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Lidl Broccoli Mix

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Brand: Lidl / Type: Frozen Food

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    1 Review
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      21.09.2011 14:21
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      A lovely frozen vegetable mix from Lidl.

      Lidl is not a shop that I visit very often, as I prefer to do my shopping online due to health and mobility problems. In the past week or two however I have been popping into my local Lidl store for a few bits and pieces as it is quite close to where I live and so quite handy for me at times.

      In amongst the frozen foodstuffs that were available in-store I noticed several bags of frozen 'mixed' vegetables. There were several varieties available if memory serves me right which contained a variety of frozen vegetables such as green beans and carrots. The bag that I chose however, was the Lidl 'Broccoli Mix' as broccoli is my favourite vegetable and I eat it quite regularly.

      To be more precise, the Lidl Broccoli Mix is a variety of three different types of vegetables mixed together in a large bag. The vegetables are broccoli (of course), cauliflower and carrots. I paid only 99 pence for the rather generous 1kg sized bag of frozen Broccoli Mix which I thought was very reasonable value. I would point out that the plastic bag of Broccoli Mix that I purchased differs from the one shown at the top of the Dooyoo page.

      The first thing that struck me when I opened the bag of Lidl Broccoli Mix was how the vegetables were very generously sized and their quantities more than adequate. I guess because Lidl is a discounted 'budget' sort of store, I had assumed that perhaps some of their items were slightly poorer quality than that of a more 'mainstream' supermarket.

      The broccoli florets were abundant in their quantity, and I was impressed by their size. I was also impressed to note that there was not one single stalk or stem-like vegetable cutting within the contents of the plastic bag. This is something that has annoyed me in the past when purchasing other brands of frozen mixed vegetables and especially those that are priced quite cheaply. I find there is nothing worse than preparing a side portion of mixed vegetables only to find that it is littered with stalks and stems of vegetables rather than the succulent florets themselves.

      The cauliflower florets that were in the bag of Lidl Broccoli Mix were of an equally good quality and were a perfect white colour. These were actually quite large in their size, so much so that I had to chop them up a little once they were cooked. This is not a criticism and is actually a plus point for me as I thought it offered even better value for money.

      The carrots in the bag of Broccoli Mix were of a very good quality also, and there were none that I needed to discard prior to cooking. In actual fact the carrots are sliced into circular slices and they have an attractive 'crinkle' design to them which is not something I have come across with frozen carrots in the past.

      I find it very convenient to store and cook frozen mixed vegetables such as the Broccoli Mix because it means I can store them in my freezer until I am ready to use them, then I can simply dish out an ample serving into a container and keep the remainder of the bag until next time. This has proven to be much more economical for me as I used to have to throw out fresh vegetables as they had begun to perish due to not being used up in time! I abhor any sort of food waste, so the frozen solution suits me perfectly.

      Furthermore, I found that the Lidl Broccoli Mix was extremely easy to cook, and all I had to do was place my portion of mixed vegetables into a pan of boiling water until they were softened and cooked through. This only takes around five minutes and I have no difficulty or issue with doing this.

      The vegetables once cooked, were lovely and moist and really quite flavoursome. None of the vegetables appeared to be dried out to me, nor were any of them lacking in flavour or texture. I thought that all the vegetables were of a fairly high quality, but in particular the carrots and broccoli were really delicious and the carrots had a lovely delicate sweetness to them.

      I tend to add mixed vegetables to a variety of dishes such as curries, stir-fries and casseroles, as well as using them as an accompaniment to fish. I have used the Lidl Broccoli Mix in all manner of ways, and certainly all of the ones listed here proved to be a success for me. I thought that the vegetables were just as tasty as any other variety of frozen mixed vegetables that I have bought before.

      The Lidl Broccoli Mix only lasted around a week the first time that I bought the 1kg bag which I think proves how popular the mix is in my household. I like how convenient the vegetables are to store, prepare and to cook, and for these reasons I will continue to buy the bag of mixed vegetables.

      The Lidl Broccoli Mix is only available in braches of Lidl Supermarkets and costs around 31 for the 1kg bag which I think is really fantastic value.


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