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Fullers Mini Cheese and Tomato Pizzas

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Brand: Fullers International Foods / Type: Pizza

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    1 Review
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      17.11.2011 07:59
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      Mini frozen cheese and tomato pizzas with very little cheese and with a doughy base.

      My 21 month old twin boys eat absolutely anything! Any fruit, vegetable, meat or meal you can think of they will eat (including curry). When it comes to evening meals, because of Mr Lools' work hours I tend to feed the boys first and we eat later. As a result I tend to batch cook home cooked meals for my boys which can be defrosted and fed to them. In all honesty these meals tend to be "healthy" and they mostly eat meals like stews, casseroles, pasta dishes and "adult" meals like curry as I can give them lots of vegetables with these. However as my boys get older I am really conscious not to limit their diet and am a full believer that giving them a something a little more unhealthy every now and then is going to do no harm (especially as they are on the skinny side). So I decided to purchase some mini pizzas to serve alongside homemade potato wedges and in my usual Asda shop I bought Fullers Mini Cheese and Tomato Pizzas.

      ***Fullers Mini Cheese and Tomato Pizzas***
      The pack consists of 10 five inch circular cheese and tomato pizzas. The pizzas come in a white plastic bag with "10 mini Cheese and tomato pizzas" written on the front of the pack with images of the mini pizzas on the front of the bag. All of the nutritional information is on the back of the bag as are the cooking instructions. All of the pizzas are individually wrapped in clear cellophane which makes them very convenient to store if you are limited on freezer space and are not able to keep the pizzas in the outer packaging.

      The ingredients list can be found at the end of the review however the pizzas do contain wheat, gluten and milk. The pizzas also may contain traces of nuts and seeds. The pizzas are suitable for vegetarians.

      Per mini 5 inch cheese and tomato pizza there are 185 calories, 1.6g of fat and 1.1g of salt. Nutritionally although these are very small and an adult would probably eat two of these, they are not particularly "bad" for you and the fat content is a lot lower than I expected (however if you read on in my review it becomes clear why!)

      Fullers Mini Cheese and Tomato Pizzas can be purchased from Asda stores and online. A pack of 10 pizzas costs £2.00 which appears good value for this amount of pizzas of this size.

      ***Our Experience***
      I purchased the Fullers Mini Cheese and Tomato Pizzas for my boys to serve on an evening. My boys have tried and love cheese and tomato pizza but it is wasteful cooking a full pizza for them to share so individual pizzas appeared to be the best option. Cooking from frozen was also very convenient. The pizzas can be cooked on an oven tray for 10 minutes at 200C or gas mark 6. Time wise this is very convenient especially for a busy mum like myself who finds cooking whilst supervising two toddlers quite a challenge at times.

      When I came to cook the pizzas I removed 3 pizzas from the packaging (one each for the boys and a spare in case the boys were particularly hungry). What I noticed immediately once the clear cellophane has been removed was the lack of cheese on the top of all three pizzas I had opened. I was quite stunned at how little and on top of each pizza was less than a teaspoon of very finely grated cheese. Quite astonished at the fact these were described as "cheese and tomato" pizzas I looked at the other pizzas in the pack through the cellophane only to find that there was a lack of cheese on these also. I could also see even though the pizzas were frozen some of the tomatoes in the tomato puree sauce were looking a little green which was a little off putting but didn't make the pizzas inedible.

      Because I had already put my potato wedges in the oven I decided to try and salvage the Fullers Mini Cheese and Tomato Pizzas by adding some of my own grated cheese from the fridge. Not something you expect to do with shop bought prepared pizzas.

      I followed the cooking instructions and in my pre warmed (fan assisted) oven I put the pizzas on to cook for 10 minutes as per the cooking instructions. After 10 minutes it was clear that the pizzas actually looked quite raw and undercooked therefore I gave the pizzas an extra 3 minutes. My oven tends to cook food quicker as it is particularly hot so I feel for "average" ovens these pizzas may take around 5 minutes longer than the cooking instructions state.

      When removed from the oven the pizzas looked cooked (eventually). The cheese (which I had added) was fully melted and golden and the pizza dough base looked crispy although if you looked underneath at the base it still was very pale and doughy looking.

      In my usual mum fashion I cut up the mini pizzas for my boys and gave them the pizzas to eat alongside the wedges. My boys both went straight for the pizza and after a few moments chewing the pizzas they both looked quite displeased. Both boys are very good at chewing as they have now got all but 4 back teeth from their full set of teeth but really seemed to be struggling with the swallowing of the pizza. One of my sons was also making a bit of a face when he bit into the pizza. After only a small slice each both boys removed the bits of pizza from their plate and quite firmly told me "no more" when I asked them to try some more it was a clear "no". For a lot of toddlers this would appear normal but my boys NEVER refuse food and the only thing they will not eat is scrabbled egg. However pizza is something they usually like so it seemed odd.

      So I decided to try for myself and immediately I could see why they were so displeased. The tomato topping had a slightly tangy bitter taste more than likely due to the green unripe tomatoes that I had spied earlier. The taste of the topping was not terrible but the main issue was the pizza base. Thin and crispy bases in my opinion should not be doughy but these pizza bases were. When I bit into the pizza the base did have a bit of a crunch but the main taste was very much like a raw dough base and even for me the base took a lot of chewing. As I was chewing the base it did feel like it was sticking to the roof of my mouth.

      Pizza wise I am not fussy and I like all pizzas however I was really disappointed with these pizzas. Mr Lools decided to try the pizzas for himself as I had planned to throw them out but after trying one for himself he agreed with me and we threw the remaining pizzas out without cooking them. For a food and pizza lover like Mr Lools to do this it proved these were bad pizzas!

      To answer the simple question of will I purchase these again the answer is a definite no.

      The positives of this product is that for £2.00 for 10 5inch cheese and tomato pizzas is reasonable value, especially as they take only 10 minutes in the oven to cook from frozen. Secondly because each of the 10 mini pizzas is individually wrapped it makes them very easy and convenient to store in your freezer if you need to take out of the main packaging.

      However aside from this the pizzas are a very very poor product. Firstly as soon as they were removed from the individual cellophane wrapping I noticed a distinct lack of cheese. In fact on all 10 mini pizzas there appears to be virtually no cheese so the topping of the pizza is mainly tomato puree. Secondly the quality of the tomatoes used in the tomato puree needs to be questioned as I found many bits of green tomato skin and this sauce had quite a bitter taste. The pizza topping was not inedible but the base was that for my boys. The "thin and crispy" base is anything but thin and crispy and is very doughy. Even when cooked for an extra 3 minutes I found the base to have a raw doughy consistency which stuck to the roof of my mouth and was very difficult to chew.

      A very poor pizza product that may be convenient but certainly won't be on my shopping list!

      Water , Wheat Flour , Tomato (3.7%) , Cheese (0.9%) , Tomato Puree , Modified Wheat Starch , Sugar , Salt , Vegetable Oil , Yeast , Oregano , Spirit Vinegar , Paprika , Pepper , Basil , Emulsifiers (Mono and Diglycerides of Fatty Acids, Esters of Mono and Diglycerides of Fatty Acids) , Parsley .


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