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Oak Lane Spaghetti Letters

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Brand: Oak Lane / Type: Other Ready Meals

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    1 Review
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      27.04.2010 08:56
      Very helpful



      A Cheap spaghetti but not the best

      I have used a lot of the new Discount Brands which Tesco have introduced recently and have had great success with them so I did not hesitate in picking up the discount branded spaghetti but I have to say it was a big let down for me.


      The spaghetti comes in a metal con which does not have a ring pull so is to be opened with the can opener. The label is a bright orange colour and on the front has a picture showing what the spaghetti looks like and above this is the Oak Lane logo and product name and in the right hand corner is the Discount Brand Logo which Tesco put on all the new products. In the back of the can in a white rectangle you can find all the information about the contents including the ingredient and nutritional values.


      When opening the tin I instantly noticed how thick the sauce was for this spaghetti but I though that this might change and go slightly runnier when heated. The spaghetti pieces are a good size and they do vary as they are letters of the alphabet. The letters are easily recognisable and there are a good amount of each letter. They are a good thickness which means they do not all break when the spaghetti is stirred to heat.

      To heat the spaghetti this can be done in the microwave but for me I use a pan on the hob as my boys don't like their's too, it only takes about 4-5 minutes to heat this way.

      When heating and stirring I noticed that the sauce did not become more runny and it stayed very thick which for me was a let down as my boys like the sauce to dip their chips in and also it makes for a good covering for toast when this is eaten as spaghetti on toast. The spaghetti did taste good and was not too overpowering to eat, I had a nice pleasant tomato taste and we did all find it nice. The sauce was the biggest problem as it made the spaghetti quite dry after a few mouthfuls.


      This spaghetti does contain milk, wheat and gluten and despite the recipe having no nuts they cannot guarantee that this has been made in a nut free factory. The tin is to be stored in a cool dry place and it is suitable for vegetarians.

      The nutritional values for half of this can are:-

      Energy - 120Kcal
      Protein - 4.1g
      Carbohydrates - 25.0g
      Of which sugars - 8.6g
      Fat - 0.4g
      Of which saturates - trace
      Fibre - 2.3g
      Sodium - 0.4g
      Salt Equivalent - 1.0g

      The ingredients for those whishing to know include:-

      Cooked pasta (49%) (water, Darum wheat, Semolina), Tomato Puree (39%), Water, Sugar, Modified Maize Starch, Salt, Onion Powder, Citric Acid, Wheat Flour, Cheese Powder, Paprika, Vegetable Oil, Colour (paprika Extract), Whey Powder, Capsicum Extract.

      The tin size is 410g and this is a suitable amount for my 3 boys and either me or Daddy. The shelf life is good and last for over 1 year.


      Oak Lane is a new brand which are selling at Tesco and are their Discount brand. I have not seen this available in any other supermarket yet. The price for the tin is 36p and this is a great price compared to the Heinz tins which are twice as much and the Tesco Value tins which are the same price.


      I have only given this spaghetti 3 stars as it has a lack of runny sauce and this is a must for my boys, I have been able to overcome this by using some excess sauce from my beans when using them at the same meal. For me this is a nice tasting spaghetti which is a great price for a large tin but I have to say you would be best to test it yourself and for the price you have not got much too loose. It is recommended but don't expect lots of sauce.


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