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Marks & Spencer Chicken Enchiladas

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Type: Chicken

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    2 Reviews
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      10.07.2008 15:14
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      Stick to old el paso if you are a novice in the kitchen. They taste nicer,cost less and you get more

      If asked what type of food I like the most, I would have to think about this for quite some time (I have done this, often) and after some careful deliberation with myself, I would come to the conclusion that it is Mexican food which marginally fights off Chinese.
      I love Mexican food and I especially love Enchiladas! I was wandering through Marks and Spencer aimlessly looking to kill about an hour before meeting some geezer that works for the bank and stumbled across a pack of pre-prepared Enchiladas and being the lazy sod that I am thought that it was something I could bung in the oven in the evening for sustinence.

      The pack cost me £3.99 which is a fairly standard price for what was apparently enough to serve two people. Yes, I would agree with this is the two people were size zero models but I happen to be a growing young man and this pack was to be sufficient for just myself!
      After a stressful afternoon I got home and cracked open a tinnie and decided it was time to eat. I did the Enchiladas in the oven for what was roughly half an hour on 200 degrees celsius. (Unlike general consensus, you time with your eyes not the clock. When it looks ready and you've checked that it is cooked in the middle, it is time to eat).

      You get four tortilla wraps for your dosh and that is more than reasonable. They didn't look anything special when they were cooked but how good can something look when it is packaged up to just be bunged in the oven for conveniance!
      The important thing of course however is the taste. So what did these M and S Enchiladas taste like? Well they were spicy, the chicken was of good quality and the mix was right. They filled me and they tasted pretty good. Nothing gourmet or fancy but they hit the spot.

      Will I buy again? Probably not because Marks and Spencer is not really my usual place of shopping. Generally you need a large bank balance to be regularly doing your food shopping at M and S and that certainly doesn't fit with me.

      Cost = £3.99
      Feeds = 2 (Yeah right)
      Cook = Oven takes roughly 30 mins @ 200 degrees celsius
      Do not know if it is Microwavable. Check Labels.

      Please note - this is published elsewhere


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        14.05.2008 10:12
        Very helpful



        an easy and tasty meal

        I was in Marks & Spencer's when I noticed they had buy 1 get 1 free on their Mexican ready meals, so I picked up a couple to try.

        The chicken Enchiladas are supposed to serve 2 but as I didn't get anything to go with them I ate the whole thing myself :-D I'm a pig I know! The pack contains four flour tortillas. Each one is wrapped around pieces of chicken in a creamy sauce they are covered with tomato salsa and grated cheese

        I must admit when I first took the plastic tray out of the packet I wasn't overly impressed with how it looked, it looked quite bland and there really didn't seem to be much cheese on it. Still I was hungry so I popped it in the oven (190 degrees C for 30 minutes, or 45 if it's from frozen). After about 20 minutes the house was filled with a lovely smell of spices and grilled cheese and I became a bit more optimistic.

        When I took it out of the oven it looked much more appetising, the cheese had melted and along with the salsa covered most of the tortillas and what wasn't covered was lovely, crisp and golden. Plus it smelled delicious.

        The front of the box showed the four rolled tortillas neatly piled on a plate, not sure how they managed that as mine fell apart a bit when I took them out the tray. So they didn't look as pretty, who cares by this time I was starving!

        So the important bit, what do they actually taste like? In a word...lovely. The creamy sauce is fairly spicy but not overly and the box says that it is a mild dish. There isn't as much chicken in as I would have liked but there is lots of sauce and melted cheese so they are nice and moist. One word of warning though, let them cool down a bit before stuffing one in your mouth. As I am writing this I am nursing a very painful blister on the roof of my mouth.

        The card sleeve is a bright turquoise/blue colour with a picture of tortillas piled on a plate on the top. It also says that you must store it in the fridge and keep it flat. The tortillas can only be cooked in the oven and not microwaved

        --- Nutritional information ---

        Half a pack (240g) provides
        410 Cals
        7.2g sugar
        17.5g Fat
        9.1g Saturated Fat
        1.85g Salt
        They don't contain any artificial colours, flavourings or preservatives

        --- Allergies ---

        It contain Cow's milk, Wheat, Barley and Gluten
        It is made in a factory that uses sesame ingredients

        --- Conclusion ---

        These may not be the healthiest option available but if you share them between two with lots of salad they make a delicious, quick and easy meal. I definitely recommend them and at only 3.99 they won't break the bank either


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