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Feasters Jacket Potato With Chilli Con Carne

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Brand: Feasters / Type: Potato

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    1 Review
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      26.03.2010 11:08
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      I Knew I Wouldn't Like This..... And I Didn't!!!

      I knew I wasn't going to like this but my mate did it for me and by the time I'd realised it was one of these nasty microwave things it was done and it would have been a bit bad of me to say I didn't want it.

      It takes about 5 mins in the microwave and that's the only advantage of buying this instead of doing your own jacket potato in the oven..... it might taste crap but at least your not waiting 2 hours for crap food! lol

      The potato is quite small and inside the potato isn't cooked very well. It says on the pack that this is fully cooked and ready to eat but I'd rather eat ANYTHING than a cold one of these!!! Yuckky!!!

      It's a potato that has already got chilli con carne on the top, it doesn't look that bad on the plate but there's a weird smell coming up from the chilli that actually made me feel a bit pukey when I first noticed it. The potato feels shiney where the chilli hasn't touched it, you know like when you do boiled potatoes and accidentally don't cook them for long enough. That's how this potato feels and tastes, it's not hard but it deffo doesn't taste fluffy or fresh.

      The chilli isn't all that bad, deffo not as bad as I thought it was going to be! It's kind of like the sort of chilli con carne you'd get out of a tin instead of fresh but with this sort of food I wouldn't expect it to be fresh. The meat isn't full of fat or gristle but it's too soft and doesn't feel like eating meat, there was also waaaaaaaay too many kidney beans and some of them was rock hard and didn't taste very nice.

      The chilli isn't spicey and I was glad about that but I know some people have chilli con carne when they want something that has got some spice to it, but this deffo hasn't. It DOES taste like chilli con carne but it's like Feasters have left something out..... yeah..... the spices!!! lol

      Not recommended.... its not DISGUSTING but I reckon I'd rather do my own jacket potato and put a nicer topping on it!!!


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