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Sainsbury's Basics Thick Sausages

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6 Reviews
  • Exceptional value for money
  • Might be too bland for some
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    6 Reviews
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      24.07.2015 22:39
      Very helpful


      • "Exceptional value for money"


      • "Might be too bland for some"

      Not The Wurst

      === Introduction ===

      In this review I hope to be as objective as possible in relation to Sainsbury’s Basic frozen Sausages, they’re something that are on my families shopping list every time we do a shop at Sainsbury’s. As a consumer of this product for several months I will try my best to provide you with the information you need if you’re considering purchasing the product.

      The contents of this review will be as follows:

      * Ingredients
      * Taste
      * Packaging
      * Price
      * Cooking
      * Meal Ideas
      * Conclusion

      === Ingredients ===

      As someone who has to consider children when purchasing products for the family shop we always try to check the ingredients to make sure they’re sensible, meaning that product shouldn’t just be full of random things for example we would expect to see chicken in a pork sausage which I have seen in some cheaper products before.

      The ingredients are advertised as follows:-

      Irish or Dutch Pork (42%), Water, Rusk (Wheat Flour, Salt), Pork Rind, Pork Fat, Salt, Wheat Flour, Stabiliser: Diphosphates, Sodium Triphosphate; Spice Extracts: Cardamom, Marjoram, Pepper, Mace, Nutmeg; Preservative: Sodium Sulphite (Sulphites); White Pepper, Nutmeg, Sage, Antioxidant: Ascorbic Acid. Filled into beef protein casing. (Source Sainsburys website June 2015)

      From this I can see that I don’t really understand some of it, but I do understand that it is made with mainly pork and pork related products also the majority of the ingredients I recognise as mainly natural so I have no concerns over this for my family. The fact that there is no specification between Dutch and Irish pork, would for most be concerning but I understand they may need to use different suppliers from time to time and therefore would mean additional costs in packaging to specify each time.

      As someone who is purchasing for a family these aren’t the worst ingredients and could be a lot worse. I have no concerns in the contents having any harmful effect as part of a balanced diet, and I trust Sainsbury’s as a brand not to sell something that could be potentially harmful (or horse meat).

      === Taste ===

      I must state I am no Sausage Connoisseur, however I like my sausage probably what most people would say in a bland way as I find most sausage has too much pepper in for me. These Sausages could be considered very bland and tasteless but I love them for it, they’re also great for the kids whose palettes are just developing and at the minute don’t like trying things that are too spicy. The only problem I have with the taste of these is that if you eat too many the taste becomes too bland for example I wouldn’t like eating more than three at one time as the taste becomes to repetitive. To summarise I wouldn’t say these are the best tasting or most special sausage in the world but they do the job and are very pleasant tasting.

      === Packaging ===

      In relation to the packaging of the product, the standard basics Sainsbury’s branding is used it says it includes 20 Pork Sausages and they’re made of pork that’s about it. Which is great for me as this shows me that the majority of the price of the product isn’t in the packaging, which annoys me about most branded products.

      === Price ===

      As this product is part of the basic range you won’t be surprised to see it’s got a really low selling price of £1.50 (Price June 15), this is for 1kg of Sausage which equals roughly the 20 included. Which at 0.075 per sausage is great for the family budget? Wouldn’t you agree? I certainly do.

      In comparison to other similar products it also works out better than the big brand ones examples below:-

      * Richmond 16 Thick Irish Recipe Sausages 725G - £2.50 – Tesco - (Price June 15)
      * Tesco 20 Thick Pork and Beef Sausages 900G £2.50(£2.78/kg) – Tesco - (Price June 15)
      * Morrison’s Irish Recipe Thick Pork Sausages 20 Pack 1kg 1.75 – Morrison’s - (Price June 15)

      As you can see there’s big savings against the other brands in quantity and price per sausage. This shows me that these are tremendous value of money and as this is Sainsbury’s the product will always add to any nectar balance you may have, which is always a plus on the saving train.

