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Old El Paso Original Smoky BBQ Fajitas

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9 Reviews

Brand: Old El Paso / Type: Other Ready Meals

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    9 Reviews
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      30.01.2014 19:42
      Very helpful



      Try it!

      To be clear I absolutely love Mexican Food so I knew these were going to be right up my street. I have bought this pack twice now and I will probably buy many times again in the future.

      This is a kit made by Old El Paso to help you make your own fajitas. It contains eight small wraps, a packet of seasoning and a packet of salsa. The box states which you also need to purchase 500g of chicken or meat/veg of your choice as well as 2 bell peppers and an onion. Of course these are only suggestions and you can add whatever suits your taste. I have so far stuck to what the box recommends though although I only use one yellow pepper as I'm not a huge fan and feel this is adequate for the mixture.

      It comes in a large yellow box with the logo on top and a picture of some fajitas. I personally find this very striking on the shelves and it has always gained my curiosity before I started making them. On the front it also shows a large diagram of what you need which is good to save any confusion as I'm sure many people may think you get everything you need in the box.

      Whilst I usually buy the smoky BBQ there are many other flavours available to choose from.

      The fajitas are really easy to make and I can usually make them in around 20 minutes. Everything is in the box is packaged very well although the packets seem to be really difficult to open even with scissors. When opening the salsa I tend to end up getting it everywhere as I struggle to open it.

      I also find the spice mix can be very salty and has a real kick to it (which isn't a complaint from me just a warning). I don't think you really need the whole mix for taste but I think if you don't add it all the colour looks a bit off.

      The first time I made the product I added the salsa and cooked it with the chicken which I think worked really well however was quite messy. The second time I put the salsa in a glass and heated in the microwave for a minute as I didn't like the idea of it cold. I also bought a sour cream dip and grated some cheese however this was my personal taste and you could add other things such as jalapeños or guacamole.

      The wraps are quite small however very filling and healthy (one prepared fajita only contains 146 calories). They also seem to be very thick and good quality so don't fall apart when they are filled.

      Overall I would highly recommend this product to those who enjoy Mexican food. I've never had fajitas other than these so can't comment on how authentic tasting they are but for me I think they are delicious and well worth a try.


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        12.10.2013 21:18
        Very helpful



        A nice good and tasty family meal

        Having first tried the Smokey BBQ fajita kit was during a surprise romantic meal I made for my Fiancee about 2 years or so ago, We instantly fell in love with them and have been one of our favorite meals each week because it's incredibly easy to prepare and make, and they are so tasty i'd eat them every day if i could!

        These kits are available at most Supermarkets along with other Mexican meal kits you can purchase, Some times they are on offer which is always handy, you can either get a 500g or 750g kit..
        The 500g kit includes (Makes 8 lovely Fajitas) : 8 x Flour Tortillas, 1 x packet of Original Fajita Spice Mix & 1 packet of Mild Salsa
        The 750g kit includes (Big family size makes 12) : 12 x Flour Tortillas, 1 x packet of Original Fajita Spice Mix, Big thick "n" chunky Salsa

        I normally choose the 750g as that's more than enough for me and my family, the method is really simple once you get the hang of it and like me, will eventually know what to do naturally after a couple of times.
        You start by chopping up chicken breast fillets, cook the chicken to your liking, then add your peppers (red/green/yellow etc which ever you want to use), throw in your red or brown onions and cook until the peppers & onions are cooked thoroughly, sprinkle the fajita spice mix pack all over then let the Mexican spices take over! Keep stirring and it will turn into a wonderful smelling fajita sauce ready to be wrapped into the Tortillas, wrap them however works best for you.

