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Quorn Curry and Rice

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7 Reviews

Brand: Quorn / Type: Vegetarians

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    7 Reviews
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      17.01.2011 11:14
      Very helpful



      A nice curry from quorn that just needs a little more spice.

      Being as some times there isn't enough hours in the day, or I'm feeling lazy, in a rush or my knees are playing up from time to time I do rely on the occasional ready meal. They are fuss free, easy to prepare and low on messing up my kitchen. I do also prepare meals and freeze them myself when I have the time, like soups, curry's, lasagne etc As I know that is much healthier than a ready meal, but now and then I don't think it is really going to hurt.

      Quorn Chicken Style Curry 300g:

      I never used to be a fan of curry and going back a few years a go I wouldn't even touch it; but now seems like our Friday nights have turned into curry nights (only mild ones I might add) but I've ended up loving them! I love the Quorn range and oddly never came across this one before until my partner came back from shopping and brought my lunch, how sweet.

      My Findings:

      First off looking at and reading the packaging this meal sounded rather nice but it didn't say if this curry was hot, medium or mild so taking a chance my partner popped this in the oven following the instructions on the back of the box. Once it was cooked me being a wimp when it comes to hot curries I got Joe to try it first, where he told me it was extremely mild and he didn't really think there was much taste to it.

      So my turn I took my first bite and had to agree the flavour was lacking kind of like a Korma without any bite to it, but still nice none the less. You had plenty large pieces of quorn and a few sultanas within the mix too. Though I didn't mind the taste so much I think people that enjoy there curries wouldn't really like this one being that it was rather weak.

      The rice was cooked just right soft and plumped and for a ready meal you were given a good amount. It all tasted really nice mixed up together. After I finished my meal I did feel full which is always a good sign and my stomach felt satisfied for a good couple of hours. Personally I would have this again but maybe add a little sweet chilli to the mix just so it has that bite that tends to come with a curry.

      Nutritional Information - per serving:

      Calories - 242
      Protein - 8.9g
      Carbohydrate - 45.0g
      Sugars - 0.6g
      Fat - 3.0g
      Saturates - 2.4g
      Fibre - 4.5g
      Sodium/Salt - 0.6g

      How to cook:

      When taking the meal from the box you will notice that the plastic tray has two compartments, one for the curry and one for the rice. You need to pierce the film lid on both sides before cooking; this meal can be microwaved or placed in the oven.

      Oven - Place in a pre-heated oven at 200c/400f/gas mark 6 for 30 minutes, if you have a fan assisted oven the time will need to be reduced by 5 minutes.

      Microwave - Based on a 850w microwave, cook on full power for 3 minutes peel back the film lid stir and re-cover to cook for a further 3 minutes. Allow to stand for 1 minute then serve.

      It also states to be cooked from frozen.

      Allergy Advice:

      Contains - Egg, celery and mustard, made in a factory that handles milk and gluten also.

      Price and Availability:

      At the moment in Asda there are quite a few Quorn products on offer, this being one of them for only £1.00 which I think is a complete bargain. However I'm told these can also be purchased from Tesco and Sainsbury's around £1.89 mark and up.


      Though it did lack the spice of a curry I still liked this meal, guessing because the curries I have are mild anyway. You had plenty of quorn in the mix along with a good amount of rice that was still soft and fluffy. Which really did fill me up, I would recommend you try this if like me enjoy a mild curry or maybe in a rush.

      For the price we paid only £1.00 I can't really complain about the price it was really good value and still at the £1.89 price mark still isn't bad.

      Four out of five stars from me.

      Thanks for reading :o)

      Additional Information:

      The above product says Quorn curry with rice, however this is still the same product Quorn have just altered its name and revamped the box slightly.

      Keep frozen below 18c and do not refreeze once thawed.

      The cardboard box and the plastic tray the meal is in can be recycled, however the film lid over the meal is not recyclable.

      I'm not sure if this is being discontinued as it's no longer on the Asda web site nor is it on the Quorn web site, which is normally a sign that there stopping it.



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        10.11.2010 13:55
        Very helpful



        would not recommend

        Ive been a vegetarian for about ten years now so I eat a lot of the meat free/substitute meals and quorn is one of my favourite brands although a little more expensive its worth it. Everytime I see a new addition to the quorn range nine times out of ten Ill try buy it to try and the curry and rice was no exception. It was on offer along with other quorn products in the freezer section in asda, three for five pound, this offer is on quite a lot but you can get this quorn product at most of the major supermarkets. The packaging definitley looks appealing but when you open it the proportion of whats advertised on whats in the box is completley different it was like half a meal for one!! I think there was 5 chicken pieces! however it was very easy to cook, just seven minutes in the microwave.

        After I cooked it although dissapointed with the amount I saw on my plate infront of me I couldnt wait to taste it. When I did I was so dissapointed so far Ive loved all the quorn products Ive tried but I found this horrible, Its not spicy or anything very mild and fruity, some people might love the taste but I found it disgusting so much so I couldn't eat it and decided to write this review instead.


