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Iceland Italian Style Cheese, Ham & Mushroom Pizza

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Type: Frozen Food

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    3 Reviews
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      08.12.2009 19:11
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      Dont buy it, unless you want food poisoning!

      What is an Italian style pizza, i thought a pizza was just some type of bread coved in cheese tomato puree and some other stuff. This pizza wasn't that nice, it was dry on the outside, and was all soggy in the middle, it wasn't enjoyable. The cheese was very poor quality, and normally i love the smell of cheese, but this one smelt horrible like something from the Asda basic range. There was barley any ham on at all, and the ham there wasn't nice either, it was all hard and even in some place burnt or over done!

      And the mushroom, every time i see a mushroom i feel sick, it was the most vile mushroom i had ever tasted. It was either burn to a crisp, or so soggy it was till partly frozen, some of them as thick as bread, while the others where really thin like a slice of cheese.

      The guide line for the cooking instructs was all wrong, when i put my pizza in, it looked quiet normal, when it come out, it was burn and soggy.I didn't know how it could of bean possible!

      And if the pizza was bad you should of seen the shop, you could barely push a trolley, and the staff wasn't helpful at all. The packeting wasn't all bad thought, it looked professional.

      considering the pizza itself, to the price it was about the same. A total rip off!


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        28.10.2009 16:51
        Very helpful
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        How can this be fit for human consumption?

        ** This review is for the Iceland Deep Pan Ham & Mushroom Pizza **

        Firstly, I dont know if there is a difference between the "Italian Style" and the "Deep pan" but as Dooyoo doesnt have the Deep Pan listed seperately I thought I would add this review here as the topping is the same and the place of purchase is too.

        Fancying a quick and easy lunch today we decided to have a pizza and luckily in our freezer waiting to be eaten was the product for this review.

        Contained in a garishly coloured bright red box, Iceland like to give us as much information as they possibly can. Along with the brand name and details of what it is we are told that this is "A deep pan pizza topped with tomato sauce, Mozzarella cheese, reformed smoke flavoured ham and sliced mushrooms. " In a huge yellow box the price is displayed - £1 and at the bottom we are informed that there are NO hydrogenated fats, NO artificial colours or flavours and NO GM ingredients.

        Heating up a pizza isnt rocket science and faithfully we bunged the said product into the oven, set the temperature and waited the 25 minutes for the pizza to become piping hot as instructed.

        First impressions as it came out of the oven were positive, there is certainly a lot of topping on the pizza and goes right up to the edge and visually it is impressive. What a pity therefore that I cant say the same for the taste.

        Ive never eaten plastic before so cant say for definate that this is what it tasted like, but thats what this pizza reminded me of. I would have been impressed (if I wasnt looking forward to eating it) that Iceland can take cheese, tomato, ham AND mushrooms and make them taste like, well, plasticy nothingness...

        So 0/5 for the topping and that was the good part...As the pizza had to be cooked for 25 minutes the base over that time-frame became a blackened, frazzled circle of charcoal. Im suprised I didnt break a tooth on the darned thing so 0/5 for the base. Oh dear...

        As I stated earlier, heating a pizza up in on oven isnt rocket science. I have succesfully managed to do this task on many occasions in the past cooking both fresh and frozen pizzas. The only conclusion I can draw from this experience is that because the base of this Iceland pizza is *so" deep is why it needed 25 minutes in the oven to heat through ensuring the topping also got cooked.

        If you decide that you would like to see if you have more luck than me with this pizza you may want to know the GDA information which is based on 1/3 of ovenbaked pizza:

        322 kcals
        12.7g protein
        carbs 42.6g (!!)
        of which 4.5g sugars
        11.1g Fat
        of which 6.1g saturates
        3.7g fibre
        0.4g sodium
        1.1g salt

        Actually, now that ive typed that out im quite pleased I didnt eat it with the amount of carbs it contained (!) and reading the back of the box i am fascinated with this statement "The cheese used in this product is made with Vegetarian Chymosin which is produced using gene technology. No Genetically Modified material is present in the finished product"...Doesnt that sound appertising? Yum!

        In conclusion then: It only cost a pound and that was too much. Horrible thing now sitting in our bin, will stick to Pizza Express & Tescos own fresh ones from now on...

        Got to give it 1 star as I cant leave a zero rating, so that star can be for the cheese sandwich I had for lunch instead of this pizza.


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          06.09.2008 02:15
          Very helpful



          The ultimate pizza? Hardly

          While shopping in Iceland earlier this week, I decided to get myself a couple of frozen pizzas. I must admit, I haven't had pizza for ages, but when I do have pizza I prefer to make my own. There are two problems with this - firstly it takes ages - the sauce alone takes 20 minutes to make - and secondly, the ingredients cost quite a lot. This means, that although they're not quite as fresh and don't taste quite as nice (to hell with modesty, I make a good pizza!), frozen pizzas are a lot more convenient.

          This pizza is from the Iceland Italian Style range. Although it costs just £1.50, it is actually the most expensive of the own-brand pizzas Iceland make.

          The pizza comes packaged in a pink cardboard box, which features a picture of the pizza on the front. It describes this as being 'The ultimate thin and crispy pizza' and lets us know that it contains no artificial colours or flavours.

          The pizza is described as being 'stone baked, topped with tomato sauce, cheese and crème fraiche sauce, grated mozzarella, formed ham, mushrooms, marinated onions and smoked ham.' On removing the pizza from the packaging, I could see that it had a fair bit of topping - great, as some of the very cheap supermarket own brand pizzas are all base and hardly any topping on them at all!

          The pizza is easy to cook, it simply goes on the middle shelf of your oven for 20-22 minutes.

          Once cooked the pizza looked nice, but not like it did on the picture. The cheese and crème fraiche sauce was pretty much covering everything else on the top of the pizza, and the only thing you could really see apart from that, were the few large chunks of onion.

          When I cut the pizza, I found the sauce was very creamy and also quite runny, so much so, it almost dripped off the pizza which I was a little surprised about.

          Taste wise, the base was nice - crispy on the outside with more of a doughiness to the edges. Although the sauce was nice and very creamy, I found that it pretty much overpowered the taste of the rest of the pizza - I could not taste the ham or the mushrooms at all, and only knew they were there because of the change in texture, which was a shame - especially since this is supposed to be a ham and mushroom pizza!! The only time there was any variation on taste was when I came to a piece of onion, which gave it a bit of a kick.

          Because of the fairly bland taste, caused by having so much of the creamy sauce, I could only manage to eat a little bit of this pizza, which I suppose is good for my waistline if nothing else!

          Each half pizza contains -

          392 calories
          19.5g protein
          50.3g carbohydrate
          12.5g fat
          2g salt

          I don't think I would buy this pizza again. To me, it wasn't a ham and mushroom pizza, it was more a crème fraiche sauce pizza, which although it tasted OK, was a little bit creamy for my liking.


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        • Product Details

          Stonebaked frozen pizza.

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