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Brand: Quorn / Type: Vegetarians

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    9 Reviews
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      10.10.2013 16:34
      Very helpful



      Pop it in the oven not the microwave!

      Living on my own means that sometimes I simply can't be bothered to cook for myself, its different if I have friends, family or my gorgeous man about then I will by all means but cooking for one at times just seems a chore.

      I am not Vegetarian but mainly I eat a Veggie based diet with a bit of meat in it and could quite happily live on fruit and vegetables and never eat meat again, I'm simply just not all that fussed about it which means if I see meat free products when I'm put doing my shopping the chances are that I will buy that.

      Quorn, I find to be a very decent brand and I have dabbled with rather a few things from the range over the years. I recently spotted this Quorn Lasagne and was going to buy a meat based one at the same price as this but I opted for this over that in the end and it cost me only a pound in Iceland which I thought was terrific value for money.

      The Packaging:

      The Lasaagne itself comes in a black plastic tray with a see through plastic cover over the top of it and it comes in a mainly white and orange coloured box and on the front of it there is a photograph of a the lasagne of there are we are clearly told that it is Quorn Lasagne 'Your favourite Lasagne made healthier with tasty meat free Quorn mince' and that it is low in fat and contains just 273 calories and there is an at a glance nutritional chart shown then on the back of the box other information listed includes ingredients and allergy advice being given, there is a full nutritional chart displayed, cooking advice is listed as is the size stated which is 300g and contact details for the manufacturer are given. Nice enough and informative box this is.

      The Meal:

      When I got the meal out it was frozen (you are best to cook this from frozen by the way) it looked anemic and really rather flat and boring looking. I had to decide between oven cooking it for about 40 minutes or to pop it in the microwave for 8 minutes and because I was hungry I put it in the microwave. Next time I have this though I will bake it in the oven so that it goes firmer and brown to the top of it though and not be so lazy!

      So what I got was a delicious smelling lasagne that looked soggy and a really sloppy mess on my plate and it really didn't look very big a portion at all and none to appertising either but I plodded on and teamed it up with a nice fresh salad.

      Although it looked a right mess taste wise though this is great and more filling than it looks. You get three layers of pasta covered with a thickish white bechamel sauce that has a slight taste of cheese to it and Quorn mince mixed with tiny slithers of onion and tomatoes and that mix is seasoned nicely and has hints of oregano, basil and garlic to in flavour. The pasta tastes ok, not all that flavoursome really but the bolognaise sort of flavour this has going on to it perks it up a lot but when microwaved this could do with less bechamel sauce cos it makes it all so sloppy.

      So taste wise I like this, but appearance wise when microwaved I certainly do not but hey like I said earlier I will be buying this again cos the flavours are great, well balanced and its a healthy meal and it shall go in the oven and see if it fairs better thit en!

      Available in all good supermarkets etc.

      This review is also posted on Ciao under this same username.


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        07.01.2012 11:21
        Very helpful



        A wonderful easy to set up meal, that tastes as nice as it looks. Great value for money,

        As you can tell from reading my reviews I'm a huge fan of Quorn products. Not only does it make being a vegetarian that more simple, they make meals and products that a tasty and healthier than a good many on the market.

        Quorn Low Fat Lasagne 300g:

        'An everyday favourite made healthier. Tasty layers of pasta & Quorn Mince in a herby tomato sauce, topped with creamy Béchamel sauce & cheese'

        My Findings:

        If you do purchase Quorn products you will notice they have started to do more 'low fat' options. Quorn being an overall low in fat product anyway, I think is now better for the more health conscious folk among us. Now the New Year is in, it is back to the old diet and things like this help me so much.

        To cook this meal could not be easier you have the option of microwave or oven. I have cooked this using both methods but you really can not beat how this tastes when cooked in the oven. If you wish to microwave this meal then it will take 8 minutes (based on 850w) remembering to pierce the film lid first.

