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Dr. Oetker's Ristorante Pizza Pollo

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Brand: Dr Oetker's / Type: Pizza

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    3 Reviews
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      28.05.2011 18:56
      Very helpful



      A lovely pizza and generous in size!

      I love nothing more at some point at the weekend than to have a pizza. I usually buy one just for myself and oven cook it and scoff the lot along with a jar of mayonnaise...ok... come weekends I'm a bit of a slob lol.

      The other day I spotted this one in my local Asda store, on offer for a pound a pizza (and in other varieties too) instead of more like a couple of pounds per pizza and after looking at the photographs on the front of the box felt compelled to try it as it looked so lovely.

      The Packaging:

      The pizza comes wrapped up securely in a see-though plastic wrapper and within a square box and like I just pointed out there is a photograph of the pizza on the front of it and we are told that it it Dr.Oetker Ristorante Pizza Pollo and there is an at a glance nutritional chart shown. On the back of the box other information listed includes being 'shown' (with diagrams) how to cook it along with temperature and told to cook it for 11-13 minutes, ingredients are listed in many languages, the size is stated which is 355g and we are told that it is a product of Germany or UK and contact details for the manufacturer are given. Its a nice enough box, informative enough and looks rather posh really with all the languages on the back of it!

      The Pizza Itself:

      Well I popped mine directly onto my oven shelf and in the centre of the oven, removing the packaging first of course and mine cooked in about 11 minutes flat. It made my kitchen have a vague smell of garlic and chicken and the pizza was well topped and looked interesting and colourful and slightly browned.

      The base is thin and crispy and really has not real taste to it at all, and in my opinion is really just there to hold the toppings on. The toppings though are plentiful and as I have just said colourful with grated light yellow cheese over tomato puree (the cheese is mozzarella and Edam) and melts lovely and then you have large chunks of marinated chicken breast, spinach and blobs of sour cream on there that melt that tastes to me blended with garlic and melts beautifully, along with some small cubes of tomato and then a sprinkling of basil and oregano.

      This is a really tasty and in my opinion almost a restaurant quality pizza in both appearance and taste. Ok the cheese isn't all that generous but the spinach isn't soggy as are not the tomatoes, the chicken being breast is none fatty and juicy though I can't really taste what the marinade of it is and the sour cream gives a slight tart taste to it with a hint of garlic and the spices/herbs are well blended and this is also a well seasoned pizza.

      For me, this is one of the best quality and tasty home made pizzas I have ever had. Moist but not soggy and with a fresh taste the flavours all marry well together and the crisp base gives a different texture and so this gets a huge thumbs up from me!

      Nutritional Information Per 1 Pizza Contains:

      Kcal: 768
      Sugars: 8.3g
      Fat: 32.5g
      Saturates: 10.8g
      Sodium: 1.64g

      Available in all good supermarkets etc.


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        06.06.2010 15:16
        Very helpful
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        no, not a pizza i'd advice you

        I love to have a pizza from time to time, but I very much dislike the greasy ones that are normally for sale in the supermarket I do my groceries shopping. Last week I was happy to see there was a special offer available, 2 ristorante pizza's for the price of one. With the fact that my husband wasn't home that weekend and I hate to cook I decided to buy this pizza.
        ** About Dr Oetker**

        **About this pizza** I paid 1.90 Pounds for two pizzas, but normally this is the price for one. The pizza weights 355 grams and has to be kept in your freezer. Do not refreeze the pizza once defrosted. The pizza has the following ingredients;
        * Flower
        * Chopped tomatoes (23 percent)
        * Cheese, Mozarella Edammer cheese (11 percent)
        * Marinated chicken (9,5 percent)
        * Spinach
        * Water
        * Sour cream
        * Corn
        * Salt
        * Oinionpowder
        * Carrotpowder
        * Lactid acid
        I bought this chicken taste pizza because I am a huge chicken fan. Pieces of chicken are sliced and on top of the spinach. The pizza crust is thin, and although it is adviced to bake the pizza on 220 degrees in a normal over for 11-13 minutes, it only took me 6 minutes in a 180 degrees oven to get the pizza nice and ready. The pizza comes in a cardboard box and has a plastic wrap around it, which is easy to cut open and remove.
        One pizza contains 756 calories, 8.3 grams of sugar, 32.7 percent fat, 10.9 percent saturates and 1.64 grams of sodium. Lots of calories, that has to be said.