        They taste so lovely and are fairly healthy too eat, my only gripe is the salt content is a bit high for us as we are always keeping track of what we eat to try and be healthy.
        The 500g kit contains: each fajita (Tortilla,spice mix & salsa) 159 calories, 3.8g sugars, 5.2g fat, 2.0g saturates, 1.4g salt
        The 750g kit contains: each fajita (Tortilla, spice mix & salsa) 146 calories, 3.8g sugars, 3.1g fat, 1.3g saturates , 1.5g salt

        I would never grow tired of eating these fajitas, i like making them & eating them and is fairly cheap to make all together. I also serve these fajitas with a nice salad and spicy wedges it goes well together!


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        22.09.2013 21:40
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Very tasty without being intensly spicey, making it perfect for the whole family!

        These have become a firm favourite in our household for a number of years. A great taste of Mexican food - not too spicy, so suitable for the whole family.

        The box is usually priced around the £3.20 - £3.99 brackets, but are often found on offer for £2 in many supermarkets.

        It contains a pack of 8 flour wraps, a pack of salsa and a packet of 'original smoky BBQ' seasoning (it suggests serving with an onion, peppers, cheese and chicken which aren't supplied). We also serve ours with lettuce, cucumber and sour cream. You can also use guacamole.

        This is how we cook and serve. Complete personal preference though!:

        HOW TO COOK
        Prepare ingredients by chopping chicken, grating cheese, dicing onions and slicing peppers (along with preparation of any other ingredients you wish to use - as above). Fry the chicken (adding the onion half way) in a little oil until browned, then add the seasoning to cover. Add the peppers and fry for a further few minutes. Slice holes in the packet of the wraps and microwave for 40 seconds.

        Place wrap on plate and spread sour cream, add chicken and peppers, layer with cucumber, lettuce, cheese and salsa before wrapping and enjoy!

        Overall, we LOVE the kit but we have noticed that the wraps have got smaller and smaller over the years. We love the addition of the 'family pack' which contains 2 x packs of salsa and 12 wraps. Great when you have friends or family over.


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          29.07.2013 14:25
          Very helpful



          A quick mexican meal without a lot of fuss

          I like fajitas and I like BBQ flavouring so for me buying an Old El Paso Original Smoky BBQ Fajitas kit is really a no brainer.

          The box contains one packet of 8 plain flour tortillas a pack of BBQ seasoning and a packet of tomato based salsa. I have to say the tortillas are a little on the small side compared to some that you can buy separately, they are about 7 inches in diameter, so it's easy to over stuff them if you're not careful. The salsa is quite warm, but I tend to add sour cream to my fajitas so this takes some of the heat away.

          The instrustion to make the fajitas are on the box and are easy to follow, although I tend to go a bit freestyle and add whatever I fancy to the chicken as my other half doesn't like onions, so I tend to add fine green beans instead of them. The BBQ seasoning has a nice smoky taste and isn't too overpowering, you can still taste the chicken and the peppers, if you get what I mean.

          The kits can be a bit pricey, around £3.50, so I tend to only buy them when they are on offer for say £2.00 as it can sometimes be cheaper to buy everything separately rather than in a box. But then again if you're pushed for time and don't have the time to look for everything individually then these are an easy option.

          Remember when eating fajitas always have a load of napkins ready, they can get very messy, but then that's part of the fun, isn't it?


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          08.11.2012 23:57
          Very helpful



          Great food to have with friends and family

          I had never tried fajitas before until about four years ago whilst at my ex boyfriends house, his sister was making dinner and she said she was making fajitas. I didnt even know what they were let alone had trying them. Anyway she brought out chicken in sauce, some wraps, salsa, soured cream and beansprouts. The last of which I found slightly weird but they tasted amazing on the fajita none the less. But nowadays I dont make mine with beansprouts, as I have tried different things which work a lot better.

          The packaging of the fajitas looks quite retro, the packaging is a standard cardboard box and is meant to depict mexico by having a red tiled roof along the top of the box, and yellow and green colours, which are supposed to depict mexico. It does however have a small wild west scene at the top of the box with hills and cactuses. It also has pictures on the box of the perfect fajita, which the kit will help you make. Old El Paso, I am assuming comes from the town of EL PASO in Texas, which was fought over with the mexicans for years.