        The plastic tray is rather hot when taking it out of the microwave so I would use a tea towel to help. I noticed that the plastic tray is not as firm once it has been heated so grab the tray at both ends to avoid any mishaps. In my opinion I don't favour this way of cooking it as the pasta sheets go like rubber, and it is not a nice texture in my mouth when chewing. Even the mince within the mix seem to also go a little rubbery.

        To oven cook it does take a lot longer to cook but I promise you very much worth that extra time. You need to remove film lid place on a baking tray in a pre-heated oven for 40 minutes at 200c. If your oven is fan assisted like mine you need to reduce your cooking time by 5 minutes. I always find this is perfect at the 35 minute mark. Again very hot when removing it from the oven, however the product comes away easily using a fish slice to place on your plate. I normally serve this with a small portion of steamed vegetables.

        Once cooked you can smell the richness of the sauce, the tomato sauce is sweet and you can taste hints of pepper which is absolutely gorgeous. The pasta sheets are soft not rubbery like when cooked in a microwave. I think the béchamel sauce could be a little stronger however it complements the tomato sauce beautifully. I like the fact they don't overpower one another, you can taste both of them nicely.

        The quorn mince is also soft and I think another flavour that will stand out again not taking away from the other flavours within the mix. This really is heaven on a plate for me; you do get a large portion in my opinion so to bulk this meal you would only need a small salad or a small portion of vegetables at the most.

        Packaging on this product is typical Quorn style now with its orange and white packaging. You have a cardboard case with holds the meal inside on a plastic tray, all of which is recyclable once empty and clean.

        Allergy Advice:

        Contains - Celery, Egg, Milk, Barley & Wheat Gluten.

        Produced in a factory which handles nuts

        Nutritional Information:
        Per pack

        Calories - 314
        Protein - 15.9g
        Carbohydrate - 43.5g
        Of which sugars - 5.4g
        Fat - 7.5g
        Of which saturates - 3.9g
        Fibre - 4.5g
        Sodium - 0.6g

        Price and Availability:

        You can get this from time to time on offer in Asda for only £1.00, so when I see this I normally get a few to stock in my freezer. However many supermarkets do stock this product and normal price is around £1.99.


        As you can guess I'm a huge fan of this meal, one thing for me not being very mobile at times this is great to just stick in the oven and I don't have to stand around cooking from scratch. It is a healthier option than eating a normal lasagne so great for people that are watching there weight. It tastes wonderful and I would recommend to all that find is appealing to give this a try.

        Five out of five stars from me.

        Thank you for reading.

        Additional Information:

        Some people that may not know about Quorn may find this interesting -



        Ingredients -
        Tomato sauce (water, Quorn Mince, (11%) [mycoprotein*, rehydrated free range egg white, roasted barley malt extract], tomatoes, modified maize starch, onion, mushrooms (1.7%), carrots (1.5%), tomato purée, vegetarian red wine, mushroom paste, celery, white wine vinegar, sugar, vegetarian medium fat hard cheese, vegetable bouillon (salt, yeast extract, potato maltodextrin, sugar, palm fat, flavourings, garlic), sun dried tomato purée (sunflower oil, sundried tomatoes, wine vinegar, sugar, salt, herbs, pepper), vegetable oil, wheat flour, garlic purée, flavouring, basil, roasted barley malt extract, oregano, pepper, ground bay, Béchamel sauce (water, skimmed milk, skimmed milk powder, whipping cream, modified maize starch, vegetarian Cheddar cheese, wheat flour, potassium chloride, black and while pepper), cooked egg pasta (durum wheat, semolina, whole free range egg powder). vegetarian Red Leicester cheese (2%). *10% of product


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          21.08.2011 21:37
          Very helpful



          A Lasagne Unlike Any Other

          I'm not a vegetarian but my partner is (as stated in previous reviews) and because of this I find myself occasionally partaking in the odd vegetarian delight.
          Mince is my preferred option in the Quorn range, so tonight I thought I would try a cheeky sample of my partners emergency Quorn Lasagne before serving it with salad and chips (eventful day and little time to cook!).

