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Quorn Crispy Chicken Style Nuggets

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5 Reviews
  • cruelty free meat free low fat quick cook eat hot or cold versatile great price
  • so good i could be really greedy and eat a whole pack
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    5 Reviews
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      13.11.2013 18:03
      Very helpful




      I have been a vegetarian since I was about 12 (on-and-off but very much ON for the last few years) and so I have had my fair share of vegetarian food. I'm not a big salad person so I really enjoy the quorn products - it means you can have a meal like everyone else, but without the meat. It also makes it easy for other people (like my boyfriend's mum) to cook me meals without having to go too far out of their comfort zone - you just replace meat with a quorn product. I know quorn isn't for everyone, but if you are a vegetarian for ethical reasons, it's a really good substitute and I think it tastes great (with a few exceptions - Quorn pepperoni is not for me!!).

      Up until the other week I had never tried these quorn chicken style nuggets - I usually go for something like a kiev or fillet. I found them in Morrissons and really fancied them so I threw them in my basket. They're frozen so I can just keep them in the freezer for an easy meal. They oven cook in about 15 minutes.

      I haven't eaten McDonald's chicken nuggets in a really long time, but I used to love them as a kid. For me, these quorn nuggets give me as much pleasure as the McDonald's ones did back then. That's not to say they taste the same, but I find them just as enjoyable. I don't think you could confuse them for chicken, but they do a pretty good job as far as I can remember! My boyfriend's tried them and, as a meat-eater, he really enjoyed them. They're in a crispy coating (a "light, tasty batter") which is really nice but doesn't go too crispy in my oven.

      These are packed full of protein which is good for me as I don't get much and they only have 2g fat per nugget (I usually have 6 at time and there's about 18 in each pack) and they taste great with BBQ sauce!

      For me they get 5/5 - they're a great little treat and I love them as a snack or as part of a meal. They're easy to cook and they taste amazing. I would recommend them to any vegetarian or anyone whose just trying to cut back on their meat consumption for whatever reason (environmental, ethical, ingredient quality etc.).


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      12.01.2012 10:34
      Very helpful



      One of the best Quorn products - Crispy Nuggets

      As you can guess from my reviews I pretty much live off Quorn, I simply love the stuff. Its quick and easy and you can more or less do anything you want with it.

      Quorn Crispy Chicken Style Nuggets:
      'Coated in a light crispy batter, perfect for family teatimes'

      My Finding:

      One thing I did used to like before I turned 100% vegetarian was chicken nuggets; I never used to eat any other meat apart from chicken. So something like this is a great substitute for me and in my opinion tastes even better.

      You get around 18 of these per pack and I think they are a good size too being around the same size as the McNuggets from McDonalds. I normally have them in a wrap or pita bread with salad and sauce but now and then go back to basics with just plain nuggets and chips. Either way I have these I enjoy them each time. You can get also get Quorn dippers which are a little like these however they don't come with a yummy crispy coating like these too.

      To cook these nuggets you can only oven cook - Pre-heat oven and baking tray to 220°C/425°F/Gas Mark 7 and cook on middle oven shelf for 15 minutes. Reduce cooking time by 2 minutes for fan assisted ovens and always cook from frozen.

      Whilst cooking you can smell a somewhat mild southern fried kind of aroma which makes me feel hungrier! I like how they have done the coating with these nuggets as they are crispy but not in a crunchy way and the middle of the nugget is soft. Even my nieces and nephew enjoy these without complaint which is great as they are a lot healthier than going to McDonald's for them.

      These come in a plastic bag packaging in the newly updated design of just orange and photo of product. I think I still like the older style with the orange and green colour myself. However they do still stand out with their section. Once empty the plastic bag can be recycled.

      Allergy Advice:

      Contains Gluten. Contains Wheat. Contains Eggs. Contains Milk. Contains wheat gluten. Mycoprotein is high in protein and fibre.

      Nutritional Information:
      Per nugget

      Calories - 31
      Protein - 2.0g
      Carbohydrate - 1.7g
      Of which sugars - 0.5g
      Fat - 1.8g
      Of which saturates - 0.3g
      Fibre - 0.7g
      Sodium - 0.1g

      Price and Availability:

      I normally do most of my shopping at my local Asda superstore were these cost at the time of this review £2.19. They have them on offer a lot at 3 Quorn products for £5.00 which is great if you pick the dearer options. They can also be purchased from other supermarkets around the same price mark, Tesco's had buy one get one free not so long back so always worth looking around for a deal.


