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Kershaws Cod & Chips With Mushy Peas

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Type: Ready Meals

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    2 Reviews
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      08.02.2010 11:51
      Very helpful




      I picked up a box of this the other week in my local Good News Shop. It was £1.29, and I wasn't expecting a large portion of this, I was more expecting a small skittery bit in here, but it was surprising the size of this.

      You could cook this in the Oven and Microwave. I opted for the Micro for quickness. Normally I wouldn't cook Fish in the Micro, as I thought it would end up all soggy, which it was a bit soggy, but it was ok though.

      This was in a plastic tray, and each section had it's on hole bit. The Fish was 1 bit and a good lengh and thickness. Certainly not the lenght as a bit out of a Chippy, but about the size of a piece you get out of a Frozen Fish box. There was a few tablespoons of Peas, and the only let down was the amount of Chips, as there was hardly any of these. They were a bit thicker and longer than Microchips, but about the same amount as what you get in a box of them.

      The Cod had a good enough coating of Batter which was thin, but had a good crunch to it.

      I would try other food from this range, as it made a decent snack and it was a good enough price.


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      09.09.2009 17:09
      Very helpful



      A good quick, economy dinner!

      Occasionally I'm left in my house to my own devices which means I have to make myself some food. I love toast and make no secret of that fact but from time to time even I realise I do need to sit down and eat a meal of some sort. In Sainsbury's I decided to get a ready meal but I really did fancy fish and chips. Looking at the battered fish it was rather pricey and I only wanted a portion and then when I thought about it I needed to get fish, chips and some peas or something and then I thought about having to cook it! That's when I spotted this meal and it felt like all my wishes were granted!

      The Packaging:

      A brownish coloured box with a plate of fish, chips and mushy peas on it and I'm told it is Kershaws 'Est 1946' Cod & Chips With Mushy Peas and that the fish is made with 100% cod and that it is a new bigger 400g meal. At the bottom of the box I'm told that it cooks in the oven in 35 minutes or in the microwave for 8- 8 1/2 minutes, that the meal counts as one of 5 recomended vegetable portions a day, that the whole meals calorie intake is 496 calories and that it contains 15.6 of fat per meal. Other information on the back of the box includes cooking guidelines and freezing instructions, a full nutritional chart, ingredients and allergy advice and contact details for Kershaws are all given. Nice big box and the meal comes in a large black plastic tray with a clear film over it.

      The Meal:

      Well as soon as I took it out of the box I was impressed with the size of this meal and though it was a great sized portion for one person. I was initialy concerned that for a meal such as this is it was so low in calories so I expected a small portion and boy oh boy do I have a huge appetite. However the triangualar piece of fish was rather large, there were loads of chips and a couple of tablespoons of mushy looking peas.

      Usually I opt to cook my food in the microwave but with chips I find them to go soggy and I hate that so I simply put the food on a baking tray and got told on the box to peel off the lid over the mushy pea apartment and cut it off and cook those in the tray provided in my pre heated oven for the recomended cooking time of 35 minutes. Of course like I said previously you can do what I did but use the microwave if you wish.

      My meal cooked in the time stated and from frozen which is recomended. When I went and took my food out of the oven I was rather pleased by it's appearance. My chips appeared like oven chips usually do, slightly golden in colour and firm with no visible oil to speak off. The fish, again looked golden and away I went with the tomato sauce!

      Overall this meal was rather tasty. Ok lets face facts not as good as if you buy the items seperate and cook them yourself but it's ok for a quick ready meal. The fish was tasty, the batter was thin and I found no bones anywhere in it. It could have done with a little seasoning in the batter and a bit more of it but hey it was nice enough and made with nice white cod and no nasty bits of skin or anything was in it. The chips were a little bland but well cooked though and firm enough without being too hard and least they wern't soggy offerings! The mushy peas were again a little bland and I don't personally appreciate pea skins that are chewy in the mix either but I still ate them.

      It's a good buy for one person, not rocket science to heat up and is a rather hearty meal! I'd buy it again due to it filling my tummy and in a fuss free way to prepare but it won't rock your world in the taste department I'm sure but it's simply nice enough lol.

      Allergy Advice:
      Contains: Gluten, milk and fish.

      Nutritional Information Per Meal:

      Energy; 496 calories
      Protein: 23.6g
      Carbohydrate: 65.6g
      of which sugars: 6.4g
      Fat: 15.6g
      of which saturates: 2.8g
      Fibre: 10.4g
      Sodium: 0.8g

      Available in all good supermarkets. I paid £1.39 for my meal and other varieties are available.


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