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Quorn Beef Style and Ale Suet Pudding

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Brand: Quorn / Type: Beef

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    2 Reviews
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      13.01.2010 14:44
      Very helpful



      Nice for a treat on a cold winters eve

      I just love these Quorn beef style & ale puddings. I first saw them in Asda about a year ago and thought I would try one as when I was little I loved steamed meat puddings. Now I dont eat meat anymore I fancied trying it to see if it was as filling as I remembered the meat ones.

      I was really surprised as I thought it tasted much better than I could remember, they always seemed to have lumps of horrid gristle in them which makes me feel sick just thinking about it but with these new veggie ones you dont get any of that.

      I cooked mine on the hob in a saucepan on water (make sure its not coming over the top of the sides) for 35 mins and it turned out on the plate easily with a little help from a fork, it kept its shape and the outside didnt burst or anything.

      Inside there was a nice amount of gravy but not enough to saturate the rest of your meal. There were a few carrots dotted about as well. The meat style pieces were tasty and pleasant to eat. The pastry was very filling and comforting to eat especially on such a cold evening.

      You can cook these puddings in the microwave if you dont want to wait for them to cook on the hob. They take just 7 minutes but I dont know what they come out like as I like to cook them on the hob while I have some veg cooking.

      I have still only found these in Asda even though I always look in Tesco or where ever else we decide to go. They are in the chilled bit with the other Quorn products. I cant remember exactly how much they were but I think it was about £1.80.

      The weight of the pudding is 195g and it contains 393 calories which isnt bad really as I only have them with veg, I wouldnt be able to eat potatoes as well as it would be too much. The fat content is 18.5, saturates is 8.8, sugars is 2.0 and salt is 1.5.

      I bought this latest one on Monday (11/01/10) and the best before date is for tomorrow (14/01/10) so you can keep it in the fridge for a few days before eating. It says on the package that you can freeze on day of purchase and kept for up to 3 months.

      The packaging is like a square box shape, deeper than the normal quorn range and it has a dark green background with the orange Quorn logo across the top and a picture of the pudding cut opened on the front.

      The blurb on the packaging describes it as a vegetarian suet pudding filled with Quorn beef style pieces in a rich Dorset gravy. The Quorn pieces are made with mycoprotein which is a member of the fungi family and it is naturally low in fat and high in protein and fibre.


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        28.10.2009 16:19
        Very helpful



        A pudding I really enjoy and has that pub grub feel to it.

        Quorn Beef Style And Ale Puddings.


        Water, wheat flour, Quorn beef style pieces (16%) [mycoprotein*, rehydrated free range egg white, flavouring, roasted barley malt extract], vegetable suet (vegetable oil, wheat flour), Dorset ale (4.6%), carrot, onion, cornflour, tomato purée, vegetable oil, salt, flavouring, black pepper, bouquet garni (marjoram, parsley, thyme, rosemary, bay).
        *14% of product

        Egg, Barley & Wheat Gluten. Made in a factory which handles Celery, Milk, Mustard & Soya.

        The long dark nights of winter are coming and already the night sky is lighted up every evening with fireworks. It's the season for comfort food, and I think I have found the perfect thing if you seek a warming hearty no nonsense dish, that wouldn't look out of place on the best pub menu.

        I discovered these last year on a rare trip I made to Asda, and since then I have been spotted there on many occasions seeking out these tasty morsels.

        Quorn Beef Style and Ale Pudding is the subject of this review, and these little individual puddings are to be found in the chiller. They have an emerald green box housing them, and you are looking for a square box with a picture of the pudding on the top. Approved by the vegetarian society these little podgy puddings are absolutely delicious.

        To prepare you steam for a 35 minutes on the hob, or you can be lazy and microwave them. I haven't tried this as I don't own a microwave but it would certainly be a quick option.

        I peel some potatoes while they are cooking, as nothing but a creamy mash does to accompany these delights, which literally melt in your mouth.

        Forget stodge, these are light and airy, but sustaining and meaty. Each pudding is just under 400 calories, and has lots of fat (18.5g per pud actually), but it is comfort food and perhaps not good to serve these nightly.

        They have a lovely flavour provided by an abundance of herbs, and they are made with vegetable suet. The rich gravy has Dorset Ale added, and the result is a tasty hearty main meal I can wholeheartedly recommend. The Quorn beef style pieces are very authentic and low fat, although of course in this pudding setting they can hardly be plausibly described this way. At least there is no gristle to choke on!

        Little cubes of carrots sparkle like amber nuggets in the rich gravy and each mouthful is a rich and herby delight of the highest caliber.

        The salt content is relatively low for a manufactured dish at 0.6 g per pudding so this gets my approval.

        They are quite filling so you won't need dessert, but you will certainly be in the mood to settle down for the evening by the fire satisfied and well fed!

        Each pudding costs £1.68 and they have quite a long shelf life in the chiller when you purchase them. You can even freeze them on the day.

        I think these are a really tasty winter warmer and something to look forward to on miserable November nights.

        Recently spotted in Sainsbury's too so becoming more available all the time.

        All my family give these 10/10 and certainly a vegetarian treat for sure.

        This review is also published on Ciao by myself under my name over there - Violet1278.


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