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Original Microwave Fries To Go

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18 Reviews
  • Quick and easy
  • Actually taste like some fast food places
  • its lazy stuff eating these
  • a little over the time and they dry out
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    18 Reviews
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      25.08.2014 17:53
      Very helpful


      • "clever packaging"
      • "Actually taste like some fast food places"
      • "Quick and easy"


      • "its lazy stuff eating these"
      • "a little over the time and they dry out"
      • "Over cook them and they burn rapidly"

      Expensive for what they are. but surprisingly tasty and not one bit soggy

      Having been away from writing reviews for some time, i really couldnt wait to come back to this site to read other peoples reviews, and to compose some of my own, in the hope it will help others make informed choices.
      Todays review is "ORIGINAL fries to go" !

      I have been meaning to try these for ages, because having read the reviews here most people rated them quite highly for a microwavable product, and another being that you cant walk down any frozen isle anywhere without coming across them.
      I brought these when i was in my local iceland because they was at a special price of 89p for 2 cartons.

      These come shrink wrapped in multipacks and each cardboard container states they are "original fries to go" surprisingly crispy and can be nuked in just under 3 mins. On further inspection there is the nutritional information along with ingredients and storage instructions. Also stamped on the box is the companies details if your not over joyed by your fries !

      *****Nutritional Information*****
      Per 100g Microwaved (a box of these is 90g)
      Energy: 281 kcal
      Fat: 8.2g
      of which saturates 0.9g
      Carbohydrates: 46.1g
      of which sugars: 1.4g
      Fibre: 4.2g
      Protein: 3.3g
      Salt: 0.4g
      Ingredients are as follows: Potatoes, Sunflower oil, Dehydrated Potato, Emulsifier,Salt and Dextrose.
      These should be cooked from frozen, with a scare story of they might over heat and burn if left to thaw.

      *****To cook*****
      Cooking these is dead simple, unwrap the plastic wrapper, lay flat in the microwave then heat on full power for 3 mins depending on the wattage of your microwave.

      *****The fries to go experience****
      After having suffered at the hands of micro chips back in the day when any microwave food was horrendous compared to now, i was quite scared about trying these. But i listened to what others on here said and took the plunge.
      After cooking mine for dead on 3 mins (i have a cheap microwave) i was greeted by warm nice smell of fries, that did actually smell genuine. Each of these fries are individually housed in compartments and i think thats how they don't go soggy because when i bit into one of these from my plate it was like an oven chip !. amazing really it actually tasted like it hadnt just come out of a nuke machine. They have crunch and bite and taste like potato, and to be honest didnt taste fake in the slightest. I do think however they would be bland if you didnt add salt and pepper or have ketchup with them etc. but i was surprised they tasted they way they do. i had mine in between slices of bread and butter dipped in sauce.

      *****Overall Verdict*****
      Well if im honest i do think they are overpriced for what they are, but most microwavable products do have a price tag for what they are. I blame the high cost on how convenient they are.
      Could be seen as a little dry on their own. but if im honest heaps heaps heaps better than microchips, no comparison really.
      I dont know if i would buy them again tho now i have tried them. when i big back of frozen fries cost a pound. and that would do 5 or so dinners.

      Give them a go for the novelty factor, Other than that they dont fill you up nor would make a part of a meal, there isnt enough in one box you would need two , which would make for an expensive part of a meal.

      That was the first review i have done in a long time, so if im rusty please let me know where i could improve.
      Thankyou for reading :) x


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      03.04.2012 23:16
      Very helpful



      I Would Much Rather Have These Delicious Chips To Take Away Chips

      I have been being 'Fries To Go' for quite a few years. I think they are great to put in the microwave and have as part of a meal. Sometimes I just have a packet of these chips on their own for lunch. They taste like chips you get from fast food restaurants and are very nice, although I occasionally find them a bit soggy.


      At Tesco, these microwaveable chips cost £1.75 for a pack of 3 * 90g packs. Each pack contains 24 thin, long fries. They are similar in size to fries you find in Burger King. The cardboard packs are red, with tops of chips at the top as if they were coming out of the packet. In the middle, it says 'Fries to Go' in large, blue writing. It also says just underneath 'Surprisingly Crispy!' as well as having the expiration date and estimated weight. On the back, there are instructions for cooking as well as important do's and don't's that you should follow to get the best out of your microwaveable chips. On the side, it gives you the nutritional information as well as information on how you should store them. The other side gives you contact numbers and addresses.


