did look like a pizza you'd get in a restaurant.

                            So how did the pizza taste? Well, the base was crunchy without being too much so. The tomato sauce was tasty and so was the green pesto. The pizza on the whole was very flavoursome, helped by the oregano which liberally flavoured it. In fact the only thing that put me off was the mozzarella. Now I know mozzarella is supposed to be sort of rubbery, but there was so much of it on the pizza that it was rather difficult to eat. The mozzarella circles just wouldn't come apart, they often came off the pizza slice I was eating so I would get a mouthful of mozzarella, and then have to eat a bit of cheeseless pizza. I actually found this quite offputting. I daresay it wouldn't matter if you were eating the pizza with a knife and fork, but if you're holding a slice in your hand it's rather important. It's a shame because the pizza was otherwise tasty.

                            I probably wouldn't buy this pizza again, simply because of the mozzarella. However I would certainly buy one of the other (vegetarian) flavours, such as Funghi, because there was a lot to enjoy in the pizza - the crispy base and herby flavours being examples.

                            I debated whether to give the pizza three or four stars, and decided to be generous - after all, the mozzarella issue is rather a personal thing!

                            Dr Oetker pizzas are currently on offer in Tesco at 2 for £4, which is a reasonable price.


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