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Marks & Spencer Scallop & Chorizo Potato Rosti

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Brand: Marks & Spencer / Type: Potato

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    2 Reviews
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      14.03.2009 15:54
      1 Comment



      I would suggest buying them as a finger food/ snack style thing

      Last week one of my housemates had some birthday drinks at our flat and these was one of the finger food dishes that we offered. The scallop and chorizo potato rostis are incredibly tasty and I would recommend them as a great finger food for parties/ buffet style events or as a little snack with drinks before going out.
      I do think they are quite expensive but as we all know, M & S food always looks and tastes amazing!
      I wouldn't recommend buying theses as a main meal! However, if you intend to have a few just for the great taste then I certainly recommend these!
      Additionally, I think these would make great treats if you yourself are going to a party and so that you are not going empty handed.
      Also they are so well presented that they will look really nice on plates as buffet food! Enjoy!


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        28.08.2008 10:52
        Very helpful



        A delicious buffet food that most people will enjoy.

        My daughter was given £50 worth of M&S vouchers recently and when she couldn't decide what to spend them on opted to buy some 'grown up' buffet food for the adults to gorge on at my granddaughters birthday party. M&S are well known for their food that's 'not just food' so I wasn't at all surprised to see how posh looking the items she bought from here were compared to the rest of the Tesco, Sainsbury's and Iceland food we'd bought.

        A good example of this is the 12 Scallop & Chorizo Potato Rosti. These are lovely looking little bites which look absolutely delicious with a large scallop perched on top of a fairly thick slice of Chorizo, which in turn is sitting atop a small circular potato rosti. They are chilled and take just a few minutes to cook in the oven, being careful not to overcook them as you don't want the scallops to go rubbery and chewy.

        They looked great when she had arranged them with the other hot food and believe me they are so tasty that the 12 did not last long at all! These Scallop & Chorizo Potato Rosti stacks come with wooden skewers so that you can stab through all of the ingredients and pick them up together, making eating them simple and fun.

        The flavours in these are delicious and because each layer has it's own distinctive taste you'll find them a joy to eat. The scallop is succulent and juicy with a beautifully delicate seafood flavour, it was pure white before cooking but has now turned a lovely golden colour on the top which makes it look delicious. It has a good meaty texture which makes me confident these are fresh and good quality scallops.

        The Chorizo is a delicious addition and the spiciness works extremely well with the blander flavours of the scallops and rosti. It's not overly spicy, but it certainly has a good strong kick to it with a definite taste of chilli. It's smoked to perfection, not too much so that it's left tasting false but enough smoking to give it that distinctive Chorizo flavour. I found as these bites cooked the fat came out of the Chorizo and absorbed slightly into the bottom of the scallop which helped to marry together the two very different flavours.

        My favourite part of these Scallop & Chorizo Potato Rostis was the rosti itself. With a Bubble & Squeak type consistency, this rosti was absolutely delicious. The potato used to create the rosti has been finely grated and I believe there is a touch of onion and herbs in there, although I found it quite hard to put my finger on different flavours as the rosti too has soaked up some of the Chorizo fat and this overwhelms the more delicate flavours somewhat.

        Together these three wonderful foodstuffs have create a decadent and very tasty buffet food for adults. Being M&S, their quality is reflected in the price and the Scallop & Chorizo Potato Rostis cost £6 for 12. I think these are certainly worth every penny though because if you were to buy scallops, good quality Chorizo and the ingredients for the rosti then you'd probably pay roughly the same, if not more. Like most M&S food these have the look and taste of home cooked food, I thought they were absolutely delicious and cannot wait for the next family party to buy them again!


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