          The instructions on how to use this kit are clearly written on the back of the box and it gives you a step by step guide on how to create your perfect fajita. The front of the box also has information about what is included in the kit and what you need to add yourself, along with nutritional information as well as the spice content of the fajita kit, as you can get mild, medium and hot. So included in the kit you get tortillas in a plastic wrapping, you get 8 tortillas in the kit.

          You get two sachets of salsa, which are joined together, so you can choose how much or little you want, I tend to use both sachets as I like the salsa, the mild, medium and hot ratings also tell you what spice level of salsa you have. In the kit you also get a spice mix, which is quite spicy but I still however use the whole packet, it has a slight BBQ flavouring which tastes brilliant. The packet for the salsa is a yellow packet with red writing saying Old El Paso on the foil. The Spice mix resembles the box as it has the yellow packet with the red slate roof along the top of the packet.

          On the box it recommends that you add Onions, Chicken, A Red Pepper and A Green Pepper. This is what I add altogether to make the chicken sauce mix. I also add creme fraiche (or soured cream) to my fajita, as well as cheese, as it melts and tastes nice. Unlike my ex's sister I do not add beansprouts as I prefer cheese.My boyfriend however does not like creme fraiche so he eats mayo on the fajita instead. I like to buy the Old El Paso soured cream in a bottle as it lasts longer than the typical fresh. You can also buy jarred jalapenos which I buy for my boyfriend to put on his fajitas as I dont like jalapenos. (YUK).

          To make the perfect fajitas, I fry three chicken breasts which have been diced in oil, I fry these until they are brown and then I take them out into a bowl and kitchen towel to soak up the extra grease. I then fry the peppers and the onion in the chicken oil until the onions are brown and the peppers are soft. I then add the chicken back into the frying pan and let them cook together for a bit longer. Meanwhile I take the salsa out the packets and tip both into a bowl, I grate some cheese into a bowl and put the creme fraiche on the table as well. I take the tortillas out the packaging and heat in the microwave for about a minute until they are soft, but dont stick together.

          I then add the spice mix to the chicken and veg mix, I stir until the chicken becomes coated and smells barbequey. (SP). I then take the tortillas and put them on the table and carry the pan onto the table so people can help themselves. I find this is a good food to bring people together over food, as you can talk, help yourselves, there is no pressure.

          For my perfect fajita I get my tortilla, spread a line of salsa up the middle, add my chicken, peppers and onions, drape a line of creme fraiche up the centre of my fajita over the chicken and then add the cheese. I then fold the bottom of the wrap up and fold in the sides so it is like one neat package with the top open. Be careful though as the sauces from the chicken can sometimes leak out the bottom.

          If you have any left just pop it into a sealable box and pop it into the fridge, the salsa will keep till the next day as will the creme fraiche, I then have a couple of fajitas the next day as well, as they say waste not want not, and why waste something as tasty as a fajita, especially a fajita from an Old El Paso kit.

          You can get Old El Paso fajitas in different types such as red pepper, mild, BBQ, Crispy coated chicken, but BBQ is by far my favourite as the BBQ flavour gives it something a little extra. You can buy them from ASDA for around £3.22 at the moment, which to me is quite expensive, even for ASDA. Brands such as discovery and ASDA own brands also make these types of fajitas, but nothing compares to the BBQ Old El Paso.

          Overall if you fancy something tasty, spicy and different then try an Old El Paso dinner kit tonight, dig out the sombrero and the tequila, once you go mexican you wont go back. The fajita is definitely one of my favourite foods in the world and I prefer Old El Paso to any kit which can be purchased, get to ASDA and release your Mexican side.


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          03.09.2012 16:28
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          Very yummy, but if you're sensitive to spicy food, give it a miss.

          We were running low on food and I fancied something new so I suggested Mexican for a change to my partner. And boy am I glad he agreed!