      === Cooking ===

      When cooking things for the family I prefer to oven cook as this releases any excess fat, the instructions say to do this in a preheated oven for 30 minutes at temperature in a non fan oven of 190°C, Fan 170°C and on Gas mark 5. I usually cook them until they start to split (as I am not the most attentive cook). You can also grill these using 5ml of oil for 18-20 minutes however these does make them very greasy which I don’t think is good for kids, but great for a hangover breakfast. Personally I think cooking either way still provides a high quality taste.

      === Meal Ideas ===

      This is a non exhaustive list as I’m sure you all know what sausages go with. I personally have had this sausages with mash, chips, in a bun for breakfast, in toast and as part of a full English, which have all been fine and complimented the meal well. I keep meaning to use them for a toad in the hole but as I say I am lazy cook, but maybe one day. The amount of the sausage and the thickness of them mean you can use one pack over more than one meal. I have confidence in the diversity of this product and I don’t think it would be a bad choice for have with your everyday favorites.

      === Conclusion ===

      In conclusion these are a value product and if you’re looking for Jamie Oliver perfect sausage then these is not for you however if you want something that is ok tasting, versatile, good value for the family and can be used for more than one meal, I would personally recommend the product for these reasons and I am confident on using the product on an ongoing basis as part of our general shop.


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      23.05.2011 01:24
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Try them for casserole additions, but don't expect stunning quality!!!

      Twenty sausages for a quid?!!! Yes, this was on our shopping list this week, especially as sainsburys have been doing their 'feed a family for £50 for a week' drive. We were dubious about the quality of these, as many others probably are.

      The nutritional values may help you decide what is in these sausages; Fat is 15g, protein is 11.2g, carbohydrate is 14.3g and salt is 1.4g per 100g.

      Understandably, they are a far cry from your 80% meat jobbies priced at a premium. We didn't expect anything much from them, and we didn't get anything much from them!

      Cooking: cooking from frozen, they took us 25 minutes on a low to medium heat in a pan before the skins took a good colour. They shrank with a lot of excess fat in the pan, lost their shape, and did not look overly appetising once cooked with the colour being more yellowy brown than a nice sausage brown. The smell was typically pork sausage and they smelled appetising during cooking.

      Verdict on eating: They passed the flavour test, being acceptable to the family (but no-one would have described them as delicious). The texture was rather mushy (I guess from the quality of of meat in them.... I won't go there!). The misshapen appearance was offputting and the colour of the skins could have been better on the eye.

      Overall verdict: These would be fine in a sausage casserole or a lunch snack as a sausage butty but I would not serve them straight from the pan again. I would not wish to rely on them as part of my family staple protein element of the diet. Use them as part of a recipe, use them as a cheap last resort maybe!

      So, if you are on a budget, I would say go for something a little better quality than this unless you really are skint. If you are really skint, they'll do!


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        14.11.2010 20:14
        Very helpful



        Good for their price with a firm outer skin, but very fatty and pork per sausage is only 34%

        I absolutely love sausages and therefore have tried hundreds of different brands and types in my life. Due to this I believe I'm in the perfect position to review these Pork Sainsbury's sausages.

        The pack includes 20 frozen sausages and costs 96p per pack. These are sausages that can, and should, be cooked from frozen so you can decide last minute that you want them, instead of requiring pre-planning the night before.

        These sausages are thick and for cheap sausages, almost never have any gristle in them. Here are the nutrition details for these sausages:

        Calories per sausage: 97 / Calories per 100g: 237
        Fat per sausage: 6.2g / Fat per 100g: 15.0g
        Carbohydrate per sausage: 5.9g / Carbohydrate per 100g: 14.3g
        Salt per sausage: 0.56g / Salt per 100g: 1.38g
        Sugars per sausage: 0.1g / Sugars per 100g: 0.3g

        I find these take about 30 minutes to shallow fry, but I like my sausages well cooked, if you prefer them a little more anaemic it would take around 20 minutes to cook.

        These sausages are firm skinned and light on the inside. Their firmer skin makes it easier to cut them so are good for salads cut into cubes. They do produce quite a lot of fat and I usually use low fat spray light in the pan to reduce the fat. I also find they are less fatty tasting if you roll them in kitchen roll once they are cooked. You will be surprised by how much fat comes off on the kitchen roll. However it is only the outside of the sausages that tastes fatty and once you remove this they taste much better.

