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Goodfella's Solo Pizzas

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Type: Other Ready Meals

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    5 Reviews
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      23.03.2010 19:47
      Very helpful



      Tasty solo slices

      My twins are not fussy eaters but they definitely have their favourite foods, sausage, chips, noodles and pizza. I get fed up of just feeding them the same brand and style of foods etc so while browsing in Iceland the other day I tried to look for something different to what they usually have. It was in their offer freezer I spotted the box of Goodfella's Solos Pizzas.

      Goodfella's Solos are boxes containing two slices of pizza, but a generous size coming with various toppings such as pepperoni and four cheese. It was in fact the four cheese variety I purchased as you can't go wrong with plain old cheese and tomato.

      The four cheese pizzas come in a yellow box, clearly telling us these are goodfella's four cheese stonebaked solos. There is a picture of two cooked slices beneath this bold writing, appetising pictures I must say. We are told on the front of the box that these are suitable for vegetarians.

      Each pizza contains;
      381 calories
      5.1g sugars
      14.8g fat
      4.4g saturates
      1.3g salt

      Now I've said these are a 'generous' size, but don't be fooled, these are not large pizzas they are just a good sized single slice of pizza. The majority of the pizza is the stonebaked base, there isn't alot of space for the topping to be honest, but what is there of the topping is tasty. The thick tomato sauce mixes well with the dough I just wish there was more of it. The cheese is thick and tasty and covers the whole surface of the pizza slice. The bottom of the pizza is hard compared to the doughy and gooey part on top. It is the base of the slices that provide the crunch against the soft dough on top and the thick tomato sauce and generous amount of cheese to. I havn't actually tried the other varieties of these pizzas, but having seen my mum eat some I can comfirm that toppings are chunky, large and from the sounds of her 'mmm's' they taste good to, they also cover the whole top of the pizza slice evenly to. I'd certainly eat them again, especially as they only cost £1 for a box of two.


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      04.07.2009 10:40
      Very helpful



      Try the BBQ chicken - it's delicious!

      My husband is a pizza fanatic so our freezer is always stocked up with frozen pizzas. Because I don't eat them as much as him I tend to buy individual ones rather than the big ones which won't all get eaten. Our favourite pizzas have always been Chicago Town's but I usually only buy them when they're on offer. Because they haven't been on offer lately (and I refuse to pay almost £1 for each small pizza) I stumbled upon Goodfella's range of individual pizzas in Iceland and decided to give these a try as they were only £1 for a pack of two (usually £1.50).

      Goodfella's range of Solos pizzas are long individual ones rather than the circular ones from Chicago Town. All Goodfella's pizzas have a soft stonebaked base and they do look rather tasty from the packaging - I picked up a pack of margherita for my husband and a BBQ chicken for me. The chicken looked really delicious and is topped with BBQ sauce, mozzarella cheese and chunks of marinated pure chicken breast. The margherita is topped with tomato sauce and melting mozzarella cheddar cheese.

      I'm not usually keen on margherita as I find it too plain and boring but this one looked rather nice so I gave it a try anyway. I should have stuck to my original feelings though as it was very boring. It came out thinner and flatter than the BBQ chicken and, although the base was puffy and light and tasted very nice, the tomato and cheese tasted very bland and I was bored after eating only a quarter of the small pizza.

      However, the BBQ chicken variety was delicious. This one, when cooked, seemed to come out bigger and puffier than the margarita and it looked much nicer. I'm not a huge fan of BBQ sauce but the sauce that this pizza was covered in tasted gorgeous - very sweet and tangy - and it also meant that I didn't need to put any extra sauce on it. The cheese melted well and wasn't too stringy nor too hard. The chicken was the best bit, cooked to perfection, with a slightly crisp outer edge and mixed perfectly with the BBQ sauce to make the pizza simply divine!

      They both come in large cardboard packaging which is a pain as they never seem to fit in my freezer. The cooking instructions say to cook the pizzas at gas mark 5 or 200 degrees C for approximately 10-12 minutes until the cheese is lightly golden and the base is a light brown colour. Our pizzas were done perfectly within this time and any longer would have burnt them so make sure you don't leave the oven unattended for too long.

      Each individual BBQ chicken pizza contains 346 calories and the margherita contains 362 calories, surprisingly, more than the BBQ chicken. Even though this isn't the healthiest of meals, because they're small, you can mix them with a side salad to create a healthier meal.

      Other varieties of Goodfella's solos pizzas include pepperoni, Hawaiian, Cajun chicken, pepperoni and sweet peppers, chicken and pesto, balsamic vegetables, tuna melt, and speciale. These are a great thing to have as either a small snack or if people in your family have different tastes and like different toppings.