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        03.10.2010 14:49
        Very helpful



        Definately lacking in the 'spice' department

        Quorn chicken style curry and rice is the new name given to Quorn curry & rice - same product but new name.

        Quorn chicken curry is just one of the ready meals in the quorn range, other products include cottage pie, toad in the hole and lasagne.

        Quorn is manufactured by Marlow Foods and has been around since 1985. It was developed in the UK by the chemical manufacturer ICI. It is essentially a meat substitute which is high in protein and fibre and is naturally low in fat. The main ingredient in quorn is a substance called mycroprotien which is produced by growing and fermenting a fungi called fusarism in large tanks. This is then bound with egg whites before other ingredients are added to it.

        As with all quorn products 'Chicken style curry and rice' is vegetarian society approved and is produced in the UK.

        This product can be found in the chiller section of most supermarkets and normally retails for around £1.99 - £2.50 depending on store for a 400g pack.

        The product comes on a two sectioned plastic tray which has a clear film lid. One section of the tray contains the curry, the other the rice. Once purchased this product should be kept refrigerated and to used by the date on pack, or can be frozen on day of purchase for up to three months.

        The nutritional values of this product are:

        (per serving)
        Energy - 413 kcal
        Protein - 15.2g
        Carbohydrate - 70g (of which sugars 6.0g)
        Fat - 8.0g (of which saturates 3.2g)
        Fibre - 6.0g
        Sodium - 0.8g
        Salt equivalent - 2.0g

        There are instructions on the back of the pack on how to cook this product, instructions given for both microwave and oven. The pack does however recommend using the microwave for best results.

        To cook in the microwave (from chilled), pierce film lid several times and place on a non-metallic plate and microwave on full power for 2 ½ minutes, peel back the film, stir the curry and add 1 tablespoon of water to the rice, stir, re-cover and cook for a further 2 ½ minutes. Allow to stand for 1 minute and stir well before serving. The method for cooking from frozen is basically the same but cooking times are increased.

        The method for cooking in the oven is to pierce film several times, place on a baking tray on the middle shelf of oven and cook for 25 minutes at 200C/400F/Gas mark 6.

        I opted to do as recommended on the pack and cooked mine in the microwave. The first thing I notice when I removed the outer cardboard sleeve was that the portion size of both the rice and the curry were quite small, certainly smaller than I had expected. After cooking I transferred product from plastic tray onto my plate ready to eat. Whilst doing this I observed how nice the rice looked, it really did look good it was nice and plump and fluffy and the grains separated not at all stuck together as can often be the case with ready meals containing rice. The curry however did not look quite so good, it was as expected quorn pieces (the same ones you can buy without any sauce in the frozen section) covered in a curry sauce. The sauce smelt mildly spice but looked very runny and quite watery. But looks aren't everything it is the taste that is most important.

        Unfortunately in this case the taste of the product confirmed my observations. I can not fault the rice, it had a great texture and tasted exactly as good rice should. The quorn pieces were nice and moist but as they don't really have much flavour on there own need a good sauce to get the best out of them, and it is definitely the curry sauce that let this product down. It was watery and quite tasteless, you could tell it was supposed to be curry but it wasn't flavoured nearly enough for me, definitely in need of some extra spices.

        I would not be in a hurry to try this product again. Unless you are a fan of very mild hurry and have a small apatite I would not recommend this product.


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        29.03.2010 00:24
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A nice meal thats healthy

        I have been on a diet and health food kick lately, and found this meal on special offer in Iceland for £1 and as I have recently found a love of Quorn, I thought heck why not, its cheap, looks yummy and is healthy enough.

        This meal was really easy to cook, only took just under 8 minutes in the microwave, although this will vary depending on the wattage power of your microwave. You have to pierce the film so the heat can easily get through to the food, just like you do with most microwave meals these days.

        The quorn chunks are a decent size, not too big that you chew for ages and not too small that you don't even really need to chew. Just perfect little bite size chunks. The curry sauce is a nice, sweet sauce with just a slight hint of spice to it. I think the sauce is actually quite nice, and when eaten with the raisins that are in it, it makes for good eating.

        The rice is nice and light, fluffy and soft, but not soggy. I can not stand soggy rice, so I was glad this rice turned out to be practically perfect. The meal is of a good size, and it satisfied me perfectly until dinner time.

        This is a nice meal, and think most people would enjoy it, so I recommend everyone give it a try, especially as it is not expensive and it is tasty and satisfying. Pop down to Iceland and give this yummy meal a try.


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          03.03.2010 17:44
          Very helpful



          Worth a try :D

          Quorn Curry and Rice!

          I like most of the Quorn products and this is no exception! I have been a vegetarian for almost five years and I have found it quite easy but the meals can sometimes be a bit time consuming and the Quorn products make cooking and preparing meals a lot easier. And some times when I get home late as most people do, I find it too time consuming to make a healthy balanced meal. But Quorn also make a small range of ready made meals for quick and easy meals in minutes.

