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Quorn Satay Skewers

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Brand: Quorn / Type: Vegetarians

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    1 Review
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      26.04.2010 15:20
      Very helpful



      okay for now and again


      I became a vegetarian when I was around 15 years old. Not for anything in particular I just didn't eat much meat anyway so decided I may as well stop altogether. I have lapsed an awful lot over the years though and do eat meat (mainly white meat with a bit of pork and bacon thrown in) these days but I still buy a lot of vegetarian foods; especially Quorn products as I enjoy nearly everything in their range.

      I buy most of my Quorn products from Iceland as we have a store less than 5 minutes walk away from our home which is convenient yes, but they don't have a very large selection unfortunately.
      As we had some nectar vouchers to use up we decided to use them against our shopping and headed off to Sainsbury's which is on the other side of town which is where I came across these - Quorn Satay Skewers..

      Price and packaging~

      For a pack of 12 satay skewers they are priced at the not very budget friendly £2.59. The skewers come housed in a black plastic tray with a clear plastic film sealing them for freshness. The tray has a thin cardboard sleeve which is slid over the tray and is easy to remove. On the front of the sleeve is The Quorn logo and the rather mouthwatering looking skewers. Mmm..!!

      These can be eaten either hot by piercing the film lid and placing in a microwave for 1 and a 1/2 minutes from chilled or 2 minutes from frozen allowing them to stand for 1 minute for both options.

      They can also be eaten cold.

      What are they like?~

      We all know by now that Quorn is high in protein and is made from mycoprotein. You didn't know? Well now you do!

      All the usual Quorn standard apply here; They are vegetarian society approved and made by Quorn so they must be tasty, right?

      On removing the tray from the lid and opening the film with a knife I was met with 12 very small skewers - they are 2 small oval shapes made which resemble a figure eight and the whole skewer is only around 2 inches long. After getting over the disappointment of the size (for the price I expected them to be bigger) I took out one to try cold.

      The skewer comes skewered (never guess why they are called that!) on a small sharp wooden 'tooth pick' and the next thing I picked up on after the size was the smell. They have a really 'herby' scent and did smell very delicious and made my mouth water.

      On taking a bite I found the skewer to be on a par with other Quorn products. It had a chicken like taste whilst the texture had the right balance of chewiness. It wasn't overly dry and the herbs I could smell could be tasted but in a subtle way making them very enjoyable.

      As mentioned these can also be eaten hot but I can't comment on how they taste once heated as I have only ever tried them straight from the packet cold.

      Each skewer contains just 19 calories making it a healthy option for vegetarians and meat eaters alike.

      These have to be eaten in 24 hours once opened and kept refrigerated, but as there aren't that many in a pack they don't last 24 minutes in our house never mind 24 hours!


      I like these as a treat but if it hadn't of been for the fact we were using vouchers towards our shopping I don't know whether I would have purchased them. Yes they are tasty, but there is not much food involved once the packaging has been stripped away as the skewers are so little.

      As a treat yes I will buy these again, but unless the price drops or the size of the skewers are increased then it will only be now and again.

      Because of the size and price I am dropping a star.


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