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Morrisons Favourites Macaroni Cheese

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Brand: Morrisons / Type: Other Ready Meals

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    3 Reviews
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      06.09.2013 10:21
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      A nice treat once in a while for those who're partial to Macaroni Cheese

      I've never been a Morrisons customer purely because there's not been one near work or home but in the last year one has opened not far from me, next door to my gym and sometimes I pop in after the gym to do a bit of a top up shop.

      I spotted Morrisons Macaroni Cheese in the chilled section at a price of £1.50 for a 400g pack which I thought seemed like good value. I am partial to Macaroni Cheese once in a blue moon as it's quite tasty but not exactly the healthiest meal in the world if I'm honest. At £1.50 as a chilled meal I wasn't expecting much but I thought it couldn't be any worse than some that I've tried over the years from other stores.

      The pale green packaging made it look healthy to me and the pack states that it's made with free range egg pasta. There was a good 7 days left on the "use by" date so I knew I wouldn't have to eat it the same day but that didn't mean it was going to last long in my fridge once I knew it was there. If you're going to freeze this product you should do it within 1 day of purchasing and use it within 1 month of purchase.


      The back of the pack advises that it can be oven cooked for between 20-35 minutes depending on if it was chilled or frozen or between 5-9 minutes again depending on whether it's from chilled or frozen. The outer (cardboard) packaging needs to be removed and the film lid pierced before microwaving or removed if oven cooked. I used the easiest method for me which was the microwave.

      Once you remove from the oven or microwave you need to let the macaroni cheese stand for a minute or so to let it settle a bit. After that just stir and serve, although be careful as it will be piping hot.


      Once ready the macaroni cheese smelt delicious and it was a challenge to wait a couple of minutes to taste it as it was really hot. As I tasted the first mouthful I was very impressed with the taste, there seemed to be the perfect amount of cheese and pasta for a meal and it all went down very quickly.

      I would say that this is probably the tastiest "cook from chilled" macaroni cheese ready meal I've ever had and I've tried them from various supermarkets over the years.

      400g of this product, as cooked, is definitely filling enough for one person for a whole meal.


      Ingredients: cooked free range egg pasta (39%) (water, durum wheat semolina, pasteurised liquid whole free range egg), milk, mature cheddar cheese (17%), water, single cream, rapeseed oil, wheat flour, cornflour, English mustard (water, mustard flour, salt, sugar, wheat flour, citric acid, turmeric), salt, white pepper.

      Nutritional value per cooked 400g pack and % of guideline daily amounts: 753 calories (38%), 4.7g sugar (5.2%), 32.5g fat (50%), 18.8g saturates (94%) and 1.8g salt (30%). As can be clearly seen from these figures this is not the healthiest meal in the world and having a pack of this means you probably have to live on salad for the rest of the day!

      The allergy info on the pack warns that the product contains egg, gluten, milk and mustard.

      The cardboard outer packaging and plastic tray is recyclable but the film lid should be disposed of separately.


      Overall this tasty treat gets a strong 4 out of 5 stars from me. Morrisons Macaroni Cheese is delicious and extremely "moreish" but it's not something one could eat regularly due to the high fat, sugar and calorie content.


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        08.04.2009 12:15



        very good instant meal

        I saw this item for sale in Morrison's for a £1 per pack and thought as my son and I work very strange hours what a great idea to sling in the freezer for a meal we can have at a later date.
        Also can be eaten fresh too.
        I noticed the appertising packaging which is what made me buy it in the first place which had a picture of macaroni cheese over the cover which is a cardboard sleeve and obviously writing stating name of company and macaroni cheese.
        Inside there is a carton which is microwaveable or can be placed in conventional oven. this has a film lid.
        To cook I used the microwave so much quicker and simple. Just pricked the sleeve and shoved it in. Cook from fresh or frozen as it gives instructions for both and hey presto in a matter of a few minutes this cheesy meal is done.
        Take out of the tub and place on plate and eat with other things or on its own. I had bread and butter with mine, my son had chips. I found this meal adequate in size but tom said it could be a little bigger. I have since noticed there are two sizes to this meal so he gets the bigger one now. Which seems to be adequate. In fact he left a bit as he was full.
        GO FIGURE.
        The meal smelt good and tasted ok quite cheesy and smooth and what you would expect from a prepacked macaroni cheese. On the whole not a bad find in my view and will take a place in our freezer for that quick snack.


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        18.08.2008 18:11
        Very helpful



        Very easy to prepare and it is very creamy

        Macaroni Cheese now it's not really the sort of meal that I would normally eat but when I sent Hubby to buy Cauliflower Cheese from Morrison's he came back with this by mistake.
        He was rushing to get back for 'Top Gear' on the television if the truth be known!!!!!

        At the moment Morrison's are doing a deal on their favourites line of ready meals five for 4.00 so I do buy a few of them for easiness when we have both been working and they are all suitable for freezing.

        Trying this for a change is not going to be that bad an idea. It can be bought for 89p if you only want one but still a good bargain.

        It comes in a plastic dish suitable for the microwave or conventional oven and this is sealed with a film lid and wrapped in a cardboard sleeve with a nice picture of the meal on the front.

        To cook in the microwave you just remove the cardboard sleeve and pierce the film lid a few times, set the timer for 2.5 minutes, let it stand for 1 minute and then continue to cook for a further 2.5 minutes. It is recommended that you leave for a further minute before eating.

        I personally prefer to cook in a conventional oven and this takes 25 minutes from chilled or 40 minutes from frozen at 200 degrees, so either way is quite easy.

        I did notice that the plastic tray goes quite soft in the oven so it is best to stand it on a baking tray to avoid burning yourself when you take it out.

        We ate ours with Cumberland Sausage and a baked potato, the cheese sauce was rich and creamy but I did have to add some parmesan cheese to mine because I like a stronger taste but my hubby enjoyed his as it was. The macaroni was cooked just right and the portion size was more than adequate.

        I have added ham to this dish on another occasion and I can highly recommend it.

        There is one very big draw back to this meal for me despite it being absolutely delicious, it is very fattening......
        Protein 15.3
        Carbohydrates 34.5
        Fat 26.7
        Saturates 17.4
        Fibre 5.1
        Sodium 0.6
        Salt 1.5

        I certainly could not afford to eat it too often I have to watch my weight but it is nice for a treat.


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