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Quorn Beef Style Pieces

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Type: Frozen Food

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    3 Reviews
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      16.01.2010 22:59
      Very helpful



      A good alternative to beef for vegetarians

      Quorn Beef Style Pieces are great tasting and so handy. They can be cooked straight from the freezer. I use them once or twice a fortnight and they are great in stir-fries and casseroles.

      Quorn is an amazing product, which I started using when I became a vegetarian 6 years ago. It is a member of the fungi family, but tastes nothing like mushroom. It is high in protein and dietary fibre and it is low in fat and has zero cholestorol.

      Quorn's beef style pieces are not the same as real beef. The flavour is not as strong, so it is best to have it with a sauce or gravy. The texture is also different, being slightly spongey and I do not think that meat eaters would enjoy this as much as some other Quorn products.

      I always buy my Quorn from Tesco and find that it is on offer on a regular basis, which is great, as I love a bargain. When it is at full price it will cost you £2.29 for a 300g bag.

      Nutritional information for a 75g portion:

      Calories - 72
      Protein - 10.5g
      Carbohydrate - 4.1g
      - of which sugars - 0.5g
      Fat - 1.5g
      - of which sugars - 0.4g
      Fibre - 4.1g
      Sodium - 0.3g
      Salt equivalent - 0.8g

      Quorn Beef Style pieces are great for vegetarians. It is really healthy and extremely handy to have in your freezer. It is not one of Quorn's best products though and I do not think that meat eaters would find it particularly appetising.


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      01.10.2009 18:55
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      Try these, even if you are not a vegetarian.

      I have been a vegetarian for almost twenty years now and in that time I think I have tried almost every product that Tesco Sainsbury's and Asda sell, along with all the Quorn and Linda McCartney ones. The big gap in the market has always been finding an equivalent for bacon and beef. Quorn have always done mince, but not beef strips or anything like this until recently.

      The Quorn beef style strips come in a plastic sleeve with a carboard covering, which is great as it is recyclable. Inside are even shaped strips (thats the benefit of Quorn easier to cut and shape!) dark brown strips. They have the same texture all all quorn food, easy to eat and not too chewy or tough like beef can be.

      The flavour is quite artificial, its not as deep and heavy as beef, but I like that a bit better. It must be hard to recreate red meat!

      The strips have the benefit of added health values. They are better for you and lower in fat. You also have the benefit of knowing what you are eating, and the quality of it, whcih you do not always get with beef.

      I would recommend these whether you are a vegetarian or not. They are tasty and easy to cook, and can be served in a variety of dishes.


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        01.10.2009 18:01
        Very helpful



        A great new addition to the quorn range

        Being a massive fan of Quorn products I was very excited when I saw this new item their range which is a quorn version of beef style pieces. These are darker in colour than the chicken style pieces and are in slightly bigger, meatier looking chunks.

        I bought them on special offer in Tesco's as part of a two bags for £3 offer which was across the frozen range, I have not seen them in the fresh version which I know you can get the chicken style pieces in - but I think this has only just been launched, even frozen I cannot find them everywhere yet - only in Tescos. Hopefully this will soon change and they will be readily available.

        I imagine when not on special offer these will retail for around the same price as the chicken pieces and mince versions, i.e. around £1.89 for a 300g bag.

        I used the bag I bought to make a veggie version of Stifado in my slow cooker. This is a greek casserole style dish which I usually make with stewing beef. I was a little tentative about whether it would actually work with the Quorn pieces as one of the main features of the dish is the heavily marinated meat - but once cooked I have to say the quorn had done an equally good job of soaking in the flavour and worked incredibly well.

        The texture is, of course, not really anything like actual beef, but then personally I do not expect it to be, I want it to be a filling part of a meal to replace the meat and as far as I am concerned this does a wonderful job of that. One of the other major plus points of all quorn products it the very low fat content, for quarter of a bag which is a standard serving, there are only 80 calories and 0.8g of saturated fat. Ideal for anyone on a diet or trying to reduce their fat and cholesterol intake.

        They have tried to give a beefy flavour to these pieces and it isnt too synthetic, I notice on the ingredients that they have used roasted barley malt extract to achieve this which I am in favour of over artifical ones. I do like the taste and think it works well.

        In case anyone is interested, this is the Stifado recipe I use in my slow cooker which is very tasty when served with garlic mash or rice:

        300q bag of quorn beef style pieces
        2 onions chopped
        1 tbsp cornflour
        1 small 250ml bottle of red wine (any - I use rioja)
        1 tin of chopped tomatoes
        1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
        1/2 teaspoon allspice
        1 tbsp red wine vinegar


        Add the defrosted pieces to the slow cooked, coat with the cornflour as you would for real beef, this is just to give the sauce some thickness.

        Chuck in the chopped onions and empty the can of tomatoes over the top, give it a good stir.

        Add the cinammon, allspice and red wine vinegar and give it another good stir till everything is well mixed together.

        Tip over the bottle of red wine, you should find it just covers everything in the pan, I usually leave about an inch in the bottle actually and find this is the right amount.

        Stir one last time, stick the lid on and cook on low for around 8 hours stirring occasionally if you can (although I have left it all day and its been fine without).



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