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Moy Park Garlic Chicken Kievs

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Brand: Moy Park / Type: Chicken

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    2 Reviews
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      12.08.2009 19:12
      Very helpful



      A very nice chicken kiev

      I picked up some of these yesterday while shopping at Morrisons. They are currently just £1 for a pack of two kievs and come in bacon and cheese variety also. I haven't had chicken kiev in ages and just looking at them was making mouth water. My other half does not like Chicken Kiev (mad, mad, crazy bloke) but I decided to buy them to serve for tea nonetheless.

      The main reason I do not buy chicken kiev regularly is because of the huge calorie content and these are no exception. 373 calories per kiev. It is pretty horrific really! Still..... everything in moderation and all that. Moderation? I do not know the meaning of the word.

      I served these with a huge green salad and boiled new potatoes. The kievs take around 25 minutes to cook in a conventional oven and smell delicious as they do so. I opened the oven door just as they were about to go 'ping' and the garlic aroma overwhelmed me, the kitchen and the rest of our home!

      Placing the kievs on to our plates they felt heavy and full of sauce, which was slightly oozing from the sides.

      Cutting into the kiev released lashings of garlic butter suace which coated the accompanying potatoes very nicely.

      The chicken tasted like decent chicken breast rather than crap off a bone and I was very pleased with. The bread crumb coating had turned crisp and golden during cooking and was very tasty and crunchy.

      All in all, these were very tasty kievs at a fantastic price. I don't think I have quite convinced the man of the house but there were no direct complaints. lol! He did actually say just as I was sliding the chicken kievs into the oven ... 'they look like bowler hats'!! I could not see the similarity myself but they are roundish with a 'dollop' in the middle.



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        09.04.2009 17:34
        Very helpful



        I'm definitely hooked on this now!

        COST: £1.99 with a BOGOF limited offer at my closest Somerfield

        NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION (per portion):

        Calories: 373
        Kj: 1,549
        Protein: 15g
        Carbohydrate: 14.5g
        - of which sugars: 0.9g
        - of which saturates:
        - of which monounsaturates:
        - of which polyunsaturates:
        Fibre: 1.8g
        Sodium: 0.4g
        Salt: 1.04g


        Chicken (45%), water, margarine, mixed carotenes, wheat flour, yeast, dextrose, vegetable oil, salt, paprika extract, turmeric extract, vegetable oil, pea starch, garlic puree, parsley, pea fibre, dextrose, black pepper, concentrated lemon juice, skimmed milk powder, garlic extract, rosemary extract


        Contains gluten and milk


        I found these nestling in the chilled section of my nearest Somerfield inside of a clear plastic tray with a largely black card band around the centre, that shows an image of a portion of chicken kiev on a plate. The rear of the black band contains nutritional and allergy information, ingredients list, cooking instructions, and a warning that though all effort has been made to remove bones, some small ones may remain.

        One thing which struck me as being very odd, was that Moy Park Chicken Kiev is sold unfrozen, and it clearly states on the packet that the product is suitable for home freezing - then it warns that the product shouldn't be frozen if it's thawed when you buy it. It is possible that these are delivered fresh on a daily basis to supermarkets, but I'd consider it highly likely they are stored in deep freeze at the manufacturer's premises in the first place. If someone out there happens to have knowledge of whether this is the case or not, I'd love to know - thanks!

        I love chicken kiev, and my favourites by far up above all the others, are M&S, or Tesco's luxury brand. My coffers these days won't stretch to buying the better quality chicken kiev except on a once in a blue moon basis, so I satisfy my sometimes urgent need for a nice piece of garlicky, buttery goo oozing from a piece of chicken, with the more down-market brands. Some of these are better than others, so I recently decided to, for the first time (and because of the BOGOF) try the Moy Park brand.

        On opening one of the packs (and taking the risk of freezing the other), two pieces of chicken covered in orange-ish golden breadcrumbs were nestling in the plastic tray. The tops of the chicken pieces were a little raised, and I hoped that this indicated a generous portion of garlic butter inside. As I lifted out the chicken portions and placed onto a baking tray (being the greedy pig that I am, I must have 2 portions to satisfy my gargantuan epicurean yearnings) I noticed that they felt a little floppy and pappy. I hoped that this would resolve itself during the cooking process.

        While they were in the oven, the chicken pieces gave off a beautiful and quite strong aroma of garlic and butter. My mouth began to water, but I didn't raise my hopes too high, as I just love the smell of garlic butter cooking - yet sometimes can find the finished product to be a bit of an anti-climax. Meanwhile, I prepared a mixed green salad, and whizzed a jacket potato in the microwave.

        On removing the baking tray from the oven, I was pleased to see the chicken pieces hadn't shrunk, and the breadcrumbs had darkened slightly. All of the floppy/pappy feeling had gone too, and each portion was nice and firm. There was quite a lot of garlic butter seepage, which I saw as a good sign as it meant that at least the chicken portions contained a reasonable amount of filling (some cheaper brands, of which Moy Park is, often are very stingy with the garlic butter). I heaved the chicken portions onto my plate next to the jacket potato and salad, poured all the garlic butter from the cooking tray over the chicken, then lazed back on the sofa with tray on lap, and cut into one of the kievs.

        The chicken seemed nice and tender as I sliced a piece off, and I was pleased to notice that there - in addition to the seepage - was still a generous amount of garlic/parsley butter inside. On tasting, I discovered that it was real breast of chicken, and not the re-constituted stuff. The breadcrumbs were nice - light and crispy - and I was thoroughly enjoying this first mouthful.

        As I continued to eat, I was walking up that stairway to culinary heaven. The kievs had a very strong garlic flavour, and that lovely seepage of filling which I'd poured over the surface of them was partially absorbed by the breadcrumbs, and the rest was drifting across my plate to give the potato and the salad extra flavour. Because the chicken was so nice, I left what remained until last on my plate, scoffing the potato and salad first - I always like to leave the best bit until the end. The rest of the chicken kiev was in due course eaten, savoured with relish and thoroughly enjoyed.

        I was so pleased that I'd taken advantage of the BOGOF in Somerfield, because it meant that I could have and truly enjoy another meal of chicken kiev before my next trip there.

        Though Moy Park Chicken Kiev is of inferior quality to the luxury brands such as M&S and Tesco's posh version, it is hands down better quality than most, if not all of the cheaper brands and I certainly shall be buying it again. The only problem I suppose is that each piece is rather high in fat and calories, but then it is chicken kiev, and one can't expect something which positively oozes butter, to be healthy or low in calories. I don't think it's any higher in these naughties than other brands though. Another point which is worthy of note, is that glancing through the ingredients list, it contains no nasties such as "E" additives. One or two of the ingredients seem a little peculiar for chicken kiev, but harmless all the same (such as pea starch and pea fibre).

        Overall verdict: Very, very reasonably priced, good quality chicken, lovely crispy breadcrumbs that aren't crunchy or hard, with a very generous serving of garlic butter in each piece and no dodgy additives. I'd say it's still well worth the money, even without the BOGOF.

        Well done Moy Park. If you can do it, why can't the others?

        Thanks for reading!


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