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Goodfella's Delicia Mediterranean Pizza

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Type: Frozen Food

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    4 Reviews
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      14.06.2009 18:55
      Very helpful
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      Goodfella's Delicia Pizza (Pepperoni)

      Goodfella's Delicia Pizza (Pepperoni):

      The other half is a bit of a pizza fiend and even though we are on diets he can't give up pizza completely! The other day he had a good look through the pizza section at Sainsbury's and got the lowest calorie pepperoni pizza they had for sale which was the Goodfella's Delicia.

      The pepperoni Delicia pizzas have 435 calories per half a pizza which means that half the pizza plus a little salad comes well within the 600 calorie limit for our evening meals on the Slimfast plan. There is 18.7g of fat, (RDA 70g), of which 7.4g is saturated fat, (RDA 20g). Trying to loose weight we obviously want to eat less than the RDA so these will only be an occasional treat despite the calories being well within our limit.

      The boxes are quite eye-catching and Mediterranean in style, with an appetising looking picture of the pizza itself, which is for once actually representative of the pizza when it is cooked. There is a big green box on the front of the packaging stating, "No artificial colourings or flavourings" which is good thing.

      Cooking the pizza is simple; preheat the oven, bung the pizza on a baking tray, stick it in the oven for 12-14 minutes and bang, it's done. Frozen pizzas are always good for days when I just don't feel like cooking especially as take-aways are more or less off the menu for the time being.

      One of the nicest things about the Delicia pizzas is their bases which are cooked in a traditional stone oven to add a lovely, toasted flavour. These pizzas are much closer to what you will find in an Italian pizzeria than they are to take-away pizzas. Some people prefer deep-pan over thin and crispy but for me thin bases win hands down. There is enough of the base exposed around the edges to make a nice crust but not so much that feel they are just being mean with the toppings.

      In my opinion the Delicia pizzas have a great ratio of base to toppings. I often find that frozen pizzas have too much tomato sauce and cheese but the Delicia pizzas are just right. The tomato sauce is rich and full of fruity tomatoeyness but it wasn't too thick. The cheese is just mozzarella and is creamy, stringy and gooey and it browned nicely on the top.

      The pizza claims to contain three different types of pepperoni but I really think they are just three different sizes of pepperoni as the tasted exactly the same. The taste of the pepperoni was nice, salty, meaty and slightly spicy too. I was really impressed with how little grease there was with these pizzas as pepperoni pizzas can sometimes literally be swimming in fat.

      We paid £2.34 for this pizza but they were buy one get one free making them good value especially as I think they are the best frozen pizza out there.


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        24.04.2008 13:56
        Very helpful



        Not bad for a pound but dominated by peppers

        I am not normally one for buying pizza, but my wife was due to go out that night, and I was left to make the tea for myself and my seven year old son. So while passing Asda I decided to call in and see what I could put my somewhat limited cooking skills to. I asked my son what he wanted and he said pizza so had a look at the frozen pizza section and was amazed at the wide variety of pizza's on offer. As I say I don't normally eat pizza because my wife doesn't like peppers and my son doesn't like anything particularly spicy (bless him) so this somewhat limits the choice normally to Ham and Pineapple. However, the one which was jumping out at me was Goodfella's Delicia Mediterranean pizza at a remarkable price of £1. That's right folks, a whole pound. I thought to myself when I bought it that it might be a bit bland, but knew that it would certainly appeal to my son. However, to make sure I also bought the Goodfellas Deeply Delicious Spicy Chicken Sizzler, which forms part of a separate review.
        So having got home, I decided that I would give it the benefit of the doubt, and try it with my son with a side salad and a side dish of garlic bread topped with melted cheese. Of course the obligatory parmesan cheese was eager to join this wondrous meal.

        ***** Packaging *****

        The side of the box described the pizza as " A Thin Italian-style stone-baked pizza base, spread with a rich sun-dried tomato and basil sauce, melting creamy mozzarella and cheddar cheeses. Piled with juicy chargrilled chunks of courgette, aubergine and red & yellow peppers, smothered with a provencale herb butter" which sounded pretty impressive. So I ripped open the box, took the cellophane wrapper off (can anybody do that without dropping half the cheese everywhere) to see a pizza with all the vegetables piled together on one corner of the pizza.

