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Morrisons Microwave In Minutes Meatballs & Beans

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Brand: Morrisons / Type: Other Ready Meals

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    2 Reviews
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      21.11.2009 10:53
      Very helpful



      Well be having these agai in the near future no doubt

      Last weekend I visited Morrisons. Its not my usual supermarket but I happened to find myself at that end of town.
      AS I was perusing their end of aisle weeks offers, I spotted the Morrisons microwave in minutes pouches. This range features pouches of beans, beans and sausages and beans and meatballs as an alernative to the usual tins.

      The pouches weigh 200g and are a single portion. You can spot them by the beans in a pale blue pouch with a plate of whatever is in the pouch depicted on a plate on the front picture.
      It clearly states at the top of the pouch wether they are beans only or the sausage or meatball varieties yet I managed to pick these up intending to buy the sausage ones only. Ive never been a fan of tinned meatballs or ant meatball come to think of it that wasnt made by mammas fair hand!

      Anyhow it was in my cupboard now and at the offer half price of 40p there was no reason to complain.

      Now at the weekends, I often let my four year old decide whats for breakfast. Its a deal that during the week helps us to be ready for school in time. I choose breakfast on a school day, usually always a cereal and my daughter always picks at weekends, usually wanting sausages and scramble eggs!
      THis morning she wanted beans and these were the only ones to hand.

      How To Cook

      Make a 4cm cut in the top corner of the pouch, place upright on a microwavable plate and microwave on full power for 1 1/2 - 2 1/2 minutes depending on the wattage of your microwave. Remove pouch and stand for 1 minute.
      Alternatively empty into a saucepan and heat gently on the hob for 3-4 minutes stirring frequently.

      For me the whole reason these pouches appealed were for convenience so ours went into the microwave.

      After trying the beans and sausages last week and ending up with soggy toast, I poured these into their own bowl and kept our toast seperate. I neednt have worried so much as for some reason the sauce was alot thicker it seems. In fact the only way that I could describe it is 'gloopy'. There is a generous portion of beans, the pack states 26% pea beans and 5 small meatballs. I tried one just so that I could say that I had. They were pale brown and mouthsize and incredibly when smootheted in sauce actually werent too bad. They tasted a little bacon like to me and thankfully I found no gristle.
      My daughter polished off the other four and said that they were squashed sausages.

      A pouch/ portion contains 226 calories, 10.4g sugar, 5.8g fat, 2.2g saturates, 1.8g salt.
      A quick scan across the long list of ingredients tells us that the meatballs are 7.5% pork and 5.1% bacon. The herbs and flavourings list is very long and I can only assume that its what flavours the sauce.

      Allergy Advice
      Contains gluten.

      Best Before End
      This pouch has next years October on it so can be stored in the cupboard for a year or so. Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight.

      I would purchase these again. Especially on the half price offer! We should be moving house shortly and will have o working kitchen for a while so these would be ideal as we live out of the microwave for a while! Less washing up and no hunting for the can opener!
      Personally I thought they were Ok, actually they exceeded my expectations! My daughter mentioned no difference at all to her usual brand.


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        08.11.2009 18:55
        Very helpful




        When it comes to meatballs I'm someone who always fancies them but gets them and ends up hating them. At the price of 40p (usually about 80p a pouch) for beans and meatballs I thought I should give them a try. I was a bit worried though after tasting the beans and sausages (please see review on here I did on those if interested) as I hated them, however I had bought these at the same time as making that purchase so I had little choice but to try them!

        The Packaging:

        The beans and meatballs come in a light blue and white plastic upright, oblong pouch and on the front there is a photograph of the beans and meatballs and I'm told they are Morrisons 'Microwave in minutes' Meatballs & Beans In Tomato Sauce and there is an at a glance nutritional chart on there, I'm told they are microwavable, the size is stated which is 200g and the best before date is clearly displayed. On the back of the pouch other information includes ingredients and allergy advice being given, a full nutritional chart is displayed and I'm told how to heat them up and contact details for Morrisons are given. It's a nice sturdy pouch and easy to open and it is informative enough too.

        The Meatballs & Beans:

        Well you have a couple of ways of heating these through. Really this is designed with convenience in mind and you can simply snip and nick into the top of the pouch and microwave them in 2 and half minutes but if you don't want to cook them through that way you can empty the contents if preferred directly into a saucepan and heat them through for about 3-4 minutes. Either way is fine though I bought mine to heat in the microwave as I'm incredibly lazy lol.

        Microwaving the pouch was fine in the time specified and I was pleased because although the contents were hot and slightly bubbling the pouch wasn't too hard to deal with and I managed easily to get the whole of the contents on to my toast without giving myself third degree burns lol.

        Looks wise you get a very decent portion of 'pea beans' which are covered in plenty of not too runny orange coloured sauce. I felt there was just enough juice and the mix wasn't too sloppy. I counted up 5 very small meatballs which were firm and brownish in colour.

        Taste wise I was rather pleased actually. As I said earlier I was slightly concerned after tasting the beans and sausage offering of this line but these were really nice! The beans were small, not too chewy or mushy and tasted nice and seasoned. There was lots off them too for a single portion and the sauce tasted tomatoey too. Again nicely seasoned and smooth. The meatballs were a little lardy in texture but pink and smooth and had a smoky porky taste to them. Sure I felt there should of been more meatballs in there as the portion of those were a little on the tight side and although the texture was a bit odd they did taste tasty enough!

        I would eat these again, they are fuss free and taste nice enough and I was pleased with these for a quick and tasty supper!

        Allergy Advice:
        Contains: Gluten.

        Nutritional Information Per Pouch:

        Calories: 226
        Sugar: 10.4g
        Fat: 5.8g
        Saturates: 2.2g
        Salt: 1.8g

        Only available in Morrisons stores in different variations.


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