      I'm one of those people who tends to stick to the same brands which I like but the Goodfella's BBQ chicken solos pizza was so yummy that I think it's pushed Chicago Town right out the window now. Chicago Town don't do a chicken individual pizza and chicken is my favourite topping so this is definitely now going to be a permanent fixture in my freezer. However, we'll be sticking to Chicago Town's margherita pizzas as these are much nicer and tastier and I wouldn't recommend Goodfella's margherita.


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        27.06.2009 10:05
        Very helpful



        nice enough pizza but not my favourite

        My younger daughter is a fan of pizzas & whilst in Iceland the other day I chose these Goodfella's Solo Stonebaked Pepperoni because they were on offer for £1 rather than the RRP of around £2.09.

        The box is very attractive with it's tempting pictures of cooked pizzas & fresh tomatoes, the famous Goodfella's logo & intriguing yellow banner stating 'new improved recipe'?

        The cardboard box contains 2 good-sized pizzas which are around 9" long x 5" wide & fairly deep (though not as deep as Chicago Town individual ones). They are individually packed in strong heat-sealed cellophane which is a bit awkward to undo without scissors) but the freshness is contained.

        When I first saw the pizzas through the wrap I was disappointed to find that all the pepperoni & a lot of the cheese had all settled on one side which meant picking up bits of frozen pepperoni & moving them along with the cheese to cover the whole base. In the end I gave up with mine & cooked it as it was but obviously the base was overcooked as it wasn't completely covered. I've never had this happen before & presume the toppings shifted during transportation?

        However the pizzas themselves were very tasty although I'm not usually a huge fan of stonebaked bases.

        There was plenty of topping which was very tasty - rather more pepperoni than I would have expected & for me, just the right amount of cheese & tomato. The pepperoni had a great flavour & was fairly spicy.

        With a salad I'd say that the pizza provides a fairly substantial meal & is very quick to cook - only 10 minutes in a conventional oven - which makes it ideal for having in the freezer for meals in a hurry.

        At £1 I think these were good value for money but I wouldn't pay £2 or more.

        All the ingredients are provided for those who are interested & the nutritional values are listed on both front & back of the box along with storage guidelines & cooking instructions. The box wighs 241g & each pizza contains 391 claories & 17.5g of fat so if I buy them again (for £1!) I'll have one strictly for a treat.

        - frozen topping not evenly spread but generous amount.
        - tasty when cooked, lovely colour.
        - good sized & crispy stonebaked base.
        - high in fat & calories (as most pizzas are unfortunately!)
        - would only buy when on offer as, although nice enough, it's not my favourite frozen pizza.


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          08.04.2008 22:31



          tasty tasty very very tasty must have more

          Goodfellas solos
          are a must for all those of you out there that like a nice tasty snack.
          The pepperoni oblong shaped packs of two are delicious smothered in a tangy tomato sauce and topped with motzerella cheese and pepperoni slices very tasty and quick only taking ten minutes in the conventional oven and piping hot too.
          Put with a few chips each oblong is a tasty treat for a light lunch or if your really hungry go for both slices and have a blow out.
          I highly recommend these tasty morsels and at the cheap price I paid in Morrisons supermarket of £1. per pack you cant really go wrong.
          I can't guarantee that that is the actual price all the time but even if they are a bit dearer they are seriously worth it.
          I have even tried the marguarita version and these are just as tasty and well loaded with tangy sauce and cheese.
          new info in>>>>
          Sorry to let you know that since writing this review I have been unable to find them in my local Supermarket, this is mildly disturbing as I don't as yet know if they have stopped production or if the supermarkets I go to have stopped supply.
          Finding out there are more flavours out there besides the ones I found as well I was eager to try them. To no avail. I will keep looking though and if anyone out there know where to get some more please write a comment.


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          11.09.2006 19:01
          Very helpful



          Great product for an evening snack

          Goodfella's Solo's

          Whilst out shopping last week I decided, it would be nice to buy these when I saw them, as it is something that would be ideal for a snack from the freezer. They are two small individual pizzas with a stone baked crust base. Although they were not cheap, the picture on the box looked extremely appetising making it impossible for me to resist. Varieties available are BBQ Chicken, Balsamic Vegetables, Cajun Chicken, Pepperoni and Sweet Peppers, Mozzarella, Margherita, Pepperoni and Hawaiian. I personally bought the Pepperoni, BBQ Chicken and Hawaiian and this is what I am basing my review on.

          About The Product.
          Each box of Goodfella's Solo's contains two single stone-baked pizzas, individually wrapped for freshness. They can be found in the supermarkets frozen aisle by all other varieties of pizza available. They are priced at around £2.09 per box of two and come in eight different varieties, although most leading supermarkets only sell three to four of those varieties. Frozen food specialists such as Iceland and Superstore size supermarkets try there best to stock all varieties however not always.

