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Iceland Italian Style Stonebaked Pepperoni

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Brand: Iceland / Type: Pizza

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    1 Review
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      30.07.2009 10:54
      Very helpful




      When I'm in a fatty mood - which is more often than I'd like it to be really I tend to reach for a pizza. I'd love to order Pizza Hut and Domino's most nights but lack of funds stops me from doing so, so while shopping I try and find a pizza which satisfies me enough to take away my 'takeaway naughty cravings'. While in Iceland I spotted Iceland Italian Style Stonebaked Pepperoni pizza for just £1.50.

      I love pepperoni pizzas anyway but it was the picture of the pizza on the box which drew me in - it looked stunning. The box is a lovely purple colour and then we have the pizza on the front, such beautiful colours and mouthwatering melting cheese topped with slices of salami - which I adore - and even cherry tomatoes. We are told that this is 'the ultimate thin and crisp stonebaked pizza, topped with tomato sauce and grated mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, salami, cherry tomatoes and onions'. We are also told on the box that this pizza contains;

      No hydrogenated fats
      No artificial colours or flavours
      NO GM ingredients

      I didn't really care about any of that though I just wanted to stuff my face as I was having a down in the dumps moment. It took roughly 20 minutes to cook in my oven and as it cooked I could smell the tangy, tomatoey aroma floating around my kitchen. *Dribbles*

      When it came out of the oven it looked exactly the same as on the box - absolutely mouthwatering, I couldn't wait to tuck in.

      It is a very thin pizza and you guessed it quite crunchy too - the edges are slightly thicker than the base and crunchier. There is a generous amount of tomato sauce which has quite a thick consistency too. It has a slight tang to it and is really tasty, although sometimes greasy I've noticed.

      The pepperonis are small circles and add a little chew to the pizza, the onions are soft and slither down my throat. The tomatoes are beautiful, proper halves of cherry tomatoes, juicy and sweet. The salami is a lovely size and adds a subtle spice to the overall taste. The cheese is plentiful and melts lovely whilst cooking.

      This pizza has an awful lot going on but I love it - when I'm feeling naughty. It has a very rich flavour to it with all the toppings and the thick tomato sauce, it also has a slight spice to it too and I can only eat spices - even if mild - in small amounts. Each of the pizzas I've had vary but sometimes they can be quite greasy too which leaves it feeling heavy on my stomach - or that's the pounds I can feel piling on lol!

      I do enjoy the pizza as it has so many flavours to offer but if not in the mood for it all the flavours together are a bit overwhelming. I only really buy this now as a treat for me and my brother if he stays, especially as I'm trying to lose weight and this isn't healthy as you can imagine.

      Half a baked pizza contains;
      461 calories
      17.9g fat - no wonder my bum won't shrink!!
      7.5g saturates
      2.0g salt

      I'd only reccomend this pizza too people who enjoy rich and flavoursome pizzas with alot going on on them. The Iceland Italian Style Stonebaked pizzas offer other toppings too but I have only tried this one, I will have to try the others in the future.


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