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Granose Meat Free Burger Mix

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Brand: Granose / Type: Vegetarians

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    4 Reviews
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      23.08.2015 16:08
      Very helpful



      A tasty vegan burger mix

      Granose burger mix is made with the following ingredients:

      Dried textured soya protein (50%)(defatted soya flour, malt extract), vegetable il, wholewheat rusk, yeast extract, stabilizer (methyl cellulose), rice flour, natural flavourings (contain milk), soya flour, onion powder, salt, dried onion, malt extract powder (barley), garlic powder.

      This burger mix comes packaged in a green box with two sachets inside, each containing a powdered soya burger mix which is supposed to make four burgers. The instructions are to add and mix in 140ml of cold water and leave to stand for ten minutes then shape into burgers and fry gently in shallow oil.

      I have used this mix quite a few times and I tend to use up both packets at once for myself and my husband and two year old. One of the advantages of a burger mix rather than pre-shaped burgers is that I can make mini-burgers for my daughter which she loves. It also means you can add herbs or spices if you wish.

      I think this is a really tasty mix. I often oven bake them instead of frying and this works well too. I much prefer this mix to some other vegan burger products I have tried. The burgers are softer in texture than burgers that are pre-made tend to be. I serve these with onions and salad in flat breads and they are delicious.


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      06.08.2009 17:45
      Very helpful



      Ok if on offer to put in the cupboard for a change with a bit of chillie powder or red onion

      Granose meat-free Burger mix have been around for a good few years. I remember buying them way back,so when I saw them on b.o.g.o.f. a few
      months ago I thought I would give them a try. My daughter being the only
      true veggie was keen to try these ( I'm virtually meat-free now!) as they are approved by the vegetarian society!

      This product comes in a green box with the granose logo on the front and a cooking suggestion on the back this one being serve with potato wedges.
      You will find on opening the box that there is two sachets in side, each weighing 87g. It suggests that out of each sachet you can get 4 burgers, but if I remember right it is more like 2. The sachets are clear and look like a bag of biscuit crumbs. On smelling inside the bag there is a slight smell that reminds me of stuffing and a very slight meaty smell.

      You empty this into a bowl and add 143ml of cold water, mix and stand for 10 minutes.( I have in the past added half a chopped red onion and some sage to give it a bit of a taste!). You are then supposed to make 4 burgers,
      but I only make 2. You can then shallow fry until golden brown or grill under
      a medium setting for 6 minutes each side until golden brown ( this is what I

      They are o.k. for a standby in the cupboard, but with the frozen burgers on
      the market at the moment like Quorn, Grassington and even some of the
      supermarkets own they don't quite come up to scratch! Maybe if you are a student and don't have a freezer then these would be fine with some other
      ingredients mixed with them.

      This company have been around for about 100 years, so I'm a bit surprised
      that they haven't come up with something a bit more tastier. Maybe a few herbs would make a big difference!

      The Nutrition Information when per 100g cooked is:

      Energy 236kcal
      Protein 14.3g
      Carbohydrate 14.3g
      Fat 13.5g
      of which saturates 3.3g
      Fibre 3.6g
      Sodium 0.38g

      There are:
      No Artificial Colours
      No Artificial Flavours

      Allery Advice :
      Contains Cows Milk
      Wheat Gluten
      Barley Gluten

      The ingredients are:
      Dried Textured Soya Protein(50%)(Defatted Soya Flour,Malt Extract)
      Vegetable Oil
      Wholewheat Rusk
      Yeast Extract
      Stabiliser (Methyl Cellulose)
      Rice Flour
      Natural Flavourings(contain milk)
      Soya Flour
      Onion Powder
      Dried Onion Powder
      Malt Extract Powder(barley)
      Garlic Powder

      On looking at the list of ingredients it must have the smallest amount of garlic and onion powder ever!

      I have tried their sausage mix, which is of a lighter colour, but found it was nicer with some added touches of your own. We made these into round patties instead of sausage shapes and put these into baps!

