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Morrisons Value Macaroni Cheese

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3 Reviews

Brand: Morrisons / Type: Other Ready Meals

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    3 Reviews
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      15.09.2010 12:41
      Very helpful



      Avoid, Avoid, Avoid

      Last week my girlfriend and I were house sitting for relatives while they were away on holiday. Before they left they said we could use any of the items in their cupboards, including any tins of food.

      Now, we as a general rule tend to eat reasonably and try to prepare as much fresh food as possible but you know how it is sometimes... There we were away from home, It was pretty late in the evening and I was hungry. We were going to do some shopping for fresh food etc the next day so there was very little to eat.

      I started with the fridge where there was nothing which appealed or that would satisfy my cravings for something savoury to fill me up. I then checked the cupboard, to find nothing but a tin of Morrisons Value Macaroni Cheese.

      Now, I'm quite a fan of homemade macaroni cheese, it's delicious and filling and has a lovely texture which makes it a pleasure to eat. I looked at the tin and thought to myself, how bad can it be, after all it's only macaroni and cheese sauce, how could anyone make that taste horrid...

      There was nothing else which appealed to me, and as little as the thought of canned macaroni appealed, it was either this or going without.

      I opened the tin and was met with what I can only really discribe as a stodge of macaroni cheese. I had been expecting a fairly stodgy product but this was a little more stodgy than I had imagined. I was a little surprised at how litte smell there was from the can when I opened it, all that was present was a faint whiff of that fake cheese powder sort of smell you get from a bag of Wosits. It was the type of smell I was expecting but now where near as strong as I had imagined or indeed hoped.

      I spooned the stodge into a bowl and followed the microwave heating instructions - a few mins on whatever power, stir, let stand etc - I hoped the heating would release more aroma and hopefully flavour as if the lack of smell was anything to go by it seemed like this would be rather lacking in flavour. I was disappointed. Even after heating there was very little scent from the stodge.

      The macaroni and sauce had loosened up a little with the heating but was still rather a stodgy lump, not very appealing froma visual viewpoint.

      Somewhat reluctantly I tasted the now warmed up stodge... I say tasted but to be completely honest that would actually be crediting the experience with far more than I got from it. I have to say I was not expecting this to be delicous and flavoursome like a nice home made macaroni cheese, I had expected a sort of processed cheese powder flavour but in all honestly I struggled to taste anything at all.

      The texture in the mouth was also not very pleasant, rather than that nice sensation of a mouthful of carbs (I'm sure you all know what I mean - a mouthful of toast...hmmm) this just felt like a mouthful of gloopy, lumpy, slime! There was virtaully no texture to the massively overcooked soggy macaroni and the sauce felt very artificial in the mouth. I managed just the one spoonful of the flavourless gloop before consigning the rest of the bowl to the bin! I simply could not bring myself to eat anymore as it tasted of nothing and felt horrid in the mouth, I simply was not going to waste good eating calories on this muck!

      I did not expect very much from a value range processed product like this but this product failed to even nearly live up to the low,low expectations I had! The reason I tried this product was because it was literally the only food there was in the cupboard to eat, for me to try it again it would have to be the only food in the world left to eat!

      This product gets 1 star because I can't give it any lower!!!


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        10.12.2009 18:06
        Very helpful



        Filling but not satisfying.

        I love macaroni cheese! It is also my son's favourite dish so I do have to make it every now and again. I used to make it myself but we are a lot busier these days so I usually buy tinned now. I usually buy Heinz, I do love a bargain though so at around 30p a tin I thought I'd try this for a change.

        It comes in the usual 'value' packaging; bright yellow with green writing. It comes in a 410g tin and is suitable for vegetarians (isn't all macaroni cheese?).
        When opening it looks exactly the same as other brands. You can cook it on the hob or in the microwave, as with most other tinned foods.

        Once cooked, the sauce is quite thin and a little bland. The pasta is VERY well done; there is definitely no 'bite' to it, although I think this is standard procedure when you buy tinned pasta dishes.

        The overall taste seems to be 'creamy' rather than 'cheesy' it has a soft creamy taste, not unpleasant although obviously not great quality. There is a slight hint of cheese in there but nowhere near enough to satisfy a craving for cheese (something my son regularly gets!). If I bought this again, I would probably add a small amount of a very strong cheese and a lot of pepper as it is definitely lacking something.

        Looking at the label again, it appears that it is not that bad for you. It contains minimal amounts of sugar, fat, calories and salt.

        100g contains...
        68 calories
        5.1g protein
        8.8g carbs
        1.8g sugar
        1.4g fat
        0.3g sodium

        A lot better for you than the stuff I would cook up! Not a bad snack/meal, if you can get past the lack of taste. It would probably be better for children as they seem to like bland, mushy food (ever tried those cartoon character pasta shapes in tomato sauce? Disgusting, but they love it!).

        Overall - cheap, quick to prepare, and not too bad for you.


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        13.11.2009 15:12
        Very helpful



        It's ok but not delightful!

        I really do love a good macaroni cheese. I prefer to buy a tin instead of trying to make it myself though as I'm lazy! I have tried a few economy options recently and when I saw this one priced at 29p a can I simply had to try it simply to compare it to all the other offerings I've tried out!

        The Packaging:

        410g can with a bright yellow label around it. On the front on the can in dark green writing I'm told it is Morrisons 'Value' Macaroni Cheese, the size is stated, there is an at a glance nutritional chart on there and I'm also told it is Vegetarian. On the back of the can other information includes ingredients and allergy advice being given, there is a full nutritional chart listed, storage information is given, I'm told how to heat it up and contact details for Morrisons are given. It's a cheap looking can but my only gripe is there is no ring-pull to the top of it for ease of opening.

        The Macaroni Cheese:

        Open the can up and your met with lots of pale yellow looking runny sauce and when you tip it into a dish (for the microwave) or saucepan (for the hob) there is a lot of cheese sauce with some rather large tubes of pale beigy coloured pasta sunken in the bottom of it.

        As I briefly mentioned you can microwave this and that takes about 6 and a half minutes or you can simmer it until it's starts bubbling and looks cooked on the hob if you prefer to.

        I personally microwaved this and when cooked it looked hot with steam coming off it but it hadn't changed in it's original appearance i.e it looked no thicker.

        Taste wise although this is ok, it's not the best quality macaroni cheese I've ever tasted. The cheese sauce was more milky than cheesy tasting and lacked a certain kick and was only slightly reminiscent of cheese but it was seasoned enough. The pasta was a little soggy and slimy with not a lot of taste to it really. However it tasted ok just don't expect to be blown away by mature cheese or anything like that! It's an economy product which is obviously made with economy ingreidents, however I rather liked the portion size of this and liked it's creamy texture but I wouldn't go mad for it! I just wouldn't avoid it!

        Allergy Advice:

        Contains: Gluten, milk, mustard and sulphite.
        Produced in a factory which uses nut, peanut and sesame ingredients.

        Nutritional Information Per 1/2 Can:

        Calories: 139
        Sugar: 3.7g
        Fat: 2.9g
        Saturates: 1g
        Salt: 1.5g

        Only available in Morrisons stores


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