        **The taste**
        I had high hopes for this pizza. And although I am very fond of the thin and crusty crust, the pizza itself isn't special in any way. The chicken doesn't really have a taste, and I mainly tasted spinach, but all the ingredients lacked a good flavor. Dissapointing, this pizza!


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          07.04.2010 22:25
          Very helpful



          Overall a poor frozen pizza


          The Ristorante Pollo Pizza is made by Dr Oetker. The packaging is attractive and shows a large picture of the pizza, which actually looks quite appetising. One thing I noticed is that when my pollo pizza came out of the oven it looked exactly like the picture on the front of the box, which really surprised me since the cooked food product seldom looks "like it should on the packaging", but it did in this instance.

          The back of the box is completely covered in narrative writing, and at first glance I was expecting an information overload on the Dr Oetker brand, the company ethics, the pizza range etc. etc however on close inspection there is very little information given and simply states this pizza is "Richly topped with tomatoes, cheese and chicken breast fillet on a crispy, thin base" and then provides the extensive list of ingredients used. The reason it takes the entire back of the box to give this information is because it is repeated in 12 languages, suggesting this brand is exported all over Europe.

          As well as the expected chicken, cheese, salt, tomatoes, oils and fats, sugars and other ingredients this product also contains more potent things such as garlic, oregano, wine and vinegar. Although there are some powerful ingredients in this pizza they are quite difficult to identify (well I couldn't spot them but maybe my palette isn't as sensitive as it should be) and no one ingredient overpowers the others. The mix of ingredients is spot on and they all complement each other very well.

          In one pizza there is 756 kcal (38% GDA), 8.3g of sugars (9% GDA), 32.7g of fat (47% GDA), 10.9g of saturates (55% GDA) and 1.64g of sodium (68%). Everyone knows that pizzas aren't particularly healthy or good for you so the nutritional information isn't really surprising but compared to other pizzas this variety isn't that bad.

          The box states this pizza should be oven baked from frozen at 220 degrees celcius (200 degrees if a fan assisted oven) or gas mark 6 for 11 - 13 minutes. An alternative way I cook pizzas is to let them defrost and then put them under a low grill (to allow the base to cook) and then turn the grill up for a few minutes to get the cheese bubbling.

          At around £1.30 this pizza isn't the cheapest or most expensive pizza on the market and it is available from all large supermarkets.

          ****Thoughts and opinion****

          I have to admit that I am not a fan of deep pan pizzas with stodgy and doughy bases, and much prefer a thinner base with a bit more crisp so when the box stated a "thin and crispy base" I thought this would be ideal. The base on this pizza is just far too thin and probably around the same thickness as Kettle Chip or some other similar type potato chip.

          Whilst I like my bases thin I do like a bit of substance to them and since the base of this had none, I was un-impressed and to make things worse I found the base broke up making the topping spill everywhere resulting in an unnecessarily messy eating experience. This is definitely not the sort of pizza to eat in front of a date.

          Personally I think the taste of this pizza's topping is very, very nice although I don't think it is aesthetically pleasing to the eye, but more of that later. The tomato base is sweet but not too sickly, the cheese is flavoursome but not too salty or strong and the basil is fragrant without being overpowering.

          The only real criticism I have about the taste is that the chicken is so lightly flavoured there is no distinct taste and seems to provide a bit of bulk only. That said, there is plenty of chicken on this pizza, which surprised me as finding the chicken pieces on many chicken pizzas is like finding a needle in a haystack, on the other hand finding a piece of sweet corn is like searching for that needle.

          I like a nice, thick topping on my pizza, especially cheese and if there is no stringy cheese that dribbles off the slices during consumption then, in my opinion, it is not a real pizza. The overall amount of topping is yet another major flaw in this pizza, which is a real pity given the taste.

          Whilst the cheese is in short supply the basil, on the other hand most definitely is not. This pizza is covered in lumps of congealed basil, which is simply wrong. This doesn't affect the taste of the pizza but it does provide soggy lumps of a horrible texture, which isn't too good. In addition, I think it makes the pizza look un-appetising.

          ****Would I recommend this?****

          Overall I wouldn't recommend this pizza and since there are many alternatives on the market I would go for one of these in the first instance. This pizza is actually very tasty and contains a fair amount of chicken (and basil) but the virtually non-existent base, lack of cheese and other topping and congealed lumps of basil are just not good enough and you'll soon find yourself focusing on the negatives rather than the positives, well I did.


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