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Pillsbury Pizza Crust

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Brand: Pillsbury / Type: Pizza

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    1 Review
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      06.04.2009 21:10
      Very helpful



      For a night in all you need is a good film,bottle of wine and this

      Have A Pizza This.

      Stay in with a bottle of wine of your choice, with a pizza costing less than £5, the pizza kit costs £1.80 plus the toppings of your choice and serves 6-8 potions.

      We started buying these Pillsbury kits from ASDA a while ago; I should think that they must be available from other outlets.

      It's kept in the chiller cabinet and consists of a small bottle of tomato sauce with Tomato, Onions, Oregano, Basil among other ingredients and the pizza base which is in a cardboard type tube with metal caps top and bottom and when you open it by unpeeling the outside wrapper it expands to 3 to 4 times it's size as other Pillsbury doughboy items.

      I have given the way I now make the pizza as I did have problems at first such as soggy or burnt pizza's but now they are very good and the packets are handy to have in the fridge as they can last while unopened.

      This is where the Bacofoil non stick, tin foil I wrote about last time comes in at it's best, place about 18 inches of the foil on the table, unwrap the wrapping on the tube and it will then expand, breaking the cardboard tube, take the roll of dough, place the end of the dough that opens on the tin foil short edge, then keeping the roll on the foil unroll the dough until it is open and flat, for best results do not unroll then try to place on the tin foil.

      Place the pizza by lifting the ends of the tin foil onto a baking tray.

      I have found it is best not to use to much tomato paste on the dough as it makes it soggy, then the rest of what you fancy, Mozzarella, Mushrooms etc what ever you fancy but do not overload, as again it will end up soggy.

      Follow the cooking instructions, it does say 6 in the middle of the oven but I have found 5, just below the middle of the oven is the best, as it cooks too fast and ends a little soggy inside, now cook until golden brown which is slightly longer than on the packet

      Another tip for ovens without the fan, the back of the tray which goes in the oven, lift the excess tinfoil up to stop the back of the Pizza from burning.
      If you need a recipe check this out



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