          The lasagne is sold in a plastic tray, this can be cooked in the oven for 40 minutes or in the microwave for 8.5 minutes. The cardboard sleeve depicts a lovely meaty, cheese topped lasagne, very tempting - even for a meat eater!
          I cooked the lasagne in the oven with the chips for the stated 40 minutes. Usually when a lasagne or similar is cooking a lovely garlic/tomato aroma fills the kitchen - not in this case, no aroma whatsoever, not even when I opened the oven door.

          I was quite disappointed with the sight that greeted me, a rather lack luster, bellowed lasagne with little sign of the creamy cheese topping. Let's hope it tastes better than it looks thought I!
          I managed to slide the whole lasagne onto the plate in one piece using my handy little kitchen tool, I'm sure I heard it breathe a pathetic sigh of relief as it met up with the salad.
          It really did look a poor offering despite being quite lengthy.

          It was easy enough to cut into, at least the pasta wasn't rubbery. The smearing of bechamel & cheese on top was completely tasteless, there appeared to be no seasoning whatsoever.
          The 'mince in a herby tomato sauce' seemed to lack tomatoes not to mention herbs.
          I only had a few mouthfuls, that was enough for me, anything more would have been far too much of a struggle for my tastebuds!

          Half of a 500g pack racks up 249 calories. It is also advertised as low in fat and a good source of protein - unfortunately it is also low in taste!

          Further nutritional information per half pack:
          Protein 12.0g
          Carbohydrate 32.5g
          of which are sugars 4.0g
          Fat 6.8g
          of which saturates 4.0g
          Fibre 4.8g
          Sodium 0.45g
          Salt Equivalent 1.13g

          The lasagne currently retails for £3.18 in Tesco, or can be purchased as part of the 'any 3 Quorn products for £6.00'. I happen to know that approximately 2 weeks ago, it was any 3 Quorn products for £5.00!!!!!
          I won't mention the increase in high juice prices, grrrrrrr.

          I cook quite regularly with Quorn mince and have to say that my herby tomato sauce - my home made Bolognese is far superior.
          I shall definitely make the effort to rustle up a Quorn lasagne in the near future as I certainly won't be buying this again.

          I should really add parting comments from the resident vegetarian 'it's a bit bland, although it earns a point for being Quorn'.


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            21.04.2011 14:43



            I bought it at Tesco's for a quick lunch at work (I normally don't eat ready made meals) and because I always check calories and fat content I picked this lasagne as it was less calorific than the standard tesco finest one. What a mistake! I didn't realize it was actually vegetarian, I only found out when I started eating it and it tasted nothing so I checked on the box what it actually said. Anyway, I don't mind vergetarian at all, but this product was absolutely disgusting, tasteless and I would never buy it again!


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            09.06.2010 15:17
            Very helpful



            Great option for healthy food on the run.

            Finishing work late one evening last week, I had told my other half to go ahead and eat without me and, being a typical man, he obliged by making himself some beans on toast. This meant that when I finally came through the door I had to find something for myself that was quick, easy and preferably healthy.

            Thankfully I had picked up a couple of Quorn ready meals to try the week before and this lasagne was just sitting in the freezer begging to be zapped in the microwave. I am not usually a fan of microwave meals but sometimes, for convenience, they are ideal. I picked this one up for £1.25 in my local Sainsburys which is a bit of a bargain in my opinion.

            I was not really expecting much from this, truth be told. Microwave lasagnes, in my experience, seem to be much of a muchness, cheese sauce at vesuvius temperature with claggy sauce underneath unfathomably chewy sheets of pasta. I was pleasently surprised with this one.

            As stated on the packet I put it in the microwave for 8 minutes and left it to stand for one minute. I then did what I always do with this kind of meal and stuck a knife straight into the center to check whether it was hot inside and out, it was indeed.

            So, I decided almost straight away not to attempt to get the lasagne on to a plate from the plastic tray as for me this always seems to end in a messy disaster and I just lazily ate it stright from the tray (c'mon, it was gone 9.30pm and I was ravenous!).