        Incidentally, in this ever demanding world of ours where we are encouraged to recycle everything, both the carton and plastic wrapping are fully recyclable.

        ***** So what were my first impressions ? *****

        Having re-arranged the said vegetables it was immediately apparent that the dominant flavour would be peppers as these probably formed half of the vegetables. Courgettes and aubergines between them probably accounted for the remaining 50%. In fairness, the volume of vegetables was probably greater than I would have expected, but ideally could probably have done with a few more flavours.

        So having popped the pizza into my pre-heated 190 degree oven, and made a mental note to put my garlic bread in six minutes later, so that both would be ready in twelve minutes time, I poured myself a nice glass of chardonnay and sat down for a well earned breather after all that extensive preparation !!!

        ***** So what aromas passed by your nostrils while you sipped your wine *****

        Well normally the overbearing aroma is one of slowly melting cheese followed by the smell of the various toppings cooking slowly. Sadly with this pizza you don't get the full force of the cheese melting, but rather the overpowering smell of peppers. Don't get me wrong there is a slight smell of the cheese melting away but you do need an extremely good sense of smell to detect it.

        Not to worry I thought, surely that will come later. So I put my garlic bread in the oven to accompany the pizza and settled back to my second glass of wine in the hope that the aroma of slowly melting cheese would overtake the pepper dominated kitchen.

        ***** So did your impressions change as the cooking neared completion *****

        Sadly, not really. Yes the smell of cheese started to come out towards the end but much of this came from my cheese topped garlic bread. Unfortunately, peppers pretty much dominated the kitchen.

        ***** So what about the look *****

        I'd like to say that the actual pizza coming out of my oven looked exactly like the one on the box but unfortunately I can't. The peppers on mine were somewhat charred around the edges, and the edge to the pizza appeared a little crispy. I suspect part of this is down to my limited culinary skills, but the cheese wasn't properly melted in places, so I don't think I had it in the oven for too long. In addition, the courgettes and aubergines appeared a bit of a squidgy mess, but I suppose that was to be expected given their high water content.

        Because the edge of the pizza was somewhat crispy, I did struggle to cut it with the pizza cutter, but managed to separate it into 4 reasonable size pieces, and served it with a side salad and some cous cous.

        ***** What did it taste like *****

        When I took my first bite, the overwhelming flavour was undoubtedly peppers. The base, although thin was rather doughy which is just how I like a base to be. The tomato and basil accompanied the peppers quite well and actually took some of the sharpness from the peppers away. However, this still remained the dominant flavour. The courgettes and aubergine were somewhat bland by comparison. The cheese melted rather nicely in the mouth but you couldn't really taste the cheese that much because of those bleeding peppers.

        ***** So was there enough *****

        Although the box states that the pizza is ideal for sharing, personally I think that you would struggle to share this and be full afterwards. I mean my seven year old son ate half the pizza, and although he didn't eat a lot of the salad, he still had room for a cream cake afterwards.

        I would guess that if you were hungry you could manage to eat a full one without too much trouble, but if you were sharing this wouldn't be enough on its own. However, served with a side salad, some cous cous and a generous portion of garlic bread certainly filled me up.

        ***** So what about the Nutritional Information *****

        Based on a 150g serving (i.e half the pizza) there are :

        371 Calories of which 162 are from fat
        18g of fat
        37.5g of carbohydrates
        3g of dietary fibre
        13.5g of protein

        *****Obviously we as a nation are now becoming more health conscious. Can eating pizza fit into this profile *****

        As with anything, it depends how much is eaten and what it is served with. All foods have a place in your diet as long as the intake is relevant to your lifestyle and your body weight. Pizza is no exception. It is recommended that foods like salad and garlic bread are served with pizzas - this increases the carbohydrate and vegetable content, while keeping fat levels low.

        ***** Were there any trans fats in the pizza? *****

        As oil needs to be hydrogenated before using it in a frozen pizza recipe, some trans fats are inevitable.