      As the company claim, these fries are quite crispy. They are usually soft on the inside with the occasional very crispy chip. They taste similar to chips at fast food restaurants, especially if you add salt to them. These fries do not have anything special to the taste, they taste just like normal chips. I guess this is an upside as you may have thought that since they are so easy to make, they will not taste as good, but this is not the case. On the odd occasion, I have found that some fries are a little bit soggy. This isn't much of a problem as it doesn't happen often, but it does ruin the taste a little bit.

      ~Nutritional Information/Storage~

      Here is a list of nutritional information that is stated on the side of the box (per 100g):

      Calories - 305
      Protein - 3.7g
      Carbohydrates - 43.9g
      of which sugars - 0.5g
      Fat - 12.8g
      of which saturates - 2.5g
      Fibre - 3.4g
      Sodium - 0.25g
      equivalent as salt - 0.6g

      I am a bit confused as to why they give nutritional information per 100g when each pack contains 90g of fries.......bizarre. They obviously aren't particularly good for you, but what do you expect from chips.

      You are supposed to keep these fries frozen, as cooking times are for the fries from frozen. This also means that the chips last a long time and you do not need to worry much if they are in date since you can almost guarantee that they are.


      For an 850 watt microwave, the chips only take 2 minutes and 15 seconds to cook. I think this is very quick and I am amazed that I can have delicious chips ready to eat in just over two minutes. Of course, for a 750 watt microwave, it takes longer; 2 minutes and 45 seconds to be exact. For a 650 watt microwave, it takes 3 minutes and 15 seconds. You cook the chips whilst they are in the pack, and you are supposed to have the chips a certain way up in the microwave. I'm not sure what difference it makes, but there are arrows on each side of the pack telling which way up you are supposed to have them.

      Once the chips have cooked, the pack will be very hot, quite obviously. One slight problem I have found is that some chips stick to the pack a little bit, and require a somewhat violent shake to get them out of the pack. I suggest you shake the pack, not just stand there shaking your body... that won't help anything.


      These fries can be used for all kinds of things. They go well with sausages, burgers, fish, chicken, loads of foods. They can also be eaten on there own for lunch, which is what I do sometimes. They are very convenient for lunch because they are so easy and very quick to make.


      Overall, I would definitely recommend these microwaveable chips. They smell, look and taste like normal chips from a fast food restaurant, but probably aren't quite as bad for you. They can't compete against homemade chips, but I would much rather have these than take away chips because you know that they haven't been mistreated, e.g spat on. They are also very simple and extremely quick to make, and go well with all kinds of things. Although, they shouldn't be had to often as they aren't very good for you, but then again, what chips are?


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      20.07.2010 21:48
      Very helpful



      Good microwavable French fry

      I really like the taste and size of the chips you get from traditional fish and chip shops but I also like the French fry style you can purchase from several fast food outlets. From Tesco several times I have bought Fries to Go which are as the name suggest French fries similar to what you would find in KFC or McDonalds which you can microwave at home. They are great to eat with burgers, fish fingers or other items like these to make up a complete meal or as I often do put them on a plate add some salt and eat them with ketchup by themselves as a snack.

      You buy them as a pack of three, each box containing 90g of fries which is a good size serving especially if you were adding them to other items as mentioned earlier. Currently on the Tesco website this pack of three is available for £1.53 which I consider to be a reasonable price. These are a frozen item and so they can be stored for a good while before you have to use them and at worst case they take 3 minutes and 15 seconds to cook in a microwave so if you are very hungry you don't have long to wait.

      The fries when prepared properly for the correct time stated on the instructions are crispy on the outside and softer in the centre just like the best ones I have eaten at times from fast food restaurants but be careful not to overheat them as they can then burn and not taste nearly as good.

      I don't imagine a food product like this would ever be that good for you but a serving (90g) is roughly 305 calories and just short of 13g of fat so like many things can be enjoyed best in moderation.


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        20.02.2010 14:40
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A tasty convenient microwave food

        Emergency food of the tasty kind, Fries to Go can always be found in my freezer. I work full time but I always cook an evening meal for the whole family, I do try to keep it healthy and tasty. However I also have food in my freezer that I keep for stand by occasions, or lunch on Saturdays, school holidays etc. Generally the food in the freezer is for the kids and is quick cook easy to prepare food.

        Fries to Go are very handy and convenient to have in the freezer, they are cooked in the microwave for 2 minutes 15 seconds to 2 minutes 45 seconds depending on microwave strength. Each packet of fries contains 24 fries, the carton is designed in such a way that the chips are all in individual slots and when cooked they are crispy on the outside with a soft inner. I find that one carton is sufficient for one of my children, usually with something else to accompany it. When they are cooked in the microwave they should be left to stand for 1 minute, this apparently helps with the crispness but also I find they are extremely hot when they come out of the microwave so this minute gives them a chance to cool. I don't eat the fries myself but my children do and my daughter says they are tasty, potatoey, crispy without being hard in the middle and out of the different microwave fries we have tried she prefers these.