            I have to say it was very tasty indeed and I reckon if I had not been completely conscious of the fact it was a quorn product I would have been none the wiser that this is meat free. The sauce is rich and full of tomato flavour, the pasta was blissfully non-chewy and the cheese sauce topping did not rip the skin off the roof of my mouth. All major plus points for me!

            Best of all, this being a quorn product, it has a lot less fat and calories than a meat version would have, containing 305 calories and 3.9g of saturated fat. This equates to around 5.5 weight watchers points which is low for a main meal. If I was going to have this again I would probably bulk it out with a side salad to make it feel more like a meal.

            Overall I am pretty impressed with this meal, for a microwave lasagne it tastes pretty good and holds together well, as a quick meal on the run it is one of the best I have tried and is surprisingly healthy too.


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            22.04.2010 14:06
            Very helpful



            This really is a tasty lasagne for vegetarians and meat eaters alike.

            I consider this Quorn product to be one of the best meatless lasagne meals that I have tasted. Also, my daughter approves!

            As I have mentioned in previous food reviews, my teenage daughter has recently stopped eating meat so, I am on a quest to find meals that she will enjoy, which contain no meat. As she isn't particularly keen on vegetables but likes most pasta type dishes, I thought this Quorn lasagne was worth trying. I have eaten this myself several times but then I will eat most vegetarian products. The first meat free lasagne I gave her to sample was from the Linda McCartney range. She ate it and has eaten another since but wasn't as impressed as she was with the Quorn lasagne. So, I bought a few of these frozen lasagne meals made by Quorn. Quorn is a mycoprotein, a member of the Fungi family.

            I was pleased that she really enjoyed her meal and even more so when she said that she would like to eat this quite often. I was told that she preferred it to the other brand as she felt it tasted more like meat. Although many vegetarians might think this undesirable, remember that she has been eating meat for almost seventeen years. Admittedly, not a great lover of meat but, she has always been partial to mince type dishes.

            This really is tasty, having a rich tomato and 'meaty' flavour. The lasagne is tender and the bechamel sauce topped with Cheddar cheese is a delight. It is very similar to a good lasagne containing meat. I believe the McCartney lasage is soya based. I quite like soya but I think my daughter tends (so far) to have a preference for Quorn.

            I bought the 300g pack of this lasagne from Sainsbury's frozen vegetarian section. It cost £1.25.

            As this product is made from Quorn it is a good source of protein and is low in fat.

            It is ideal served alone or with vegetables as a more substantial main meal.

            I find it simple to cook -either forty minutes in the oven or nine minutes in a microwave oven (based on E/850w power).

            The packaging is widely recyclable.

            * Allergy Advice: Contains: Eggs, Milk, Barley and Wheat Gluten.

            For more information on this and other products from Quorn, contact: www.quorn.co.uk


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              16.11.2009 16:36
              Very helpful




              I have been a vegetarian for over 15 years now, and in search of different food types I have tried hundreds of products, made by Tesco, Sainsbury's, Asda, Quorn and Linda McCartney. There are not many Quorn products I don't like, generally I like them all, however this lasagna happens to be one of my least favorite Quorn products of all time.

              The lasagna comes in a cardboard box in a microwavable plastic tray. The box is recyclable which is a big bonus for me. The plastic tray with the lasagna in can be microwaved or cooked in the oven. I often find with these types of food that cooking them in the oven tastes better than microwaving them. In this case this is also true, however it does not make the Lasagna nice enough! The lasagna takes about 7 minutes in the microwave and about 25 in the oven, akthough check the specific instructions for your appliances.

              When cooked the lasagna smells very nice. The sheets taste rubbery and plastic and the cheese sauce stays in one big lump, it doesn't melt or appear like a liquid at all. The main quorn mince part in a tomato type sauce is edible, but without the taste of the others it is really quite disgusting. I purchased this once and thought to myself I wouldn't try it again, but because I like all the other Quorn products I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt and try again. Unfortunately I had the same experience again, and won't be buying this lasagna product again.


