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Grassington's Chicken Style Fillets

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2 Reviews

Brand: Grassington's / Type: Vegetarians

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    2 Reviews
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      17.11.2009 12:48
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      Wouldn't recommend

      I'm always on the look out for healthy foods to have as an evening meal as my other half is partial to chips, onion rings etc. Unfortunately unlike him I do have a body that puts on weight so want to have something tasty but healthy for tea. Also I am currently pregnant and there are foods that I can't eat or need to be cooked in a certain way.

      I spotted these on offer for £1 in Farmfoods but the Grassingtons website does say that they can be bought from Asda or Morrisons where I would expect you would pay slightly more (did try to look in Asda but I couldn't find them).

      These chicken style fillets are part of the Grassingtons Gardein range and are made out of a "unique and nourishing blend of farm grown grains and vegetables carefully prepared, cooked and combined to look and taste like premium lean meat." Not tofu like I orginally thought.

      The box is as the picture above and contains two chicken breast shapped pieces covered in a red tomato sauce with green flecks in it, which I would image are the herbs. The box recommends that you cook them for 20 minutes, so no difference to the Chicken fillets that my partner has taken a liking to.

      They seemed to cook really well and when they were removed from the oven the tomato sauce on the fillet had "caught" slightly and caramlised on the baking tray and they did smell herby.

      So for the taste, the tomato and herb marinade (more of a sauce or coating as it was only on the top) tasted really nice but was not very strong. The meat free fillet was bland and the sauce covering it was not enough to make up for this. I have had other vegetarian products before and the coatings/sauces have been wonderful, this one however failed to deliver. It was a strange sensation it was almost like you were putting two things into your mouth as the taste of the sauce seemed completely seperate to the fillet, hence why you could taste the blandness.

      These fillets are healthy and only contain 137 kcal but the taste didn;t make up for it. If I saw these on offer again I would avoid them as I think other products out there on the market are much nicer and just as healthy.

      I have a packet of the peppered steak version sat in the freezer to try as well just hoping when I get round to these that there much nicer but I'm not going to hold my breath.

      My advice if you have these is to have something with a bit of flavour with them even if its just mayo to try and make up for the blandness. These are not something I will rush to buy again and even if I saw them on offer I think they would get left where they were.


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      06.05.2009 01:53
      Very helpful
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      I'm steering clear of these and I'd tell others to do the same.

      This is a review of the Grassington's chicken style fillets in a tomato and herb marinade.

      I bought mine in Morrison's but I've heard that Asda also sell them. You get two in a box and, if I'm remembering correctly, they cost just under £2.

      They're suitable for vegetarians and vegans. They contain 137 calories per fillet.

      You can bake these in the oven, fry them, grill them or whack 'em in the microwave. I cooked my first fillet in the microwave, exactly as the instructions suggested and it tasted terrible. I tried cooking the second one in the oven and it turned out exactly the same!

      When cooking the fillet gave off a tomato-y burning smell but it wasn't burning. The cooked fillet didn't look like the picture on the box; it looked a lot less appetising!
      The marinade had a bit of a slimy texture and didn't really soak through the fillet which meant it was bland inside. The fillet was dry and quite chewy. The marinade did taste of tomatoes and herbs though.

      One fillet with some vegetables and potatoes wasn't enough to fill me but Grassington's do say on their website that it's meant as a light meal. I don't know if this does taste like a real fillet as it's been so long since I ate meat but I suspect a meat-eater would probably notice.

      I wouldn't buy these again. Maybe I just cooked them wrong but I did follow the instructions. After eating them I had to have a fizzy drink to help take the nasty taste away!

      From the Grassington's website:
      "With a tasty tomato and herb marinade, these meat free chicken fillets are
      almost indistinguishable from the real thing, but contain just 137 calories
      and 2.7 grams of fat. They can be accompanied by a side salad and new
      potatoes for a deliciously light lunch or supper."

      Rehydrated Soya Protein (45%), Rehydrated Wheat Protein (31%), Tomato Marinade (10%) [contains Water, Sugar, Tomato Paste, Vinegar, Garlic Puree, Corn Flour, Onion, Thickening Agent: Pectin, Bell Peppers, Spices, Basil], Natural Flavouring, Seasoning [contains Yeast Extract, Onion Powder, Sugar, Wheat Flour, Garlic Powder, Sage, Smoke Flavouring, Black Pepper, Sage Extract], Vegetable Oil, Stabiliser (Methyl Cellulose), Salt, Potato Starch, Cane Sugar, Beet Root Fibre, Pea Protein, Carrot Fibre.


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