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Fresh Naturally Organic Nuts In May Sandwich

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Brand: Fresh Naturally Organic / Type: Other Ready Meals / Food quality: Organic food

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    3 Reviews
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      07.12.2009 14:16
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      An excellent sandwich product

      ~*~ Nuts in May! ~*~

      I am a Boots-a-holic and have tried pretty much every sandwich, salad and pasta on offer in their meal deal range, and I thought it was about time I shared some of my favourites with you dooyoo-ers! This sandwich can be purchase in Boots (amongst other places) as a part of their £2.99 meal deal offer, which is an absolute bargain by the way!

      ~*~ Who are 'Fresh'? ~*~

      Fresh are an organic food company that specialise in healthier options. They were made known for their sandwiches - 'fabulous flavours, filled all the way through'. Fresh boast offering the highest quality ingredients to their consumers, and the range is entirely organic.

      ~*~ The range ~*~

      The sandwich range offered by Fresh is huge and caters for everyone. The range of vegetarian and vegan options is brilliant, probably the largest range I have ever come across from a sandwich manufacturer. Just to give you an idea, sandwich choices include wild rice with kidney beans, cheddar and sweet chilli sauce (yep, in a sandwich!), grated carrot, houmous, rocket and alfalfa sprouts and tuna, carrot, cucumber, houmous and watercress. Meat options are also available.

      Also in the Fresh range are a wide selection of ciabattas, wraps and toasties, and also a selection of salads, including pasta, noodle and cous cous salads.

      The newest additions to the range are the Fresh pies and tarts, which include goats cheese and caramalised onion tart and lentil, spinach and goats cheese pie.

      ~*~ Where can I buy? ~*~

      Fresh Organics products are available to purchase from a number of retailers including Boots, Tesco and Sainsbury's. They also have a number of independent stores in bigger cities (London, Manchester and Liverpool for example). As mentioned before, the range offered by Fresh is huge, but at the moment you are only likely to be able to find a very limited choice of their best sellers on offer in supermarkets and stores stocking Fresh.

      The company is currently attempting to make their range more readily available and is asking for customers to help them doing so (see their website for more information).

      ~*~ Nuts in May ~*~

      So enough about the Fresh range, lets talk sandwich.

      This sandwich is organic (of course) and made with wholemeal bread. Like so many other of the Fresh products it is vegan. Ingredients consist of pine nuts, guacamole, red onion, beetroot, tomato and rocket. All sounds a bit crazy for a sandwich, and I too was hesitant at first, however, the flavours just work together and make for a mouth wateringly tasty lunch that you can actually feel good about eating!

      The sandwich is a good, full sized sandwich with lots of filling which is unusual for lower calorie and fat sandwiches. You really feel like you are getting a full meal, and it leaves you full for ages. Brilliant!

      Each sandwich contains 290 calories which is about the average for a sandwich.

      ~*~ The price ~*~

      Sold alone, this will set you back around £2.40 from Boots or Tesco, however purchased as a part of a meal deal in Boots, you can get this, any snack (such as crisps, chocolate, pineapple and mango snack packs or strawberries and cream) and any drink for just £2.99, which makes it great value.

      ~*~ The verdict ~*~

      An absolutely brilliant sandwich by Fresh! This sandwich is healthy, filling and suitable for vegans, you can't really go wrong! The packaging is recyclable, and also folds out into a handy tray so you can eat it on the bus or train without making a mess of yourself - good thinking there.

      The sandwich range offered by Fresh isn't the cheapest on the market but isn't too crazily priced either, and I don't mind paying a bit more when I know I am getting a good quality, healthy product.

      The only drawback about this sandwich and the Fresh range in general, is the availability. I have purchased this sandwich twice from Boots over a large space of time, and it seems to be very hit and miss when it is on offer - I can't remember the last time I saw it on their shelves actually!

      If you do happen to come across this product I definitely recommend you giving it a go!


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        08.04.2009 13:56
        Very helpful



        You need to pick up one of these sarnies and see it for yourself!

        I get these sandwiches all the time as part of the Boots Meal Deal, which are available in most branches of Boots, and cost only £2.99 for a sandwich, drink and snack. This sandwich usually costs £2.50 so for 50p more you are getting a drink and a snack, which is great value.

        I'm vegan so this range of sandwiches is great, they usually have 4 or 5 vegan sandwiches available at any time. Although if you're not vegan you'll still love them, they are healthy, organic and low in calories and fat. This sandwich has 290 calories and is on wholemeal bread, so plenty of fibre! It contains guacamole, which is made from avocado, lemon juice and coriander, and is lovely and creamy. There's also pine nuts (which taste yum!) red onion, beetroot, tomato and rocket. A lot of lovely textures and flavours going on, this is quite a unique sandwich, and is nice and moist, though not soggy.

