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Findus Chicken Fajita Wraps

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Brand: Findus / Type: Chicken

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    2 Reviews
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      28.02.2010 15:37
      Very helpful



      It's worth buying a pack for the freezer.

      My boyfriend bought a few packets of Findus chicken fajita wraps, to eat as snacks when we couldn't be bothered cooking.

      You can pick these up for £1 in most frozen food shops (like Iceland and Farmfoods). You get two per pack, so they are relatively good value.

      The packet this product comes in is red, it has the Findus logo on it and you will see two appetising looking wraps photographed on the front of the box.

      ***** Nutritional and Cooking information *****

      Fat: 4.5g;
      Calories: 160;
      Sat Fat: 2g;
      Sugars: 2.5g;
      Salt: 0.8g.

      If you want to cook one fajita you put it in the microwave for two minutes twenty, if you are cooking both wraps that come within the pack then you will cook them for three minutes and fifty seconds.

      ***** My Opinion *****

      Being frozen convenience food you'd expect these chicken fajita wraps to be rather calorific, however surprisingly, each Findus chicken fajita wrap only contains 160 calories. As far as frozen ready meal type food goes I think this is quite a low number of calories, however these wraps aren't the most filling food you will ever eat and I would suggest that you eat two with a potato or chips if you are eating them as a main meal.

      The fajita filling contains small chunks of chicken, onion, yellow pepper and tomatoes. They are quite tasty, but not amazing - if you are used to cooking fajitas from scratch them you might be disappointed with these.

      I find that the ends of the wraps are quite crispy when you take them out of the microwave and the chicken and fajita mix often leaks out of the ends, so it's important to put your wraps on a plate that is quite big otherwise you will be mopping up the microwave plate!

      These wraps do make great snacks, they are good to have in the freezer for when you fancy something small and quick, or for when you're looking for a simple snack when you get home after a night out.

      They are worth a try, but I don't want to hype them up too much because they're certainly not extraordinary. Three out of five stars.


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      24.09.2009 17:24
      Very helpful



      Very tasty just a shame they're not very filling in my tummy!

      Yesterday I was completely deserted! My parents had gone out and I was left to make me own dinner up! Me not being a cook at all decided to nip to my local bank and sort some stuff out (thanks Dooyoo for the cheque by the way lol) and then I nipped into Farmfoods. I'm not really very familiar with the store but do know from advertising that they do branded food for decent prices and I knew I wanted something snacky and light really to eat along with a few other things. I came across these at a pound a box (usual prices in supermarkets more like £1.89) so I grabbed a box to try!

      The Packaging:

      The box is oblong in shape and mainly brown in colour. There is a picture of the wraps on the front (and the back of the box is the same) and I'm told in white writing that they are Findus Chicken Fajita Wraps '2 delicious tortilla wraps filled with tender chicken, peppers and onions and in a classic Fajita style sauce' and there is an at a glance nutritional chart on there, I'm told they microwave in under 3 minutes, made in the UK and are 200g in weight. On the side of the box other information includes cooking instructions, ingredients and a full nutrional chart is listed. Informative enough box this is though no contact details are given for Findus and no allergy advice is listed either so it's a basic but attractive enough box.

      To prepare:

      The only cooking instructions given are for the microwave and that it to heat them in the microwave for 2 minutes 20 seconds for one wrap or 3 minutes 50 seconds if you wish to cook the two, removing the plastic wrappers off each before you do so.

      Me And The Wraps:

      Well these are best cooked from frozen which is how I heated mine up. I actually thought I only wanted to eat one so I cooked one and as I was eating it I bunged the other one in the microwave. They cook well in the time stated and are rather hot so do watch for drippy filling!

      So what you get when cooked in a plain beigy coloured tortilla in a very thin tube like roll. They are quite long but really not thick but the filling does go all the way down the length of the wrap. The tortilla itself through microwaving it does go a little soggy however these are actually really nice but a meal they are not. These are simply a snack and a tasty enough one at that.

      Initially I was a little put off by the tortilla as it was a little slimy looking but basically it tasted as you would expect a tortilla to. The filling in this though saved it though in my opinion it could do with a little more to make the rolls a bit more substantial but what there was of it was really very tasty indeed. The filling is a yellow coloured sauce and in that is some small chunks of what I assume is breast of chicken, red and yellow peppers, tiny chunks of onion and chopped up tomato. It's well seasoned and a nice consistency with a hint of spiciness to it though it isn't hot at all. Sure again if I'm going to moan I would have appreciated the ingredients being a bit larger but then the filling would be bigger which is what I would like!

      On The Whole:

      A tasty snack these are. Easy to prepare, not too high in the calorie and saturated fat department but they really aren't very filling at all. I found them rather tasty though and will certainly be sure to buy them again!

      Nutritional Information Per Wrap:

      Fat: 4.5g
      Calories: 160
      Sat Fat: 2g
      Sugars: 2.5g
      Salt: 0.8g


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  • Product Details

    2 delicious tortilla wraps stuffed with tender chicken, peppers and onions in a classic fajita style sauce.

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