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Hot and Spicy Chicken Nibbles

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Type: Frozen Food

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    2 Reviews
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      27.09.2008 18:46
      Very helpful



      tasty but hot

      These have been one of my favorite dinners for a long time,icelands hot spicy chicken wings offer a pack of approximatley 12 chicken wings covered in a spicy breadcrumb and the price in my local ice land tends to range from 1.99 to 2.99.
      Ive been buying these for about a year but latley have noticed they have revamped them and not just the packaging ,latley i have noticed the spicy ness of the chicken wings has been getting very spicy,i do love spicy food and paprika but as i sit here writing this review im eating a packet and there so hot they are almost unedible,i cant put it down to this pack as the last few packs have been very spicy also so i may have to reconsider buying them as tasty as they are.
      On the plus side they are very quick to cook and can make a great meal with noodles rice or even some fresh rolls ,just be carful if you have a sensitive mouth.
      Incidently they do a different flavour in the same range of southern fried, but sadly its not as exciting to my taste buds, to sum up a tasty treat just mind your mouth on them


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        11.10.2005 17:19
        Very helpful



        Chicken licking fire spitting bites.

        I know what you’re thinking, is that 5 bullets or 6?

        Do you feel lucky punk?

        Oh, wrong review!

        Why the hell am I writing about hot and spicy Chicken nibbles, I hear you ask?

        “Angus, why are you writing about Hot and Spicy Chicken Nibbles?”

        See, told you I heard you ask!

        Well, they happen to be one of my favourite snacks. Not the crappy ones you can get from Iceland for 99p. You know the ones? When you go to a tacky party where the hosts try to impress you with a £10 buffet and lots of Chinese leaf lettuce spread over the high fat content sausage rolls.

        Anyway, these little morsels can become an item of delicious taste bud teasing, saliva samba, snack size, bite size gourmet masterpieces if you only add a bit of imagination to the coating.

        First things first, choose some chicken pieces without bone, and make sure they are similar in size to those of a small chicken drumstick. My tip here is to lightly fry whole chicken breasts in a peanut oil, to flavour and to minimise the fatty content of the snack. Turn them frequently until the chicken itself turns light pink and then slice them into the two bite size pieces.

        Spread honey over the chopping board (after cleaning it) and then roll the chicken until it is covered with a light coating. (By spreading it on the chopping board, you ensure that the chicken gets an even coat and the honey does not smother the taste of the chilli.) If you prefer, you can use a sweet dipping chilli instead of honey, but I tend to find that the added sugar suffocates the flavour of the chicken. Grate a couple of wholemeal crusts to produce the breadcrumbs, and add a half teaspoon of dried Birdseye chillies per chicken piece to the mix. Then lightly roll the honey covered chicken through the mix, brushing off the excess and then lay them on a lightly buttered baking tray.

        Heat the oven to gas mark 6 (Never had an electric oven, so do not know the equivalent, but it’s about 66% of its heat capacity) and cook for 15 minutes, turning once to avoid the breadcrumbs burning.

        Fantastic taste and will satisfy a lot more than the cheap all-bone and gristle alternative offers for roughly the same price.

        Use a bit of imagination on the coating and you can crush tortilla chips and add some cracked black pepper or break some pieces of popcorn and cover the chicken as an alternative for the kids, but I would recommend cooking the chicken a little longer before hand and cutting the oven time down to between 5 and ten minutes.

        You can shallow fry the chicken if your prefer a sharper, more crispy coating but use an oil that is low in saturated fat and that can add to the flavour, such as peanut and sesame oils.

        You can use egg instead of honey if you do not have a sweet tooth or if you detest honey, and you can use flavoured crisps to keep the kids amused, although marmite is perhaps not recommended for a chilli recipe.

        If you like your chicken really hot, add some Louisiana Hot Sauce to the honey, and the combination is surreal.

        Well, there you go a hot and spicy chicken gala performance from the chilli man.

        Asta luego amigos.


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      • Product Details

        Chicken wings covered in breadcrumbs and seasoned with a spicy flavouring.

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