      I personally love these and a pretty much one of my favourite out of the Quorn range, you can make them as versatile as you like. They taste great good value when your getting 18 in a pack and easy to cook.

      Huge five out of five stars from me.

      Thanks for reading.

      Additional Information:

      Some people that may not know about Quorn may find this interesting -


      Quorn Nuggets (79%) [Mycoprotein*, Rehydrated Free Range Egg White, Onion, Flavourings, Textured Wheat Protein (Wheat Protein, Wheat Starch), Flavourings, Milk Proteins, Tapioca Starch, Pea Fibre, Gelling Agent: Pectin] , Batter (Wheat Flour, Maize Flour, Wheat Starch, Salt, Dextrose, Raising Agents: Tetrasodium Diphosphate, Sodium Bicarbonate; Natural Colour: Curcumin) , Rice Flour , Vegetable Oil , *53% of product


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        01.10.2010 14:46
        Very helpful



        Don't try it on a work night... You might not make it in the next day!

        I came across this product yesterday while browsing the supermarket aisles for healthy treats. The box looked appealling and the special BOGOF offer convinced me to put two boxes into my shopping basket.

        I was very pleased with my bargain purchase, hoping that it would increase the protein levels in my diet, assist with weight-loss and reduce my meat consumption. I had tried small quantities of Quorn before and got on with them fine so didn't even consider what was ahead...

        Last night I sat down with a serving as a late-night-movie-snack. I couldn't say that the Quorn tasted like chicken, but it was well flavoured and it did have a meaty texture to it. After eating this I began to feel very full and my stomach started to ache. I put this down to the fact that protein naturally makes you feel full and enjoyed the rest of my night.

        This morning I woke up and lurched myself out of bed, running towards the bathroom as fast as I possibly could. I was violently ill, started getting pains in my stomach, and being ill had left my throat raw. I struggled to drink some water and the end I had to force myself back to sleep to deal with the pain.

        When I woke up earlier today I ran an Internet search to find out if anybody else had a similar reaction. I came across countless stories, all similar to my own. It turns out that despite being marketed as 'healthy', Quorn allergies are commonplace. I have always been led to believe that the 'mycoproteins' in Quorn are just like mushrooms. WRONG. They're a mould-like fungus grown in a dark-lab. To be fair to Quorn, a lot of people can ingest this without any problems but having done a little research, it's clear that it can also cause severe allergic reactions.

        So, I checked the allergy advice on the pack. Contains egg, milk and wheat gluten. I'm absolutely fine with those, but Quorn had clearly failed to indicate mycoprotein here. If I'd have seen this I would have looked it up and reconsidered consuming this product.

        I then phoned Quorn and spoke to a customer service agent. He agreed to pass my concerns onto a manager and quickly tried to end the call. I told him I'd done some research online, and that I was angry that there was no mention of this common allergic reaction on the box. He admitted to me that some people do have an allergy to Quorn, and promised that someone would call me back.

        When I recieved the call I was told that this could be down to a 'bug', food poisoning or a rare allergy to the product. The manager was overly keen to point out that anybody could be allergic to anything. I told her that I'd done my research and that I now knew this was a very common allergy. I questioned why it wasn't printed alongside the allergy advice. She blamed the Internet reviews on some American company who apparently told the world that Quorn is bad for you. SERIOUSLY???? So nothing to do with real people's experiences then... Nothing to do with us ALL having the same reactions... She offered me a letter, a refund and the inconvenience of having a courier come to my home to collect the second box I'd bought. Unbelievable... I gave her a piece of my mind and hung up.

        Right now my stomach hurts, I have a headache, I'm shaking and I can't get the taste of Quorn out of my mouth. Lovely....

        I'm not saying don't buy this product, if you're ok with it that's great. Just be aware that it can cause an allergic reaction. I am furious that Quorn fail to point this out and let people get ill all for marketing gain.

        **UPDATE** Thankfully the reaction lasted for just over a day.


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        22.04.2010 23:16
        Very helpful



        A great product, give them a try!