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              02.11.2009 10:53
              Very helpful



              Great for vegetarians and meat eaters alike!

              This weekend I went for my big veggie shop as the freezer was getting a bit low on vegeterian choices. So as well as going for my usual burgers, bangers and Quorn mince I thought I would look for a different selection of foods.

              I spotted in my farmfoods this Quorn Lasagne, which looked quite a fair size and at only £1 quite a bargain. So when I got home I cooked it up for my daughter who loves all the Quorn products. Well as you can see it comes in an orange cardboard box and when taken out of the packaging you will see it is sitting in a black plastic tray covered in a film lid.

              Now to cook this is really simple as it can be done in the microwave which is really quick, you can also do it in the oven (but why bother when it takes 50 mins compared to 10 mins in micro). First stab the film lid with a fork (this does say pierce several times but usually you have to give it a good stab to get through the film lid!). Then place into microwave on full power (100%) for 650W-12 minutes, 850W-10 minutes, stand for 1 minute then hey presto it's ready to eat!

              Now this is best served with slices of Garlic bread and a side salad, the smell that comes from this lasagne is wonderful, my husband and son wondered into the kitchen after I had cooked this and thought I was cooking their dinner as the smell was so good. Now on tasting this (I grabbed a spoonful to try!) I must say that the Quorn range just gets better and better, it was really lovely the meat (mycoprotein) was very tasty in the rich tomato, red wine and herb sauce as was the lasagne layered between the meat and cheese sauce.The cheese is also vegetarian cheddar. This tastes as good as any one that I've had that's been made with meat.

              I'm pretty much a veggie myself these day's as when I went vegetarian about 30 years ago there really wasn't much of a selection to choose from, but nowadays there seems to be a much better selection out there.

              Now most of the Quorn range is pretty low in fat which makes it a good choice of food to eat this lasagne has;

              ~~~Calories 410~~~
              ~~~Carbs 49.5g~~~
              ~~~of which sugars 6.8g~~~
              ~~~Fat 13.5g~~~
              ~~~of which sats 6.8g~~~
              ~~~Fibre 6.8g~~~
              ~~~Sodium 1.4g~~~
              ~~~Salt Equiv 3.5g~~~

              This contains Egg, Gluten, Milk, Mustard and Wheat. Also not suitable for nut allergy sufferers as this is prepared in a factory that handles nuts. This can be cooked straight from the freezer and does not require to be defrosted.

              The total weight is 450g and the sell by date is October 2010. So this is a nice standby to have in the freezer for a quick meal and it is very tasty and filling. 5 stars for this Quorn Lasagne.


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                03.09.2009 10:35
                Very helpful



                A quick little ready-meal.

                It was whilst I was looking in the "Freezer" cabinets in my local Tesco supermarket (in the Vegetarian and vegetables section, as I had veggie sausage and mash in mind for dinner) that I spotted that several products with the "Quorn" brand name on them were available to buy.

                Having been vegetarian in the past, a lifestyle of mine that had a span of a decade, I have tried several Quorn products over the years, some of which I still buy regularly and some of which I detest.

                One product that I had not tried for quite some time however was the 'Quorn Lasagne'. Realising that I had not actually bought this Lasagne for a couple of years, and noticing that the packaging for the Quorn products as a whole had had a bit of a facelift, I decided that it most definitely deserved another trial and with that it went into my shopping trolley!

                I will point out that I am not the biggest fan of ready-meals and will only occasionally eat them. However, because I suffer with mobility problems, I am not always able to stand and prepare fresh ingredients and make a home-cooked meal for myself. In fact, it is a bit of a rare occurrence if I AM able to do this.

                For this reason, I tend to keep a couple of 'stand-by' dinners in the freezer for such times when I fancy a full-sized portion of food at dinner time (another fairly rare occurrence), and given that my partner works late from time to time or is cooking something I don't like for his own evening meal, these little stand-bys have proved to be a little life saver at times in the past!

