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Freshpak Frozen Sausage Rolls

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Brand: Freshpak / Type: Frozen Food

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    1 Review
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      07.01.2009 09:43
      Very helpful



      A great sausage roll that is equally as good hot or cold.

      When it comes to favourite foods over the Christmas and New Year period there is nothing I look forward to more than sausage rolls. Whilst I like sweet foods I am more of a savoury person and can easily devour several pastries in one sitting, whereas I would be a lot more restrained with sweet items.

      Whilst sausage rolls are good cold, they are fantastic hot and there are limited choices in achieving a hot sausage roll.

      One way is to microwave a cold one from the fridge. I find that heating up this type of sausage rolls causes the pastry to go really floppy and greasy as the microwave heats up the fat in the pastry and brings it to the surface. This is not nice and is very off putting.

      Another method is to make your own and eat them straight from the oven. I have tried this and just cannot make nice pastry. I have even bought ready made pastry and whilst better than my version, it still wasn't quite right and I just couldn't justify the mess caused of making my own.

      The only real way is to buy the ready made sausage rolls that are frozen and just require cooking. These are great in that they take very little preparation, any one can cook them without ruining them, they taste great, they are very nice cold and they can be stored for a few days, providing you don't eat them all first.


      A packet contains 50 individual sausage rolls which is approximately 750g.

      The sausage rolls come in a yellow coloured plastic bag with a plateful of the sausage rolls on the front with a salad garnish. The sausage rolls on the front of the bag look perfect (the pastry is evenly distributed around the sausage meat filling), and nothing like they do when they are taken out of the oven.

      ****Cooking instructions****

      Pre heat an oven to 200 degrees C, 400 degrees F or gas mark 6.

      Whilst the oven is heating up smear some margarine around a non-stick tray before dusting some flour over it. I have found that even a non-stick baking tray will get stuff baked on and it is the best tray to use.

      Dip the sausage rolls in milk and shake off the excess. This gives the sausage rolls a really nice glaze. Egg can also be used for this but I prefer to use milk. I have no idea if the finished product is much different since I have always used milk, so has my mother. I guess it is just down to personal preference.

      Lay the sausage rolls in the tray, ensuring that there is adequate room between them to allow for the pastry to expand. Ensure that there is enough room at one end to be able to slide an egg slice or similar utensil underneath the first row of sausage rolls, believe me they will stick.

      Place in the oven and cook for 15 - 20 minutes or until the pastry goes brown.

      The packet recommends shaking the sausage rolls to ensure that they don't stick. In my experience the sausage rolls always stick and have to be gently eased from the tray with a fish slice. It is not the pastry that sticks it is usually the milk coating.

      Whilst the packet suggests turning the sausage rolls over I have found that there is no need, besides trying to prise off the sausage rolls when they aren't fully cooked is asking for trouble and you will end up with a 'mush' that is useless. The best method is to leave the sausage rolls well alone whilst cooking and once finished get them out of the oven and immediately get the egg slice underneath them and transfer them to a plate. The burnt on matter will not be pastry, it will be some of the milk coating that can be scraped off a non-stick tray with relative ease.


      These sausage rolls smell absolutely delicious, especially whilst cooking. There is something about the smell of flaky pastry cooking that makes me feel really hungry.

      ****Consistency and taste****

      In my opinion the sausage and pastry ration is just right. Some sausage rolls there is too much sausage meat and not enough pastry and others have too much pastry and not enough sausage meat. Worse still is when the pastry is really thick and dry and just splits and crumbles away from the sausage meat.

      This is not the case with these sausage rolls. The pastry is thin and flaky on the top but still has some body and substance around the sides and bottom of the sausage roll.

      Once cooked, the pastry will rise and be flaky to the touch. These are quite messy to eat in this state but are so good straight out of the oven the mess is well worth it.

      These sausage rolls taste gorgeous. The sausage meat is not too fatty, nor is it full of gristle unlike other sausage rolls I have had in the past.


      There are loads of ingredients, including pork, rusk, emulsifier, flavourings and malt, used in making these sausage rolls, as you'd expect. What surprised me is that the actual meat content (pork) is a meagre 8%, which is really poor.

      These sausage rolls also contain the dreaded E numbers including E471, E503, E451 and E920. I am unsure what these E numbers are, or what they do for you and I'm guessing that I wouldn't want to know any way.

      ****Nutritional information****

      We all know pastries are bad for you but just how bad are they? One sausage roll contains;

      i) Energy - 48 Kcal
      ii) Protein - o.8g
      iii) Carbohydrate - 4.3g
      iv) Fat - 3.0g
      v) Fibre - 0.2g
      vi) Sodium - 0.1g

      Whilst the above may not seem much just remember that these are bite size sausage rolls and are around 2cm square. I find these sausage rolls really moreish and can' stop at one or two. I devour several in one go therefore they do end up being quite bad for me.


      I find that putting the sausage rolls in the fridge, even covered up in tin foil or cling film will make them go hard and stale very quickly. In my opinion it is better to store them in an air tight tuppaware container where they will last for a few days, if you can leave them alone for that long.


      A bag of these, containing 50 pieces, costs £1.09, which I consider to represent great value for money.


      These frozen sausage rolls are great. They can be eaten hot (in my opinion straight out of the oven is best) or cold, they are fool proof to prepare, they taste great, the flaky pastry is lovely and they can also be used as a snack or an addition to a buffet.

      These sausage rolls are bad for you, but then what pastries aren't? It is a well known fact that pastry can cause a bit of lardiness as sung in the song "Who ate all the pies?". However, everything is fine in moderation, although I do find it difficult with these, but then my excuse is that I only ever eat them at Christmas time and we do actually limit the amount of bags we buy to two.


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