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Goodfella's Big Takeout Triple Pepperoni Pizza

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Brand: Goodfella's / Type: Pizza

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    2 Reviews
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      05.03.2010 08:24
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      Due to this experience i would not recommend

      It was my partners turn to cook this evening and he unpredictably decided to buy pizza.

      We usually buy the supermarkets own pizza or Goodfella's Delcia pizzas. As the Goodfella's Friday fever pizzas/originally known as the big take out pizza, were on offer he decided to buy a pepperoni one for me and a meat feast for himself.

      I had mine first, the first thing I noticed was that the crust was fairly hard, not what I expected, I started to eat the pizza and realised it had a really nasty taste, I thought that the pizza may be a little too hot and assumed that it would taste better once it had cooled down.

      After leaving the pizza for 5-10 minutes I continues to eat it, but the fowl taste was still there, I inspected the pepperoni and noticed that some pieces were slightly off colour, I picked them off and told my partner. He assured me that sometimes pepperoni can look like that, still a little sceptical I left the pepperoni off and continued to eat the pizza.... But it didn't make much difference.

      It tasted really fatty and greasy, it really was fowl, I pressed the pizza onto the plate and tried to remove some of the excess fat and grease, it did help a little but by this time I was well and truly put off.

      This is the first time I have had a bad experience with a Goodfella's pizza and I have to stress that my partners meat feast came out fine and he said it tasted great, although I wasn't going to risk trying it.

      The problem is, once you have an experience such as this it can put you off the brand, I can safely say I will never eat this product again.

      Nutritional Information per quarter of the pizza

      Calories 370 (19% of the recommended daily allowance)
      Sugar 2.6g (3% of the recommended daily allowance)
      Fat 18.9g (27% of the recommended daily allowance)
      Salt 2.2g (37% of the recommended daily allowance)


      Wheatflour, mozzarella cheese, water, mature pepperoni, mini pepperoni, tomato crush, tomato puree, vegetable oils, yeast, salt, rice starch, basil, garlic puree, black pepper, flour treatment agent: ascorbic acid. *may also contain nuts *

      I think this product is very similar if not the same to the "the big take out" Goodfella's pizza. The packaging resembles a pizza box and its got some little doodles on the front that supposedly explain how great the ingredients are that are used. Over all the packaging is quite quirky and fun.

      These pizza's usually retail at about £3.00 although on this occasion it was purchased for £2.00 as it was on offer in ASDA.

      Overall I would say that the cheaper versions are a million times better, if I had had a better experience then I would be able to give more feedback on the product, I hope that other consumers do not have the same problem as I, Goodfella's usually sell great quality products but unfortunately on this occasion it was disgusting.


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        27.12.2009 15:39
        Very helpful



        Another Yummy Goodfellas Pizza

        We had this pizza on Xmas Eve because me and my mum were busy getting stuff ready in the kitchen and neither of us could be bothered to cook for tea. It was quite expensive for a frozen pizza and cost £2.99 for a pizza to serve 4 people.

        It was deffo a yummy pizza but I don't think it tasted much like a take away pizza, even though I thought it was a lot nicer than most other frozen pizzas we've had.

        The base is just right, it's not too thick and not too thin. I like it that the actual base is quite thin but the crust on the edge is thicker and that makes it brill for dipping into mayo or sauce.

        There is quite a bit of sauce on the pizza and I love how tangy they've made it, there's a definite garlic flavour in the sauce and it's lovely and rich. I love how the tomato flavour of the sauce goes so nice with the mozzerella and you can tell as you eat it that the cheese is proper good quality because it goes stringy but also tastes nice and creamy.

        There are 3 different sizes of pepperoni on the pizza but they all taste the same so that's obviously to make the pizza look nice. The big circles of pepperoni get puddles of grease on them so I avoided the slices that had them on, the medium and tiny pepperoni pieces were much nicer because of the lack of fat. The pepperoni is quite spicy, spicier than I thought it would be and even though it's very nice and proper meaty I still thought it tasted a bit TOO spicy for me.

        Over all though this is a proper nice pizza. It's not doughy or stodgy like most frozen pizzas and tastes mega fresh, in a way I actually preferred it to my normal take away pizza because it wasn't half as greasy as pizzas you buy in Pizza Hut and places like that.

        The pizza was just big enough for me and my mum and dad, we cut it into 6 slices and they was all a decent size with plenty of pepperoni on it. I reckon that if you were feeding more you'd need a couple or 3 of these pizzas though because they're not massive even though the slices I had were proper filling.

        1/4 of the pizza contains 370 calories and 18g fat, but who cares??? It's Xmas!!!


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