        The fries themselves look like the fries you would get in the common fast food outlets, they measure about 10cm in length and are all of a uniform size, I would think specifically designed to fit exactly into the bespoke carton. The ingredients are:
        Sunflower Oil,
        Dehydrated Potato
        Emulsifier (E471)

        Each carton is 90g in weight the calorie content when microwaved for 100g is 305 kcal. The Fries to Go are found in the frozen food aisle in shops and should be stored in the freezer until they are to be used, there is no need to defrost before cooking and it is recommended that they are cooked straight from frozen.

        The carton is a thin cardboard, and is red with images of chips, and Fries to Go in blue lettering. There are detailed cooking instructions on the back of the carton. I buy Fries to Go in a three pack, I haven't seen them in any other size packs. Usually they range in price from around £1.40 to £1.60.

        I wouldn't recommend this product as something to be eaten everyday but as an occasional snack or standby food they are great to have. If you have active children like mine who take part in lots of activities it is really convenient to have things like Fries to Go in the freezer that can be cooked quickly.


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          02.02.2010 14:41
          Very helpful



          I also think they're a little pricey for what they are.

          When I was a teenager I used to eat Fries To Go all of the time, they were an ideal food that I could just pop in the mircowave at all times of the day. That however seems like a long time ago and up until recently I hadn't had Fries To Go in many years. For some reason when I was shopping about a month ago I saw some Fries To Go in Tesco and decided to try them and see if they were just as nice as I remembered. I would prefer to eat fries over 'fat' chips any day.

          Fries To Go come in a red packet and I have only ever seen them in multi-packs of three. They are three individual boxes of fries that need to be cooked in a microwave. I cannot remember the exact cost of Fries To Go but I thing it was around £1.40. They also seem to sell them in all supermarkets and I think you will probably get them slightly cheaper at places like Farmfoods.

          The fries are so easy to cook and they'll be literally ready in minutes. You need to remove the plastic wrapping, place in the microwave and cook for between 2mins 15secs and 3mins 15secs depending on your microwave. Once cooked you need to leave them to stand for a minute and then shake out of the carton.

          When I tried them again recently for the first time in years I was totally disappointed in these fries. They were really tasteless and even though I put lots of salt on them they were still pretty rubbish. It describes them on the packaging as "deliciously crispy" but they were far from delicious. I think I was hoping they would taste like the fries you get in KFC or McDonalds but they were no where near as nice.

          I also found that some of the fries were slightly more done than others, perhaps borderline burnt. This is probably my fault for cooking for the wrong amount of time but even when I cooked the other two boxes I struggled to get it right. I didn't even eat all my fries I disliked them that much.

          The other two boxes I had I gave to my sons and they really enjoyed them which I found quite surprising. I won't be buying them again for them though.

          It is a shame these chips were so disappointing because sometimes convenience food is just what you want and you don't get more convienent than fries in 3 minutes. Tasteless fries that are just a little too crispy are not the fries for me unfortunately.


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          20.01.2010 11:49
          Very helpful




          Although nothing beats Chips from a Takeaway, or perhaps cooking a pile of Chips in the oven or Fryer, sometimes just for a quick fix some Microwave Chips does quite nicely. Fair enough to get a decent amount of Chips I feel you have to cook about 6 boxes as you don't get much, but these are quick and convenient.

          There is 2 brand out there for the Microwave Chip awards and they are slightly different. You have McCains Microchips and these ones which are called Fries to go.

          You only get these in a 3 box multipack and the cost approx £1.50. There never seems to be any kind of offer on these, well not to my knowledge anyway. These are frozen and although you can defrost them, it is best to cook these frozen.

          You cook these in the cardboard packaging that they come in. The box consists of 3 rows of 7 little square slots. In each slot there is a Chip, and these Chips are not chunky Chips, but Fries like what you get in McDonalds. They are quite long and quite crisp. Within the little shot that these are in, there is a grey paper coating bit. This is to make them Crisp up apparently, and I can only guess that this works, as they taste nice and Crisp.

          These cook in 2 minutes 20 seconds, and you are meant to leave them for 1 minute in the pack afterwards. I do, but when my wife cooks them she tips them straight onto the plate. She says hers taste nice and crisp, so I'm not sure if leaving them in makes them any crisper at all.

          Not sure how many calories or fat are in these, as can't remember being able to find this information on the pack, but would guess it would have to be somewhere.

          Nicer than Microchips, but that bit more expensive. It does seem that you get a little more Chips in this pack though, as you get 21 long, thin Chips.

          A nice quick and tasty Chip.


