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Rustler The might Flame Grilled Angus

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Brand: Kepak / Type: Other Ready Meals

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    1 Review
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      09.09.2009 20:00
      Very helpful




      Ok just taken this out of the microwave to a chorus of "eww that stinks" from my sister, and to be honest, it does pong a little and may have been slightly over cooked, but we'll see. Checking whether it was done was with pulling a bit off it with a fork, sadly this was a bit of a failure it just proved the burger was rubbery and tasteless in the mouth, a shame considering I'm hungrier than I have been in a while, having not eaten anything in 17 hours.

      Rustlers as we are probably quite away are a microwave ready food stuff, that go from "0 to tasty in 80 seconds" (or something like that) and as a result are in theory great for folk like myself who are lazy. The burgers are often quite nice, such as the quarter pounder and the chicken sandwich (which is easily my favourite) but for some reason my mum picked this one up on her weekly shop, presumably it must have been cheaper than the other types. They all come in a plastic container with a type of sauce or cheese (this one came with a slice of cheese and some tomato relish, but I don't really like either).

      So onto the burger that has now cooled to the sort of temperature that makes it edible as opposed to a food that'll burn your mouth. Due to us having no proper ketchup in the house, I've had to squirt on a bit of the Ketchup with Garlic stuff mum again (foolishly) thought was a good idea, just to make it that bit better. The bun looks like it's been dried out too long and is wrinkly and not very appealing, the Angus beef is less than pleasant in aroma, my sister wasn't really over reacting it does pong a big.

      Though no matter how bad things smell, it's how they taste that matters, thankfully it does taste better than it smells. Sadly however this is more due to the burger having very little taste, a slight beef taste mixed with the garlic of the sauce, the beefs claim to being Angus beef would possibly help it sell, but sadly it proves worse than the normal quarter pounder that Rustlers do. The chewy texture also doesn't feel burger like, the meaty substance is rather rubbery as opposed to soft and tender with a slightly burnt edge. This is no more a burger than a piece of cheap meat in between a cheap burger, a real shame.

      Overall then the burger does little to impress, and again a female makes a mistake in their choice of food stuffs. If you want a quick microwave burger then try the Quarter pounder, or the chicken Sandwich, in fact the Feaster Chicken Sandwich (cheaper usually) is also far better than this. If this is meant to represent Angus Beef it's not a wonder so many Scottish folk are heavy drinkers, the poor Aberdeen cows taste worse than the expected standard of a grease bar.

      Please note this was written a few weeks ago but Dooyoo have only just added the product.


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