          They sell them in 2 different sized packs. The first we got was the family sized pack with was a bit too big for us so the next time we had them (yes we had them again! Three nights in row in fact we loved them so much!) we got the smaller of the two.

          I love to cook, but I didn't fancy doing a huge meal that night, I wanted something that was quick and easy to do.

          The whole process took about 15 - 30 minutes maximum.

          We bought 750g diced chicken (it says to use strips but we found this worked just as well and 3 peppers along with the fajita kit. It also said to add 2 onions which we already had at home.
          The family sized fajita kit contained:

          1 big packet of spice mix
          1 big packet of tomato salsa (this is 2 small packets put together)
          12 soft flour tortillas

          I was honestly amazed at how simple it was, once the chicken was cooked all you had to do was add the peppers and onions and then the spice mix and you were away! For the tortillas I did them in the microwave on high for 35 - 40 seconds all you had to do was put a few fork holes in the pack.

          Once you had put the filling in the tortilla you could add as much salsa as you wanted, because I don't cope too well with spicy heat we also picked up some soured cream to put on top of the salsa. They were so tasty and once we'd used all the filling the smell hung around for ages and made you want more. They were truly delicious. And although they were spicy they weren't so spicy they had your tongue hanging out. Even my 20 month old son adores them.

          Now for the only disadvantage I found.

          The fajita kit comes in cardboard packaging which is great as it can be recycled. Alas the packaging for the products inside wasn't able to be recycled which I found disappointing as I prefer to recycle as much as possible.

          In my opinion this product tastes great, but it's not for people who don't like spicy food. I would definitely recommend it to family and friends I thought would like it.

          And the greatest advantage of all is, there's hardly any washing up to do afterwards!

          ** Also posted on ciao under the same name **


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            29.07.2011 20:32
            Very helpful



            a tasty dinner

            Old El Paso offer a range of cooking kits with a Mexican theme. From enchiladas to nachos, there is a bit of everything.


            The Old El Paso Fajita Dinner Kits come in 4 different types:

            *Roasted Tomato and Pepper
            *Crispy Chicken
            *Extra Mild

            and then the Original Smoky BBQ. The 500g pack serves 3-4 people and is 500g in total. It boasts a 15minute preparation and cooking time. It contains 8 soft flour tortillas, a sachet of spice mix and a sachet of chunky tomato salsa. You will need additional ingredients including 500g of chicken breast, 2 peppers and the optional extra of an onion.

            The fajitas can be adapted to suit personal tastes eg using beef or changing to a vegetarian meal option by using mushrooms or chickpeas. You can also add grated cheese and accompany the fajitas with dips such as sour cream or guacamole.

            ~Preparing and Cooking~

            This is very simple to do by stir frying your sliced chicken until cooked, adding chopped peppers, onions and the spice mix and allow it to sizzle. The tortillas can be popped in the microwave for 40seconds to heat them. Serve up and add your chunky salsa..roll up and enjoy!

            ~Ingredients and Allergy Advice (feel free to skim)~

            Flour Tortillas (489g): Wheat Flour, Water, Vegetable Oil, Stabiliser (Glycerol), Raising Agents (Sodium Bicarbonate , Sodium Acid Pyrophosphate), Emulsifier (Mono and Diglycerides of Fatty Acids), Dextrose, Salt, Preservative (Potassium Sorbate) , Packaged in a Protective Atmosphere , Thick 'n' Chunky Salsa (216g): Tomato (54%), Onions (16%), Green Peppers (10%), Tomato Paste, Water, Salt, Vinegar, Onion Flakes , Sugar, Onion Powder, Lemon Juice Concentrate, Guajillo Pepper (0.4%), Garlic Powder, Spices, Acidity Regulator (Citric Acid) , Spice Mix for Fajitas (45g): Sugar, Dehydrated Vegetables (Onion, Garlic, Hydrolysed Soy Protein), Salt, Flavouring , Yeast Extract, Spices (Black Pepper, Cayenne Pepper, Ginger) (5.5%), Acidity Regulator (Sodium Acetate and Citric Acid) , Colour (Caramel)

            If you have allergies to wheat or soya then please avoid.


