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Brand: McCain / Type: Other Ready Meals

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    4 Reviews
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      10.02.2010 22:36
      Very helpful



      Lovely and convenient!

      Me and my mate in a caravan like chips and things like that but in said caravan it's really not a very good idea so we look for alternatives and we spotted these costing £1.00 a bag in Iceland and decided to give them a go!

      The Packaging:

      Plastic green bag with a picture of potatoes and sunflowers on it and a picture of a couple of the rostis cooked are on there. On the front of the bag I'm told they are McCain potato Rosti which are made with real potato goodness 'Crispy, shredded potato, a great twist to your meal' and that there are 4 rostis in a bag and there is an at a glance nutritional chart on there too. On the back of the bag other information includes ingredients being listed and allergy advice is given (Contains: milk), a full nutritional chart is shown, I'm told they are suitable for Vegetarians and the weight is stated which is 380g and contact details for the McCain company are listed. Easy to tear open bag and it's all informative enough of course.

      To Cook:
      Cook them in the oven for 20-22 minutes or you can grill them in 13-16 minutes if preferred.

      The Rostis:

      Well cooking these is really as easy as what we're told on the bag! I shoved mine in the oven from defrosted and on a baking tray and they went from an insipid looking cream colour and round in shape to looking slightly coated and getting a wonderful golden tan. They weren't all that thick but round in shape but big enough and looked slightly rough in texture.

      Taste wise me and my friend really did enjoy these. They're simply potato and well seasoned and that's it really! They do fall apart a bit as you eat them and stuff but they really do have a bite to them and after all they are grated potatoes! We were a little disappointed at there only being 4 in our bag but next time we're in agreement we shall buy more of them it's that simple!

      Nutritional Information Per 95g Serving Oven cooked:

      Calories: 184
      Fat|: 8.8g
      Sat Fat: 1.2g
      Sugar: 0.5g

      Available in all good supermarkets etc.


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      15.12.2009 12:28
      Very helpful
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      A nice change, but nothing special...

      My partner picked up a box of the McCain 'Rosti' in our local Farmfoods frozen food store to give them a try. There was a special offer on these at the time and I believe they cost around 80 pence or so and I'm not sure how much they would normally cost.

      The McCain Rosti are a frozen product which are made of potato. I would describe the rosti as being a sort of potato 'cake' made up of shredded potato which is lumped together into a little cake.

      The McCain rosti can be frozen until they are needed, and then they can be oven cooked which takes around 20 minutes or so. As this is the same amount of time as a lot of other frozen products that I cook regularly - for example Quorn Fillets or something, the McCain rosti are very convenient for me to cook alongside the main part of my meal as I can just pop them all into the oven on the same baking tray, and for the same amount of time. The rosti can also be grilled if you prefer.

      When I first removed the rosti from the cardboard box, first impressions were not good. The potato rosti looked very anaemic, being a pale white colour and it looked extremely unappetising.

      When it was cooking in the oven, I noticed there was no smell coming from the rosti, and nor was it browning up at all. It looked to be quite bland and boring!

      Removing it from the oven after the appropriate time, I was surprised to see that the rosti was still very pale looking. I checked it was cooked properly and it was hot all the way through so with that I served the rosti alongside the rest of our evening meal.

      What did impress me though was the fact that there was no grease or 'oil slick' on the baking tray and this is a significant problem that I have found lots of times in the past when cooking frozen potato products, so this was a nice surprise!

      When I cut into the rosti, I was pleased at the texture. It was lovely and soft, and not soggy as I had anticipated it would be. I thought that it added a bit of 'bite' to my meal and the texture complimented the other food on my plate.

      I felt that the rosti was a bit bland though, and would have liked it to have a slightly stronger taste. It was not tasteless exactly, but it just had a faint taste of sautéed potato or roast potatoes perhaps, nothing too major in the taste stakes I'm afraid. This let it down slightly and I would say that the whole point of adding a McCain rosti to my meal in future would be purely for the added 'bite' it brought to my plate.

      I also thought it was a bit on the dry side, although I do find this is the case with a lot of frozen potato products to be fair. I was glad that we had a home-made sauce with our meal on the occasion that we had tried out the McCain rosti, otherwise I think I would have found my meal was too dry.

      The nutritional information on the reverse of the cardboard box informs me that each 100g of the oven cooked rosti will provide me with 194 calories and 9.3g of fat. I can also see that they are suitable for a vegetarian diet.

      I would buy them again, but I did feel they were a bit of a let-down and I wouldn't rave about them. They are nice once in a while but I wouldn't REALLY go out of my way to buy them again or recommend them too highly.

      I will give the McCain rosti three Dooyoo stars, and I'm probably being a bit on the generous side. I would rather just have a jacket potato or some potato wedges in its place I think.


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        20.10.2009 22:31
        Very helpful



        A Nice Potato Product But It's Not Like Proper Rosti

        I brought a pack of these McCain Rosti because I love any rosti but get proper bored grating the potato up so I wanted to see if these frozen ones would be any good. They come in a bag now and not a box, that's weird because most companies are trying to reduce their packaging and instead of recyclable cardboard these now come in a plastic bag!

