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Goodfellas La Bottega Ham, Tomato and Basil Pizza

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Brand: Goodfellas / Type: Pizza

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    3 Reviews
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      22.10.2009 17:18



      I'll keep buying them as long as they have offers on

      These limited edition frozen pizzas from Goodfellas have been around in the supermarket for a while and often seem to be on a half price or buy one free offer making them about £1.50 each. For that price they are an excellent pizza.

      They have a thick base which is OK although I generally prefer a thin base (easier to fit in the freezer apart from anything else!) and it doesn't seem very different from a normal pizza base to say they call it a ciabatta base. Goodfellas did at one point do a thin base pizza with the same topping but that seems to have disappeared now.

      The toppings are good with a lot of extra flavour coming from the basil and generous helpings of cheese and ham. They cook well in about 15 minutes in our fan oven and I always find it enjoyable although I wouldn't pay the full price of about £3 for one.


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      27.09.2009 11:28
      Very helpful
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      BOGOF pizza, I wish it had!

      Anybody that has read any of my other reviews will no doubt be aware that I can't resist a good bargain during my grocery shops. Well this was my latest, on offer in Tescos on buy one get one free. As I'm going round friends for a pizza and drinks tomorrow I thought this was ideal. However after a long day at work I got home last night and munched them both to myself and I'm actually rather glad I did, it would have been embarrassing turning up with this!

      The packaging is as the picture and is very good. It is far superior to other frozen pizzas and actually looks quite dare I say, posh? The box is totally cardboard with only a small slit so you can see just a fraction of the pizzas edge. I can't help feeling this is quite deliberate as if you could see any more there is no way anybody would buy it.

      The base of the pizza is allegedly 'Stonebaked Ciabatta'. Granted it is thicker than a standard thin and crispy base but I certainly wouldn't describe it as Ciabatta, I actually like Ciabatta! This is just a thick crispy base which is slightly chewy in the middle. I was expecting something different and was not impressed. From the base on up things only got worse.

      The toppings on this are almost non-existent! There should, according to the packaging be Ham, Tomato and a 'Basil Pesto'. The pizza has a standard tomato puree base which is so thinly spread you can actually see the 'Ciabatta' beneath in almost all areas of the pizza. There is a sprinkling of cheese on top of that and when I say a sprinkling that si exactly what I mean, even when cooked and melted you can see the individual cheese gratings.
      The ham is very cheap and thin cuttings of which there was only six on one pizza and five on the other! The tomatoes on the pizza are sliced baby ones which were actually the best part and I'm not normally a fan of tomatoes. They cooked well without burning and tasted firm yet moist.
      As for the basil pesto, I'm not sure I actually even came across any!

      I don't normally buy frozen pizzas, I get them from Asda and 'create my own' from their counter then freeze them myself. Next time I see frozen pizzas on offer I'll walk on past!


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        24.09.2009 11:45
        Very helpful



        For a frozen pizza it tastes FANTASTIC!!!

        There are so many pizza's to choose from, when visiting the supermarket, be it meaty, spicy, veggie or just plain cheese. So sometimes it makes it difficult to decide which one to buy that the family will like!.

        Well we have all have become addicted to the new Limited Edition pizza from Goodfella's in the La Bottega range.

        The base of this pizza is stonebaked ciabatta which makes it a bit different to the usual bases that you can buy. This makes it a bit thicker than the thin based ones. Although I don't really eat a lot of pizza's, this one is the best as the base is like having hot bread as it just pulls away all soft with a slightly crispy edge, unlike thick based ones that to me just seem to doughy and takes away a lot of the taste of the filling on top.

        We went for the Ham, Tomato and Basil one for a change. The ciabatta base is covered with a sweet tomato sauce which then has a good helping of grated mozzarella cheese. Again you will find a good helping of chopped lean ham sitting on the cheese with cherry tomatoes sliced in half scattered all over the pizza. The best bit I think is the basil pesto that has been very carefully drizzled all over the other ingredients!!

        It is best to cook from frozen, so put the oven on to 190C/375F/Gas 6, once pre-heated pop the pizza into the middle of the oven, straight onto the oven shelf as you will not need a baking tray for this one. Bake for 18 minutes and then when you open your oven door you will get the most delicious smell waft through your kitchen I'm not kidding!!

        Whenever I cook this up for my son I really get the urge to steal a slice and try and squeeze it all together so it still looks like a whole one.It brings out the devil in you because it smells so goooood!!

        Goodfella's decided to bring out a new range of pizza's so they went to Tuscany and discovered in the rolling hills a restaurant sitting in a tiny and charming medieval village which produced their own authenic meals. The Head Chef worked with Goodfella's for 6 months to create the recipes for this particular range so this is probably why it tastes so good.

        This pizza per half serving has;

        ~~~458 Calories~~~
        ~~~15.9g Protein~~~
        ~~~66.6g Carbohydrate~~~
        ~~~7.5g of which are sugars~~~
        ~~~14.2g Fat~~~
        ~~~5.4g of which are saturates~~~
        ~~~3.0g Fibre~~~
        ~~~0.5g Sodium~~~
        ~~~1.2g Salt Equivalent~~~

        The whole pizza weighs 390g and comes in a very colourful cardboard box that is a creamy colour with a large picture of this pizza on the front. The sell by date of this particular pizza is Sept 2010 so it is quite long.
        I got these pizza's from Tesco's who were doing them on special offer for £2.79 buy one get one free, but I do believe that this offer has now finished and I think they are now £2.00 each to buy!

        I will pay the full price as this is a really lovely pizza to eat and is worth every penny, they do 4 other ones as well which are;

        ~~~Sweet Chilli Chicken~~~
        ~~~Pepperoni Classico~~~
        ~~~Mozzerella & Pesto~~~

        We haven't tried any of the others as yet, as everytime I say shall will get a different one nobody wants to as they all love this one so much!!!

        I would recommend popping one of these into the oven and cracking open a bottle of red wine ready to have with it when it comes out of the oven. Buon Appetito!!!!!!!

        I will give this 5 stars!!


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