            The following nutritional information represents per fajita without chicken and additional ingredients you may add. 159calories, 3.9g of sugar, 2.0g of saturated fat.

            ~Availability and Price~

            These fajita dinner kits can be purchased in supermarkets for around £3.00. The BBQ version can also be picked up in a family sized kit at around £4.00 so ideal for larger groups.

            ~My Thoughts~

            I recently reviewed Old El Paso Enchiladas and was very impressed with them as I always am with this brand. I am not the best cook and rely on kits such as these ones to prepare something halfway decent for dinner. We tend to have fajitas once every 2weeks as the ingredients do mount up and become quite expensive so we can't really do it weekly. We have tried all of the fajita kits but always come back the Smoky BBQ one. My latest kit was purchased alongside the Enchiladas on a buy one get one free deal at Tesco last week.

            We are big fans of Mexican food and like it to be as authentic as possible. Despite dining at a Mexican restaurant on Friday, I decided to go Mexican again last night with the help of my fajita dinner kit. My sister (once again) decided she was visiting for dinner and after the success of the enchiladas, I was sure fajitas would be a hit with us all. I picked up a 500g pack of stir fry chicken from Asda priced at £4.00. I don't like chopping up peppers and find them expensive so make use of my frozen, sliced peppers for fajitas and I also purchased some sour cream to accompany the meal.

            ~Can You Smell It?~

            This is a very easy meal to prepare with minimal effort required. Frying the chicken is quick and hassle free and I defrost the peppers in the microwave ready to be tossed in with the spice mix. It is a delicious smelling experience whilst stir frying everything. The spice mix is very fragrant and certainly smoky as opposed to spicy..very authentic. The chicken mixed with peppers and spice mix offers a blend of colours making the dish seem visually appealing and tasty.

            The fajitas are pleasantly soft yet very tough and don't split if you tug them out the bag too forcefully. They are quite thick which is ideal for keeping all the delicious contents inside and makes for a pleasant eating experience. I would say the 3-4 serving is adequate as the overall amount of stir fry produced is sufficient and plentiful to fill each fajita. The tomato salsa is thick and smells sweet whilst being generously mild. I like only a small amount across the top of my chicken mix as too much and it detracts from the overall flavour. The tortillas roll up smoothly and providing they are grasped the right way, can be devoured with little mess. I served ours with potato wedges and of course the sour cream for dipping purposes and this helps to bulk out the meal. If making for just 2, I feel 4 fajitas each is more than sufficient for dinner.

            It is recommended that your serve this sizzling and straight from the pan which is ideal if you are entertaining guests but not so much when you have children running around! Our pan sizzled but not as much as I experienced at Chiquitos recently where the smoke and delicious spicy aroma of fajitas engaged the full restaurant..quite scary actually but cool! I prefer to dish up on the side of a plate and let my guest(s) make up their own fajitas!

            ~Yummy Scrummy~

            These fajitas are very tasty..even if I do say so myself. The stir fried contents offer a firm chicken, a crunchy pepper and delicious smoky BBQ taste with a tempting spicy kick to it. The mix of flavours and textures inside the tortilla proves to be very appetising with the salsa adding something extra to it aswell as adding a moist edge to overall fajita. I love dipping the rolled fajita into sour cream as despite not being a spicy flavouring, it offers a deep warmth and the sour cream generously cools it down a little.

