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Morrisons Microwave In Minutes Beans & Sausages

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Brand: Morrisons / Type: Other Ready Meals

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    3 Reviews
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      05.02.2010 11:42
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      Yummy But Salty

      When we was in Morrisons the other day I fancied some beans and sausages on toast, while I was looking on the shelves I saw some of Morrisons own brand but they stand out because they come in a pouch instead of a tin.

      They are like that so that you can rip the top off and put the pouch straight in the microwave and then tip it onto your toast. It's a good idea I think and just like the Express Rice that you can buy from Uncle Bens.

      They're very nice as well, not as good as the Heinz version of beans and sausages but loads better than other supermarket brands I've brought. The beans are nice and soft , not rock hard like I thought they would be. They're quite small but have got a yummy taste and texture, the sauce looks a bit pale to me but it's quite thick and coats the beans and sausages nice.

      I can't remember how many sausages I got in the pouch but I reckon it would have been about 6 little ones. They're nice but mega salty tasting and that was a shame because the texture of them was good and they wasn't sloppy or slimey like a lot of tinned sausages. They've got quite a meaty texture and even though you can tell they're not proper sausages they are nice to eat.

      The trouble is that the salty sausages have made the sauce go salty as well, you can still taste that it's tomato sauce but I was majorly thirsty after I'd eaten this pouch of beans and sausages on my toast. The sauce has got a faint smokey flavour as well and I reckon this has come from the sausage as well.

      Over all I do think these are good and I'll deffo buy them again. I like salty food so even the mega salty sausage is fine with me, but if you don't like it then the salt might be a bit too much for your taste buds.

      I paid about 42p for a pouch that is just a bit smaller than a tin of Heinz beans and sausages.

      Recommended..... unless you hate salty food!!!


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        17.11.2009 18:26
        Very helpful



        for quickness or for on the go these are a good idea- just hope Heinz start selling them!

        Oh my word - what a novelty I thought! I had never seen nor heard mention of these microwave pouches of beans before. I dont usually shop in Morrisons and had never seen these in my local supermarkets.

        THere were three pouches to choose from. Just beans, beans and sausgaes, beand and meatballs. They were prices at 40p.

        Considering the only time we really have beans / beans and sausages is when were after something super quick then its actually my noraml heating method to bung them in the microwave. Obviously this means decanting my usual tin into another container first, finding a lid etc .. so i was delighted to spot these little beauties that can be put straight into the microwave.

        The pouches are 200g, one portion sized and can be heated in the microwave or on the hob.
        To microwave simply cut the corner off the pouch , heat according to the wattage of your microwave, stand for 1 minute and enjoy.

        Each pouch contains 223 calories, 10.4g sugar, 6.6g fat, 2.4g saturates and 2g salt.

        In the unlikely event that you would open the pouch and not use it all then the contents can be stored in a non mettalic container in the fridge for up to 48hours. Unopened this pouch is to be stored in a dry cool place away fromdirect sunlight. The expiry dates were extremely long, around a year or so much like the tins.

        THe proof is in the tasting as they say.
        Firstly, a warning - not the one on the packet that warns that care should be taken when opening pouch as filling will be hot - A warning that isn't on the packet - Do not pour the contents onto your toast! The sauce is too watery and makes the toast instantly soggy.
        The portion is generous though and definately enough for one. THere were four little sausages which is equal to the small size tins that I usually buy.

        All in all the taste was oK, obviously not up to Heinz standards that we love and expect but good for an own brand. My only quip is its too watery, like the sauce doesnt want to stick to the beans.

        Ill probably buy these again to keep as a spare in the cupboard or take to work but more for the ease factor than the taste factor.

        THe best thing about them is definately less washing up and less rubbish to throw although currently the pouch is not recyclable but there is a comment that this is something the manufacturer s working on.


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          04.11.2009 20:43
          Very helpful



          Not for me these and had such high hopes for them!

          One of my favourite snacks is toast topped with beans and sausages. I tend to get hungry and want my food straight away and it's an easy meal to prepare for just lil ole me!

          I usually buy a can of beans and sausages but these come in a pouch so I felt they were really worth buying as they cook in the pouch so less mess (in the microwave).

          The Packaging:

          Tallish oblong, light blue and white plastic pouch and there's a photograph of the beans and sausages on there. On the front I'm told they are Morrisons 'Microwave In Minutes' Beans & Sausages In Tomato Sauce. At the bottom of the pouch there is an at a glance nutritional chart on there, I'm told I can microwave them, the size is stated which is 200g and the best before date is displayed. Other information on the back of the pouch includes ingredients and allergy advice being given (Contains: Soya), there is a full nutritional chart displayed, storage details are given as are heating instructions and contact details for Morrisons are listed. It's a nice looking pouch, easy to open and it's informative enough too.

          The Bean & Sausages:

          Well upon opening the pouch I took a peak inside and was rather pleased which what I saw. I could see a rather generous portion of orange coloured baked beans in plenty of sauce. Now to cook these you have a couple of options. You can microwave them for about 2 1/2 minutes in the pouch or empty the contents of the pouch into a saucepan for about 3- 4 minutes. I personally cooked them in the time stated in the microwave, due it seeming a really fuss free method and toasted my toast and buttered it and waited!

          When done I poured the bean mixture over my toast. As anticipated you get do get a really generous portion for one of baked beans but the sauce is really wet, like orange water and I felt there was far too much of that so I didn't pour all that sauce on my toast! There were 4 small, pinkish sausages which seemed a bit stingy really compared to the amount of beans you get...however I tucked in as all in all it looked ok!

          The best bit of my meal was my toast! Where do I start? Well the juice was like I said too much in portion size for me to deal with. Thin, slightly tomatoey with an odd sweet taste to it. The beans were small, a bit tough and chewy and didn't seem to blend in well with the sauce like say Heinz does. The sausages...well they were horrible to be blunt. Soggy, they did taste a little of pork and bacon (which are ingredients used along with chicken) but they were rather small and slimy and unseasoned and just a bit bland really.

          Overall the flavours just didn't seem to mingle well together. The beans and sausages just weren't good quality which is a big shame to cos I did really like the concept of these. Not absolutely terrible, they fill a gap well but they just didn't do it in the taste department for me!

          Nutritional Information Per Pouch:

          Calories: 223
          Sugar: 10.4g
          Fat: 6.6g
          Saturates: 2.4g
          Salt: 2g

          Only available in Morrison stores priced around 40p.


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