                Anyway, back to the lasagne. For any readers of this review who are unaware, Quorn is a man-made product that is used as a meat substitute. It is made from a fungi-based product and is completely suitable for vegetarians and vegans alike. There are several 'new' additions to the range of Quorn products, as well as some old favourites, such as a ready-made Cottage pie and the Quorn escalopes (which are similar in size and consistency to chicken breasts).

                The packaging on the lasagne consists of basically a cardboard box with a picture of the yummy-looking lasagne on front. There is a little 'badge' on the outer packaging which states that the product is 'Vegetarian Society Approved'.

                The lasagne itself is provided in a plastic tray with a film lid. There are two options for cooking - either in the microwave for around ten minutes, or it can be cooked in the oven for 50 minutes. As I am too impatient to wait almost an hour for my dinner to cook, I obviously opted for the microwave option.

                I would point out that this lasagne only has instructions to cook it from frozen. That is actually a plus point for me, as it makes it easier and handier to store and keep it for a 'stand by' as mentioned earlier.

                Anyway, about half way through the cooking time I checked on the lasagne's progress (told you I am impatient!). The cheese topping looked to be still frozen, but I could see that the sauce around the edges of the lasagne was starting to bubble quite nicely. The smell from the food was quite delicious and I could definitely detect the nice cheesy smell of the lasagne!

                Once the cooking time was finished, I let the lasagne stand for one minute, as instructed to do so. I did check that the product was hot all the way through with a skewer during the time, and was happy to note that it was.

                I did think that the lasagne looked very delicious and tasty - the cheese topping was nicely melted and I could see lots of the white- coloured béchamel sauce underneath. I did manage to remove the lasagne fairly easily from the plastic tray in two sections, by using a fish slice. There was a little of the sauce residue and a stray piece of the lasagne pasta stuck to the inside of the plastic tray after the rest had been removed, but these were easily retrieved and placed on the plate. I chose to have some slices of garlic bread alongside my lasagne and voila! My dinner was ready!

                I was happy to see that the lasagne had a lot of steam coming from it, as I was happy that the lasagne was cooked sufficiently. Cutting a piece off, I could see that there were a couple of layers of the pasta and sauce combination, just as a good lasagne should have. I did think that the amount of mince within the pasta and sauce was very generous, and the portions had not been at all 'scrimped'.

                The béchamel sauce was lovely and thick, and brought the other flavours together quite nicely. I did again think that the portion of béchamel sauce within the lasagne was just the right amount. Nothing worse than having a very dry and hard ready meal is there? This really wasn't the case with this offering from Quorn. I felt they had the balance just right with this one.

                One thing that I didn't care much for though was that there was a bit of an aftertaste coming from the tomato-based sauce. I thought there were perhaps too many herbs in the flavouring for my liking. After checking the packaging, I can see that it states "Quorn mince in a rich tomato, red wine & herb sauce" so perhaps I should have been a bit more vigilant when purchasing this product. I did just find the sauce was a tad over-powering due to the herbs. Too much oregano-type flavouring for my own personal tastes.

                The Quorn mince was for the most part quite soft, although I did find there were one or two little hard bits in amongst the rest of the mince. I would call this gristle, except of course there is no meat contained in this meal. The rest of the lasagne did more than make up for these tiny flaws though, and I am merely mentioning them to provide a fully balanced review.

                To be fair, these 'niggles' did not put me off altogether and for the most part I quite enjoyed the meal. I polished the whole lot off quite nicely and would recommend it. I'm fairly certain that I will buy this again for another 'stand-by' meal, and will award it four stars.

                The nutritional information on the reverse of the packaging informs me that the 450g portion of lasagne will provide me with 410 calories and 13.5g of fat, so I do feel that perhaps it is not the best option for those of you who are watching your waistlines! For the rest of us though, I do feel that this one offered quite a nice change, and is most definitely worth a try!

                The lasagne is widely available in all good supermarkets. I can't remember how much it cost me exactly but I am fairly sure it was around £1.80.


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