            Visually, the fajitas looks the real deal and more so with the chicken and peppers seeping out the top. Each fajita is very filling and moreish. This is by far the most appealing flavour available for the fajitas as it strong, aromatic and packs a punch. The spice mix coats the chicken and the peppers quite strongly and moreso than a liquid spice mix could aim to do. It is a very generous flavouring and one that doesn't require you to drink copious amounts of water afterwards. The fajitas leave a pleasant, smoky sweet aftertaste which I like and leave each of us satisfied and full up (well until its time for dessert that is).

            ~Recommendation and Conclusion~

            For a touch of Mexican authentic cooking in your own home, I fully recommend this fajita dinner kit. It may not be cheap once you tot up the ingredients, but it produces a decent sized meal for 3 people that is tasty and filling. I once purchased the larger pack by accident and found there to be way too much for the 2 of us and you need more chicken to balance it out.

            These dinner kits are ideal for a quick and flavoursome dish for entertaining or just chilling with your little family at home. High quality and worth every penny though I do recommend purchasing decent chicken as really cheap chicken can detract from the overall quality of your fajitas!

            Thanks for reading :)


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              14.10.2010 14:55
              Very helpful



              A really nice and easy dinner

              Old El Paso Original Smoky BBQ Fajitas

              Fajitas are one of our favourite meals and we probably have them about once a week on average. If you use one of the many fajita kits that are out there they are incredibly easy and quick to make too. The Old El Paso kits are our favourites and they are available in a few different flavours but the original smoky BBQ has to be the best in my opinion.

              Packaging And What is In The Box

              The fajita kit comes in a card box about 9" square and the background is the striking yellow used on most Old El Paso packaging. The top of the box has a Spanish style tile roof across it with the 'Old El Paso' logo below it. Under this lot there are some fajitas bursting with fillings, it is quite good as packaging goes, in my opinion, it does make me want to pick it up off the shelf and see what it is. Its also tells you what is included and what you need to add to make the dish, however I normally add to this. On the rear of the box there is more yellow and the instructions which are really easy to follow, as well as telling you a veggie and a beef alternative. On the bottom of the box are the ingredients and nutritional information.

              On opening the box you will find eight flour tortillas in a clear packet, a foil type bag with some salsa in it and the mixture of spices that you add when cooking to give the flavour to your ingredients, also in a foil type bag.

              Ingredients and Nutritional Information

              '''Ingredients; Flour Tortillas (326g):''' Wheat flour, water, vegetable oil, stabiliser (glycerol), raising agents, emulsifier, dextrose, salt, preservative (potassium sorbate)
              '''Thick and chunky salsa:''' Tomato (54%), onions (16%), green peppers (10%) tomato paste, water, salt, vinegar, onion flakes, sugar, onion powder, lemon juice concentrate, guajillo pepper (0.4%), garlic powder, spices, acidity regulator (citric acid)
              '''Spice mix for fajitas (30g):''' Sugar, dehydrated vegetables (onion, garlic, hydrolysed soy protein), salt, flavouring, yeast extract, spices (black pepper, cayenne pepper, ginger), acidity regulator, colour (caramel)
              '''Contains wheat and soy ingredients'''

              '''Nutritional Information per 100g:''' Energy 1070kj / 254kcal, protein 7.0g, carbohydrates 37.8g, of which sugars 6.2g, fat 8.3g, of which saturates 3.2g, fibre 2.0g, sodium 0.91g, salt equivalent 2.3g

              Making Them

              Suggested on the front of the box is what you need to add to your fajita kit to make the dish. They suggest chicken breast, two peppers and an onion, and this is what I used to add when we first started having them, however over the years I have started experimenting with different ingredients. You can use beef instead of chicken, or even put a mixture in. Quite often if we have people round for dinner and decide to do fajitas, I do two separate pans, one with chicken in and one with beef, to give a little variety, however I much prefer them with chicken, as do most of my guests as the chicken dish always goes first and the beef version gets left until last and tends to be eaten by those who are starving. Needless to say, when there is just my wife and I we only have chicken.