        ***** And what about sodium levels? *****

        In a 300g portion of Goodfella's pizza, the sodium content amounts to almost 45% of the recommended adult daily intake. So with half the pizza you are having nearly a quarter of your recommended daily intake.

        ***** And what about GM ingredients? *****

        Goodfella's website advises that there are no genetically modified ingredients in their pizza. Goodfella's pizzas are termed non-GM. This means that where possible, they have replaced soya or maize derivatives with non-GM alternatives (e.g. derived from potatoes or wheat). Where this has not been possible (e.g. soya lecithin) they have sourced their ingredients from guaranteed non-GM suppliers. These ingredients are tested for the presence of GM DNA and GM protein on a regular basis. Their maize flour is produced from a waxy maize hybrid which is non-GM. The enzyme chymosin, which is used in the manufacture of vegetarian cheese, may have been derived from GM microbes. There is no GM DNA or protein in the final product.

        ***** Does the Mediterranean contain alcohol? *****

        Cider Vinegar is used in both Solos BBQ Chicken and Delicia Mediterranean pizzas.

        ***** And what about yeast *****

        Unfortunately all of Goodfella's pizza's contain yeast.

        ***** Is the Mediterranean suitable for a gluten-free diet? *****

        Unfortunately, none of Goodfella's pizzas are suitable for a gluten free diet

        ***** And what about nut's *****

        Whilst products produced exclusively by Goodfella's are done so on lines that do not handle nuts, some of their suppliers cannot guarantee that their raw materials are free from cross-contamination. For this reason Goodfella's do not guarantee that their products are nut free.

        ***** So where can I buy this pizza *****

        As I said at the start of the review, I bought it from Asda for a pound, and I would guess that you would struggle to find it any cheaper than this. However, some stores do not stock all varieties of Goodfella's pizza and therefore I would advise you contact the store beforehand if you are desperate for this particular pizza. Other stores which sell Goodfella's pizzas include the following:



        ***** CONCLUSION *****

        Personally I would say that you get what you pay for, and for a pound I suppose I can't really complain. However, the pizza was dominated by the peppers and I would have thought additional flavours such as olives, pineapple or sweetcorn could have been added, which would still keep within the mediterranean theme. There is however nothing to stop you adding these to your pizza to provide a little bit more variety.

        Would I buy it again - probably not.
        Thank you all for reading.


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          17.05.2007 18:28
          Very helpful



          Pretty nice pizza can be prepared very quickly.

          This review can also be found on my ciao.co.uk account

          This is a review of the Goodfellas Delicia Mediterranean Pizza, not the 1990 film starring Robert De Niro and Ray Liotta!!

          Goodfel las Delicia Mediterranean Pizza

          My, my what a coincidence I happened to buy this product last Monday or Tuesday instead of my usual, bland yet tasty product; Margharita pizza! Sectioned in the frozen food section of Morrisons it didn't ever really stand out, the price was virtually the same as all the different brands of pizza on offer. Also, the packaging did not really show me a pizza too different from the other brands, it was only just more appealing than the Morissons brand of pizza. But nonetheless, I ended up buying this certain pizza by randomly choosing any pizza that had a range of vegetables for their toppings. Goodfellas is a reliable and well-known brand which is somewhat famous for it's Italian style pizzas designed to fill gaps quickly at dinner in tasty fashion and many pizzas can be found at their website with descriptions of each pizza. So in this review I will be discussing all the major sections of a pizza, where you find out all you need to know; the price, the taste, the packaging and other useful hints along with ingredients and recommendations. We all know the Italians are famous for their pizza-making, will this live up to the Italian name? Is it really delicia? Let's find out..


          Well, if you're sitting there wondering, 'where could I buy this pizza?' The answer is from virtually any well known shop; Tescos, Tesco Express, Morrissons, Sainsbury's etc. The price does not really vary from shop to shop at around £2.20, though if it does cost a higher amount, you're probably paying for the convenience of the good. This price is almost the average price for most pizzas and so I feel it needs to offer me something more than the others do, I mean why should I happen to buy this product when all the other pizzas on offer show attractive images of delicious meals? What else could you buy for £2.20? Not a lot so really, a whole meal for £2.20 generally is a good deal, that's the same as a couple of bars of chocolate!