          I tried this product a few days ago and it is really quite nice. It has a lot of protein in it which is very important to have in your diet. The pack contains a large portion of the korma style curry with the in my opinion quite nice Quorn pieces (which can be bought on there own) But can get a bit boring after a while. The other small section is boiled rice but it is a really small section. It would have been better if the rice section was bigger and one thing I don't like about the ready meals they make is that when it is cooked, you can't get in to the product and then I end up burning my hand! But overall the product is nice, not time consuming, very easy to cook, healthy, high in protein and very filling - I can only eat about half of the product, as it is really filling and also it gets boring after a while of eating it.

          The quorn products are quite cheap and readily available in large super markets, such as Tesco. But I buy all of my quorn products from asda as they also have other vegetarian products such as cauldron. They range in price and they only have a few ready meal style products on the market. And in my opinion they should have more vegetarian products in supermarkets, as you don't have to be a vegetarian to eat them. I think that the curry and rice I bought was about £2.99.


          *Quite cheap
          *Healthy - contains protein and fibre
          *Very vert filling
          *Can become quite boring after a while
          *Small rice portion
          *Curry/korma style sauce is quite runny

          Thank you for reading my review.


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            18.01.2010 12:17
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            Won't ever touch with a barge pole again

            As someone who has used Quorn to cook with about twice a week for at least ten years, I had my first readymeal Quorn curry yesterday. It had been sitting in my freezer for a while.

            First, my Quorn curry did not say that it was curry and rice. You had to read the small print on the back of the pack to find out that only half of the pack weight was curry. Perhaps they've changed that since I bought my box.

            Second, the picture on the box showed 12 chunks of Quorn. But there were only 6 chunks in the curry - it was just sauce.

            According to the ingredients (which deliberately hid the rice I might add) there are about 30 grammes of Quorn. That means that a normal bag of frozen Quorn would be expected to feed 10 people!

            Also, although the meal only provides 12% of (a woman's) daily calory intake, it contains 25% of your allowed salt intake - far too much. And the white rice looks like all the nutrients have been removed.

            I didn't think much of the sauce, so I ended up adding a pile of Quorn, some paneer cheese and spices just to make it edible.

            In summary:

            1. I suspect the box breaks trading standards quite badly because it didn't mention that half the pack was rice.
            2. It's not a healthy balanced meal because it contains too much salt and white rice.
            3. It's far too small.
            4. It seems to completely miss the mark by proving to anyone that tries it that Quorn is indeed tasteless gunk, when I know from my own experience that it is possible to make delicious spicy curries.


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              03.11.2009 14:52
              Very helpful
              1 Comment



              Worth keeping in the freezer for a quick snack!

              Yes I know another Quorn item within a few days, but it is so great that the Quorn range have decided to branch out into producing some quick ready meals, because even veggies sometimes just want to come home and grab something quick out of the freezer.

              These Quorn Chicken Style Curries are really good. They come in a cardboard box that is very colourful and eyecatching, with the large Quorn logo on the front and a picture of what you are about to eat. When opened you will see a black plastic tray with 2 compartments one with the white fluffy rice and the other with the Quorn chicken chunks and a curry sauce covering them this is then covered with a clear film lid.

              Now to cook this you can do it in the oven which will take you 30 minutes, pre heat your oven to 200c/400f/Gas mark 6. Pierce film lid in several places and place onto a baking tray and cook, stirring halfway through the cooking time. Well I usually do this in the microwave as this is a quick ready meal so I may as well cook it quick as well,pierce the lid the same as if you were going to cook in oven. Put onto micro- plate and cook on full power (100%) in a 850 watt oven for 3 minutes. Then peel back the film stir well and re- cover and cook for a further 3 minutes. Leave to stand for 1 minute.

              When I first cooked one of these I thought it was a bit on the small side for a main meal, so now I usually serve naan bread or hot ciabatta rolls with this meal. My daughter tells me that with the bread it is plenty for one. This is a great standby if you are watching your weight as the Quorn products are very low in fat but high in protein.

              This Chicken Curry and Rice weighs 300g and each pack contains;

              ~~~Calories 242~~~
              ~~~Sugars 0.6g~~
              ~~~Fat 3.0g~~~
              ~~~Saturates 2.4g~~~
              ~~~Salt 1.5g~~~

              This isn't the hottest curry in the world, but it does have some bite to it and smells delicious. I only discovered this Curry a few weeks ago and that was when I was shopping in Iceland. They seem to do quite a good range of Vegetarian meals and when I saw this being sold for only £1.00 I thought it would be worth grabbing a few to put into the freezer. So now these are always on my shopping list along with their Lasagne. Nowadays if you shop about between Iceland and Farmfoods you can usually pick up a few good deals as I tend to find that the top supermarkets seem to over price these items in their stores. Especially the fresh items.

              So now when Hubby wants us to grab a bag of curry with all the works in Daughter can join in too!.

              I will give this 4 stars as there really isn't anything I would complain about, except that maybe it could be a tad bigger ( not that I'm greedy or anything like that I'll have you know!!)


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