              I normally use one chicken breast, one pepper and half an onion per person eating, as a rough guide, but I also like to throw in a few mushrooms and some courgettes. I use different coloured peppers and red onion to add a bit of colour to the dish and I like to get everything prepared before I start cooking. I cut the chicken breasts, peppers, onion and courgettes into strips and slice the mushrooms, I keep all the chopped ingredients in the fridge on plates covered with cling film until I am ready to start cooking. I also like to have my accompaniments ready before I start cooking. The salsa that comes in the packet, I open and squeeze into a side dish and then we like to have some soured cream, which I put in a similar side dish, grated cheese (really strong cheddar is nice) and some finely chopped fresh chillies to add a bit of a kick. I like to put a bit of salad on the plates too as a garnish / accompaniment to the fajitas so I also prep this separately.

              Once I am ready to start cooking I simply remove all the ingredients from the fridge and get a wok nice and warm on the hob with a little olive oil. I always do the onions first, I give them a couple of minutes on a fairly low heat just to soften them up a little at first. Then I turn the heat up, add a little more olive oil and put the mushrooms in. I fry the onions and mushrooms over a high heat for two or three minutes and then add the rest of the vegetables and reduce the heat a little. After about five minutes I add the spice packet that comes in the kit and then the chicken, salt and pepper and a drop of white wine vinegar or a splash of white wine, this helps to keep it all moist and stops the spice mix sticking to the pan and making a mess. When the chicken is cooked through, I reduce the heat and make a start on the tortillas. I normally do them one at a time in a hot dry frying pan about 30 seconds on each side and then into a hot covered dish to keep them warm, but you can do them in the microwave or the oven. I transfer the chicken and vegetable dish to a hot serving dish and serve.

              Making A Fajita

              Making a fajita is really simple, you take your flour tortilla and lay it flat on your plate. Add some of the chicken and vegetable mixture to the middle of your tortilla in a line about an inch and a half wide, but leave a gap at the bottom of the tortilla of a couple of inches. Add any sauce you fancy, salsa or soured cream, guacamole is nice too. If you want to give it a kick sprinkle some chopped fresh chillies over and then some grated strong cheddar adds a really nice flavour to it. Next fold the bottom bit (that you left empty) upwards over the mixture and roll each side inwards to make a wrap, simples, then eat!! The real secret is to try not to be too greedy and put too much filling in as then you will end up with it not wrapping up properly and it will be all down your shirt!


              You can vary the taste according to what you like. They way I make then they are quite spicy as I add all of the spice packet, plus some fresh chillies but you could use a lot less spice and leave out the chillies to make the dish milder if you prefer. The filling with the spice mix over it is quite a sweet and spicy taste, you can taste garlic and a hint of ginger, it has quite a 'Mexican' flavour. If you add some soured cream this gives it a cooler creamy flavour and really compliments the spice mix well. The cheese tops it all off nicely, in my opinion, if you use a strong one it is quite overpowering in its flavour, but as all the other flavours are pretty strong too, it does not take away from anything else and it all seems to work together perfectly.


              So would I recommend Old El Paso Original Smoky BBQ Fajitas? Yes I would recommend them 100%, they are one of our favourite dinners and one which people look forward to when visiting us. They are really simple to make if you do all your prep first and even if you do a couple of variations it is not too taxing. I have done them in the past for ten people, I did a chicken and a beef version, using sirloin steak for the beef. I also had three vegetarians in the party so I did a third pan with Quorn strips instead on the meat. I prepped everything in the afternoon and when it came to cooking for everyone it was really simple and so easy to keep everything warm as you serve it in warmed dishes for people to help themselves to. You could even use a table warmer if you have one. So they are as easy to make for ten people as they are for two, they are really tasty and can be played about with really easily if you fancy a change and the kits are regularly available on offer at the large supermarkets for two for £3.00 or something similar to that. Although full price is normally nearly that for one kit so it is best to stock up when they are on offer.