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          03.10.2009 23:12
          Very helpful



          These are great for dinners or just a snack.


          These come in packs of two and packs of three, they come in bright red plastic covering. Each packet inside it is colored bright red with yellow, blue black and white colors also. The design of these is quite fun and definitely attractive. I think many people probably first buy them because of how they are presented.

          They remind me of McDonalds fries in taste and appearance. On the cover you will see the words Fries to Go wrote in big fancy writing with bright white behind it. It sort of looks like its shining onto the writing.

          Below that you will see written, Suprisingly crispy and a messege saying keep frozen and the best before date. On the back you will see the various different times required for microwaving and all of the instructions.


          650W you microwave them 3 minutes 15 secs.
          750W you microwave them 2 minutes 45 secs.
          850W 2 mins 15 secs.


          1. Cook from frozen

          2. Check each individual pocket holds a a chip in position before microwaving.

          3. Ensure chips are piping hot throughout before eating.

          4. Check cooking times because all microwaves cooking times vary and you may need to adjust cooking times to suit your own model.

          5. Follow cooking guidelines in the table displayed on the back of each pack.

          6. Cook only one pack at a time.

          7. Take care after cooking because the fries and box are very hot.


          1. Dont put the boxs in a conventional over or grill.

          2. Dont cook if any of the chips are missing from any of the individual microwave pockets.

          3. Dont leave the microwave unattended when cooking.
          Dont use these if they are past the before best date because they may overheat.

          4. Dont overcook them.


          * Remove plastic overwrap.
          * Place the chips in microwave instructions side down.
          * Cook on full power
          * Leave to stand for 1 minute
          * Shake out of carton and season to taste.


          These are suitable for vegeterians and there made from mashed potato.


          * Energy kj per 100g frozen 1072 and per 100g microwaved 1281

          * Energy kcal per 100g frozen 255 and per 100g microwaved 305

          * Protein g per 100g frozen 3.0 and per 100g microwaved 3.7

          * Carbohydrate per 100g frozen 36.3 and per 100g microwaved 43.9
          of which sugars g per 100g frozen 0.5 per and 100g microwaved 0.5

          * Fat g per 100g frozen 10.9 and per 100g microwaved 12.8
          of which saturates g per 100g frozen 2.2 and 100g microwaved 2.5

          * Fibre g per 100g frozen 2.7 and per 100g microwaved 3.4
          * Sodium g per 100g frozen 0.20 and per 100g microwaved 0.25
          equivalent as salt per 100g 0.5 and per 100g microwaved 0.6

          MY OPINION

          I really like the packaging these come in its very bright and colorful and initially this is the reason i got them. I also got them because they remind me of Mcdonalds fries and i like those. They taste great and once you eat one packet if theres more left you will probably be tempted to take another.

          They are nice for a snack or for dinner and cooking them never takes longer than 3 minutes and 15 seconds which is very fast. I think thats great because sometimes you just dont feel like making something to eat thats going to take ages and this is a nice alternative. They are the nicest out of all the microwave chips that i have tried in my opinion.

          They are also very reasonably priced, my mum often buys them at tescos and they are usually on offer. Everyone in my family likes these and i think they would appeal to most people who like fries. The fact that each chip comes in its own individual pocket is good because you can quite easily eat them out of the packet if you cant be bother putting them on a plate and they also cook well due to there seperate pockets too.

          The packet is very warm when taking it out of the microwave i have been burnt several times despite the warning on the packet lol. I now use a tea towel or gloves too lift them out. Theres also a gurantee on the side of this packet and a phone number to ring if you have problems which is always good.


          They cost £1.28 for a packet of 3 in tescos.


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            29.09.2009 11:55



            Handy but be careful

            Fries to Go......a word of warning.

            My son prefers Fries to Go over McCains and in my opinion eats to many of them still if it keeps him happy...... The fries are supplied in either 2 or 3 boxes dependant where you purchase them, and quite often you can obtain them under special offers from some of the supermarket groups such as Morrisons, Asda, Tesco, or the Co-op.

            Easy to use (or so we thought until recently), place the box face up in the Microwave and cook for anything between 2mins 15 secs to 3mins 15 secs dependant on your microwave rating. Leave to stand for a minute and then shake them out of the packet and away you go.

            We must have cooked over a 100 of these packets in this way without any problem, until recently. We placed a packet in the micowave as usual, must admit to not having checked if it was full or not (there is a warning on the packet not to cook if any of the chips are missing from the individual microwave pockets, nor to leave the microwave oven unattended while cooking - my son did not follow either of these instructions and it was only with smoke pouring out of the microwave that he realised something was wrong.