          Opening pizza

          It's a good thing I wasn't looking for the pizza because I think I would definitely have gone for a more spicy pizza, one that replicates my favourite pizza at pizza hut; the meat feast! :) When we returned home with the pizza my mum started to cook it and I gave her a hand. As soon as you open it, you see that the pizza is protected with a plastic cover, which reassures you that this product won't have been contaminated and is fine to eat. On the back of the product there were some instructions on how to cook the pizza, along with the ingredients included. They were fairly simple cooking instructions, as is the same with most pizzas, you just take the cover off, plop it into the oven at the temperature it tells you to, wait around 13-15 mins and take it out! Ready to serve with 2-4 friends with a serving of chips or wedges maybe? Well from the picture (above) you can see that one pizza is only really big enough for 4 slices, and if you're like me, this is nearly impossible to share with others if there is not also an additional serving of chips etc.

          From the box itself, we see the traditional Goodfellas font and then a picture of the actual pizza itself. This pizza, does not really actually look that mouth-watering, I mean, most pizzas normally have an attractive pizza on the front with stringy cheese. Whereas this pizza just seems to be have been cooked by a normal parent; not a professional chef. This could either be seen as a good thing, as the producers are being honest in what type of pizza you will make, or a negative as it isn't going to make you too hungry before indulging in it!

          argus92 agrees with me by commenting "I agree, the picture isn't so good. It looks a bit like a vegetarian quiche except for the base." It's so true!!


          Naturally, when you have a pizza which has already been prepared and just needs to be heated it isn't going to be as good as a freshly made pizza that you will find at restaurants. But this pizza did have quite a decent taste and can easily be spread out between 2-4 people as long as you make them with chips or something. To be honest I personally prefer thick, deep crusted pizzas rather the thin pizza on offer with this pizza, it just means that the pizza will look smaller on your plate and generally be quicker to eat with a harder base. But anyway, the taste is pretty nice with cheese which is stringy if cooked to perfection and a range of vegetables. However, included within these vegetables are courgettes and aubergines, which have a distinctive disgusting taste, too horrible for me to bare to eat! The only vegetables included which I would actually choose to put on any base are the delicious, healthy red and yellow peppers. Really, the taste is a hard subject to cover, with tastes varying from person to person and especially as it will depend on how well the product is cooked. Luckily though the taste should stay the same due to the easiness of making it.

          The base was quite simple to become damp or hard and so could not be re-used by microwaving it later, this means that the pizza is not as convenient as it could/should be and means you have to finish it all in one sitting. The sun-dried tomato and basil sauce really helps when it is hard though which makes the base more smooth and tasty, common in most pizzas. The variety of cheeses; mozarella and cheddar really does make the food more enjoyable to eat and brings some variety into the pizza. The inclusion of vegetables really makes the pizza slightly more healthy, though don't get too carried away..it still will pile on the calories! And some of the vegetables happen to be horrid, so really you are better to treat yourself to a big, indulgent pizza full of meat..I'm hungry just thinking about it! Overall, the taste is worthy of paying £2 but only just, to be honest with all the other pizzas in the market, I wouldn't put this on the top of my list.


          So, how does it compare to other pizzas? The Goodfellas Delicia Mediterranean Pizza is a much smaller pizza than the Goodfellas Deeply Delicious Loaded Cheese! That yummy pizza will feed more people and actually fill them up, with melting cheese on top, it is simple but effective and is much easier to cook as you actually have to time everything to perfection for the mediterranean one to have the cheese stringy..if you forget to take it out a minute or two late it could be hard and unpleasant. Although the Loaded cheese one is less healthy, I would prefer to eat it every time over the Mediterranean. But don't just think there are only two pizzas on offer! There are many others to suit your particular case and you can always save yourselves a bit of money by purchasing the Thin & Crispy pizza bases from Morrisons, which comes in packs of two and costing only 49p. Then you just need to buy a couple of other ingredients and add whatever toppings you want to! This way it will definitely be enjoyable and customized, don't be put off doing this..it's pretty simple! Also you will be able to find many recipes online and hints and tips to help you experiment making new pizzas,you never know, you may actually invent your own pizza! Though, if you're in a rush, say you've just come home from work, you won't really have the time and effort to create a whole new pizza from stratch and in that case I would recommend purchasing this type of pizza.