              Old El Paso are a Spanish company and have been trading since 1938. They produce Mexican food and came to the UK in 1984, they are the number one Mexican food brand in the UK and Ireland which they are quite proud of.

              Old El Paso UK Ltd.,
              P.O. Box 363,
              UB8 1YT
              United Kingdom
              0800 897 77 (9am - 8pm weekdays)
              Available in all good supermarkets for around £2.84 unless on offer.

              Thanks for reading, John, also on Ciao!


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                09.04.2010 19:57
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                Of late me and my mate who I am staying with at the moment have gone Fajita crazy! We started off way back with a conversation where she admitted she'd never tried them, to me buying an Asda own branded version to try, to her loving them and us consuming boxes of them! Then we spotted these dinner kits on a market where we do our car boots (as we are clearing her house out at the moment as she is planning on moving!) and bought loads of this particular variety at 2 boxes for a quid! Yep they are a bargain and we have eaten so many of late it's unreal! lol.

                The Packaging:

                Bright yellow flattish box with a photograph of the made up fajitas on the front of it and I am told that they are Old El Paso Original Smoky BBQ Fajitas and that they are mild in flavour and what I need to make them up, the weight is stated (which in this case in 500g) and an at a glance nutritional is shown. Other information given on the rest of the box includes being told a bit about the product, I'm told how to make them up, ingredients and allergy advice is given, I'm told that they are suitable for Vegetarians, a full nutritional rundown chart is given and contact details for El Paso are listed. It's a nice bright and informative box which exudes quality from the off set giving promise that this is sure going to make a tasty meal!

                The Fajitas:

                In the box you get a clear plastic bag of 8 very large and round cream coloured, smooth tortillas. You also get a small packet of the BBQ seasoning in a yellow and red packet along with a slightly larger sachet of the salsa in there too.

                All you have to do is fry off whatever ingredients you wish to use to fill the fajitas with. You can of course fry off meat and vegetables or just vegetables and meat substitutes and then when slightly browned you add the BBQ seasoning to them and give it all a good stir through. I use meat free chicken (Quorn) and vegetables such as peppers and onions but like I say you can use anything you wish to really! The seasoning is brown and made up with spices such as cayenne pepper, ginger and onion and smells really sweet and gives off an amazing bbq smell when being cooked through. It is a fine powder and blends into ingredients really easily and gives a lovely caramel colour to everything.

                When cooked you simply heat up the tortillas. You can do this by popping them in the oven for 10 minutes or microwaving the whole bag for 35-40 seconds (which is always my preferred option). The tortillas warmed up are rather thick and this was something that put me off slightly. Rather bready I did appreciate the moistness of these and found them robust enough to put alot of filling into without them going soggy but compared to Asda's shops own offering of these I found them really to not be as nice! Nice enough though I'm only drawing comparison here!

                You then of course spoon out heated ingredients into the tortillas and add whatever you wish to finish them off. This box comes with a 'chunky' salsa which of course is a mix of tomatoes,onions, green peppers, garlic and some chilli. I find this salsa to be chunky enough and it looks fresh and the ingredients can be seen within it however I found it too juicy and messy to deal with really! It didn't lack flavour though and certainly was nice enough and of good quality but it lacked a bit of kick for me.

                All your then left to do is roll them up and enjoy them. Personally I always add guacamole, soured cream and jalapeños to mine!


                I love the yummy BBQ flavouring that this contains! It smells great and tastes it and you can really taste the seasoning no matter what other sauces and stuff you to these! However for me the tortillas are a bit dense and lack flavour really and the salsa...well I've stopped using that and now buy a jar instead. Not bad but sadly not the best fajitas I've ever had! Try Asda's own instead!

                Nutritional Information Per Fajita (Tortilla, seasoning and salsa as sold:

                Calories: 159
                Sugars: 3.9g
                Fat: 5.2g
                Saturates: 2/0g
                Salt: 1.4g

                Available in all good supermarkets etc priced at about £2.84 a box.


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