        Do not leave them in your freezer for too many months, else a large amount of ice will appear on them and this makes them more soggy tasting when you cook them. The plus points to these sausages are the price and the fact they cook from frozen. The negative points are that they are quite high calories and fat per sausage & they do not come in any other variety.

        As I mentioned I love sausages and even those these are at the bottom of the price ladder, if your budget is low, these are well worth buying.

        My favourite way to eat these sausages is with chips and beans. I also enjoy them as bangers and mash or in a giant Yorkshire pudding with vegetables.

        I personally prefer low fat sausages to these one's as they do not produce as much fat. I also like how firm fat sausages are. These sausages have a good firm skin, but the inside is quite soft and sometimes falls apart slightly if you try to cut them.

        The packaging these sausages come in is not re-sealable. You therefore have to cut them open and unless you use all twenty sausages in one go, which seems a little unlikely, you then need to find a way to seal them before they can go back into the freezer. This is not a huge challange as a food bag or carrier bag would do the job.

        I have eaten better sausages than these, but I have definitely eaten worse as well. Good for their price and easy to cook. I rate these 6 out of 10.


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        25.02.2010 02:05
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        I think that these Sasages are great tasting for their price, and i reccomend them.


        These can be found in the freezer section of Sainsbury's Supermarket.
        They come in a recyclable plastic bag and you get 20 thick Sasages in each bag for the mere price of 99p, which i consider to be a really cheap price for a large 1kg bag of sasages. They are really good value for money and i actually would recommend these especially for the months coming up when we all get our barbecues out.

        I have cooked these Sasages and eaten them and i would say that among the cheaper end scale of Sasages that these are really not bad at all.

        I have cooked mine in a ovenproof dish in the oven you do get a bit of fat come out of these Sasages and even so you can pour this away, i never add cooking fat when cooking these Sasages as they produce their own which in turn helps to cook them and make them go brown, i tend to allow a bit of extra cooking time for these Sasages because they are quite thick.

        Energy per sasage..........405kj (cooked as per instructions).
        of which sugars.................0.3g.
        of which starch.................14.0g.
        of which saturates ...........6.4g.
        salt ....................................1.38g.
        of which sodium...................0.55g.

        But if you wanted any more information on the GDAs they do give you a freephone telephone number on the packet. or you can visit their website at www.sainsburys.co.uk/health, which is usefull.

        Do not re-freeze after thawing.
        Star marked frozen food compartment.
        *** until best before date (at-18oc).
        ** 1 month (at 12oc).
        * 1 week (at -6oc).

        Cooking Instructions **********

        Grill from Frozen.
        Preheat grill to a moderate heat, place your sasages on a grill rack, (on the grill pan) and grill for approximately 20 minutes, as these sasages are a little thick i usually cut mine down the middle as i am fussy and like them to cook well in the middle too.
        Oven Cook from Frozen **********
        I place in an ovenproof dish(without fat) as they tend to produce sufficient enough fat to cook themselves in. Turning halfway during cooking for approximately thirty minutes Electric cooker 190c.
        Gas Cooker5.

        I usually cook mine until they are coated in a brown coloured skin, and i tend to split mine down the middle just because i like to ensure that the middle is cooked as well as i enjoy them.

        I like to ensure that i cannot see any pink colouring inside the sasage as i dont like them if they are not cooked enough.

        I found that these sasages which are mostly pork, from danish or dutch pork, are really nice i really enjoyed them in a sandwich, with breakfast.
        I particularly like to cook them and then add a tin of sainsbury's curry sauce to them pop them back in the oven once i have first chopped the Sasages into bitesized portions and cook for a further quarter of an hour, and serve with rice or bombay alure, and this makes a cheap and tasty meal.

        I find that these sasages have a nice flavour and do not taste rancied considering that they are cheap, working it out, they cost less than 5pence each and thats good value for money, i found that they were great to add to sunday cooked breakfast, although i oven cook my Sasages as dont like fried food to much, i found that they were great value for money and tasted just as good as the normal priced Sainsbury's Sasages i have tried before, so was impressed with the price of these little beauties.

        With having a large family these were really good value for my money, and i usually buy two bags of these Sasages as they tend to get eaten rather quickly in my house.