            The packet caught fire, burnt out the microwave, and only after inspection did we find that there were only 2 lairs of fries, not the 3 that the packet is supposed to contain.

            Trying to call the 'dedicated help team' at fries for us on the given number 00800 555 77722 is a complete waste of time as the message meerly states that 'we have a dedicated help team working from 9 to 5 but all our lines are busy at the moment....... leave name and address as well as lot number and we will respond to you by letter'.

            Not at all happy, and an expesive lesson so am sending this review as a warning to others.

            The packet caught fire, the microwave is burnt


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            28.07.2009 09:20
            Very helpful



            Microwavable French Fries in less than 3 minutes.

            I'm not a big fan of microwave/ ready meal type products; I prefer to cook from scratch. However since I have become pregnant Mr Lools has not so secretly started stashing microwave meals in the freezer to feed himself (when I have retired to bed feeling sick or tired) his excuse is that he is also eating for two! Sunday, after spending the day in bed feeling poorly I woke up to discover the supermarket had closed so I had to raid Mr Lools' stash of freezer food or starve. I came across Fries to Go and thought these would be the perfect snack for my craving. I have tried McCain Micro Chips previously and really enjoy these every now and then so imagined Fries to Go would be similar... they are not!

            Once I opened the plastic wrapper I discovered the snack comes in packs of three. Mr Lools informed me that he had paid £1.50 for the three pack in Asda. Fries to Go are often on special offer are you can get two packs (six boxes) so reasonably good value.

            The packaging of Fries to Go is quite bright and eye catching. The outer packaging is red with Fries to Go written on the front. The box inside has a cardboard grid which holds each chip individually so they do not get stuck together when cooking. Be careful when you remove the outer wrapping as the top of the box is open therefore the fries can slide out of the cardboard grid inside the box. The cooking instructions are on the back of the box.

            A box takes 2 minutes 30 to cook in my microwave (750W). It is then advisable to let the box cool for a further minute.

            When you open the microwave the smell is quite appealing, like fries and potato but without the greasy type smell you get when you purchase fries from a fast food outlet.

            You can then tip the box upside down and the fries will fall onto the plate. Because of the design of the plastic grid you may find that you need to give the box and extra shake to ensure fries are not stuck to the plastic grid.

            The fries came out of the packaging a golden colour. I did notice that some of the fries were extremely brown and almost looked like they had been overcooked. All of the fries looked the same, length and size.

            The fries are quite crispy when you bite into them. I do not like greasy food at all but I did find the potato inside of the fries extremely dry; too dry for my liking therefore I had to add some vinegar and tomato ketchup. What I disliked about the product was that because the fries were sightly overcooked (based upon the brown colour they had turned) this gave a slightly burnt taste and overpowered the crispy potato taste that I expected.

            What I did like about Fries To Go are they are not overly salty like many French fry products are. I never put salt in meals I cook or add to food I purchase however, so for those of you who do like their food more salty then you would definitely need to add salt to your Fries to Go.

            ***Nutritional Information***

            Per 90g box
            233 calories
            13.8g of fat

            The calorie and fat content is quite high but to put this in perspective these are French Fries and if you purchased fries from a fast food outlet you would expect to find an even higher fat and calorie content, therefore I don't really need to say it but eat in moderation.

            Would I eat these again? Probably. Would I choose to buy them? Probably not! If you like crispy French fries then these are the best you are going to get from the vicinity of your microwave. However if like myself you prefer softer and chunkier chips stick to Mc Cain Microchips, they are cheaper and a lot tastier.


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              07.07.2009 13:16
              Very helpful



              Give them a miss

              Whilst food shopping last week, I was looking in the freezer section for some chips when I saw these Fries To Go. I have seen them for ages and kept thinking "I'll get some of those to try next week" and never got around to it, so last week I thought I'd get some to try in a chip butty for my dinner that day- obviously I would be the official taste tester of the family (just an excuse for chips for dinner Lol)

              So what are they?~
              Fries to go are exactly as the name implies- a home made 'fast food'. They promise a lot- tasty microwaveable crispy fries..but do they live up to their own hype?

              How to cook~
              The fries come in a small cardboard box, with three layers of silver coloured card inside-this is the vital bit of the whole box as it crisps the fries when cooked.
              *Remove the box from the outer clear packaging, and place the box in your microwave oven (with the instructions on the bottom side and logo upwards).
              *Cook on full power for the time given- depending on what power your microwave is this varies between 3mins 15sec, 2mins 45secs and 2mins 15secs-adjust accordingly.
              *Leave to stand for one minute before shaking out of the carton and season to taste.

