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Ikea Köttbullar

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Brand: Ikea / Type: Other Ready Meals

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    2 Reviews
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      23.01.2012 11:31



      Svenska köttbullar - Swedish Meatballs

      Afer having lived in Sweden for a year I always go the Swedish food market in Ikea and stock up a few Swedish delicacies that I used to love. Swedish meatballs or 'Svenska köttbullar' in Swedish are one of the things that I always get. They are really reasonably priced, they are just £4.30 for a huge 1kg bag, and I find that this is plenty for to make 4 meals for 2 adults.

      The typical Swedish way to serve köttbullar is with boiled patoes, lingonberry jam and cream sauce. Ikea also sell both the lingonberry jam - 'sylt lingon' in Swedish, and the cream sauce - 'gräddsås' in Swedish.
      You could substitute the boiled poatoes for chips, or even rice or pasta, but whatever you do don't substitute the lingonberry jam or cream sauce - these two are what makes the meal so delicious.
      Another way to serve the meatballs would perhaps be with a tomatoe pasta sauce over a dish of pasta.

      The meatballs are really easy to cook, you can fry them, microwave them , or oven bake them. I always oven bake them as I find that this is the easyest way, and also I find that this makes for the tastiest way too - they crisp up beautifully in the oven. The cooking instructions are on the packet in loads of different languages!


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      12.05.2010 20:37
      Very helpful



      Yummy, Filling, Easy to make

      Having visited Sweden, I now have a new found respect for IKEA, and thought it appropriate to try their meatballs...

      The frozen meatballs are packaged in a plastic bag, just like any other frozen food. It is called Köttbullar, adding a bit of culture and Swedish flair to the product. Behind this is a nice stock photo, which is attractive and looks like what really is after preparation.

      Preparing the meatballs are extremely easy, and can be defrosted naturally, and then cooked in sauce, micro waved or put into the oven. Personally, I defrost it using the Micro wave and then heating it up with sauce, and takes around ten minutes to prepare.

      I usually eat this with spaghetti, but have also had them with rice, as well as with potatoes.

      The meatballs are a nice brown colour and just smaller than a ping pong ball. It is soft when bitten and has a nice meaty taste. I love it with spaghetti; it goes perfectly with the sauce and the spaghetti.

      It tastes really genuine, and like the ones I've had in Sweden. I'm not an expert in food, so am not really able to tell the difference! All I know is it tastes really good and is lovely and filling. I would definitely recommend this, as it tastes genuine and really yummy.

      On their own, the meatballs are slightly dry, so I would advise cooking with a sauce.

      The meatballs cost just under £4 for 1kg worth, and it is really worth the money!

      I really like this product, it reminds me of the meatballs I've had in Sweden, and they are the closest thing I've tried to the real thing. It has a premium taste that goes well with a range of different foods, my favourite being with spaghetti. However, they can be eaten with so many other things, such as rice or potatoes. If you want some real genuine tasting Meatballs that are easy to prepare and extremely yummy to eat, get these IKEA Köttbullar!


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