        My grandchildren loved them with mash, baked beans and a healping of my onion gravy i tend to make to go with the Sasages.
        They also are great to serve with chips, but i dont fry mine im afraid i buy oven bakes ones, as they agree with my tummy a bit better than fried ones do.

        Allergy Advice **********
        Contains Wheat Gluten and also contains Sulphites.

        Contains 34 percent pork, water, rusk, pork fat and rind, salt, stablisers, Cardamon, Nutmeg to name but a few, and these Sasages are filled in a beef protein casing.

        I also like them cooked with added tomatoes, mushrooms and onions and a Sasage Cassorole mix, served with potatoes, yummy and these Sasages work well in this receipe.

        I definetely think that unlike some of the cheaper makes of Sasages these really are great tasting, and they are nice if grilled for part of your weekend breakfast.

        Thanks for reading and rating my review.


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          19.11.2009 13:18
          Very helpful




          I do like the odd Sausage, moreso on a Roll, but I got a nice recipe for Sausage Hot Pot and decided to try it out. I normally buy fresh packs of Sausages from the Chiller, and I do like Richmond's, but they really are quite pricey thesedays, so I plumped for these. I knew you would still taste the Sausage in the Hot Pot, but I thought if they weren't that good then you may be distracted by the other ingredients.

          I got these in the freezer section of Sainsbury's and they cost a bargain 98p for 20 Thick Sausages. Being frozen they have a great date on them, and with frozen Sausages I normally just pop a few out for a couple of hours and let them defrost at room temperature.

          The packaging is alright. Since these are part of Sainsbury's budget range called Basics I knew they wouldn't be fancy. Theya re just in a white plastic bag which is easy enough to open. The writing is in orange on the bag.

          Upon opening these you didn't get the nice smell you would normally get from Sausages since these were frozen. The Sausages were pretty thick and long enough as well. They had a slight pink tinge to them beneath the whiteness of the freeze of them. They felt and looked smooth and not knobbly.

          You can cook these a few different ways such as in the Oven, Fry, Grill and I do mine in my George Foreman Grill. You can cook them from frozen, but I normally defrost as I tend to slit them down the middle to pop in the grill. They also cook quicker from defrost obviously.

          There was a good amount of fat seemed to drip out of these into my fat tray. Being a Cheaper Pork product I was expecting them to be a little more fatty due to cheaper ingredients being used, but after they were cooked then they glistened a little with fat, but I considered them to taste pretty alright.

          I don't currently have the pack so cannot comment on the ingredients or Nutritional information, but calorie and fat wise they were much the same as other Pork products. They didn't contain as much Pork as a brand name Sausage, but they didn't seem to be buled up with loads of nasties either.

          Alright buy for the money. They were taste with a slight season to them, but I would always grill them, as I think they could end up a lot gresier when cooked another way.


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          30.10.2009 01:18
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          They are what they are... a basic alternative that save a few pennies

          I am currently experimenting with many products from the basic range available at Sainsbury's. The product I am reviewing is Sainsbury's basic frozen sausages. The product is found in the frozen food department and is packaged in a thick plastic bag. The bag is mostly white in colour with a splash of orange in the same style as all of the basics range. There is a photograph of sausages, mash and baked beans on a plate and I am told the the product is 20 thick sausages, although this is an average contents guide. In my packet there was in fact 20 exactly.The product cost me 99p, and at 5p per unit I am very impressed with my purchase. I will not sit and rave that these were the best sausages I ever tasted, but I think they were great value for money. I coupled three of them with three bread rolls also from the basic range and including the rolls I fixed myself a snack for 21p! The package gives me all the information one can expect. I chose to cook them in the oven and so I preheated it to 190 degrees as stated and cooked them for the recommended time of 30minutes. This was sufficient and they were not over cooked. I did notice quite a lot of fat from them but when they were cooked I let them rest on some kitchen towel and when served I did not find them overly greasy.If I was making sausage and mash, I would probably chose a better quality sausage, purely because while they are fine, they are not very interesting and may be a bit bland as the main attraction in a meal! As a snack with bread rolls and ketchup they were just fine and I will be buying them again.


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