              Okay so are they any good?~
              Well, I followed the instructions and was surprised at how crispy they did actually go! However even after adding a sprinkle of salt and pepper they tasted...a little like cardboard. They weren't bad tasting they just didn't have any taste at all!
              Would I buy them again? I very much doubt it to be honest. I paid £1 for a pack of two and considering there were less than 30 fries per box I thought they were expensive to say they were so poor!

              *Fries to go customer careline no 00800 555 77722
              *Do not put these in regular ovens/grills only microwaves and always cook from frozen
              *Suitable for vegetarians
              *Made from potatoes, sunflower oil, dehydrated potato, emulsifier (E471), salt and dextrose.
              *For every 100g serving there is 0.6g salt
              *The boxes are predominantly red with the logo on top and some tasty looking fries, and are sealed in a clear plastic cover.
              *Sold at Iceland in a pack of two 90g boxes for £1, found in the frozen potato section.


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                15.06.2009 22:23
                Very helpful



                Good now and then

                I'd completely forgotten about Fries to Go until my oven stopped working and I began looking for microwave alternatives temporarily.

                Not being the world's biggest fan of micro chips as you only get about 3 and they are usually quite soggy, I opted for my old microwave chip favourites Fries to Go.

                I never normally microwave chips - my microwave is usually used for reheating food and steaming veg. However, as I'm getting lazier about cooking for one, in comes the convenience food.

                I paid almost £2 for a plastic wrapped pack of 3 cardboard boxes. The boxes are quite small, each chip self contained in a little card holder within. For that reason, you know you're always getting the same amount even if they are 'boring' with a generic shape and size across the board. You don't get tons of chips, but more than micro chips. I find that you can top up a meal with them rather than see them as a substantial part of it. Better to reduce those carbs, unless of course you give in to temptation and cook 2 (or even 3!) boxes for your meal. They are quite expensive for what you get, but you're paying for the convenience after all.

                Each box has extensive instructions printed on the back - great for people like me who like to read a lot, not so great for the impatient or kids.

                Just stick the chips in for the recommended time for your microwave, remove carefully, leave to stand for a minute - if you can wait that long - then enjoy.

                I don't tend to add salt to food, and these are slightly bland without it. However, they are a nice golden yellow and are lovely and crisp, my favourite thing about chips. Each is only a few bites and they are a little on the processed side taste-wise, but they are the best microwave chips out there in my opinion.

                Costly, particularly for big families, and nowhere near as flexible as homemade or oven chips, but for a convenient snack or small side in under 2 minutes, you can't really complain.


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                  08.05.2009 18:55
                  Very helpful



                  would recommend these for a treat but only when on offer

                  When hubby & youngest daughter arrived home from Sainsbury's today I was pleased to see they'd bought a box of Fries To Go. However, I was horrified to see the price on the till receipt - £1.49. To be fair neither of them yet have the knack of snapping up offers & there's no way I'd have paid this much as I've seen them on offer sometimes & bought them as a treat.

                  The cellophane wrapper keeps all 3 boxes together (rather like a Kellogg's Variety Pack) & each individual box contains 24 chips - how do I know? - well each chip comes in it's own section of the box, nestled in a compartment which has reflective card.

                  My maths (please correct if I'm wrong?) tells me that one of these chips costs me over 2p - good job they taste nice.

                  They are crisper than the perforated black box type that McCains do & the style of packaging means they're a bit more fun to eat. They're not soggy at all & there were hard / black bits in the ones we ate for lunch.

                  If I had to describe the taste, in my opinion, the nearest chip that I think we've all tried is Kentucky - only I think Fries to go may be slightly longer.

                  Each box is 90g which is quite a generous helping if you're eating it with a meal but maybe not if you're just wanting chips on their own?

                  Warnings such as very hot temperatures & not putting in the oven or grill are provided along with cooking directions for the various wattage microwaves - in our case they took just 2 minutes 15 seconds to cook which is great if you want something fairly sustantial in a hurry.

                  Health-wise chips are not known for being the greatest option to choose. I won't bore you all the nutritional values but just to let you know that per 100g there are 255 calories , 36.3 carb & 10.9g of fat - it would really help if they told you these per 90g as that's the size of the box!

                  The ingredients are straightforward enough - potatoes, sunflower oil, dehydrated potato, e471, salt & dextrose. I wondered why I was thirsty all afternoon & now I see why - if I'd known there was salt already in the chips I wouldn't have added so much when eating.

                  They have a nice taste & good texture so I'd buy them for a treat but I definitely would NOT pay £1.49 for them.

                  - expensive if you don't buy on affer.
                  - nice packaging but wasteful which is maybe why they cost more?
                  - good taste & texture.
                  - healthier than 'chippy' chips'
                  - really easy & quick to cook.


