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Morrison's Glamorgan Meat Free Sausages

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Type: Vegetarians

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    3 Reviews
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      17.06.2010 12:28
      Very helpful



      A nice little sausage !

      Morrisons Meat Free 6 Glamorgan Sausages ~

      I am slowly working my way through various Quorn and meat free products of late, mainly due to having a desire for more healthy meals. Also the fact that I have recently lost 7lbs in weight in my quest to eat more healthily is spurring me on even more to continue on this path, as I have proved to myself that meat free products with a much lower fat content do seem to be working for me.

      I am not a vegetarian but I often do prefer vegetarian products as some of them have been really lovely and the health benefits far out way the high fat content of red meats. Most of the products have been really nice and I would buy them again in the future, however a small few leave a lot to be desired.

      These meat free sausages are convenience foods aimed mainly for vegetarian consumers as the products are made from potato, leek and cheese. They are quite small and short compared to other vegetarian sausages, but they are very tasty and healthy.

      Packaging ~ These sausages come in a fairly bland and plain box, with the only attraction being the photo on the front, of the sausages on a plate along with mushrooms, hash browns, scrambled egg and tomatoes as a serving suggestion. On the box we are also given the nutritional values which are as follows per 2 sausages:

      Calories ~ 205
      Sugar ~ 2.9g
      Fat ~ 11.3g
      Saturates ~ 2.2g
      Salt ~ 0.8g

      They also tell us on the front of the box that they contain no artificial colours, flavours and preservatives and no hydrogenated fats.

      They are easy to cook too and very quick, simply heat in the oven at 200c/400f or gas mark 6 for 16-17 minutes, or grill under a medium heat for about 14-16 minutes.

      Taste and Opinion ~ I actually really enjoyed these little sausages. They have no resemblance whatsoever to meat, as they are made up purely of cheese, onion, dried potato and leeks, they only resemble sausages in their shape. The smell when they are cooked is lovely and cheesy and you can smell the onion too. They look a lovely golden brown colour when cooked and look and smell delicious. The taste is very pleasant, not as cheesy as I would have liked as I love cheese, but you can really taste the leeks and onions, which again I like so am happy with that.

      The only downside if there is one is that they are a little too soft in texture for me. Some people may prefer this but I like to have something a little more substantial to chew on. The only thing holding them together seems to be the dried potato, without which I don't think they would keep together at all. Although having said that the outside is quite nice and crispy even though they are too soft in the middle.

      Great for vegetarians and great for slimmers too!!

      In conclusion though I am really happy with these and I would deffinatley buy these again, especially as they are very reasonably priced at £1.59 per pack of 6 sausages or on offer at £3.00 for 2 packs.

      Available in Morrisons !

      Thank you for reading my review!


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        13.05.2010 00:32
        Very helpful



        Good back up food for the freezer, not bad taste.

        I love vegetarian sausages and unless I really fancy a full english breakfast I will always chose meat free sausages over the real thing.

        This offering from Morrison's isn't my favourite veggi sausage brand but they do the job. The sausages are potato, leek and cheese and are quite small and short compared to other vegetarian sausages that I have had in the past.

        My favourite quick-fix meal whilst at university has been vegi sausage with pasta, red sauce and lots of melted cheese. I usually really enjoy cooking but came up with this concoction in a rush one evening when I didn't have much food in. I have tried my 'recipe' with various different sausages and these glamorgan ones are probably my least favourite. The reason for this is they are very soft and sort of feel more like croquetes than sausages. Other vegi sausages are hard and almost like real sausages (and I am not talking 'fake' sausages I always get cheese & leek etc) The problem with them being soft is that even when cooked for longer than the suggested time, which I think is 20 minutes, the can't easily be sliced as they are mushy.

        Although the presentation of my signature recipe involves slices of sausage, I look past this for these sausages as they do taste really good, but again they are not the best. I can taste the leek in them quite well which is good, they are not bland at all but they are nothing special.

        Morrisons run a 2 for £3 deal on their frozen meat free range which is very good value for money, you get 6 sausages in the pack and you can mix and match the offer with the other products in the range.

        If Morrisons is your only option then try them, if possible I would try elsewhere. Morrisons sometimes stock another brand of cheese and leek sausages but I can't remember what brand they are, they are in a white box as opposed to the green Morrisons one. The ones in the white box are more sausage like, bigger and tastier, it is a shame they don't sell them more often!


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          30.04.2010 09:05
          Very helpful



          A great meat free sausage

          ==Morrison's Meat Free Glamorgan Sausages==

          I am not a vegetarian but will still be found to buy some of the meat free produce from many shops because like these sausages, they are very tasty. I had once had some sausages staying in a hotel that were meat free and the best sausage I had ever eaten and since then I have tried numerous different meat free sausages to try and find the same sort of taste and I think this is the one that has come the closest.

          ==The Product==

          There are 6 of these meat free Glamorgan Sausages which come from Morrison's.
          They cost me £1.59 pence and they can be bought in a two for £3 offer with all of the other meat free produce that is also in the frozen section in store.
          This price is very good compared with other meat free
          sausages and indeed looking at the fact they are exceptionally good.

          The packaging is really nothing special as there is a cardboard box with which the sausages are housed loose inside. The box is of a green colour and shows a picture of the cooked product on the front. It gives all the necessary information such as that they are to be cooked in the oven, that they are suitable for vegetarians and also that they contain no artificial colour, flavours or preservatives and have no hydrogenated fats.

          Opening the box up and having a good sniff of the sausages reveals a rather nice and cheese aroma. This is not over powering but mild and appealing.
          The leeks can't really be smelt at this point but once the sausages are in the oven the leek aroma is strong and works well with the cheese.

          They are easy to cook as they only take around 6-17 minutes on a 200 degree setting.
          They do however need to be shook a few times as they are prone to cooking more on the side that they rest on the tray, but this is really the same with anything cooked in the oven.

          The sausages on the whole look very nice. You can literally see the pieces of leek which are contained in the sausage on the outer part along with some of the other ingredients such as onion and some of the seasoning. They have rather a dark charred look before they even go in the oven but this didn't put me off at all.

          So once they have had their 16 or so minutes in the oven they come out looking slightly darker than when they went in but due to a good amount of shaking and turning the sausages have cooked evenly. The smell is wonderfully cheesy and I couldn't wait to get stuck in. when I first cooked them, they were of a softer texture than I would have assumed and I first thought that this was way I had cooked them but each time I had some they turned out the same.

          The sausages were easy to cut and easy to eat and had a really nice taste to them.
          They were strong in cheese which is a lovely mature cheddar cheese and the leeks again were rather strong in taste but this does mix well with the cheese. There is also some dried potato contained in them which gives then slightly more stability and holds them together nicely.
          The flavour of this isn't really evident too much but again I think it all adds to the overall deliciousness of them.

          ==Overall Opinion==

          All in all I think these sausages are delicious.
          They are suitable for everyone and not just vegetarians. They are priced at a fair and good amount which I am happy to pay and I most certainly will be buying them again. They are better to eat than a normal sausage in the calories and fat content as 2 of these Glamorgan Sausages contain 205 calories, 2.2 grams of saturated sat and 0.8 grams of salt. On the whole this is pretty good and I am happy to eat two sausages at a time.

          So I think I will be picking myself up another box of these Sausages mext time I take a trip to Morrison's. Good price, good taste, good nutritional values = Great Dinner!

          5 out of 5 star product and an exceptionally high recommendation.

          Many thanks for taking the time to read.

          I do hope that this has been of some help/interest to you.


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          Manufacturer. Morrisons / Type: Vegetarians

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