      I believe we paid about £1 for them in the offer!


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        28.02.2009 10:38
        Very helpful



        A granose mix, try it... add a bit salt or pepper etc.

        When this first came out, I was fairly annoyed. These were to replace the original "sosmix", (Which was delicious!) but Granose has bought them over and discontinued it. They aimed to replace it but something must have gone wrong. You can go to your local Holand & Barret or wherever and ask them what people have thought about this and 99 times out of 100 they will say it isn't as good.

        I still wish that Sosmix was still around but seeing as this was the closest thing to it, I learned to sort of like it.

        My main real issue between the two is that this "Granose Mix" tastes so plain. Sosmix was niceee :S

        Ok so I have had my little 'rant' and am going to tell you about Granose.

        Granose, owned by Symington's, is a card board box about 7 1/2 inches long.
        In each box is two sachets, 75g each. Each sachet makes 4 sausages.
        You add 125ml of cold water and leave for 10 minutes.
        Now you can cook (bake or fry).

        The method is simple and the same as sosmix was.

        On the back there are recipe suggestions and the whole box is a nice green colour.

        There are 9 varietes but my favourite, if you like, is the Granose Meat Free Burger Mix.

        Energy - 685kJ
        Protein - 7.4g
        Carbohydrate - 13.1g (of which sugars 1.2g)
        Fat - 9.1g (of which saturates 2.8g)
        Fibre - 2.6g
        Sodium - 0.29g

        Symington's owns more than just Granose. here is the site for granose:

        and you can look at the other brands they have.

        Overall, a healthy (nothing is completely 'healthy') mix, so simple even you could make it :P.


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          18.02.2009 21:28
          Very helpful



          Really quick and if you do it properly taste yummy!

          I'm not a vegetarian, but like having mixes such as these in stock for easy dinners and snacks when it's getting to the end of the week and my fridge is bare of proper fresh foods!

          How to prepare:
          The burger mix comes in two sachets, a powder and dried food mix to which you add water. The packet gives instructions as to the amount of water to add, but since a sachet would make enough for two people (approximately four small burger shapes) I use half a sachet and guesstimate the amounts! Pour the dried mix into a bowl, and cover with water, stirring, until the mix is sticky and wet. Form into balls and flatten before frying or grilling to cook. I fry mine in olive oil - no fat is given out so frying is fine.

          The Taste and Texture:
          This product does not taste like meat, so will not hit the spot for someone craving a real burger. However I like the taste - it has hints of meat in the same way a meat gravy does, and is flavoursome. The texture is quite like that of mince or a meat burger, there are different ingredients in the mix with different textures - soft, chewy etc - which add interest, although overall the product is soft, easy on the teeth and best of all - no grisly tendony bits! If you cheat and don't soak it long enough, it will cook fine but some of the long white bits will stay a bit hard.

          Tastes good with...
          On a burger, obviously, with salsa or mayonnaise or ketchup. Also tasty as a snack rolled into small burger shapes and dipped in ketchup, or with cheese melted on top. I had a delicious packed lunch the other day which consisted of two small burgers, some cold cooked broccoli, cherry tomatoes and carrot sticks, with a squiggle of ketchup and mayonnaise. You could make this healthier by using tomato based pasta-type sauce on the burgers, but I do think they need some kind of relish or sauce to lift the flavour. Fried onions are also a must!

          Per serving (one sachet), you get 3.3g of saturated fat and 0.38g of sodium (0.95g salt). For a dried sachet mix as part of a healthy meal I don't think that is bad at all, especially as I actually tend to get 2 servings from each sachet as I find small burgers filling enough.

          Put more water than you think it needs. Leave it for the full ten minutes, and even if it looks slightly sloppy, shape it and fry it anyway. It will be much softer and nicer for it!

          To help fry, pop it one side down into a hot pan of oil, then flip over with a spatula immediately. This helps seal it a bit, so when the one side is cooked and you turn it over, it doesn't fall apart.


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