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                    08.03.2009 23:15
                    Very helpful



                    Crispy microwaveable treat - worth a try!

                    I'll be honest, I am wary of microwave chips. I don't understand how they can become crispy after a few minutes. I tried the McCain micro chips a while back and was very disappointed in them as they came out of the microwave rather soggy. So it was with caution that I tried these!

                    They are available in a striking red packaging, which holds three boxes of the fries. Each box (90g) is one portion, so you basically get three portions of the fries for £1.51. Each box contains 300 calories and 12g fat, which isn't too bad for saying it's chips we're talking about! Each box holds a decent amount of fries (though I'll be honest I've not counted them!). When I looked at the instructions for cooking these, I'll be honest I thought they were going to be another soggy disaster! The box claims that these are "crispy fries made from mashed potato" and I must admit I was pleasantly surprised. When they emerged from the microwave they were surprisingly crispy, although a couple of them were a little burnt and so tasted horrible. The majority were fine, and with a dollop of mayonnaise, they provided a tasty snack!

                    The ingredients are:
                    Potatoes, Sunflower Oil, Dehydrated Potato, Emulsifier (E471), Salt, Dextrose.

                    1. Remove the plastic overwrap. 2. Place carton in microwave oven, side down for cooking. 3. Cook on full power. 4. Leave to stand for 1 minute. 5. Shake out of carton and season to taste.

                    1 box:
                    CatB/650W: 3 mins 15 secs.
                    CatD/750W: 2 mins 45 secs.
                    CatE/850W: 2 mins 15 secs.
                    Warning very HOT! Do not overcook.

                    I was impressed with these and would definitely buy them again.


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                    26.02.2009 20:24
                    Very helpful



                    They're alright.

                    ~~*~~*~~ Fries To Go ~~*~~*~~

                    When I'm hungover, it's not a pretty sight. The universal cure for the aches and pains suffered after a night on the tiles is either salt and vinegar chipsticks and coke or a McDonalds. We had none of the former in the cupboards and apparently a 12 mile round trip is too far to go for a miracle cure when I'm obviously in pain and quite possibly dying (HimIndoors doesn't get hangovers and consequently doesn't understand my trauma). Instead he suggested I have a packet of Fries to Go - in no way was this a kind gesture of love and understanding - he's blatantly a lazy git.

                    ~~ What are they? ~~

                    They're frozen bits of cardboard or 'chips' that are conveniently packaged in a red carton (looks like the Maccy D's chip container) with yellow and blue writing on it. Separating each chip is cardboard or 'crisping compartment' as described on the informative packet, so that you can cook it in the microwave without having to separate each chip yourself. They look like French fries seeing as how they're quite thin - each one is virtually the same size and dimensions so at least you know what you're getting.

                    ~~ Cooking (in the loosest sense of the word) ~~

                    Remove the packet from the freezer - this is possibly the hardest part in the culinary proceedings as you'll likely have to fight to get your over-frozen drawer open, then you'll realise their location is in a different but equally frozen drawer. Take off the plastic see through wrapping and place upright in your lovely microwave. If you don't have a microwave you shouldn't have bought them. They take between 3 and a quarter minutes and 2 mins 4 secs if you have the 'powerwave' machine that we do (btw, HimIndoors disturbingly knew the exact time to heat them for but then he was a bachelor for a very long time before I met him (perhaps this should have been an omen)). Then you're required to leave them to stand for 1 minute after which you're allowed to shake them out and season them according to your discerning palate.

                    ~~ Price ~~

                    Tesco, as ever, had them on offer - for one whole shiny pound you get three of these delightful boxes. Just think what I could have bought with that hard earned cash. Actually, not a lot, so in retrospect they're a bargain had they not been tasteless bits of boredom. HimIndoors could have gone to the chippy and got a battered sausage with some real chips and gravy for £1.80 but that would have been the ultimate act of love and quite possibly would have led to marriage.

                    ~~ Ingredients and Nutritional Information ~~

                    Well, this section should be short. Fries to Go do contain potatoes so don't eat them if you're allergic to the papa (that's Peruvian for potato). There's nearly 300 calories in each box and 13 grams of fat but then again you've probably not purchased them thinking they were a healthy alternative to salad - if you eat them frozen they are slightly healthier but that's just weird. There's also the added extras of veg oil, emulsifier, salt and dextrose but that may explain the use by date being over a year away.