          What You Get.
          For £2.09, you get two individual stone baked base pizzas. The pizzas are approximately 10 inches long and 5 inches wide and are covered in there individual ingredients. BBQ Chicken variety is topped with BBQ sauce, Cheese and marinated chunks of chicken breast. Pepperoni variety is topped with a tomato sauce, cheese and pepperoni sausage. Hawaiian variety is topped with a Tomato sauce, cheese, smoked ham and pineapple. I am unable to go into details on the other varieties as I have only personally purchased those three varieties.

          The Pizza (referring to BBQ Chicken)
          The Pizza Base is a stone baked base and provided it is cooked correctly has a nice taste and texture to it. The BBQ sauce used on top of the pizza is nice and tangy but not over spiced in any way and there is a generous amount of it on top of the pizza base, you then have the mozzarella cheese. The cheese has a nice creamy taste to it but is not overpowering in any way. There is also a quite generous layer of cheese but not too much. You then have the marinated chicken breast, this has been diced into small square chunks and distributed evenly over the base, I counted 17 pieces on the last pizza I ate but this obviously varies from pizza to pizza. There to me was jus about enough chicken in proportion to the size of the pizza and the marinate gives it a nice tender aroma and delicate taste without being overpowering.

          The Packing
          Each pizza is individual seal wrapped in a clear plastic heat-sealed wrapper to obtain maximum freshness and stop the pizza toppings from falling all over the box. The two pizzas are then boxed in a cardboard box with the words GOODFELLA'S in red letters and SOLO'S in white letters on a dark brown box. There is also a picture of the pizza on the front of the box and by the picture is a lighter coloured section, which is colour co-ordinated with the variety with the variety title on it in coloured words. Example: - BBQ Chicken has a light golden orange section by the picture with the variety printed on this section in lighter coloured yellow orange letters.

          Taste and Smell.
          The pizza base is in no way chewy buy can taste a little floury for my liking however this is only just noticeable as there is always a good layer of the BBQ sauce which is not to spicy but has a delicate tangy taste that is not overpowering and they seem to have made sure that it is just right for the pizza as it evenly covers the top of the pizza without running over the side. The cheese has just the right taste to it and is creamy to taste but not greasy and not too much in quantity that it is pouring all over the side’s f the pizza when cooked. There is not hundreds of chicken on the top of this pizza but it is just right for the size of the pizza and had a nice delicate taste to it, it was not over marinated but was not tasteless either. The chicken was also nice and tender and not greasy or fatty in any way.

          Cooking Instructions.
          The box recommends that you:-

          Preheat an oven to 190'C fan, 200'C conventional, Gas Mark 5.
          Remove all packing from the pizza and place on a baking tray (Spread ingredients out evenly on pizza top).
          Place on the top shelf of a preheated oven and cook for approximately 10-12 minutes. (I DISAGREE WITH THIS see my opinion for details).
          Make sure the cheese is golden brown and piping hot before serving

          List of Main Ingredients Only
          Wheat Flour
          Chicken (17%)
          Mozzarella Cheese* (13%)
          Vegetable Oil
          Cider Vinegar
          Brown Sugar
          Tomato Puree
          Modified Maize Starch
          Onion Powder
          * From Milk

          Nutritional Information (Per Pizza)
          Energy 1458 KJ; 346 Kcal
          Protein 19.2g
          Carbohydrate 43.4g of which sugars 12.3g
          Fat 10.7g of which saturates 3.7g
          Fibre 4.1g
          Sodium 0.6g
          Salt equivalent 1.5g

          Allergy Advice
          Do not eat if you have an allergic reaction to any of the ingredients.
          Contains Gluten, Milk, and Soya and may contain Nut traces.

          My Opinion.
          In my own personal opinion, I found the pizza to be of generous size and have a good even amount of topping per pizza. Personally I had to cook my pizza for about 20 mins before it has gone golden brown and was piping hot all the way through, and this was in an oven that had been preheated for 15mins and is only 6 months old. I could understand if I had a cold oven or an old appliance but if you intend to eat these, I suggest you check they are thoroughly heated in the centre before turning off your oven and give extra time accordingly. The pizza base did seem a little floury to me but not too bad really, and I have to say I found the topping to be extremely tasty. I do feel they are a little expensive for what you actually get but worth the price for the quality of product. Compared to other Goodfella products I found them extremely high in quality and taste, as you would expect and compared to Findus French bread pizzas they are 100% better quality and taste. I give this product 8/10 and recommend the varieties I have personally tried anyway.


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