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Ross Vegetarian Spinach & Ricotta Cannelloni

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Brand: Ross / Type: Other Ready Meals

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    2 Reviews
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      16.03.2011 14:20



      Loved it, think it's great value, good pro points for Weight Watchers, and tasty

      I happened to pop into an off license/post office type shop when I saw this. I am on Weight Watchers and was actually hunting for a low points snack. I settled for Quavers (3 pro points)... but then saw the Ross Cannelloni in the freezer at a price of only £1.19 (set by the manufacturer). I love it when manufacturers set the price in big bold price blobs that can't be ignored by the retailer. Makes for a nice inexpensive meal.

      I asked the cashier if she had ever tried it and whether it was nice. I normally cook from nearly scratch and only eat frozen meals very infrequently so I'm a bit fussy about them. She responded that it was delicious but that she generally supplements it with chips on the size (okay if you aren't on Weight Watchers I suppose).

      I bought a pack and followed the microwave instructions. I supplemented it with a green side salad with balsamic dressing, and a slice of bread. It was really lovely.

      One of my favourite things about this item is the obvious nutmeg flavour. Some vegetarian cannelloni/lasagna's claim to put nutmeg in the bechmale sauce but you can hardly tell. The flavour is what makes this dish, and whilst I would have to agree with a previous reviewer, that the size eaten alone would not be enough to satisfy anyone, when have you ever known a low fat veggie ready meal to be satisfying without something else helping it out on the plate?

      Oh, it's not intended specifically to be low fat, but I worked out the Weight Watchers points which came to 8 pro points... a worthy rival to any Weight Watchers ready meal.

      I am intending to buy this product again... I loved it for it's tastiness and will occasionally take it to work with me to have with salad on the side...

      In particular, the affordability of this item at £1.19 (even £1.00 at iceland apparnetly) makes it a must have freezer stocker for me.



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      12.05.2010 14:59
      Very helpful



      Not the very best I've tried but good for the price and ease of cooking.

      I enjoy most meatless pasta dishes, whether they be emulating meat, such as Quorn or soya bolognese, chille con carne, cottage pie and so on, but sometimes it's nice to have something that doesn't try to copy a 'meaty' dish. Ross Spinach & Ricotta Cannelloni fulfils this criteria, whilst also helping to fill the empty tummy.

      It is a vegetarian option but also, from my experience, popular with non veggies. My son sampled it and was impressed. The four tubes of cannelloni are filled with spinach and ricotta cheese, with a topping of bechamel sauce, cheese and paprika. It lies on a base of a tasty tomato sauce. I think that's the best bit.

      This cannelloni can be found in the frozen vegetarian food section of most supermarkets. I usually purchase from Iceland as I've found their price, of just one pound, usually the best I can get. It comes in a 300g pack.

      It's so easy to cook and I simply pop it into the microwave for a total time of nine minutes. This includes two minutes standing time in the middle of cooking. This is based on an oven of 750w. Alternatively, you can oven cook for thirty minutes on 200oC/400oF/Gas Mark 6. After cooking for this time the cannelloni is lovely with the pasta tubes being tender and the filling of spinach and ricotta cheese being moist and tasty. I always grind a little black pepper on top or even add a sprinkling of parmesan.

      This isn't a massive portion so therefore, it's ideal to serve following perhaps soup (You know I'm partial to soup!) or serve with crusty bread or a salad. It also goes well with boiled potatoes or is equally as nice served with corn nib-lets.

      I would also say that although I enjoy this it isn't the best spinach and ricotta cannelloni I've tried BUT I do think for the price and the ease of cooking it's well worth buying. Also it's made with free range egg and contains no hydrogenated fat. I think it really deserves three and a half stars but as I can't do this, after wavering between three and four, I opted for three. This is because, although enjoyable, I've tasted, as mentioned, better.

      *Allergy Advice: Contains Wheat, Gluten, Egg, Milk, Mustard, Celery, Celeriac.

      If you would like more details then please visit the website: www.rossvegetarian.co.ukRoss Foods are

      Thanks for reading this review and if you do decide to try this then I hope you enjoy.


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