                    ~~ Fries for You? ~~

                    They're alright - they're not a patch on McDs or Burger Kings but they're on a par with KFC (which are only good if you get the gravy with them). They're fairly solid but as they rightly say, they are crispy. The taste is bland but add a load of salt and ketchup and they're palatable. One pack was enough even if they did look slightly pathetic on the plate. They look the right colour for chips but I should have made the effort and cooked McCain's Homefries in the oven (however, I was convinced that death was around the corner and I couldn't possibly have stood to operate the oven or even lasted 40 minutes for the real chips for fear that I may have wasted away in my ravenous state). As a hangover cure, they appeared to work although it may have been that I fell asleep for 4 hours after.

                    ~~ More interestiness to whet your appetite ~~

                    In the UK there are around 15 varieties of potato to choose from, if you nip to South America, there are more than 100 but worldwide there are over 4000 - ooh, the possibilities are endless.
                    China is the highest consumer of potatoes.
                    Potatoes were first brought to Europe in 1570 - I bet the poor men who slaved away to bring us them are particularly proud of what we've done to them now.
                    Don't eat potatoes raw - they've got a lovely toxic component to them.
                    8 out of 10 households have frozen chips lurking around.
                    National Chip Week is the 9th to the 15th February - book it in your diary for next year's celebration.
                    I could go on but I've managed to bore myself.

                    If this has intrigued you and you'd like to try them, why not pop to your local supermarket and purchase some. Or, if the credit crunch has somewhat depleted your weekly shopping budget, then try writing them a begging letter or ringing them and pleading for a free sample - you never know your luck.

                    Havers Hill
                    YO11 3BR
                    0800 55577722

                    Caroline & Doughnut Feb 09.

                    Both longing for Chippy Friday to arrive.

                    Review will appear elsewhere, probably.


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                      20.10.2008 11:34
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                      Chips that can be used as a bribe!

                      Well as this is a chip review you can guess whose favourite these are, yes you've guessed it my kids absolutely adore these so who am I to refuse! Actually they like them so much it is now classed as one of those bribery tools to get them to behave!

                      The product I will now review is "Original fries to go".

                      I hadn't heard of these chips until my mother brought them from Asda one day. My mum used to be my main childcare for my daughter and for a short time my son, so she was always trying to get them fed and watered before she had to go to work and also to save me a job when I had finished an 8 hour shift, my mums always been great!

                      Discovering my children's penchant for chips, especially McDonalds fries, she found if she cooked a box of these, split it between the two of them and served it with vegetables and maybe a fish finger, they were more likely to eat everything else on their plates, my mum is also an evil genius!

                      After updating me with her evil plan I thought that it might also work at home, for me, hopefully, maybe?

                      I purchased my own multipack of Fries to go, for the sum of £1.50 something, ouch, not the cheapest product out there.

                      The packaging is a nice and vibrant colour, red and gradually merging into orange, with "Fries to go" logo emblazoned across the front in bright blue.
                      There is the usual information on the outer wrap, product name, cooking instructions, contents and nutritional information, all of which I will come to later.

                      I rip open the plastic outer wrap to reveal three boxes of fries, the fries are long and thin and reminiscent of McDonalds fries.
                      The box that holds them is unique in the respect that within the box there are three layers of "slats", within these the chips are held individually, upright and the fact there is one end of the box that is open, makes the fries really crispy.

                      The cooking instructions state that the boxes of chips must only ever be cooked in the microwave and from frozen.
                      The boxes themselves have a little red arrow on the side of the box to show which way up the box must be sitting prior to cooking.
                      You then simply close the door and cook for around 2 minutes 45 seconds. I say around due to the fact I don't have a new fangled microwave that has a seconds feature on it, mine has minutes only and is controlled by a dial, I swear I feel like I'm cracking a safe when cooking these fries, I have to get the dial just after the minute markings!
                      When the time is up and your are sure they are cooked thoroughly, you remove from the microwave and leave to stand for 1 minute, this is apparently when the crisping magic happens!

                      I have to be honest, I don't really like these chips, not sure whether it is the slightly cardboard taste they have, but I just can't eat them. My kids and my husband on the other hand have a real taste for them, with my husband insisting that he be chief food tester for the kids, just to "make sure!" I don't think the kids fall for that one anymore!

                      But these chips are everything they claim they are, they are crispy, delicious (according to my family!),and quick to cook.

                      The nutritional information is as follows -

                      Per 100g microwaved (There are 90g of chip in each box)
                      305 kcal
                      3.7 protein
                      43.9 carbohydrates
                      0.5 of which sugars
                      12.8g fat
                      2.5g of which saturates.

                      As I mentioned earlier these were purchased as a three pack from Asda, I have recently seen them available in Iceland as a two pack for £1.00.

                      Would I recommend these, me personally no, but from my families stand point yes, and my kids do tend to eat everything that's put on their plates with these, bonus!

                      For more information on these and other microwave chips available visit - www.asda.co.uk

                      Thanks for reading x


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