        As a long term vegetarian who hasn't eaten meat since I was a young child, I like to find lots of different products that I can eat for dinner or as snacks as it does get very boring eating the same products all of the time.

        I remember that as a child, when I wasn't a vegetarian I enjoyed eating chicken nuggets on the rare occassion so I was excited when I saw this product.

        The packaging states that on average you get eighteen quorn nuggets in the pack, I have found that every pack I have bought have had a few more than this.

        Each nugget contains:
        Calories: 31- 2%
        Saturates: 0.5g - less than 1%
        Fat: 1.8g - 3 %
        Saturates: 0.3g - 2 %
        Salt: 0.3g - 5 %

        They are very easy to cook, you literally cook them in a pre heated oven (gas mark 7, 220 degrees) for fifteen minutes or grill them on a medium heat for eight to ten minutes. The bag of the pack suggests that this is helpful if you are low on time and the kids are hungry.

        The nuggets are of a good size, I usually have between four and six depending on what I am eating with them. They go with lots of other foods such as jacket potato, sweetcorn, salad etc. I don't remember the taste of real chicken so could not compare the two but my boyfriend, who still does eat meat, said they are of a similar taste but do have a great taste of their own.

        They are nice and crispy to bite into and juicy once you bite into the quorn chicken. They taste delicious and are a great addition to any freezer whether you are vegetarian or not. The great thing about quorn is that it is less fatty than meat and doesn't contain cheap processed meat that some real chicken nuggets would.

        A great buy which I would reccommend to everyone.


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          29.03.2010 21:47
          Very helpful




          The one thing I really enjoy is chicken nuggets though staying with my best mate at the moment who is a Vegetarian means that for the most part of my diet nowadays it's Veggie too, I mean I can't be bothered to make two separate meals so I eat what she eats for the most of the time lol.

          However when we were out shopping the other day and looking at Quorn products, I spotted these and simply had to purchase them and at about £1.50 a bag they seemed good value for money and I couldn't wait to get them home!

          The Packaging:

          Well the nuggets come in a plastic packet and on the front of said packet there is a photograph of the nuggets and I am told that they are Quorn, '18' Crispy Chicken Nuggets 'Tasty Quorn Nuggets in a light & crispy batter coating - there'll be smiles all round at teatime', I'm also told they are good source of fibre and Vegetarian Society Approved, there is an at a glance nutritional chart of there, the weight is stated (which in this case is 300g) and the best before date is clearly displayed. On the back of the bag other information includes being told a bit about the product, cooking instructions are given, ingredients and allergy advice is listed, there is a full nutritional chart stated and contact details for Marlow Foods lmt (the manufacturer of the product) are given. Nice easy enough to open bag, this is and of course it is informative enough.

          A Bit About The Product According To The Information Stated On The Back Of The Bag:

          With Quorn foods you can rustle up delicious meals for the family in next to no time, plus all our products are made from mycorprotein, which is naturally low in fat & high in protein so you'll feel great too.

          The Nuggets:

          Well you do to cook these is oven bake them in 15 minutes or grill them in 10 and they (according to the information given on the packet) are best cooked from frozen.

          The nuggets themselves are all round in shape but slightly different in shape and size. Quite thick and evenly battered I always oven cook these (I have had more than one packet of them now!) and they cook through and go golden and simply look like conventional chicken nuggets but without the grease!

          Taste wise both me and me mate love them! The batter is light and golden tasting. It is crispy and light and well seasoned and clings to the filling and goes well with the dense filling too! The filling is of course made mycoprotein which is a member of the fungi family and it is cream in colour and light in flavour and very well seasoned. To me it actually tastes a bit like chicken but without fat and without any grain and it is simply soft and spongy but really tasty!

          I love these dipped in tomato sauce and the other day I actually heated them through and then made up a home made sweet and sour sauce and poured it over and served them with rice and they really were filling and yummy indeed.

          I like these in appearance and taste and of course because they are healthy and me I can't really see the difference between these and chicken nuggets!

          Nutritional Information Per Nugget:

          Calories: 31
          Sugars: 0.5g
          Fat: 1.8g
          Saturates: 0.3g
          Salt: 0.3g

          Available in all good supermarkets priced at around £1.50 a packet.


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