        I try to eat as much organic food as possible, though it's difficult to on a budget. These sandwiches don't seem to be any more expensive than their non organic counterparts which is great.

        The packaging is attractive and opens easily, turning into a sort of tray that you can eat your sandwich from, say if you're sat at your desk. It's recyclable too!

        I can't rate these sandwiches more, they are ace!!


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        12.01.2009 16:29
        Very helpful



        A great takeaway food and one which is really good for you.

        I am not a daily ready made sandwich eater but one who always has them on trips and holidays and sometimes when out shopping. Buying them every day is sadly very expensive and something which soon mounts up to be an annual expense, which for me anyway would be much better spent on a lovely holiday. However for a treat they are lovely and being a veggie I have tried many of the excellent range made by Fresh Naturally Organic. The thing I love about these sandwiches, many of which are vegan, is the variety and the healthy ingredients which I think make them good value for money.

        They are available in many places, you can find Fresh Naturally Organic products in hundreds of stores across the UK. They are stocked in Boots stores nationwide, Asda, Tesco and Sainsbury's stores within the M25 and also these ranges are avilable on Eurostar-handy if you are off to Paris. Also I believe you can get them in lots of unis now and at London Zoo!

        I purchase them from Boots and as part of their meal deal they really are excellent value. To give you an idea the one I am reviewing is called "Nuts in May" and this retails at £2.50, but for £2.99 you can purchase a meal deal and when I do this I always choose an Innocent Smoothie (value £1.81) and a bar of Choxi chocolate which is full of antioxidants (99p) So for £2.99 you are getting a lunch with a retail value of £5.30. If you buy 6 of these in a month (which I don't as I think they are a treat) you actually get the last one free so good if you buy them each day.

        www.freshnaturallyorganic.co.uk is the website of the makers of these delicious sandwiches. The company is devoted to making organic lunch products which are healthy, and above all- fresh as a daisy which is the logo seen on all their packaging. Just now they are redesigning their packing and the sandwiches are in brown paper with green labels, but the daisy patterns will soon return so you will be able to pick them out! In 2002 this company made a few sandwiches in their west London kitchen- now they make over 5 million a year as well as salads, pies and snacks!

        As well as being organic the sandwiches are all made by hand! The packaging is recyclable and the film window on the front is also compostable as it is made from cornstarch. In London the company use low emission vans and smart cars, so everything about this company is geared to saving the planet.

        So to my sandwich "Nuts in May". It's on days like this that I really miss my daughter who is miles away in St Andrews at university. She would adore this sandwich because it like her is vegan! Nuts in May is made from organic guacamole, with grated beetroot, red onion, tomato, pine nuts, and rocket, on wholemeal bread! Just to clarify the guacamole is made from avocado, coriander, salt, black pepper and lemon juice. The great news is there is only 290 calories in the pack so is a healthy lunch.

        What about taste? Well I love these and as this is a newbie on the block of theirs I hope it stays around because it is delicious. The sandwich is packed tight with filling so that it is more like filling with bread and not the other way around as some sandwiches are. The overall flavour is like a really intense salad sandwich and although there are not alfalfa sprouts it tastes like there are! There is a subtle hint of spice from the guacamole and the filling is really moist. Avocados are really good for you as they are full of omega three fats so great for us veggies who may not get enough of these as we don't eat fish.

        This company make quite a few sandwiches and my experience is that different Boots stock different varieties. If you get a chance to try the following I can highly recommend them:

        Bugsy (Grated Carrot, Houmous, Watercress & Alfalfa Sprouts NO MAYO!) Really bursting with carrot and delicious.

        Can't Beat It (Raw Beetroot, Houmous, Spinach & Mung Bean Sprouts NO MAYO!) This one has a rich purple filling and is delicious!

        Greek Holiday- I love this one! Feta, Olives, Tomato, Cucumber, Houmous. NO MAYO! (This one is not vegan as it has feta)

        Apart from making lovely sandwiches they do a lot of charity work and last year their female staff did the Moonwalk for Breast Cancer Care in their bras decorated with daisies! They also donate left over food to the charity "Fare Share" who make sure it reaches the people who need it.

        Their sandwiches have won so many awards and continue to do so.

        As a convenience food when travelling I think these are hard to beat. At last there is something for vegans to eat when they are out and about, and look out for them at Boots at airports as they make a healthy meal to take on board a flight.

        In conclusion I think these are excellent in every way and it is always a great thrill to see a new variety in Boots from time to time. If you eat fish there is a tuna version called "Skinnie Minnie" which has won many awards too including- Winner of the British Sandwich Association Awards 2006: Tuna Sandwich Designer of the year!

        So if you are veggie or vegan or even if you are just looking to purchase healthy meals on the move keep an eye out for these. With bleak january weather outside I can't wait to "Go Nuts In May!"


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