          Overall, I would recommend this to all pizza lovers who are looking for a healthier option and want to eat quick and quite tasty food. Although the taste is obviously worse than in restaurants, for the price it's being sold at you can't really go wrong. The cooking instructions are simple (If even I can cook it) and therefore is reasonably worthwhile. However, I want to draw to your attention the other substitute pizzas, such as the Loaded pizza as a change to this bland italian-style bake or just purchasing a base to put whatever toppings you feel like on. The Mediterranean is a perfect dish to serve when hosting friends, as it meets most dietary requirements and to be honest, you won't find many who don't enjoy a good pizza!


          Price: 8/10.
          Reasonably good, normal price for most pizzas so there is no reason for you to feel you have to buy this one.

          Taste: 6.5/10
          Nothing special, merely average there are a lot of others on offer which offer a more pleasant taste and I especially hate the courgettes.

          Packaging: 7/10
          Nice packaging, with everything necessary included and a pizza which misleadingly shows a delicious pizza, born to make your mouth water.

          Smell: 8/10
          Well, the smell is quite misleading the mixture of scents coming from the pizza to my eager nose was delightful, yet made it more frustrating when I realised the taste did not match the mouth-watering aroma of the pizza...even the courgettes smelt nice!!

          Likeliness to buy again:
          Perhaps, it really depends whether I forget that I've ever had this product before, my mum enjoyed it so maybe.

          EXTRA INFO!


          In case you were wondering what the ingredients were, here are some of the key ones:

          -Sun-dried tomato and basil sauce:
          Red sauce which makes the base smoother and is often the hottest part of the pizza so watch out!

          -Mozarella and cheddar cheeses:
          A variety of cheeses enhances the taste of the pizza and combined produces a delicious (Delicia) taste.

          Definitely not my favourite vegetable, really it depends whether you like this or not, it tasted as good as I've ever had it..but still not too nice.

          Again definitely not my favourite vegetable but really it depends whether you like this or not, it tasted as good as I've ever had it..but still not too nice.

          -Red and yellow peppers:
          Yummy vegetables,perfect on pizza base, contrasts with the pizza to perfection and would definitely go on an empty base!

          -A Provencale herb butter.

          Pizza base

          In case you want to know what is actually in the pizza base, or are interested in baking your own bases, here are some of the ingredients included:

          -Water/ H20.
          -Salt content.
          - Sugar.

          Note: This product is suitable for vegetarians and contains no meat!

          I hope this provided you with some useful information when pondering over whether to buy this or not. :)


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            05.05.2007 00:56
            Very helpful



            Italian style stone baked vegetarian pizza

            Relaxing with a glass of chilled white wine and soaking up the superb Sardinian view, is one of my memories of our first holiday in Sardinia. Feeling tired after travelling I ordered a pizza, thinking it would be light and easy to eat. Goodfella's Mediterranean pizza does remind me of the pizzas I ate in Italy, but on a much smaller scale! But it is still very tasty, light and easy to eat!

            Why buy a frozen pizza?
            I'm an older member of society, I love to eat out but not in fast food restaurants, those days when our children were younger are now over, but I still enjoy a pizza and although I prefer to make my own (or to be truthful my husband makes them!) having a pizza in the freezer is good if unexpected visitors arrive for lunch or if someone comes home late and fancies a snack. A frozen pizza can be just as good as a fresh, as they are frozen very quickly with the vegetables in tip top condition.

            Where can you buy it and how much?
            Tesco, Somerfield and Asda all seem to stock Goodfella's pizzas and sometimes have them on special offer. As you would expect, they are stocked in the freezer section with other pizzas. Presently you can snap up a Goodfella's Delicia Mediterranean Pizza for £1in Asda. Yes, that is right for £1! Normally it's nearer £2 in other stores.