        They look a bit too perfect to be proper rosti because they are big round circles of potato. You cook them at gas mark 9 for about 20 minutes, don't overcook them because they don't brown as such but will go a bit hard if you leave them in the oven for too long.

        They taste quite nice but are a bit bland, they don't taste much like rosti I don't think and I think they are like a mix of a hash brown and a potato waffle. The outside of them is a bit harder than it should be and the inside was dry as well. I had to put salt and vinegar on mine to add some flavour and I didn't want to do that really because I had it with a breakfast and vinegar doesn't go that well with sausage! lol

        Another thing I didn't like about these rosti was that they are so thin, I'm sure when they came in a box they were thicker and that meant that the inside of them was a lot more moist and you could actually tell that the inside was grated potato instead of just potato that you can't identify how it's been made.

        This is one of them things that I'll buy again but I don't think I'll class them as rosti and will think of them more like a potato product that is a change from chips or waffles. They do have a nice flavour and are specially nice with a bit of red or bbq sauce but when I want rosti from now on I reckon I'll make my own and at least I know for sure that it's proper grated potato!


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        09.04.2009 02:17
        Very helpful



        A nice change from chips, mash or roast

        COST: £1.35 at my local village grocer, for 4 pieces (380g)

        NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION (per 100g, oven-baked):

        Calories: 194
        Kj: 814
        Protein: 2.6
        Carbohydrate: 25.0g
        - of which sugars: 0.5g
        Fat: 9.3g
        - of which saturates: 1.3g
        Fibre: 2.3g
        Sodium: 0.25g
        Salt equivalent: 0.7g


        Potatoes, sunflower oil, dehydrated potato, E464, E450, salt, pepper, flavouring


        Contains milk


        McCain Rosti claims to be made with 100% real potato, and is apparently "a Delia cheat ingredient" (whatever that may be). The product can be found in the deep freeze of some supermarkets and local grocers, and the pack is rather smart looking, a dark blue, with a picture of a cooked rosti on the front, and a sack of potatoes with a sunflower planted in the middle. The rear of the pack shows various quality claims from McCain, plus their contact details; ingredients, nutritional information, allergy advice and cooking instructions (grill for 13-16 minutes turning occasionally under a hot grill, or bake in a preheated oven - 240C/475F/Gas Mark 8 - for 20-22 minutes, turning occasionally).

        I love most potato dishes, but don't always have the time or inclination to prepare and cook them from scratch myself. I saw McCain Rosti for the first time the other day, and decided to give them a go. I didn't actually get around to using them until a couple of days later, and decided to have them with my homemade meatloaf and a huge salad.

        I opened the packet and removed two of the 4 pieces of rosti, noting that that each one was about the same diameter and about half as thick as a Wagon Wheel biscuit. The grated pieces of potato were distinctive, very tightly packed together, and of a rather nice pale daffodil yellow colour. Deciding to go for the oven-bake method, I hunted around on the packet to see if the cooking instructions advised to lightly oil the baking tray or not; there was no instruction to oil, but I did all the same as I hate having to scrape dried food from pots, pans and cooking trays.

        Once safely inside the oven and after about 10 minutes, there was a lovely smell of potato cooking, and my mouth began to water. I was hoping the rosti tasted as good as it smelled. Though advised on the packet to do so a few times, I only turned the rosti pieces once during cooking, and I personally found this to be adequate.

        When the cooking time was up, I removed the rosti from the oven to serve with the meatloaf and salad, and noticed that the 2 pieces had turned a very nice golden brown colour and had crisped around the edges and on the top. The pieces didn't appear to have shrunk at all in the cooking process either. The colour contrasted very well with the meatloaf and salad and looked very attractive on the plate.

        Taste time! On cutting a small piece from one of the rosti, my knife made that nice crackly noise as it cut through the crispy bits, and I noticed that the middle was soft and fluffy. I speared the piece with my fork and once in my mouth, I chewed gently. With a lot of these types of pre-prepared potato products, I find they have little bits of uncooked potato in them that for me is rather unpleasant - but with McCain Rosti, the inside was perfectly cooked and soft. The bits which should be soft were, and the bits which should be crispy also were. The rosti cakes weren't too greasy either, and tasted great, especially the crispy edges and top.

        The only thing I would have preferred, that each cake be a little thicker. I realise that rosti is supposed to be thin, but these could have done with an extra millimetre or so. Each rosti is rather high in fat (despite it's claim on the front of the box to have medium fat content) and is high calories too, but that's to be expected from this sort of product.

        As an overall verdict, I certainly shall be buying McCain Rosti again, and though so far I've only tried the product with the salad and meatloaf as described above, I'd imagine the rosti to be extremely versatile and would make a great potato accompaniment to most meals.

        Well done McCain....a really delicious product!

        Thanks for reading.


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