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Kerry LowLow Slices

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Brand: Kerry / Type: Other Ready Meals

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    3 Reviews
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      27.09.2010 10:34
      Very helpful




      I'm trying to lose weight with Slimming World, and doing rather nicely so far. The trouble is though, with any weight loss programme, there are going to be some foods you're going to have to cut back on - and cheese is usually one of them . After all, full fat cheese is very heavy in fat!

      The trouble is, I love cheese . I really love it! And diet cheese is, on the whole, pretty rubbish. There are three wayd you can tell a low fat diet cheese from a normal one generally :

      1)Dry, rubbery texture
      2)Tastes and smells like feet
      and 3) Doesn't melt properly on toast .

      I've had this experience with every low fat cheese I've tried, so I refused to purchase Kerry Low Low, convinced it would be just as awful as past experiences, and would be an expensive waste of money to boot. But then I won some on a Slimming World raffle, and not one to waste food, I settled down to give it a try .

      I won the sliced version, with 8 slices in a pack, and was immediately impressed with how easy it was to seperate the slices from each other without breaking them. The cheese was an attractive pale creamy yellow in colour, and really didn't smell of anything .

      As I made my cheese on toast, I noticed that the cheese was not at all dried out and rubbery in texture, and that the slices were just the right size for cheese on toast on a regular sized loaf of bread, although those using larger loaves may need to use more than one slice to cover their bread.

      But, would it melt ? Surprisingly, yes it did . Ok, a little slower than a full fat cheese perhaps, but it still softened and spread itself over the toast, bubbling up and really starting to smell nice and cheesy once it was warmed.

      Amazingly, it tasted lovely. Although it claimed on the packaging tobe mature, it was a little milder than I would like (but I like my really strong cheese!) but had a lovely rich creamy texture and a mellow yet tangy taste .

      The cheese is suitable for vegetarians, and contains no artificial colourings or preservatives. It is also gluten free . Nutritional info is given on the packaging per 100g or per slice, and a slice weighs in at just under an ounce, handy as many diets work on ounce measurements, including slimming world.

      Per slice, there are 60.4 calories,4.4g of fat, 2.7g of saturates,and 0.38g of salt.

      I highly recommend giving this cheese a try if you are attempting to lose weight or just to eat more healthily. Its delicious, melts well,and good for you . A pack of 8 slices costs £1.68 at my local supermarket, and Sainsburys are currently offering it on buy one get one free.

      4 stars - one off because I personally would like something more maure, but still an excellent product .


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      29.01.2010 10:54
      Very helpful



      Great in rolls and can't wait for the B-B-Q burgers!

      After buying Kerry's LowLow grated cheese, which was really lovely and had a good strong taste for a fat reduced cheese, I decided to try their new Mature Slices.

      These come in a hard plastic tray with a cream and green coloured top with a window on the front so you can see the cheese slices that are inside. These slices are nothing like Dairylea Slices ( the sort that you would put on top of a burger!) they are not soft, but are made from a hard mature Irish cheddar and are not individually wrapped. You get 8 slices in total, which make it great for putting into a nice crusty roll with a few slices of red onion ( I don't mean all 8 slices just one or two!).

      These are roughly three and a half inches square, so a fair size and are of a good thickness. What I like about these cheese slices is when making a sandwich and trying to lose weight ( I know if you are trying to lose weight you shouldn't be eating a cheese sandwich!) it is very easy to cut the cheese just that bit thicker as well as eating the odd bit while you are making it ( I have no control when it comes to cheese!) so you end up eating more cheese than you should do. So with these slices you know exactly what you are having.

      Just for Dooyoo I have just tried another one of these slices and they really are tasty and moreish. Once you have opened these slices it is best to place into a sandwich bag or some form of tub, as if they are exposed to the air they will go a bit hard like normal cheddar would ( as I discovered today when I got these out of the fridge to find that someone had not wrapped them up after opening!!).

      These slices are made from semi-skimmed milk, so that is why they contain 1/3 less fat than normal mature cheddar and are 100% natural with no artificial ingredients. Gluten free as well. Each slice is 20g and contains;

      ~~~Calories 60.4~~~
      ~~~Fat 4.4g~~~
      ~~~Saturates 2.7g~~~
      ~~~Salt 0.38%~~~

      I have noticed that it does say on the back of the packet that once opened use within 3 days of opening, but we have had these before and we have eaten them after more than 3 days of opening, as long as they are well wrapped they should last longer.

      So later on in the year when it becomes B-B-Q weather I think I will be using these to replace the usual Dairylea Slices that we usually have on our burgers, can't wait to see how the melt!.

      These were on special offer in Morrisons for 84p which I think is a great price for these tasty cheese slices.


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        18.11.2009 15:46
        Very helpful



        A great product which certainly lives up to its promises.

        Recently Kerry launched a new mature Irish cheddar cheese in The UK which is made from semi skimmed milk, and is therefore lower in fat than many other cheeses you can buy.

        Now I am a strong cheese lover and adore the rich tastes of Canadian cheddars, and recently have been indulging in some delicious Waitrose Cornish Quartz Cheddar, which is flavour strength 7, and absolutely divine. However some health issues have to be born in mind, and it probably isn't doing my cholesterol too many favours to indulge too often, so I do eat lower fat alternatives from time to time. This new cheese made by Kerry called LowLow is one I tried to see how it stood up to its richer more fattening rivals.

        Available in 4 main forms the cheese can be purchased as a block in two sizes, grated, or ready sliced, and it was the latter I went for.

        Presented in a rather attractive green and white pack the 8 slices I purchased cost me £1.69 from Tesco. Suitable for veggies like myself, and to my delight only 60 calories per slice. Now this very low figure attracted me, however in general I find that stronger cheeses demand less portion size to feel satisfied, so I was a little wary that I would have to eat several slices if this lacked the maturity of other cheeses. I have tried low fat cheeses before and found them to be bland and rubbery, so this was going to be quite an interesting challenge for me! I must admit to being rather sceptical!

        I needn't have worried- this cheese has all the flavour of a good strong mature cheddar without the high fat content, it really does, and there is no trace of that bland rubbery texture at all!

        Now Kerry has spent a staggering 5 million on advertising to get the message across that this cheddar really is worth buying, and this has funded fancy TV adverts which you may have seen.These feature mice nibbling cheese, dodging mountains of traps and so on. The truth is this stuff is delicious, and as long as you eat it in moderation it certainly gives you less fat than other cheeses.

        It has been available in Ireland for 6 years now, and is the number 2 brand over there already.

        It melts beautifully and the slices I bought are great because they really are portion control done for you!

        The Kerry website gives you an insight into the cheese and it is certainly worth a look.


        The pack I bought is easily resealable, and each slice was as fresh as the last when I returned to use it each day. There is no need to spend extra money on foil to wrap which is an added bonus.

        The cheese has a lovely cheddary smell and colour, and to be honest I think if you are trying to diet but really can't give up cheese, this is the way to go.
        Absolutely delicious-at last a dieter's friend which tastes lovely!

        Another attribute this has is that it has a long shelf life until opened. The pack I bought had a use by date of March 2010, although once opened it does recommend you keep refrigerated and use within 3 days. I found that it was fine for 8 days actually, and I didn't notice any deterioration in freshness or taste.

        The cheese is made with pasteurised milk and is gluten free with no artificial additives or preservatives.

        Only one wish-I would love it to be organic. Otherwise it is a brilliant product and one I am planning to buy regularly.

        All the way from Ireland and very tasty indeed!


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