            Who are Goodfella's?
            The range of Goodfella pizza's are made by Northern Foods, they mainly make Pizza, Biscuits, Ready Meals, Sandwiches and salads and Christmas Puddings. I admit I didn't realise they produce Fox's biscuits, Holland's Pies, Dalepak etc and also supply Asda, Marks and Spencer, Morrisons, Sainsbury and Tesco and began life in 1937 as a dairy. They have 19 sites over the UK and Ireland and their pizzas are very popular.

            Is the packaging eye catching and environmentally friendly?
            The square box is just a little larger than the pizza, and inside the pizza is sealed in clear plastic. I was pleased to see that there wasn't a polystyrene plate as well! The box is brightly coloured and clearly states the name Goodfella's and Delicia as they have various ranges and flavours. The cardboard box is recyclable.

            What is the pizza like?
            Silly question! It looks like a pizza. The base is Italian style stone-baked pizza, it is slightly thicker at the edge, and there is a border of about ¾in. without any filling. This does prevent the cheese bubbling up and boiling over onto your oven though and when cooked is still eatable and not baked hard. The tomato and basil sauce is dotted over the base and then the mixture of mozzarella and cheddar cheese is sprinkled over. On top is the char-grilled slices of courgette, aubergine and red and yellow peppers, finished with a little provencale herb butter.
            Silly me forgot to measure it before cooking, but I would guess holding the ruler on top that it was just under 12in. diameter.

            Cooking Instructions?
            The instructions are quite amusing, but very clear. They are guidelines only. "5 steps to Delicia Heaven". For best results cook from Frozen, the oven should be preheated to 200C or Gas 5, pop onto the oven shelf rather than on a tray, I find this helps keep the base crisp. The next instruction really amuses me as it says bake for indicated time- (shown in a little alarm clock) and adds in brackets " you could use this time to prepare a mixed salad!" No sitting down for 15 minutes with a glass of wine! I always check as recommended to see the pizza is piping hot, sometimes the centre needs a few minutes longer or the sauce is still cool, my oven needs at least 15 minutes cooking time, for the pizza to be piping hot.

            What about the taste?
            The most important bit! Taste, no one wants to eat what I call "cardboard pizzas" and I have on one occasion bought something that was a tasteless frisbe! I'm pleased to say the Goodfella's pizza is a really good fellow to have stored in your freezer for when you need a snack, as it has a very realistic Italian pizza flavour. But I think the flavour is mainly in the sauce, herbs and cheese. The peppers do add to the flavour a little , but aubergine and courgettes are rather bland vegetables which need oils, herbs, garlic etc to make you think they taste fabulous. Having said that the vegetables have been chargrilled to add a little flavour, but I think it lacks that little extra umph!
            I much prefer the Delicia Pepperoni, which has oodles of slices of pepperoni! The crispy bread base tastes great.

            Watching your figure or just into healthy eating?
            Well Pizza isn't renowned for being a diet aid, and because of the cheese it isn't usually the best choice if you are trying to eat healthily, but a little occasionally won't harm you too much!
            Having said that, I'd better follow up with a few facts for those who do count calories. This is a 300g pizza and there are 12.2g fat per 100g of Pizza of which 4.6 g are saturated, but there is 9.1g of protein, and a larger carbohydrate totally 25.3g, so remember if you eat the whole pizza to multiply that by 3! But having a thin base does make it slightly better than the deeper variety. Also much healthier than fish fingers or meat pies. Useful for vegetarians too.

            Share and Enjoy
            I did wonder what this meant on the front of the box! I discovered on the reverse that the calories were given for ½ a pizza. Shock, horror, was this meant for two people? No way was I going to share this with my husband, he'd think I'd put him on a diet! Only having half the pizza might fill a hole at lunch time, but I think most people would want salad with it, or even a few chips or baked potato, and definitely if it was meant to be eaten for your main meal. But cutting it into six slices, and serving along with other meats and salads I would share and enjoy!


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          • Product Details

            Thin Italian-style stone-baked pizza base, spread with a rich sun-dried tomato and basil sauce, melting creamy mozzarella and cheddar cheeses. Piled with juicy chargrilled chunks of courgette, aubergine and red & yellow peppers, then smothered with a provencale herb butter to finish.